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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 16, 2019 12:00am-12:16am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine says she felt threatened by president trump sinclair sounded like. a threat. did you. feel threatened. i did. about a bitch gives testimony during the 2nd day of public hearings in the trump impeachment inquiry we'll take you to capitol hill also coming up. protests in bolivia as supporters of ousted president evo morales marched in his favor the
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country's interim leader says she'll have her arrested if he attempts to return from exile. plus it's no let up then it suffers renewed flooding after another high tide adding to the threat to the city's unique cultural landmarks the mayor's call for international and he. also on the program it's the end of an era as this league club byron munich president believe hernot has stepped down onus was fire and top executive 40 years during which the time during that time the club developed into a deep powerhouse in german football. and way of glue kraft good to have you with us it was an emotional day on capitol hill in washington with the impeachment inquiries public testimony of memory you have.
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the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine was abruptly removed from her post and he is true she says she is the victim of a smear campaign from trump's personal lawyer rudolph giuliani the record show event of it said she felt threatened after finding out that president trump had denounced her in a phone call with the ukrainian president here's some of what she had to say what did you think when president trump told president selenski and you read it that you were going to go through something. i didn't know what to think but i was very concerned were you concerned about. she's going to go through some things it didn't sound good sounded like a threat. did you. feel threatened i did. with the testimony i'm going trump posted a tweet criticizing event of bitches diplomatic career that tweet was then shown in
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the congressional hearing where it said everywhere marie of out of it went turned back she started off in somalia how did that go then ukraine the new president spoke unfavorably about her in my 2nd phone call with him it's a u.s. president absolute right to appoint ambassadors now both trump's defenders and detractors praise of out of it for her work here's the exchange between the intelligence committee chairman and event of it about the tweet and now the president real time is attacking. what effect do you think that has on other witnesses willingness to come forward. and expose wrongdoing. it's very intimidating to dine designed to intimidate is it not. i mean i can't speak to what the president is trying to do but i think the effect is to be intimidating. let's get more now from oliver salih our correspondent in
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washington oliver thanks so much for joining us 1st let's let's broaden this a what did we learn today from the former ambassadors testimony. oh 1st of all william we met and learned about the former ukrainian ambassador of the united states maria von of it and she was introduced as a very highly reliable and. experienced a career diplomat with some 33 years of experience in foreign service and wherever she was deployed she was dedicated to fide corruption that was was how she was introduced in the 1st place and she made the impression of being highly disappointed that she was called back from her posting in ukraine earlier this year for no real reason given and she also described how a president travels she put it put his personal interests over u.s. foreign policy and she accused him of damaging the state department as well as the
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white house and also discussed how president trump's private lawyer launched a smear campaign against her allegedly he and president trump wanted to get rid of her as she could have been an obstacle in potential investigations of the ukrainian authorities against president trump's political rival joe biden and then of course there was this very bizarre moment when while she was testifying president trump fired a series of very critical tweets against her as you've just mentioned and read out yeah let's let's talk about that tweet what implications could that have as we go ahead in this inquiry. yeah that's right 1st of all chairman adam schiff was chairing the intelligence committee read those tweets out and asked her to comment and then mary yvonne image said that she felt very
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intimidated in the end of that process later just a little while after the speaker of the house nancy pelosi gave a press conference and made very clear that 6 witness intimidation is a crime and we are now in a situation where the democratic party is seriously discussing whether this could be an additional article off impeachment and that would be witness tampering and if that's not all enough to take in the middle of this hearing just not far away from where the hearing was taking place a court a jury just found a long time ally trouble roger stone guilty of obstructing obstructing a correctional investigation into russian interference in the 2016 election and that's a slightly separate issue from what's going on in the impeachment inquiry but fit that together for us how do those 2 things come together. well it's certainly strengthening the democratic position don't forget roger stone was
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president one of president trump top. president trump's top advisors here and of course that plays a major role that he's found guilty on all counts and one of them of course lying to exactly the same committee where today the impeachment hearing took place so i think it's fair to say that it was not a great day for president trump the democrats will try to capitalize on that the crucial question is what kind of impact this will have on the american public new poll here today issued by reuters ipsos saying that 2 thirds of the americans are watching the hearings 40 for prince 44 percent are supportive and 40 percent are opposing an impeachment of president trump so you can see america remains divided and it will certainly be interesting to follow and see whether that big shift in momentum the democrats are hoping for will come it was just the 2nd day of the
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impeachment hearings today with many more to come all right oliver stone in washington keep watching that for us thanks very much bolivia's ousted president abel morales has said he would like to return to the country as soon as possible resigned under pressure on sunday he went into exile in mexico after weeks of protests prompted by fraud allegations following his election bolivia's interim leader said on friday that the former president will face possible legal charges for election fraud if he returns home a caretaker government is now preparing to stage fresh elections in the country. earlier i spoke to our correspondent you know how to read in bolivia is political capital a pos and asked him about the possible aim of morality his new move. i think i don't see the logic can do this idea i mean some days ago ever more on this left the country because he said that it was too dangerous for him to his life was
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at the risk and now he's talking about coming back i mean nothing has changed in this country since he left bolivia i think that even right now the situation is even more dangerous for him if he wanted to come back so i think that this is now something in rio that could really happen the short term i think everyone is just want to keep his name in the public opinion he wants just people to keep talking about him in the next in the days to come but i don't think that this is something that could really happen not at least in short then this has been hit by flooding from another exceptionally high tide st mark's square has again been under water and close to the public the levels at midday on friday did not reach those of the peak flooding seen earlier in the week but the water still poses an ongoing threat to the cultural heritage of the city. land and sea become one again another exceptionally high tide is wreaking havoc on venice. workers
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dismantle elevated walkways to protect the public. it is yet more destruction after days of dismay. not jurado has given everything to this place. none of the fridges are working we're trying to dry things off. for 200 years this grand hotel has stood the test of time and tight. but this week the devastation is considerable these are so much a ship that i think we have $70000.00 euros of damage more or less this there are quite obviously we're still counting the level of damage and we're still trying to fix parts of the electricity to the matter. as all of venice take stock of the damage some are wondering if nature is finally closing in on this lagoon city's fortifications not rado. long we're from the
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venice venetians born in venice most of us are venetian so to say stop with venice never. get to the prime minister took in the damage for himself visiting sent marks basilica and meeting those working to rebuild he pledged millions of euros in help but. i saw great distress. today i spoke to a newsstand owner mr gallagher who saw his kiosk collapse in the jew decker canal. he lost everything. you can imagine what it means for someone who owns a business to see his world drowning in the water. as if you he also promised to turn this into a reality the moves are a title defense system that has been plagued by corruption and delays they began planning it in 1984 before then locals must contend with an almighty clean up
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operation that is expected to cost hundreds of millions. it's the end of an era in german football byron munich president only heard this retired on friday after 40 years of management at the club harness is considered one of the most influential figures in german football and is responsible for transforming into a football powerhouse but is also a divisive figure clashing publicly with many other bonus the good clubs over the years he also served time for tax evasion earlier this decade but he remains a hero and buy and wear he said his final farewell at the annual general meeting on friday evening. tried to fight back the tears. see since i was reelected in 2016 you have given me 3 wonderful years thank you see and it's hard to imagine by in munich without really highness
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he was a 3 time winner of both the bundesliga and european cup in the seventy's with he also won the 1974 world cup in 1972 year owes with west germany the success didn't slow down when he transitioned into management 1st as general manager and later as president tennis helped mold buying into the powerhouse they are today he steered the club to 2 champions league titles including the 2013 treble and 20 bundesliga championships tennis's over a 40 year reign hasn't been without incident he was the sole survivor of a private plane crash in 1902 and in 2014 minutes was imprisoned for evading over 28000000 euros in taxes he returned straight to his post after his release 3 years ago his stature not diminished in the eyes of by him players past and present. we're going to say to. this is byron munich what he
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achieved as a president and also as a player at the club is unparalleled there will never be anyone like him again. that's why this might even include us and i think someone likelihood us will never stop he's got a byron heart and a football heart you know so he will always stay connected to us don't have to run him off one time. with byron chairman carl hines eliminated nearing the end of his tenure tennis's retirement heralds the closing of a chapter high in munich. researchers in japan have been looking into how to reduce the number of fly bites cows get scientists from the i.c. our cultural research center painted cattle in black and white stripes they found the stripes cows received fewer than half the bites than the unpainted control group reducing 5 bites would help to control the spread of infectious diseases i reduce stress on the animals officials expect the results to apply to other
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livestock as well you're watching news live from berlin coming up next you have you africa with my colleague christine. don't forget you can get all the latest news at our website you know if you dot com thanks for joining us. he takes it personally. with all of the wonderful people and stories that make the game so special. for all true fans. because more than football online. not all think. well i guess sometimes out of place and nothing when we should have anything.


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