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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 28, 2019 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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after the fall of the early. to mid ninety's. this is g.w. news longer from berlin argentina's voters turn to the left hoping that will lead them out of an economic crisis. those celebrations are likely to be short lived president elect alberto fernandez now has to pull the country back from the brink of default also coming up tonight to british prime
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minister boris johnson gets the breaks and delay he says he does not warm and parliament worth his attempt to hold a snap elections on december 12th plus wildfires ravaged northern california's wine country turning homes in famed wineries into ash. i'm bring coffee it's good to have you with us the left has returned to power in argentina on a promise to fix our broken economy but the victory it could prove to be a poisoned chalice for president elect alberto fernandez he now faces a daunting task of dodging yet another damaging economic to fall. celebrations in the streets of plano sideways happiness and hope so. overcrowd
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supporting the victorian vision of political outsider back to fernandez. a little bit better than the people are waking up they can't stand the oppression of those who have more and don't give a damn about us the working people the poor babies so i'm happy because people still have this hope and my daughter will have a better future. but supporters believe fernandez can lift a nation out of its economic crisis the 60 year old law professor term president elect was a relative political unknown until recently but he's clear on his plans for the country you know that is where your we are of course going to work together as closely as possible. because the only thing that will concern us is stopping the suffering of argentina and once and for all this election is seen as a referendum on conservative president morris your mockery poverty soared under his watch but conceding defeat he struck a unifying tone of his voice for an orderly transition that will bring stability to
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old argentinians because the most important thing is the future that can lead to. this election is a return to power for argentina center left making a comeback this time as vice president cristina fernandez tickets now she herself was president for 8 years fernandes his choice of running mate split opinion among voters the kitchen doesn't see it as dividing the country you know it's really a moment not only today i'll bet is president of all argentinean. for these people the hope is that this political plot twist will lift the nation out of poverty. are for more of this now i'm joined by our correspondents nicole for this she is in one it's always good evening to you nicole so we've got a transition of power from the business friendly president mockery to the center left under president elect fernandez how drastic will this shift be in terms of
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economic policy. well that's the big unknown here at the moment because he says that he wants to do everything differently but doesn't really say how we don't know who his finance minister is going to be he has said very little about his plans of renegotiating the country's debt with the i.m.f. economists certainly say that what is to be expected is less market friendly economic policy and also a lot more protectionism one thing he has announced is what he calls a social contract between unions and employers that would freeze consumer prices and income for 6 months but everything beyond these 6 months is a worryingly unknown considering the country situation right now president obama is basically it looks like he's going to try to undo most of president to mark these policies so how much support do you think he's going to hell for that.
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margaret doesn't really have another choice than to cooperate this is also his legacy they're talking about here he's still going to be the president until december 10th and for many he is the culprit of this crisis that argentina is going through at the moment so procuring a smooth transition even if it is with the political enemy is part of what he is going to leave behind and the image that argentinians are going to have once he he steps down from the presidency now they're striking a conciliatory tone the day after the elections knowing that they will have to work alongside each other but after december 10th that is sure to change because maurice your mockery isn't out to make any friends once he moves on to the opposition. or the correspondent nicole for alicia brown is always there on the for well from this we can go watch him and the new president in the country nicole thank you. well
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here in europe the british government has accepted the european union's proposal to extend the deadline for breaks and until the end of january that gives the u.k. up to 3 months more to approve a break shit withdrawal deal well this evening british prime minister boris johnson watched his latest attempt to hold a snap election in december but he says he will try again later this week possibly tomorrow or to get them booked here is part of what the prime minister had to say tonight the government will give notice of presentation for a short. pre-election on the 12th of december so that we can finally get it done. and he says there is no support in the house we heard earlier on proving she's open the pool the. have to proceed but mr speaker this house. and you don't keep this country hostage all right step boards johnson speaking about
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a house that is held hostage let's take the story now to our correspondent a lot of what's in london good evening to you show us is a boris johnson he's lost another brags that vote in parliament but he hasn't given up his plan of having a snap election do you think he's going to succeed the next time i mean he may try as soon as tomorrow. well it is with all things said it's highly unpredictable whether he will succeed or not but he will try with a different mechanism where he just needs a simple majority in parliament to approve of it and it does seem likely that now 2 other opposition parties the scottish national party and the liberal democrats will back his request for a general election the question there is on timing and that might seem petty to all of us the liberal democrats won an election on december 9th. 3 days later on december 12th and matters to the liberal democrats because students would be still
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at their universities being able to vote their. liberal democrats traditionally very well with students so we'll have to see how that vote turns out tomorrow but they will have another try and we'll have another try another go on getting a general election today the european union gave more flexibility. so why does john still want to have this. well he had to ditch his deadline 31st of october where he said he'd rather be dead and did that deadline so he's given up on that he now has accepted that extension and he thinks the only way out of this to get his brakes a deal through parliament is to shake up the numbers and paul amends and he says parliament is dysfunctional they are not going to supported this way and this is
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why he's pushing for a general election where he wants a fresh mandate from the british vote to then to have his breakfast strategy basically approved and to then pushes the deal through parliament so that the u.k. can leave the european union that is his strategy behind the push for a general election. how does all of this then affect the process that i mean at the end of the day the u.k. dogs want to leave the european union. well what we've seen over the past year here in parliament is that there is no majority really on anything neither on leaving the european union with a deal we know the deal was rejected by paul and now 4 times different deals indeed so there is no majority on anything and this is why the numbers have to be shaken up at some point and this is what a general election can change and an election would give british voters again
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a choice it would be like a mini referendum it would give them the choice to either vote pro europeans into paul amend or whether to approve boris johnson's strategy and indeed leave the european union so. a general election if it comes to that finally in december pretty christmas would be of course all of. our correspondents on the story forward in london with the never ending story you want to thank you. well here's some of the oh it's always now that are making headlines around the world french police have arrested an 84 year old gunman suspected of wounding 2 men outside a mosque in the french city of bio a police statement says that the men surprised the shooter is he trying to set a fire one report says that he had links to france's far right national rally party formally known as the national front the u.s. says it has disposed of the remains of. dotting the leader of so-called islamic
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state by daddy was killed in a raid by u.s. forces on his syria how it out on saturday world leaders have cautioned that there could be reprisal attacks as fighters anti-government protesters have again taken to the streets in the chilean capitals on tiago despite a cabinet shake up by presidents of us the un piniella police clashed with demonstrators in the city center and yet replaced 8 cabinet members in an effort to calm and rest that has left at least 17 people dead. all right now to north america the west coast of the u.s. firefighters are battling huge blazes in northern and southern california strong winds are fanning the flames in a state wide emergency has been declared california's governor says that firefighters are using every resource available to the kincaid fire which has been burning for the last 5 days it's destroyed more than 90 buildings and threatens 80000 more evacuation orders have been issued for nearly 200000 people in sonoma
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county that's north of san francisco the curse of sonoma county just 2 years ago this area of northern california was in flames and now it's again the region worst hit by the state's pleases fear of the fire has returned to communities that are just begun to recover from their previous trauma. you can see this big. smoke in big bowl in the sky back there probably within a half hour we will listen that it was here already. then i walked outside and my deck was on fire it's about. time lapse footage shows the sonoma plays darkening the sky on sunday firefighting conditions worsened further the blaze is huge with spot fires springing up around its edges thousands of firefighters are battling it but even so they admit they're losing the battle. well right now you know the wind conditions continue continue to be
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a challenge for us we're prepping the story right now for structure defense in the event that the fire does make a run with the wind driven of that towards this subdivision authorities blame unprecedented gusts of wind for the worsening fire front their speed and unpredictability have been preventing firefighters from controlling the flames right now in sonoma the will of nature's deciding whose home will be spared and whose will go up in flames. so now to the horse show that takes horsepower to a whole new level and i hope you got a good no competition in helsinki has shown its environmental credentials by generating all of its energy from horse manure road equestrian governing bodies says that it proves alternative energy solutions can come from the most unlikely places. at the sequestering show in finland the horses do more than jump out of op stickles and responsible for powering the entire event from the school to the
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lights inside the arena. and it comes not from the horse's mouth. but rather it's behind all of them in your produce during the show is corrected up and turned into electricity all the people we get here in doing that week to day we use to get all the energy and electronic music like power they will get the power from fossil events but plus also pretty much the whole helsinki area finland will get $75000.00 horses is a fur tile ground for the project the idea to get more from your manure started 5 years ago the waste is transported by a local energy company mixed with words and then turns to create energy cost money to take but for the few i was comparable to say my wood was having roughly 1.5
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michael tells. me is that i threw a whole system needed to produce a mold to finish it that one single father called me feel requires the food. there are more benefits to horse power it generates less carbon dioxide than other bio energy sources environmentally friendly excretion that proves the saying you should never look at gift horse in the mouth. that is for me are you watching the w.'s kristoff is up next with the business mystic river that. says if they don't need to keep. people over for over mention how in the force i'm . missing in that economy at least the bottom of the valley is at the last dragon this one has called to her. degree books on.
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