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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 16, 2019 2:15am-2:31am CET

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you're watching your news live from berlin coming up next on new africa with my colleague christine don't forget you can get all your do do news and latest information around the clock on our web site at d w dot com or follow us on twitter at d w news thanks for watching. and now completely affectionately agent but as affectionately as you can. put him in the middle of his election campaign in the year 2000 the documentary was filmed for russian television. did you turn the camera back on of course the film secretly
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chronicled the power grabs actually everything was precisely played instruction. featuring top supporting role. to the freedom of russia. and featuring a lead role like you've never seen before. the i'm here for marriage to the ends justify the means. to tim's witnesses starts december 13th on t.w. . the folks. this is state of the news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes britain's a bill that. will meet the canyons full stall for a laugh and to make way for british tea plantation they've taken vacates to the u.s. . and how significant that dating back to the 930 s. look why some of the books have to but in recent times. also coming up on the
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show. full security. formas high as soldiers. hello i'm christine want to welcome to news africa it's good to have you along a governor in kenya has warned that british tea plantation space zimbabwe style farm invasions thousands of kenyans who say they were driven from their homes and a british colonial rule want to be compensated and they've taken their case to the u.n. travel to kitchener also known as kenya's capital because most of the tea that comes from kenya is growing there now kitchell is the biggest town in kitchell county it's located in the highlands west of the kenyan rift valley there some of the to lie and people say they are still waiting for justice.
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to the 4 hardship and suffering has swallowed libya tutor to churn tire life when she was just a child she was separated from her family together with thousands of to live in keep ciggies people she was expelled from home to a landslide at 96 years old she still vividly recalls the trouba of that experience . i don't remember the day. but the hour we were chased him i was 4 in the afternoon. i was so frightened my stomach started aching and i started vomiting. lydia's parents were forcibly removed to so-called national reserves making way for acres and acres of property built teton taishan today they are owned by multinational companies. stayed behind to work on one of the british states that
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she was repeatedly raped by her employer who got her pregnant. when the white man as she calls him a tech took for the 1st time she was only 13 years old. and there was nothing i could do used a lot of force to overpower me. i didn't understand what was going on i was in a lot of pain and i was crying a lot. when kenya became independent in the 1960 s. deo was left to fend for herself as an outcast with 3 biracial children and no money or land to live on to date she is one of more than 100000 victims who are demanding that a united nations special investigator open an inquiry into the plight of. british soldiers expelled families from their homes stole land and livestock and committed gross human rights violations all for the sake of planting this crop the
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victims of this land appropriation say there is blood in the t. here they want reparations for them about treatment and above all an apology for the crimes committed under the crowd. right may dixon a lawyer from the u.k. representing this complaint says it's time for redress no it's also a very opportune time because around the world states and various bodies or looking at past abuses colonial uses and how they can be addressed that they call be swept under the carpet for both of. you know 94 year old kid still lives in can reach out the last survivor of one of the biggest mass deportations to kwesi that was 934 many members of his family died he still hopes that complaint lodged with the u.n. will compel the u.k. to answer for its colonial crimes or calls their one god. i feel so much pain
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while the british delaying compensation for the suffering and not giving back to us the land they took away from us until there's no one left to testify. the other old man has died a hero or i'm the only one left to tell the suffering of quasi. like you bought in libya and her daughter hope she'll be able to witness an apology. if they ask for forgiveness we will not refuse to accept. we will not refuse. lydia does know whether she will experience the return of her ancestry land but she will make sure that the story of the entity gives her live on until justice is served. my guests today is a journalist and writer from the in northern nigeria side she covers topics like
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section of this gender based violence and feminists and in northern nigeria welcome to the africa pleasure is so excited to have you here so i actually want to talk about the fact that for the last few months or really is actually you've been studying literature and in fact we have again or some of the books here what has surprised you most well it's something that not just something i grew up with some to know grew up with my father was a researcher in this is actually the researcher so of course the interest was natural for me about this book and something i've been reading right so i think maybe this a presenter for me is not in the book actually is a dollar doesn't know much about it it's here you can pick it up or read it there's a hole in source in london contin in his books but a lot of people don't read words i think does the most surprise when there were talk about how so much literature in the house of people. do you know exist of course that it has been exists so talk to us about some of the authors and or the
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writers and some of the explored in the books or it's it's been a long history of how's the ratings from the benton so with the does the romans the right in which has been the most popular at and currently it's started in the late ninety's it is after the ninety's with the bomb of the economy literature mostly the 3 most you can see is romance so it's called romance novels in the directors don't want that title to be used and most of dogs don't must to medical condition of course is the romance but it brings up what oddest sections of the society order to make to go around especially what i'm interested in is the famine is the old view of this woman you don't know. doing it didn't i didn't feel as famous because most of this writing is about a writer to empower women and that's why the society you know them and you sometimes try to shun trade to bundy's because there's been a lot of book one incident in the past years because the books don't conform to the norms of the society sometimes speaking about conforming to the normal society something that that you are here to tell us is that these books cover what you call
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that culture so to say. you say that that's something that's in these novels that go back as far as the 1930 s. the leverage in that form and the romance novels which i've been studies always trying to write about how so women writers are different or be on what i phone maybe a dozen of us of present and is some of the books of talking about the culture in northern then you know which is something that has been happening we've had a lot of what we called the. men who dress us female which we say do so because we didn't know what to do with homosexuals or not but i didn't buy those as i was young but do or dismiss that identified themselves as kind of things that explode which the society tries to show it from that distance and so what i was interested open was to look at these books and see which of these books explored distance and what was their actions of course there was a little but and the 2000 i can imagine are some of the books we have to to learn which surprise surprise increase the readership of the book because people are
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interested to hear what's happening was in this book so that i mean you're obviously now bringing this to light yet again and i just wondered how that's been received because you come from a part of the world that massively conservative how do people react when you say to them actually this has been happening i think conservative is conservative in that way because learning from the obvious looks conservative but this is the literature as well as a mirror of this is a to so it's not something that he did something that's happened and maybe you don't want to talk about and we don't want to relate with it we prefer the distance of the it which you know it's happening but let's not bring it out in the open for me even that there. we know it's happening but don't you think just pray do more of it by bringing it out in the open but just begin it out in the open and we need to talk about a minute or infrared she. said. thank you pleasure. in sierra leone soldiers have found a novel way to tackle post-traumatic stress disorder in a country still shaped by
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a traumatic civil war and the bowler soldiers are training in yoga to put the past behind them. creates problems for your. people why do you do. yoga mats. people in sports kit and a charismatic instructor but this is no ordinary yoga class these are sierra leonean soldiers and they're confronting a dark past. i still get i'm still traumatized but i am now able to control it because of how you're going to transform me when i'm in a new person sierra leonean society bears deep scars civil war raged in the 1990 s. and 2000 rebel groups recruited young children as fighters in 2014 struck thousands lost their lives or their loved ones the mental wounds linger on.
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using yoga to manage depression and trauma is the brainchild of army sergeant felix unmoved. by print newgate i think. you don't always think about what has passed you think the present to me that is what i always. forget about what. you are i know you saw a lot quite a long day. think about what you are presently doing. yoga was virtually unknown in sierra leone but a u.s. study convinced the army it could help fix competence with depression and p.t.s.d. here. to see this you guys really good. forgettable to want we've been seeing what you've been doing 5 years after the yoga project started here it is providing respite for many long term it provides them with the
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hope of a path to recovery. thanks . it's now to a challenge for guys only south african rugby player 5 s started the hash tag 5 challenge be bold enough to check your balls he wrote on instagram he's calling on men to strip down today and the s. and chick fil signs off testicular cancer springboks captaincy it was more than happy to take up the challenge posting the evidence that he too has a payoff speedo's in the national can is fox website has all of the details the message is testicular cancer is curable if caught and treated early enough. and that is that when al-qaeda is africa as always you can catch all our stories on our website and facebook page will leave
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you now with images of yoga poses in sierra leone till next time i have a. beer and more beer what else is there today i want to find out what munich is going to offer for travelers to come here for education. how about art. history. and culture. music's really got some for.
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coach of it if. your link to news from africa or oaks or links to exceptional stories and discussions among us a visit our website dedicated comes to fix join us on facebook g.w. for guy. play.
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