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the but. this is to give you news like from berlin let's get to work that's the message from the incoming european commission president was the last underline she's just set out for a vision to european lawmakers on the line put a new green deal part of her plan will look at what she wants to do also coming up . the. political turmoil of the european union smallest nation as multiverse government is caught up in a murder probe suspicions are growing of a high level cover up as senior figures on the us president donald trump tells
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a reelection rally in florida that the impeachment inquiry has been going well for him to swing state as battleground for health. and here in germany chancellor angela merkel tells lawmakers her government is pushing the defense budget up in line with nato targets for spending. i'm so much going to thank you for joining us germany's was a left on the line is poised to formally take over at the helm of the european commission this sunday but she still needs the european parliament to sign off on her new team they'll be voting on it shortly that's underlines that her plans for the presidency at the parliament in strasburg a short time ago she said she would focus on equality the environment and digitalization let's listen in to her vision for the e.u. . it is not only about parties and politics rules or
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regulations markets or currencies it is ultimately and above all else about people and their aspirations it is about people of standing together for the liberty for that values simply for effect a future do you have used brussels bureau chief mike sussman isn't strasberg for us ahead of the vote he listened in on find a life speech for us this morning i'm max good to see you i does it was often a line have the numbers she needs. she has the numbers of her own party the conservative european people's party no surprise there and then she needs the votes of 2 other big parties so it appears that the social democrats are going to vote for her as well they took their time in making that decision but the announced it tuesday evening so one more party to go and in this case it will be
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the liberals renew europe that's the name of that political group here in the parliament and they also said that they support it was enough on the line the liberals as well as the social democrats of course got something in return portfolio wise in the commission but if they really may do on their promises then it was a left on the line we'll have the numbers in her favor is by the way that this is not a secret ballot so party discipline will be higher because afterwards everybody knows how the different members of the european parliament will have voted back says she set out her vision for her presidency what did you hear from her what will her priorities be. well the 3 main priorities are mirrored in the positions of the so called executive vice president so one is making europe fit for the digital age and the 2nd one is having him economy that works for the people meaning being competitive and inclusive at the same time but the really the
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main topic is fighting climate change it's called the european green deal and this is what was it often and i had to say on this topic. if there's one area the world needs our leadership it is on protecting our climate this is an it and extensional issue for europe and full of the world how can it not be accessed then szell when i 85 percent of people in extreme poverty live in the 20 countries most vulnerable to climate change how can it not be excess than szell when we see venice underwater for sure go far as ston fire this one yes harvests cut by half because of droughts this has happened before without any question but never with that frequency and with that
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intensity and we do not have a moment to waste any more on fighting climate change i write some x. clearly this is a priority for us enough on the line but how will she go about setting this new green deal into place. the overarching ambitious goal is to have europe carbon neutral by 2050 and making it the 1st consonant in the world to be carbon neutral you can declare that but of course the devil is in the detail in 2050 is way beyond any term. and it includes of course different difficult sectors but there are jobs involved there's a lot of money involved there is disruption involved there's education involved there is mindset involved and this means that every little piece of legislation
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that the commission will propose needs to take into account this goal just take for example trade deals and it was enough also mentioned that she said we need to have fighting climate change sustainability as part of our trade deal negotiations that's just one part you also need investments in sectors right there so it's a huge huge task was it often. mentioned as much but at least you know if you want to achieve great things i guess you need an ambush and vicious goal in the beginning but knowing the european union it is going to be a long path it is going to involve huge fights over different sectors over interests of the different member states and as you rightfully ask the question not entirely clear how the european union will get there ok max looking at the set of priorities that was left on the line has here how difficult will it be for her to actually make all of these things happen. we shouldn't over rate
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the power in the position that it was a life on the line is in of course the president of the european commission is the top job within the e.u. institutions that one person that's always there that's sort of the administrator of the wishes of the different member states but that's exactly the point the real power lies with the member states so the heads of state and government that meet at least 4 times a year in brussels and. cannot go against their wish so if those leaders want something else and she does then she really doesn't have any choice so that's one part that makes it hard the other part that makes it hard lies right here in the european parliament which is more fragmented than ever after the european elections this year meaning you need at least 3 parties to form a majority as we talked about earlier she also needs a majority with 3 parties today here to get her commission passed and it will be
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a case by case situation so for every topic for every different piece of legislation she will have to look for different majorities it is really a very difficult task not only because of the challenges that the e.u. faces at the moment but also because of the consolations within the e.u. institutions. and reporting for us there in strasbourg thank you. now to some the other stories making headlines around the world polls have opened in the general election in namibia and south west africa the ruling party held a final campaign rally urging people to vote for a tried and tested party president is facing discontent over the poor state of the economy despite the country being rich and minerals. clashes have broken out between security forces and protesters in the colombian capital but without the unrest erupted after demonstrators announced that they would hold a new nationwide strike following crisis talks with the president the protests that
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started last week are the biggest the country's experienced in decades. of course in bangladesh has sentenced 7 islamist militants to death for their involvement in an attack on a cafe in dhaka more than 20 people in the shortie of them foreigners were killed in the attack which took place in july of 2016. in malta a series of high level resignations has rocked the government that's as a scandal grows over the murder of the investigative journalist daphne more than 2 years ago 3 senior government figures have resigned and another says he has suspended himself the opposition is calling for prime minister joseph was cut to step down saying the only decisions he's taking are to protect those around him. making a short sharp exit and angry crowd through accusations and eggs at multis prime minister joseph muscat as he escaped parliament shrouded by tight security hours
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earlier his chief of staff and 2 ministers resigned the fallout of a police investigation gathering pace into the murder of prominent journalist daphne carolina. carolina an investigative reporter described as a one woman wiki leaks was blown up by a car bomb 2 years ago she had become known for exposing cronyism within the country's political and business elite although 3 men face trial for carrying out the murder the mastermind has not yet been identified last week a suspect believed to be a middleman in the murder was arrested but the prime minister granted a pardon if the man helps find the masterminds. the next morning a multi is businessman was apprehended on his luxury yacht allegedly preparing to flee the businessman to is now reportedly seeking immunity in exchange for cooperating with the police protesters say carolina galatea was a victim of what they call endemic corruption at the highest levels of motorist
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government. must stop aids has been questioned by police over the murder the other 2 ministers say they were stepping aside until the investigation was over while denying any involvement in the death all 3 were accused by carol one again of corruption a family said the prime minister is protecting those behind her murder muscat has ignored calls for him to quit. you know and yet incompletely who this is only it really on the run the country needs stability please the moment he plays on the song the stability of my mandate he might actions and decisions in the coming hours and days will be i mean to him. sure that stability is maintained the protesters say democracy and the country has long been on the slide the broken in more ways than one
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was and for more on the story we can speak now to chief caliph is a journalist with the times of malta and joins us from the capital of alaska she's good to have you on our show last night we saw an angry crowd pelting the prime minister with eggs and 3 of his political political allies have already gone is the next is that the question of left of all these smiling the prime minister had already indicated 2 years ago when he was reelected comprehensively in a snap general election that it would be he would not be competing for the 2nd man date in government which expires in 2022 but recently speculation has increased that he probably will be on the way out before rather than later especially after the fact that he had children political responsibility for keeping in office his top aide each family and his most trusted minister now that these are criminally under investigation over the continent that some people are saying the prime
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minister is no longer at 6 do need the country just because his medical judgment in keep being this close to associates in office and justice needs to be seen that's why there are disclosed for him to step down if you know daphne kind of an agony to she was murdered more than 2 years ago why are we seeing these political consequences now. the political consequences are being sent so you know because not with its own you know that the political responsibilities be being shouldered and suits has been in the public domain apart from the difficult i want to go it's a murder that. documents you have a secret panama company is one that is read in 2016 for any normal come to such a such offense having to sleep with company in a tax haven is enough for them to resign notwithstanding this they had. the prime minister have defended them in few days ago from yesterday but why would the divisions of mr morgan find that. their position has become untenable. and i mean
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how much closer have we actually come to finding out who orchestrated and ordered daphne skilling was certainly much more closer than we were a month ago or so but it's still there's still questions whether this was just one or maybe a group of people who have possibly done. to raise a large sum of money to do so killings it's not beyond beyond that this has only taken connections and divide a fact that the prime minister. was traded voice over learned to the recent minutes that possibly the house of the former labor party c.e.o. was also a very close person to the prime minister is is being great it's police cars have been spotted outside his residence so the political ramifications will increase
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their own. chief mcallister journalist with the times of malta speaking to us from atlanta thank you very much u.s. president donald trump is in florida rallying his supporters he can't ignore the continuing impeachment inquiry which is gathering pace and wait but he says it's an attempt by the what he calls the by what he calls the establishment to stop him from working for the people he. was at the rally. one thing it's bill does the president from home coming here to the state of florida to move his official residence here recently from new york to the public and of course you're focused on 2020 this is an important swing state which from one bike in 2016 but the ongoing in feature wins inquiry has caused a long shadow over president although trump he remains defiant it's a terrible hoax last week someone testified that i told him quote what he wants the
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ukraine i said i want nothing this is a quote i want no quid pro quo i want nothing tell president zelinsky to do the right way the failed washington establishment is trying to stop me because i'm fighting for you because we're winning very simple oh are poles here in the united states boaters are divided over whether president from should be impeached and removed from office but its supporters here in florida have shown that there's a board for him is the only way. i think that it's ridiculous and they don't have any theory of anything it's all this. way that people interpret things. each of them have been asked and none of them have any evidence
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it's completely ridiculous there's no basis. i think it's just a political we're trying to think if they had what they needed to be done. with me talking about it they would all be can. think they have it's a big book sidetracking it's the same thing i was going to see maybe they're trying to keep because there's plenty of negativity and phrasing i think it's ridiculous i definitely think people should be able to have their opinions if they don't like trump that's ok but he's really done nothing wrong that say causing c.b.p. excuses. well you will be ongoing impeachment inquiry andrews a new series next week but this week is thanksgiving here in the united states president trump is staying here in florida to enjoy several days off. you're watching news still to come on our show in albania the hunt for earthquake survivors continues some are pulled alive from the rubble but for some worried families the news is grim. but 1st germany's chancellor angela
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merkel has put up a spirited defense of the nato alliance in response to criticism by president mccall of france merkel said that preserving nato was at least as essential today as it was during the cold war and argued that it is important to keep turkey in the alliance michael was speaking the german parliament which has started to debate on the government's budget for 2020 that includes defense which is a controversial topic because germany is under international pressure to spend more on its armed forces here's what chance america had to say. some girls who made the commitment to increase our defense spending towards the margin of 2 percent and that is what we are doing the budget for next year sets a not a quarter of 1.42 percent 5 years ago we were 1.18 percent we will continue this step by step process 1.5 percent until 2024 and that the defense minister has not presented a plan which foresees improvements in our nato participation so that we will reach
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the 2 percent margin in the us that is guaranteed. we can speak now to our chief political editor michelle acoustic who's covering all of this for us at the german parliament so i'm going back again with an impassioned defense of nato there what did you make of her words. yes this was billed as the budget speech and it really became a defense and foreign policy speech and she clearly threw her political weight not just behind me but also potentially a more assertive germany in the future sounding a bit more in tune. to her defense minister and eclipse compound our recently created a lot of waves here in germany and internationally with her suggestion that germany needs to take more responsibility and getting and you see concrete when she talks talks about a potential internationally controlled security zone in syria for instance angela
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merkel here reinforced that pro nato message saying that nato was more important for european security now than it was even during the cold war so the message couldn't be any clearer but with stiff resistance against more defense spending a little loan any kind of defense exports she clearly is pointing already towards a post macro era here because the social democrats simply won't stand for it. michele i would also stood out to you from the chancellor speech today. well there was criticism from the opposition that simply disagrees with her analysis that is the far right if tea party backed climate change is one of the biggest challenges to tackle. also says that zation was a key issue taking the labor force into that future also medium sized
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enterprises which make up the backbone of german industry so there is pretty much flat denial from the opposition benches there and what was also interesting is that the free democrats really tried to quote i'm going to mackerels love to a certain degree because she still has a clear view position on herself on where she stands on those very controversial proposals by our own defense minister for northern syria clearly this is angela merkel creating room for a potential successor at a point in time where we simply don't know how stable the current government is with the key decisions over the leadership of the social democrats just a couple of days away our chief political editor michelle if you're reporting for us at the german parliament thank you rescuers in albania are still searching for survivors a day after a powerful earthquake authorities say more than 20 people are known to be dead and
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hundreds more injured the magnitude $6.00 quake struck about 60 kilometers northwest of the capital tirana and we want to warn you that you may find some of the images in our next report just. i rescuers work into the night to free people from the deputy. finding survivors of albania's worst earthquake in 30 years is a slow and delicate operation but it is year old ing results. a man has pulled out of a collapsed building alive in 2 man one of the towns hardest hit by the quake it's around 20 kilometers from the epicenter that was but many were not so lucky. earlier in the same town a child's body was found. the quake struck early on tuesday morning when most of the people here were asleep in bed. in my
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bedroom went to my kid's room and the door just slammed on me like hurt both my arms this is horrible there were. numerous aftershocks followed the main quake adding to the fear and causing further damage albania is one of the poorest countries in europe and its neighbors were quick to offer help teams from its legal research romania are already helping in rescue operations. water using hand signals rescue was asked to silence as they listened for cries of people trapped under the wreckage many people are still missing their families are hoping and praying they will be found alive. to sports now and germany great you're going to has been named coach of the bundesliga team how to berlin until the end of the season the 1990 world cup winner and former germany coach takes over from the fact that lost their last 4 games kids on
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last coach the u.s. national team but was fired in 2016 he joined the have to board as an adviser earlier this month. in champions league football real madrid and paris on german split the points in a thrilling encounter in spain madrid join the french team now in the knockout rounds 100 looks set to coast to victory thanks to 2 goals from karim benzema but p.s.g. mounted a late comeback killin em up a and publicized on the struck to make it to 2 p.s.g. finish on top of the group. let's check the rest of tuesday's champions league action where byron minix robert love and again put in a strong performance scoring 4 goals us by a minute clinch top spot in group b. after hammering red star belgrade tottenham advance their comeback win was the 1st home match for new coach shows a merino in group c.
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manchester city drew with ukrainian side shakhtar donetsk and qualified for the last 16 and in group d. leverkusen beat lokomotiv moscow to keep their chances of progressing alive that's because atletico madrid lost to you sent us. now journalists often have to contend with unwelcome distractions when they're broadcasting live from the field and that was certainly the case for this greek port reporter take a look. without them bob you know he was a little chased around and bitten by a seemingly amorous pig as he tried to deliver an update on flooding in the country some might call that trying to hog the limelight. this is g.w. news these are our top stories incoming european commission president was about fund a line is laid out her vision for her team leading the e.u.'s executive body speaking to lawmakers she put climate change and digitization at the heart of her plans
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lawmakers are due to vote on her new t.v. later. maltese prime minister joseph was caught was pelted with eggs by an angry mob after 3 political allies stepped down upper growing scandal surrounding journalist death and kind of when i got she was murdered while reporting on corruption. u.s. president donald trump has held a campaign rally in florida the state is key to his reelection and 2020 trump hopes a recent move to switches legal residency from new york to florida could swing votes his way. rescuers in albania are still searching for survivors the day after a powerful earthquake struck the country authorities say more than 20 people are known to be dead and hundreds more injured and. this is deja vu news from berlin for more follow us on twitter. or visit our website. coming up monica johns will have all of your business headlines stay tuned for that
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. and an incredible location. to see the group's release on t.w. . profits over human rights over a 1000000 week or so are held in internment camps in china change on province where some german companies that supply arms and stopped by their investment. also coming up friends all follows u.k. and russian corporate leaders are meeting and say this is eventually london to explore investment opportunities our london correspondent is the.


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