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starts nov 6th on t.w. . play back. this is it it really was live from berlin us lawmakers approved the rules for the trump impeachment inquiry the resolution passes by a comfortable majority in the democratic controlled house so what does this mean for the president's will go to washington to find out also coming up a chill goes right through hong kong's party district for halloween police fired
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tear gas to disperse pro-democracy demonstrators the protesters had taken over the party zone it's really one of the busiest nights of the year and over 70 people died any train inferno in pakistan survivors see a gas cylinder exploded when passengers were using it to cook breakfast. on a lark thank you so much for your company everyone democrats in the united states have taken a major step forward in their efforts to impeach president donald trump the house of representatives has voted to formalize the impeachment investigation all of this sets the ground rules lawmakers will use as they transition from closed door sessions to public hearings the inquiry focuses on a telephone call made back in july in which trump asked ukranian a president of lot of. inskeep to investigate democratic political rival joe biden
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. are going to get you the latest on this all important vote the washington bureau chief alexander phenomena is standing by alexandra a pivotal vote what happens now so now all of the impeachment inquiry is answering to totally new phase and in about 10 days there will be public hearings on capitol hill where both sides the democrats and republicans will be able to invite witnesses to question witnesses to ensure subpoenas and this is very important because then for the very 1st time the public the american people will be able to see for themselves what defects are and then eventually we may see a vote on the floor democrats are saying that to decision has not been made to now but it's unlikely that you are going to see a vote on the floor to impeach president on a trump well just ahead of the vote alexander the speaker of the house and nancy
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pelosi described the impeachment process as defending democracy let's take a listen to what she said exactly this constitution is the blueprint for our republic and not a monarchy but willingly have a president who says article 2 says i can do whatever i want that is in defiance of the separation of powers that's not what our constitution says so what is it stay is our democracy. the speaker of the house nancy pelosi suggesting that president trump has been acting more like a monarch then president how has the president's reacted to this vote and how much does this vote put a stain on his presidency. president took to twitter in needed to the off to the vote saying that this is the greatest witch hunt in american history and his
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press secretary issued a statement condemning the resolution in the house of representatives and saying that what the democrats are doing is unconstitutional is and it's fundamentally american however we have to add to that it was actually the white house that demanded a formal vote to on the impeachment inquiry so actually the white house got to what they wanted. in conclusion xandra the proceedings now move forward how transparent will the be for the public well the democrats the house majority they are saying that there will be a transparent as only possible so both sides as i said will be able to question witnesses to issue subpoenas and the president will be granted privileges and try the white house counsel can be present during the whole proceedings but the
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republicans have been criticizing the whole process however and now with the beginning of the top of the phase of the impeachment inquiry they now have to focus on the facts on the witnesses and not any more on the process itself these are washington bureau chief alexander thank you police the fire tear gas to clear protesters from hong kong's party district hundreds of demonstrators wearing masks have filled the area to coincide with halloween parties known as usually buzzing with costume driveller celebrating the festival but this year we're just wanted to make a political point defying a city wide ban on face coverings is just the latest episode to send a shiver through hong kong. street demonstrations in hong kong hitting hard but it isn't just the protesters bearing the brunt. hong kong's economy is taking a serious hit the latest figures show it's experiencing its 1st recession in
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a decade 5 months of demonstrations seem to be pushing the city into an economic crisis with the economy shrinking by 3.2 percent in the 3rd quarter of the year following a half a percent drop in the 2nd the tourism industry accounts for a good chunk of that and it's been hit especially hard busy streets and shops are deserted with visitors staying away because of the protests hotels are nearly empty with some staff being asked to take unpaid leave during the slump. no one is willing to spend money there are no tourists here absolutely none before even if we were having a bad time in business we still had some customers from other places like asians from malaysia singapore the philippines but this year there are very very few tourists i just bumped into only one customer who is from the philippines it's very difficult to do business. but i asked the
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protests continue the authorities are turning to new measures to combat them hong kong's department of justice has issued an emergency injunction against using the internet and social media for anything that could be judged to be inciting violence i do websites and apps named by the department have been crucial in organizing the leaderless protest movement it comes on the back of the government introducing a ban on face masks something protesters are defying. those protesting during halloween were critical of the new measures. this tarea. even. when they. go it is crazy and nonsense with no sign of the protesters backing down. the government equally determined hong kong is stuck in a standoff that is damaging its economic future. well our our spoke are with d.w.
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correspondent charlet shell some pill who was at the protests in hong kong and i asked her where the financial hub is going from here but what everyone's been offering the months now now we know that this recession which had been predicted had been talked about this several months now we know that it partly due to the fact that these protests have been ongoing for so long we know tory's them to hit particularly badly a lot of fights out empty offering that stuff that takes on paid leave offering special deals tourists simply aren't coming here and then you have scenes like tonight it's usually would be absolutely something hello we would be one of the busiest night if the boss clubs restaurants around here instead it is launching and sees a lot of people off exactly how long can hong kong enjoy this because as long as this violence goes on there is still going to be people who oppose all for him for me to stay out late night over visiting hong kong the tool. reporting from hong
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kong for you next to to pakistan where more than 70 people have died in a fire on a train in south in the south eastern part of that country while the blaze is said to have broken out when a gas stove exploded as passengers were preparing breakfast the train was on its way from karate in the south to raul pindi which is next to islamabad the accident took place near the town of liquid poor in punjab province local officials said most of the victims died after jumping off the fast moving train while dozens were injured some of them are in a critical condition warning that this next report contains distressing images. this passenger train had been carrying pilgrims to a religious festival instead its journey ended in tragedy. officials say the blaze broke out when 2 gas stoves exploded as some passengers were preparing breakfast cooking oil carried by others then caught fire as the
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flames engulfed 3 carriages those on board stood little chance many flung themselves from the train while it was still moving at high speeds through eastern punjab province. a cylinder exploded and i don't know how fire erupted everywhere. i jumped out of the train to save my life there was a whole line of people behind me pushing. as pakistan's railways minister visited the injured prime minister imran khan offered his condolences to the victims he's ordered an investigation. this is pakistan's worst railway disaster in almost 15 years but it's just the latest in a series of accidents a lack of investment has caused the system to fall into disrepair. some survivors have questioned whether the fire was caused by a cooking accident they believe
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a short circuit in the train's electrical system might have been to blame as questions mount rescue workers have begun the grim task of recovering bodies. in south africa's capital capital a cape town more than 300 a few g.'s are continuing to seek shelter in a church after police evicted a number of migrants by force they were camped out for weeks in the city on wednesday around 100 people were temporarily arrested after violent clashes in front of a united nations building the migrants from african countries are demanding to be relocated by the un they say a recent wave of xenophobia violence directed at african migrants shows south africa is no longer safe. and krishna spoke to the leader of the migrants about your city's police operation i don't know how to
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describe that because every poll is portrayed that they have a biscoe situation protecting women and children recently the president was saying that anyone that would touch a child or a woman will be prosecuted in the office and sentenced what they did yesterday it's very ironic to this says that they were presenting instead of people doing things contrary to what the president was saying them is everything is that it's a g.'s we have no way to have nobody to protect us or no way to run to 5 went missing and 7 children are still missing we don't know what to ask and a correction of course the capital of south africa is part of town you can see more on this by on the date of the news after that will be coming up later this hour next to the u.k. that country's campaigning has already begun ahead of these snap general election on december 12th some lawmakers won't be contesting their seats including the
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speaker of the house of commons john bercow he has just finished his last day in the chambre correct has risen to international prominence for his role a during the break as it debates so much so that one word in particular is almost synonymous with his name 6. nuff him only knows him john bercow has become a british household name. there you stick your head right spare in studio 3 a 00. 00000000000000000. 000. beck i was 1st elected to the role of speaker of the house of commons 10 years ago it's been his job to. debates antiquing want to order although a politician himself the speaker must also remain impartial at all times but beko
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has been accused by some of showing political bias particularly when it comes to bricks it my ruling is therefore that the motion will not be debated to day as it would be repetitive and disorderly to do certain i know that the dynamics you face mean that on occasion you will sometimes have to please some and not others but it is becoming remarkable how often you please one lot and not the other. when he was sketching the decisions in his favor he wasn't grumbling he's grumbling now because he doesn't like the judgment but his rulings have also divine did the public is clearly on the remain side and he's a guy who sort of man moves through whose sole aim is very obviously to stop or a serial killer well i think he's actually standing up for democracy and for parliament. on the very day breaks it was supposed to happen but didn't
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a colorful politician is bowing out of british politics while some may applaud his departure others will miss the man who try to put this house in. forgettable coming up next our business news africa with been facility over get you can get all the latest news and information by heading to our website www dot com thanks for watching. that. for facebook and twitter to date and in touch. had a big gun because oculus were lions if i had known that the boat would be that small
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i never would have gone on a trip i would not have put myself and my parents on adventure away but it's a demon to give a slave away.


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