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floats upwards it's very atmospheric very gentle. it doesn't scream it doesn't say here i am as arts and rather it fills these catacombs with a certain mood that cover. up with fear. it will be 4 more years before the subterranean city of the dead is complete. you're watching the news coming up next hour documentary on women's football in kabul in the meantime all the latest news available 24 seventh's on our website that's dot com tell us how to be up next some call assman thanks for watching. it's all happening to children coming. your link to news from africa the world your link to exceptional stories and discussions anyone will concede have been suffocating program tonight from for a new journey from the news of easy to our website demo to a close match africa joined us on facebook and d.-w.
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africa. here in the afghan capital kabul very few women dare to take to the streets something wrong.
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with those who do is 23 year old with dina as easy she's on her way to a t.v. interview. back in high school and 12th grade i absolutely love playing football and us win by another cent i had no idea about professional sport. eventually a teacher noticed me playing in the schoolyard when he called me over i was initially afraid i don't like my lesson and i like i thought there was some problem he said how kind of you're so good at football. i don't buy food well i told him that in iran i used to play on the streets with the boys. you know he said you're so much better than the rest of us and then he had me join his team and all be at
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the team. medina's parents fled afghanistan shortly after birth after 2 years in neighboring pakistan the family moved to run where they stayed for 12 years until returning to kabul in 2009 after the random with the ticket for them after later being picked up for the afghan national team also i was our top scorer for 4 years in a row for them also including indoor games sitting. there and i won more than 30 certificates on the football during that time i also got my classy coaching license and an international coaching license like that of them in a sense i had gotten to the very top of it in the sound system going on and on about suggests that the monarchy and then they did one of them come about us. that . was.
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then everything was suddenly different. place just recently i was thrown off the national team i suspect it was because i turned down repeated offers of a sexual nature. on our fellow player and friend my soon may well not be talking about the t.v. interview they are about to give the official reason for medina's dismissal was or alleged absence from training sessions the afghan football association fired 8 other players as well the team faces an uncertain future an issue not addressed in the media since the abrupt end of her playing career medina has been concentrating
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on our work as a coach. what intern i went to with that was my 1st tournament i scored 7 goals or not it was 18 months ago when i got my coaching license. so i suppose the coach and the top scorer in the national team. was a country that was on the new good. but not. that dear viewers today we are happy to welcome 2 young women to the show football coach. and player master may. 4th. public appearances are not uncommon for medina she uses these opportunities to promote women's football while getting no support from the sports authorities.
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on and you could talk to. right after their appearance on t.v. the young women post photos and social media. has almost 3000 followers. at home. in kabul or afghanistan in general or that there are 2 sides. the one side is completely hostile. on the other side you are famous and enjoy certain freedoms. in the us that was here but people make life very difficult for female football players wasn't the. first. i. guess. also one must examine them i was in high school some teachers would give me worse grades when they realized i played football. but i didn't care because i just kept going. and i didn't care about what other people thought about me i mean i cared
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about what i wanted. the 2nd son's. on the campus of kabul university and the young women's team she coaches are able to train in peace. are just a pleasure to be a view shifting up will give the others more space back to back. now the other side have to spread out so you get it well now you have space in both directions. but. ok that's enough. on our team to use the pitch 2 or
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3 times a week. early on that i 1st met martina during a tournament. where they were looking for a new young plans to join the national team and. you could see right away how talented she was. i just the more you push up the less space you give your opponents. the players are aged between 17 and 20 any of. that we want girls to be able to show their potential. national and that they can compete with the oyster. people should not underestimate. it but the men are used to getting a lot of attention othersome but women are basically ignored it's frustrating and
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chips away at their self-confidence. the federal failure in my youth mission. can be shaping up. we live in a traditional society. people frown upon women playing football. when you ask them why they say women are lame and can't play the game properly. i always encourage my girls to push themselves and play their best so that nobody can laugh at them when i say to them imagine watching yourselves play and playing so well that nobody will to write you. take the balls and water bottles with you. at the age of 20 it's game over for most young women by then they're expected to be
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married and married women are generally not permitted to engage in any sort of sport. so setting up and running women's teams and clubs is a huge challenge. medina lives here together with the parents and a younger sister she doesn't want them to appear incomers for their own safety. my home is because every time i leave home i'm scared. a while ago i was at a volleyball tournament. time with a few male students threatened to kill me right there in public. even if they had gone through with that threat nobody would have cared. but i'm determined to bring more sports to my country so more girls can play if i
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don't do it who will care for. i get my. money. medina tries whenever she can to incorporate professional training methods thank you good regular weight training sessions in the workout room. was avoid the heavy weights for now. keep it up but max 10 repetition. was it to have a game on wednesday. mark oh my god if. you like but big or small pictures done a big. step amazing. that far this
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is a recent episode of the recent the. ultimate we have to prepare. so on sunday and tuesday we'll be focusing on tactics. system court. thank you so much. oh the gauge is a risk that is again like that last we're playing at a school that my so you have to decide for yourselves whether you want to wear a headscarf was not said without the school kids there are mothers that much i don't want you to then refuse to play because people are watching at. monza really brave and wasn't someone might say ha ha look at how bad she player some of them are that eventually you have to deal with that i mean just. from a visual for i'll show them all everyone done 30 repetitions has enough
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but she. loves the food by. the dinner then heads for the university campus where she also works as a sports instructor. about 20 percent of the students a kabul university are women. as with most public buildings there are security checks at the entrance. medina was premature in selling or girls but the football much of the school. but it's not yet been confirmed and it's now been canceled now she has to find the turn of. the stories i made inquiries with about 10 schools. they all said they were on vacation with her the players were not currently there or that the families were not permitted to film you know. there are hundreds of reasons and always no excuses . but i'm going to try again today if we can get
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a match to happen i'll be really embarrassed to face the girls i get should think i'll have to apologize to them. over at the university but you know is allowed access to a small workplace. hello there. you have a moment. i hope i'm not disturbing you but i have a question that. would be impossible to organize a football match on your premises and on a friendly game at football match the us going to. the summer bang girls vs girls who are ok thank you goodbye. others.
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100 too much i'm also between your team and mine. my dinner as easy. as in that wink you very much sped by us. to go well at least he said he'd get back to us by 1 o'clock. in. kabul where dean is home town has a population of 4000000 people. but numbers for custom rise to 17000000 by 2050
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making one of the fastest growing cities on the planet. earth. it's got an incredibly big sits on. top of the old boy additionally there are so many new buildings. as. and the population is growing all the time. that do something or a lot of problems with law and order. and tax there's no law anymore nobody seems to abide by it at least everyone's talking about laws but hardly anyone is prepared to live by that on. it which. is when the people with power make all the decisions with no regard for us i.
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only know i'm a cemetery down there. if everyone carries on the same way where will our society and. all that said it was yes it's about a little match in the hall. i mean 5 or 5 players can you drum up that number. ok thanks i understand. they said a couple of players have guns have banned me. i give them if they so manage to find
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4 or 5 girls they'll give us a call and will organize the game. had as soon as the coach knows he'll be in touch. probably before the day is over. is the next day and the coach who promised to call never did but dana is about to skype with her former colleague popo in 2008 how leader became the captain of a gun a stone's 1st women's national team she's a sports ambassador and the major supporter of the women's game in afghanistan how leader a role model for medina now lives in denmark but remains committed to helping players
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back home. locally to how are you can you hear me yes i can hear you. but i had trouble with the connection was glad that. you did a t.v. interview right. yes megan was like and that's my problem is for you to the association give its approval. i just i'm going to tell. in my playing days i would have needed permission but not now it's my business whether the association has no say i can do whatever i want. oh ok that's good. and also i heard a rumor this morning that it was the association president himself who cancelled the funding for the women's national team plays but as well. now i did. one wonders. seriously no way it's true.
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oh my word if i read you know what the problem is. they know i could put together a top class team. for cycle government. i got to but if you were to set up a team and had your own club we might be able to provide support from abroad lots of those that are maybe organizers have matches almost didn't know where that's going to well could you assemble a team along those lines with a mutiny to get the most nations yes wouldn't give me 100 percent sides are so. close i'll think about it in talk to a few people ok maybe we can make something happen and please keep at it they want to stop you but you know the crucial thing is to carry on. and not to give up.
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i have to go now i'm running a bit late take care. to talk to you soon. bye. i left afghanistan in 2011 because of the reasons and difficulties that i faced in my country it was not acceptable. for so many mans and my country to see a strong woman with a strong voice to a carriage other girls other women unfortunately they saw my voice they saw me as a threat. they wanted to stop me for a women i could say that all i want to sign is the one of the worst and difficult country for women. to be themself to do some sort of activities. or even
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to raise their voice race in their wars is like putting your life in a rescue. because they don't want to see women standing and racing the rules because they are afraid they have the fear that tomorrow my daughter will do that and they are kind of these see women as a threat as a losing power for women and they don't want to accept this and i had to just overnight the side to leave the country because i faced challenges to take trips i had to leave because i want to try to save my voice. but still no confirmation for the friendly match that was planned between occur exam with training sessions regardless today begins with a theoretical analysis. after her powerhouse. this is
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a player from the united states look at her off the ball running. the other player could have taken a shot herself. but the angle was too tight for the other cameras. if you can mean more that derek medina understands us and she's honest and wants to help us improve and make progress and that's why we like playing on her to know i mean us. it has supported me to. talk about it and i know the bowlers are very good but give it a go anyhow a little bit. about
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how it is a hole with us me that is ridiculous playing them gives us extra and then mr the issue once you've started it's hard to stop williams want to come out on the pitch we can really do. it and that feels great to be has been sought. after the training session medina invites her team for a meal out. the restaurant has a cordoned off seating area for women the main topic of conversation is the men's national team and their upcoming much against palestine he wants pizza
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123455 how big is the large one. it has 16 slices it. depends how big the slices are. when is the match. sunday on independence day. i want to go i'm afraid. because of suicide attacks yes i think there was a warning are you scared too what time is the game 6 30 in the evening. over so we'll see how many of us are allowed to go out so late in the evening because you know apartment or permission that i didn't know it's better to watch it on t.v. anyway you get a better view of the pitch. and when there's a goal you don't get a replay if you're in a stadium. that. the
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players have no headed home with still has to pay the bill. the news bulletin reports that a suicide attack on a privately run education center in the west of kabul has left at least 25 people dead and 30 injured. another kyra zoo where you are. but it took a. it's a relief to hear that you weren't in the vicinity take care of yourself. by.
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i don't know what to say except that in this country death can come anywhere and at any time. despite the shocking news people in afghanistan remain undeterred as they prepare to celebrate their countries of the pundits in 1019 afghanistan secured its freedom from british colonial rule.
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that undoubtedly some of us that they know that we have gathered here today to celebrate the 99th anniversary of our country's independence i mean this is one of the most important days in the history of afghanistan. if there is any delay this was and was ready. as is common at major public events there's
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a strong police and military presence. but let. me. tell. you all there are places all over afghanistan that are at risk. government ministries schools and in general places where a lot of people gather. that's where you tend to get suicide attackers. but so i try to stay away from places like that. wall cloud. it's a very special day for afghans because this year independence day will see the men's national team play its 1st much at home in 5 years. security concerns meant
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they previously had to play in neighboring tajikistan this. stadium medea bumps into some friends from a time when the women's national team. was passing husky the stadium announcer welcomes the crowd for my awesome high before the much between afghanistan and palestine kicks off to treated to a performance by the singer are young a sight. man. loves . her 3rd. was. was i. being an internationally famous
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star the singer enjoys the liberty of performing without a headscarf. was . never respected how are you i saw you from a mile away how were you in good health. yes thanks and you. almost are you still coaching they dismissed me to know why they used the school exams as an excuse. but and ok i have to go it was nice seeing you. take care and see you soon and good luck was it because i'm already late but i wanted to at least cheer on our men for
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a bit more k. get home safe thanks. monday but that long but i have to go now it's already gotten dark this woman is my parents don't allow me to stay out any longer it. was out but it was good to be able to see the men's team and my friends. so much ends in a draw. it's not just women's football that faces an uncertain future. the men's league is also suffering from a lack of sponsorship and supplies no shortage of funds for tonight's game.
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after in their fracking few days of waiting with dina has finally received the go ahead for the friendly she's been planning to accept the venue will be in a remote neighborhood outside kabul and with no spectators. below how much does it cost to go to day hot it out in the chorus on area. how much. ok let's go get in. let's. say you can only see my eyes in the picture. in the states this. is going on. you lose all of those. players song by morteza posh high high god bless him. now come on. everyone else start crying i think this song will put us to sleep.
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but i love this music. from. the sun muslim law the solutions for the shirt. political solution. to some middle shit. that. none. of. us in the. us it. is a muslim hostile. minute song. live mostly. with.
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the. whole god if i'd known it was out so far i wouldn't have come today. comes fast and next. after 2 hours on the road the young women finally reached a. peace . if you think. how long. the players do not receive any financial support from medina paid for the teams bowls and kit out of her own pockets. and the other costs have to be covered by the
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players parents. i. i. i. i the owner of the gym also coaches the home team he's been key making the game possible and on the management of that other manager on any other football teams around here we live in a very traditional regional. game i think that's why there is no one else to play and no other teams the girls can compete against other than the mc in order to mitigate has been one is going on the subsequent. meeting. will start with myself or is do not see me. and i'll be the 1st to be subbed off.
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with. this i have a good feeling great where as ready as the national team. nice
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one behind. nadia you're the best. judge of. that. was. more humane and you need to find each other faster and pass better doesn't feel like to even if we don't score we shouldn't concede any more. i could have scored more but i didn't want to demotivate the others and about my goals of them coming. did you score. my job the famous goal machine didn't score out of sympathy for the other side.
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but he not was muddy now as the country's number one player was your captain and top scorer in our national team and. i've seen her play a few times and she's just the best. our team were close to playing at their level so i'm happy with mission and oh yeah. come on you mustn't know what just getting here is a real challenge and i told the other girls that if i lived in a place like this i wouldn't be able to study or do training when i was good. i
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mean the fact that they managed to turn up a tour for training now and again deserves huge respect. considering all that they can really play badly it's all. good. and so if you look at the food. i think this team enjoy a comfortable victory. what they'd also like to enjoy is regular much experience. tried maybe you can do this again once a month or even more often just like everyone would benefit to be benign you're going to quote those. signals from the one question that i'm sure we can make it possible some of them. it is difficult getting enough girls but we'll manage it
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somehow. that she's done this to me got a job. i . should. be. at 23 madonna is in her prime playing age internationally. she's already had a few offers from clubs outside the country but has yet to sign a contract. well football. so i want to spend at least one year abroad and then bring the experience i'm able to gather there back home. so i'm sure. a lot of players i want
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to be a good coach. that's basically what it comes down to. the desire to be a good coach me i'm what i'm going to share of course you know the american want to show. make our hope is what we're doing will gradually help to change women here. and then men too. if i can change the mindset of just 3 people every day or even every year and i would be honored if the.
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kidnapped from the streets taken to secret prisons without leaving a trace. tortured. in turkey this is the fate of many comments of the government among those detained is mustafa humas his wife has been trying for months to find him but she is fighting for his release for something that is still
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a mile. deep into minutes on d. w. . cohen followed the adventures of the famous naturalist and explorer. jerusalem rachel alexander from the world's 250th birthday were embarking on a voyage of discovery. expedition voyage on t.w. played. before. mum. mum. winslet is
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a woman in the book travel now amazing tight. play. play. this is the wus life from ballet south african police stage a violent crackdown on refugees and asylum seekers 100 people on. arrested in cape town as police move in all migrants demanding a recount ration off to a series of xenophobia contacts the coming up. on weekends in temperatures on the
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wildfires across california with hundreds of thousands of people fleeing the flames . 6 of the.


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