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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 11, 2019 7:30pm-7:46pm CET

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curious about the bars regulars across the world worlds apart. close up 60 minutes on. earth. for saving googling to go tell stories of creative people and projects around the world ideas to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions. has been a series of global 3 goals and on d. w. and online. this is news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes then i gerri ends in change human rights watch says thousands of people with mental health illness song locked up in places where they're being abused. and also coming up on the show the border between nigeria and their share of remains shut but that's not stopping the smuggling. building food.
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let's love it. hello i'm christine while come to africa it's good to have you with all the bad and the practice of changing now that's the demand from human rights watch to the nigerian government the organization says thousands of people with mental health conditions across nigeria all chained and locked up in various facilities where they face terrible abuse over a year human rights watch visited 28 facilities providing mental health care across nigeria it was found that people with actual or perceived mental health conditions all placed in religious and traditional rehabilitation santas without their consent and usually by rain assists in other cases the families took their children or adults. relatives to the centers for drug use or deviant behavior this is skipping
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school smoking tobacco or marijuana or even stealing from their parents. or more the return trip of his or. their friends are worth it which if i touch to maybe he's going to show would be worth africa's told me a lot of people is with me for more on this story hey tony good to see you so in the last few months they've been instances where a number of fees facilities have come to light people in they chained up they've subsequently been closed just how widespread is this problem in nigeria well from what we've seen in the past few weeks where these police raids have exposed these places we've seen them in different parts of the country 1st of all and. just all of them coming at this same time suggest that there must be many more that have been going on and it's an open secret for things something people know about and
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that's something that for example rights groups like human rights watch are exposing like we have in this report. detained and demeaned people with mental health conditions in nigeria shackled and locked up in rehab alliteration facilities. to do should not have been chained for 5 months now it hurts when i try to warn. these spaces are often overcrowded unhygienic there's nowhere else to see the seat or use a toilet seat it's not good for a human being it's like you're in a prison. gailani. many are brought here by their families were police raids on a handful of these institutions have led to the release of hundreds of people with a small victims of physical and emotional abuse researchers say it is exposed public attitudes towards those with mental health conditions as victims of evil spirits to be isolated from society. so that when they move we can
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hear the sound of the chain moving on the floor. nigerian president mohammad to bihari has condemned the treatment of inmates in islamic rehabilitation centers for human rights watch says the government's own facilities are hardly different it was better support for those with mental health conditions and a ban on chaining. all right tell me so we've we've heard president bush already condemned some of these practices at some of these detention centers so to say but there is the sense in the idea that there is really no political will to tackle this issue you know this is something that has not been dealt with from the top properly nigeria still uses colonial mental acts so far and britain of course has changed its own over time so. i think 2003 there was a mental health bill a month act that was brought into parliament that went on and on and still has not
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been passed to date so there isn't any up to date kind of legislation relating to these things and protecting victims of such centers so you hinted at this in your report that we just saw the popular beliefs play a role in all of this right i mean i guess. a much of a continent it is the case that you would know specifically in the example of nigeria but there is a very religious society whether it's muslims or the christians or people who believe in the traditional religions and so when they see people with mental health issues they as human that this is some kind of possession by some evil spirit and they believe that the solution to it is also a kind of spiritual solution so at the same time there are some people who think yes this is a medical condition but the facilities for that are not there so they either go for these kinds of spiritual centers like islamic or christian ones and they believe
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that that's the way in which. you know psychological and mental issues can be dealt with as opposed to treating them as a medical condition and as you say i mean that stigma really exists in a lot of african societies when people we don't understand mental illness so people assume that it's some kind of position i think some people go as far as believing so you hinted at the lack of medical facilities again this is a problem we see across the continent governments don't necessarily priority. ty's mental health facility is an all out psychiatrist. it's certainly the case do we have any numbers in terms of nigeria just how much mental facilities are they for people with this there's a few there are fewer than 10 in the whole country we're talking about a 1000000000 people watching 3000000 people about 300 psychiatry's in the whole country. but again look at health care as a whole health care as a whole is whole so when you bring psych psychiatry which is even at the bottom of the of the health care ladder that shows that things are even far worse so it's
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a major problem that a lot of people with these problems would struggle to have dealt with and it's also expensive for the few that are available so that is a major problem and then apart from that kind of high level treatment when it comes to things like counseling for people in the on the low end there's stigma to do with that as well so even for people to admit that they have a problem in the 1st place there is that problem and then when they do want to look for solutions that is not available as well. tony i mean this is raised i mean and we are waiting of course to see how the nigerian government reacts to that of course human rights watch calling on the government to ban the practice of chaining we will of course look for the reaction from the government that's told me a lot of will thank you. now but i think it's and then nothing gets out those are the words of a trader who's been suffering off to nigeria closed its land borders with been in a share and camera now since august no imports to nigeria no exports from the
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country as possible violence and our correspondent find if a child reports from so cultural stage at the border with struggling with banditry and poverty but will this bring a stop to smuggling and decrease the violence especially in the north. no way forward stuck on the side of the nigerian border police trucks and their drivers can't. be here in a jury and drive behind me here as you can see the border is closed and the during government has decided to shut down all of the official checkpoints to stop trade and also to increase security here in this country. that means no import or export of goods with nigeria's neighbors it's taking a stall on the traders we used to sell the fruits and sugarcane on both sides of the border and the longer the border is closed the more we lose the chance to make
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money. even so these goods and their fallen herders made it across into nigeria simply by using illegal routes the same goes for some water vendors who are traditionally from news year like this man. there are illegal ways to go by motorcycle but the smuggling free has doubled since the border was closed for some the shutting of the border is a welcome move many nigerian farmers have stopped working the land near the border because of banditry the area has seen a wave of attacks by armed criminal gangs who raid villages and steal livestock those who still farm here hope that the border closure will bring much needed security. when i would just get to cultivate our land and the situation is getting worse the bandits come by motorcycle at night and start shooting people and they kidnap people. more to the breaking chose to stay to
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feed his children the border closure may reduce the smuggling of some weapons he tells me but the problem is essentially made in nigeria. the real solution is employment and the security people have to work they wouldn't commit criminal acts like banditry look at that because of the indiscriminate attacks crops aren't being harvested. is a sociologist he believes that closing the border won't do much to stop the rampant smuggling even if we are to bring the world of the human being is a very very. big you build a food war it's building 13 for blood he says the nigerian government needs to do more to protect lives and property in the northern rural areas nobody is accountable as to what
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to do. left on their own. the nigerian government has announced it will keep the borders shot at least until january 2020 to stop smuggling in cheap arise and other agricultural goods in the hope of boosting domestic production it didn't say how it wants to tackle the violence along the border and to help farmers like ibrahim who's communities are plagued by the armed attacks. now red people cup champions south africa made their final stop on their nationwide victory tour they paraded the streets off cape town and were led by captain sia see who is south africa's 1st black rugby captain now cape town is the 6th city that the springboks have visited the team beat anyone in the world cup final in japan at
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the start of the month. and sunday so an emotional high point for the team brought the cup to the streets of township that's the place where he 1st handled a rugby ball on the local sports field homecoming sparked euphoria on the streets of his hometown love rugby can unite people their way you see the way the crowd become from the street you know you make it really all different nation all different culture together to have a joy to be happiness. to be successful to go all over that was still the case and that is a phenomenal d.w.t. is africa you can catch all our stories on our website and facebook page today will leave you with pictures of that triumphant top are the cup around south africa i find.
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land to be our fighters want to start families to become farmers or engineers every one of us aplomb of the initial or you should. say nothing is just down the children who have always been there. and those that will follow are part of a new kind of. they could be the future. granting opportunities global news that matters d. w. made for mines. the bizarre video off of the man who's the fat. man who's plays all the parts in his works like in this more tree down sequence from time to freedom and independence i see is what sample sounds from movies and
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t.v. creating unique comments on western societies where i believe if you know what i believe. you have me. who is will be my guest in just a minute hello and welcome to our culture also coming up. in our series a 100 german must reads we go to battle brecht's apartment for the story of the threatening all from. germany's smallest disco on wheels bringing entertainment to the shrinking communities of the former call. but 1st host is a norwegian german video office based in berlin he's famous for his starless videos which play with concepts such as identity the media globalization he does all this with lots of humor and i should say with other people's voices we'll have his real voice in
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a minute but 1st this is beyond melters. it was my son and so was this and so.


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