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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  October 29, 2019 1:02am-1:31am CET

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how we is quickly approaching breck's it is not the european union today gave the u.k. another extension until january of 2020 the u.k. prime minister boris johnson once said that he'd rather be dead in a ditch than ask for breaks a delay or tonight johnson is not in a ditch but his brights and promises they are as cold as a corpse i brewed coffee berlin this is the day. he said he'd rather die in a dish another broken promise can i get good i signed king the european union for granting the extension. and we have this this school augmented parliament that would do nothing we will not throw
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a government out of office but he will not allow a government to government because the majority require has not been read the news of it not good news deal is off the table we have a great new deal. also coming up at the world's most wanted terrorist is dead and us president trump can take credit for it happening on his watch but the president's thoughts they seem stuck in a different time with a different president he was a sick kid to pray. and now he's dead he's dead he's dead as a doornail. and he didn't died bravely there i will tell you that. he should have been killed years ago. and the president should have gotten him. and to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin today with the
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british prime minister boris johnson crashing not out of the european union but rather crashing into reality ever since he became prime minister back in july boris johnson has promised to deliver the un deliverable to take the united kingdom out of the european union beginning october 31st no ifs or buts well that promise has become the butt of many jokes johnson was hoping to capitalize on his popular support by calling for an early election in december his thinking a new bragg's it friendly parliament would make brights it and his life easier today the u.k. parliament blocked his move and his hopes and today the european union agreed to another brights an extension january 31st of next year is now the new deadline but it is still up to the u.k. parliament and boris johnson to find common ground if they can. do is a very short and. very short and. efficient and considered meeting and i am
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happy to a. decision to be taken to see him he had said that he was going to die the ditch if he couldn't deliver bret's it to have to 1st of all to little bonus is not going to deliver threats this week we now know a bit the government has always said it's prepared to give in a deal it gives them a more powerful negotiating position the truth is that it's the one new deal it isn't in the brics that nothing's the end of brics it will you. team coverage of the next chapter in the brics that saga tonight joining me here at the big table is our resident breaks it analyst alex forrest whiting and in brussels our correspondent barbara visa to both of you welcome i want to begin with a pledge from prime minister boris johnson that he made back in september he wagered a lot on britain leaving the e.u. on 231st even his own life want you to take a listen to what he said. can you make a promise today to the british public that you will not go back to brussels and ask
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for another delay to praxis yes and so you don't and rejoice i'd rather be dead in a ditch. so you would resign fast prime minister i've been going off for that to that i look i just i really cost a $1000000000.00 pounds a month cheese absolutely nothing. is the point. i think it's totally pointless pointless. we were sitting here when that was live talking about that our member very well so he gave us that he gave us this do or die pledge from the prime minister and one that he will fail to keep so what does that do to his credibility oh no whatever boris johnson says or whatever his advisers say this is a failure because as we have heard very clearly as he has said time and time again 31st of october how to weigh in is the day that the u.k. was faced with the european union and now we know that tonight he has written
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written to the european council president don't trust to say that the u.k. except this new extension on bricks at the 3rd extension on bret's in the e.u. has granted so this is not what we would say is taking back control we also know that the government have now stood down that no exit tunning which by the way so far has cost the u.k. around 2000000000 pounds so you know this is all a lot of money and he has failed however what boris johnson will do is he will try to turn this we frame this as being on his failure parliaments fadia m.p.'s british m.p.'s have not given him what he wants here and they have not given what the british people voted for and that is what we were going to be saying more and more all of us he can say i've done all i can but it's down to parliament and they have stopped this from happening. the victim mentality their view why is the european union why did they agree today to another extension you know you could assume that
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the european union is sick of these delays. it entirely and absolutely exasperated bot bot bot they are not going to be the ones that could push britain over the brink that is quite clear because of course if been there's been this game of scapegoating going on for a while for a song for some time try to sort of point the finger at the you and say it's all your fault if you know we can't leave the european union who should be more flexible and so on and so forth and then we showed our new amended shoes sort of. build those bricks a deal and sort of make it so that boris johnson could barely just sell it at home and that it's quite a ride for for the european side and so they're quite happy and brussels to have that and all those sit back and say ok they can't get it done this is like political operetta that just move not end and so they just sort of lean back in
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those seats and say we're not enjoying but we're just waiting this out and that's all we can do at this point in time over to the fat lady sings i don't see the very moment. you go another slap in the face tonight trying to get approval for snap elections in december the parliament said no so what did you do get them said no and that's the 3rd time make nothing allowed election he said once because under a particular role in the u.k. there has to be a 2 thirds majority of m.p.'s supporting it and he was no way near that so tomorrow he is going to introduce a one line election bill saying that he wants a selection of snap election on the 12th of december and that only needs to be a simple majority now it looks like at the moment that 2 other opposition parties the liberal democrats in the scottish national scottish nationalists would like
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there to be an election but on their terms of they are happy to support it but they want an. election they want to run the 9th of december so that they can make sure students are voting as well because universities break up for christmas they want to make sure that boris johnson takes a no deal breck's it off the table and they want him to promise that he will not bring back his deal now will he do that we don't know meanwhile we're waiting to find out what the main opposition party the labor party under jeremy corbyn will do remember they also fall behind boris johnson and his conservatives in the poll 16 points behind despite all of this so you know a lot is resting on them but if boris johnson can by by some miracle get this through tomorrow then we could still see an election i mean we will see an election it just depends when it will it's amazing too that the labor party is still so far behind they have every reason in the world to actually pull ahead and yet they don't take advantage of it this is the 3rd delay debrett's that we've seen since
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2016 i'm going to ask you to look into your crystal ball is this going to be the last delay nobody can say what is going to happen with bricks it which is what we've been saying for several months now there are already talk that there is the possibility of next june being the final until a i'm sure the father can tell us more about that process but apparently that is what's been say been said by the french i mean i don't think we can rule out another to late certainly not what anybody would want me not what boris johnson would want but obviously some people don't want breaks as a tool. and they are still doing a lot to support his attempts for projects it. is that the hope do you think among e.u. members and leaders that all of these delays might just in the new brakes at all. oh the heavens help us really brant i mean the e.u. has long since passed that point i mean we've gone up and down this river ends and
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you know we don't want to cross it again because look at what happens in britain i mean we've sort of reported on this on and on the whole the division in the country the the acrimony the the bitterness the the nastiness the strengths that have really proliferated after the parliament discussions and parliament have become so nasty and so. controversial and full of hate all this would the european union want to import this this is like you know letting somebody who has a really bad infection really really bad infectious disease and inviting them into your house and say oh yes do come in and sit sit here and just wait till you get better no way i mean they really do not want to sing or particularly in the french because they really fear that this could sort of enter the body politic far for.
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the european union and they simply want britain to sort of pick up their stuff turn their backs and leave finally leave and avoid circumstances over but do leave. provisional in brussels tonight with the final word on briggs that ebola. alex worthwhile to hear the big table with me to both of you exhort analysis thank you. he was the world's most wanted terrorist but there more on saturday in syria special ops forces of the united states descended upon the camp where. donny the leader of so-called islamic state was hiding out numerous people were killed in a shootout by god he blew himself up when he was cornered in an underground tunnel by u.s. canines now it was the biggest counterterrorism success since the killing of osama bin laden and u.s.
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president trump is reveling in that success take a listen to how he describes a dottie's death the graphic and the polish science language is inescapable last night the united states brought the world's number one terrorist leader to justice blew a car al baghdadi is dead the u.s. personnel were incredible i got to watch much of it he died like a dog he died like a coward he was whimpering screaming and crying and frankly i think it's something that should be brought out we hope literate his caliphate 100 percent these savage monsters will not escape their fate and they will not escape the final judgment of god are there was the u.s. president donald trump there speaking on sunday i'm joined tonight by bradley bowman from the foundation for the defense of democracy have served in the u.s.
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military he's also advised the u.s. senate on national security he joins me tonight from washington d.c. brad it's good to have you on the show again i want to ask you as a military man what did you think of the president's announcement on sunday what did you think of his language and what did you think of the details that he shared with the public. thank you for having me thank you for this opportunity good to join you again if i may i just want to start by saying i think this is the death of baghdadi is a good day for the united states for our allies for those who oppose terrorism and particularly those of us who oppose the barbaric tactics of isis and i want to commend our special operations forces who conducted their brave and difficult mission and didn't successfully. answer your question directly i watched the president's press conference. i would not have personally used aren't buys that he
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used some of the language that he didn't understand what he was trying to do he was trying to send a message to followers of baghdadi are those who are contemplating joining isis send a signal that this this individual is a murderer and a loser not someone that should be followed by verse and not of advice on the language of the present. what did you make broad of his comments about u.s. intelligence i mean he praised u.s. intelligence he praised the special ops forces but he qualified his praise he said that this is what the white intelligence looks like were correct intelligence looks like i mean it was almost as if he was trying to you know did take a jab at the same time he was giving a compliment. you know this is a major national security complement for the united states and for the president i mean when president obama ordered the strike to go after osama bin laden i think
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fair minded people gave him credit for making a courageous decision that could've gone badly i mean the main courage is with the special operators are risking their lives but also commander in chief and make decisions like this to watch missions and put americans in harm's way that could go badly they deserve credit as well so i give president trying to send credit for that decision that i gave president and i and others gave president obama but you know the at this moment after the decision the president trump made about withdrawing u.s. troops in the northern part of syria east clearly relishing this good news and it is an employment for his political purposes as you would expect any politician i was a bit uncomfortable with some of the operational details that included there are a couple points as you're talking and i was cringing thinking you know that's really more than we want to put out i think we should not be just be focusing on what happened i think the commander in chief should be thinking about the next time we need to conduct a mission like this and is what he is saying making it more or less the full for
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our special operators to conduct the mission to return home safely yeah i think that's an interesting point you bring up the next time because this time we what we have been told is that the kurds provided much of the intelligence that was used for this mission over the weekend and the u.s. success this weekend it came because of the u.s. his ability to reach out across borders to foster trust with allies and to project power these are all characteristics that the u.s. president has said time and time again that he considers to be dead weight on the u.s. would you say that the mission this weekend was successful despite what the commander in chief has said and done. i think details are still emerging i think we're going to know more in the next few days i think it's fairly safe to assume that we relied on our partners in syria and elsewhere to determine the location of baghdadi and
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make this possible and i think the broader thing that americans and others and our allies in europe need to remember is that we would not have defeated the isis caliphate without the help of the syrian democratic forces and it's very reasonable i think to go in with the initial assumption that we also benefit from their information intelligence if they're stuck to this attack you know these are threats that threaten all of us and we need all the partners our friends we can get in order to protect our citizens bradley bowman with the foundation for the defense of democracy joining us tonight from washington but as always we appreciate your time and your valuable insights thank you thank you well there is more to debate than just politics in washington d.c. for the 1st time in 86 years a baseball team from the capital city is in the world series the perfect occasion for fans to block out pundits pointing to what works for the president's base and focus instead on which player gets commended for the number of stolen bases
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baseball in the world series have always been a presidential affair since 1910 every president has attended the game to throw out the 1st pitch i mean there was f.d.r. you see him right there many games in spite of being in a wheelchair and then you go through recent history there was john f. kennedy there was lyndon johnson there was president richard nixon before he left office there was gerald ford and then there was george w. bush of course and most recently was barack obama who threw that pitch 1st pitch standing on the pitcher's mound. you could assume that the current president donald trump with make america great again would want to make sure to throw out as many 1st pitches as possible and if you are assuming that well i can tell you you are striking out you see donald trump's presidency since day one has
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been about clashing with convention and breaking the rules and that applies to baseball so for the 1st time in 109 years the u.s. president will not be throwing out the 1st pitch at any game on sunday trump and the 1st lady were spotted in a protective viewing box at the game between the washington nationals and the houston astros now this is what happened when fans in the stands heard the announcement that the president was among them. all right that's the 1st wave of booing. that came. and then it was followed by some chanting and you're going to hear it in just a sec ah. ah people chanting lock him up. in today's polarized political playbook and attempt to just be a spectator like everyone else some people would say is considered an error
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a fallible. german chancellor angela merkel she is being honored for fighting anti-semitism the world jewish congress is awarding her the theodore helped surprise less than a month after a fatal attack on a synagogue in eastern germany. following the attack on a synagogue in the city of hala 3 weeks ago german chancellor angela merkel expressed her solidarity with members of the jewish community outside a synagogue in berlin. nice if this is yesterday in front of the new synagogue and i'll repeat it here we are happy to have each and every synagogue every jewish community and every one of jewish heritage in our country in winds of a month. earlier this month an attacker tried to storm the synagogue in holland
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when he was blocked from entering he shot 2 people attacks on jews rose by 20 percent this year studies suggest more than one quarter of germans hold anti semitic beliefs merkel has always been outspoken against this trend. the fact that she is now being rewarded for this is something even the opposition left party welcomes in theory. for this race is coming too soon the most important thing is for medical before the end of her term to get a hold on the country to make the security services aware of this problem and to ensure that society can push back against anti semitism. for chancellor merkel remembering the holocaust and showing solidarity with israel are a matter of fundamental government ethics she made this clear in an address to the israeli parliament early in her tenure either going to every government and every chancellor of the federal republic of germany before me was aware of our historical
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responsibility to help protect israel. their surprise honors those who have actively taken part in helping the world be a safer place for jews. but for chancellor merkel this has never meant she would avoid political disagreements with the israeli prime minister. well ahead of today's ceremony. w.'s frank hoffman had the chance to talk with the president of the world jewish congress ronald. slaughter you're going to present the theory has surprised chancellor merkel today why are you doing so what are your intentions 1st of all chancellor merkel has been wonderful to the jewish people in germany and she's always been a strong supporter of the state of israel and for that she is receiving the fear of her surprise which is the major priorities. in the jewish world in the same time
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that w. chasey has just presented a study in your study about the rise of anti-semitism again in germany yourself you are writing an op ed just recently pointing out the findings what's your explanation to them well there's 2 parts of this explanation 1st of all there's always been anti-semitism in germany but between after. 945 to almost 1980 s. was here. today a recent survey we found out really people's feelings 27 percent of people said they have strong. feelings about the jewish people and it's a major surgery and. the question becomes what happened
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why there was there but why do people feel the way they do and that's one of the things we're talking about today what's the explanation may prefer you cite you you feel as sort of angsty as well again about the study about these findings literally how is this what is this doing to 1st of all i think the reason has to do a lot with education. we are now 3 generations away from the holocaust and too often young people and many many of the anti-semitic people who are young people we never knew would happen during that time and i believe that the teaching in school all the good is not strong enough to allow the children to really understand the house of what went on very briefly well to fail us on the government sites on the political in the political field and the elites in this country in your opinion well 1st of all in the political field i believe that anyone
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any party who is who shows anti-semitic feelings should not be in that party and i believe also there are some party small parties that are basically based on almost a new nazi theory they should be not allowed and marches like we had it from its endorsement although they did not wear the signs of nazi germany there was no doubt with it where they were or in stadiums sports stadiums when a whole group of people stand up and give the hitler salute what does that say that's something the government has to handle. thank you very much dates miss a lot of this interview footage of when you say thank you and thanks for thanks for coming. and with that the day is almost done but the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter is there going to be news you can follow me at brant goth t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag the day and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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going to. kick off. happy days hope i receive a mention defending nothis national talk of the blunders he got a look when at home against i'm tossed from for. the mood is not so great a bio make up to an unconvincing when it comes on the dumps when you're on the net
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is this true champions look like. the. chicago crime wave. there's been an explosion of violence in america's 3rd largest city. in some parts of town the right answer fighting over territory and the innocent bystanders are caught in the crossfire. many local residents say it's time to stop the bloodshed. chicago. 45 minutes. luxury behind the mirror humans are exploited and animals cruelly slaughtered. big brands have committed to fair working
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conditions and sustainable production. but who is monitoring the some contractors. and investigative documentary goes to italy and china and looks behind the glamorous facades of fashion houses. luxury behind them or starts november 5th on t.w. . not stay knowing in the bundesliga its top. job and does the celica rule
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