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that defines over. 19. years december 23rd. this is due to begin news live from berlin a major shakeup in german politics outspoken opponents of the coalition with german chancellor angela merkel's conservatives are elected leaders of the social democrats their victory could mean the end of the party's grand coalition also coming up with. tough questions over sentencing laws in the u.k.
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after the deadly london bridge stabbings after the attack it turns out to be a convicted terrorist who was trying to relieve release from jail. pending german soccer your conclusions monday muses coach foreheads about the end of his campaign gets off to a shaky start against doors. i'm sorry great welcome germany's government could soon be seeing a shake up shop critics of the coalition with chancellor angela merkel's conservatives were elected new leaders of the social democrats norbert boyens and saskia esque and want to renegotiate their party's coalition deal with the conservatives and focus more on social justice investment and climate policies. yes can and norm of all to borean celebrate their win more than 50 percent of
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social democrats voted for them as the new co-leaders of germany's oldest political party the s.p.d. ones standing side by side with the candidates they ran against in a show solidarity goes into our lives so it's only all social democrats here and that's something we really learned during regional conferences and this provides an important conversation for what lies ahead except to have to unite this party and invite our rivals to work together in the end it was just like. her a guy votes and vice chancellor a lot scholtz made the final ballot after making it clear they wanted to maintain the governing coalition with merkel's conservatives unlike the winners though the defeated duo emphasized the need for unity to clobber the i believe the s.p.d. has made a decision just means new party leadership types everyone should get behind obama. as cannon fodder to be confirmed at a party conference next weekend they are willing to continue the grand coalition if some changes are made. clear positions to our coalition partners
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and to find the areas where we can work together meet what is not possible and what cannot wait. these are all issues that must be discussed at the party conference. the spokesman for merkel c.d.u. party said the coalition stands gets instead of talking about parties we have to talk about the challenges germany faces and governing this country well is the basis of the coalition agreement between the s.p.d. and conservatives and nothing has changed in this respect. for now and the months long battle to lead the s.p.d. is over. well i'm joined now by our political correspondent simon young hi simon people are calling the election of a history late as a shock what's surprising about it i think it is a shock you know the polls are pointing in the other direction these 2 relatively unknown s.p.d. politicians of pushed aside schultze who is the finance minister and chancellor
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merkel's deputy in the current government so obviously he's very well known and you know they've won now on the basis of this vote of the membership these are left leaning politicians who want to see a change of course and are generally speaking skeptical about the future of the coalition between social democrats. conservatives and so what this could lead to is a change in the in germany's national government let's talk about that these people are critics of this coalition how what is this bill for the longevity of the government right what they have sadie's the they want to renegotiate the coalition agreement that is the basis of the government they want to see much more much clearer social democrat. policies in that things like massive program of investment for the climate for infrastructure also increasing germany's minimum wage for
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instance and various other things like that they say if they don't get that they don't get those new policies then they are inclined to withdraw support for the coalition the conservatives on their side except their leader anyway has said the question of really go shading that coalition agreements are pretty much seems this the 2 partners in government are on collision course and what we're going to see is probably least a period of minority government for the conservatives next year and i would predict a. you know the next election if you're set for 2021 will be earlier than that and indeed the end of chancellor merkel will be earlier than expected as well so some very interesting times ahead going back to the party this is crisis time for the s.p. they have had a series of electoral losses plunging support a series of leadership changes now the party members have put these 2 unexpected late is in place is this the behavior of
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a party that's in panic or party members really believe that they can turn this party the fortunes of the party around well it's hard to say clearly this vote as i say these parts of votes against schultz the man who's in government right now and who stands really for continuity. you know the membership of the s.p.d.m. the way have said we don't want that we think it's time for a change something new what they've bought a relatively unknown faces and probably more left wing policies we'll have to see if that does anything to change the waning fortunes of the s.p.d. a reason is the right political correspondent thank you. well it was breaks is in now boris johnson is putting the law and order at the center of the u.k. election campaign the british prime minister says he'll review the country's sentencing system after it was revealed the man who carried out friday stabbing attack had
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already served time in jail for terrorism was one tunne killed 2 people before police shot him dead the so-called islamic state group has claimed responsibility but offered no evidence to support its climb. police or 12 at the site of friday's attack one of the victims has been named as jack merritt he was attending a conference on prison rehabilitation at the time. and 250 kilometers away extensive searches at the home of the attacker 28 year old as man can he served time for terror fences but was released early septic to an extensive list of conditions. and it is this revelation that has stirred debate in a country in the middle of a general election campaign. we want to toughen up the sentences for serious and violent offenses and i've said for a long time that i think that the practice of automatic early release where you cut
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a sentence in hope of them it really serious violent offenders out early simply isn't working and i think you've had some very good evidence of how that isn't working i'm afraid with this case i think we need to look back through what happens in the in the prisons what happens with the patients service and what happens with the role of the parole board in this and make sure the sentences are appropriate but above all it's what happens inside the prison if prisons continue to be understaffed overcrowded and a lot of prison is not being properly supervised and i think there is a danger to everybody in the future. police say they are working flat out to establish the full circumstance. is have to stopping and has more details a notch the attack is likely to thrust into the spotlight in this election campaign . now to some of the other stories making news around the world and police in the
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netherlands have arrested a man suspected of stabbing several people in a busy shopping street in the hague they say he's a 35 year old homeless man 3 teenagers were wounded in friday's attack but they're now out of hospital. multis prosecutors have charged a local businessman you're going fenech is an accomplice in the $27.00 tame car bombing of journalist daphne khurana. fenech pleaded not guilty to that and another charge related to the case he was arrested 10 days ago while trying to leave malta and he's yours. and hundreds of environmental activists in eastern germany have occupied coal mines calling for an immediate end to the use of fossil fuels much of the rust belt region depends on mines for jobs campaigners say the government's plans to phase out coal by 2030 don't go far enough. dortmund have delivered. a stay of execution with victory in berlin the 3 points
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didn't come easy though on the occasion of your going to clinch munns 1st game in charge at the olympic stadium the visit had visitors had to play half the match with just 10 men. full eyes were on one man for this clash you're getting klinsmann could have his new coach sprinkle a little of that star quality on his new charges so often in the limelight dortmund looked all the better for being upstaged on this occasion jade and sunshine made it one nil after 15 minutes. a dream start for the visitors scoring with their 1st shots of the game i and so it continued dortmund in the driving seat all at sea. 2 minutes later far overside doubled their lead by talking has about this time the belgian making it to nearly 5 it's fair to assume klinsmann had been hoping for a smooth a comeback i am sure
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a fake amy applying the burners has odd making an awkward chance look easy but have to wouldn't go down without a fight and were rewarded for their determination in the 34th minute by flat near derry to having the deficit's could a courageous comeback for klinsmann actually have to be on the cards today looking back you know with the initial shots the czech mathilda with the crucial touch the 1st half produced yet more drama when mats hummels received a 2nd yellow card on the stroke of half time dortmund down to 10 have to started brightly in the 2nd period marco cruz it's teeing up davie said ok to make it to a piece by but the celebrations were misplaced by the goal was ruled out for the slightest of offsides my cruise each with a golden chance shortly before the end. but it wasn't to be klinsmann picking up where on tape job it slipped off another loss for the boys in
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blue my god i'm very easy to my the way the team played today the commitments and the support they gave also their aggressiveness and terminations was good we have to build on that and that can only be achieved through hard work and i'm going to feel i'll bite on woods but not necessarily upwards have to slip to a 5th straight as league defeat i'm or by in munich or soften its 1st set back on to coach hands you think the champions were heavy favorites hosting by in leverkusen but with robert leaven dosti missing his mark it was left to buy a lever cousens target man to steal the shard. by his standards trouble $11.00 skins having a barren spell. one game without a goal but if that's bad spare a thought for leon bailey at the end of the line he'd only scored once all season that is until you arrived in munich. bailey bursting through
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to give laver couzin the lead on 10 minutes the 1st goal biden had conceded on the coach can see flick. the seam of once prolific goal scorers was to continue thomas miller's deflected strike levelled for biron normal services you know but only for a minute the hosts back line course out again and the fastest man on the pitch was on hand to capitalize. a classic counter and a smart finish to match from bailey. smart finishes a usually 11 dusty's demain. not today the dummy's didn't work the goal drought went on. like brian laver couzin was also defending higher up the pitch surge gnabry selflessly passed the ball to his generosity was undone by
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a superb sliding tackle by law spend. the visitors clinging on at the break and that set the pattern for the 2nd half with late accusing forced back deeper and deeper they faced a bye and parish keeper lukas shredded skin needing to be on top form the visitors had to play the last 10 minutes with 10 men after jonathan tyler straight red but still they held firm with a little help from the woodwork 11 dusty again failing to hit the net. laver couzin win 21. different offscreen might do well to take lessons from bailey and his heroic laver couzin. formula one world champion lewis. clime pole position at the final grand prix of the season in abu dhabi hamilton wrapped up the world rises ago but he underlined his dominance of the season by blitzing the rest of the field in qualifying it could have been
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different had for the clare not been slowed down by his 10 minutes about. it's a leftist mishap to hit ferrari after the collided in the last rites. you're watching news from berlin coming up next is reporter and demands for reform in lebanon you can find more on our website called all follow us on twitter d w news i'm gerri great advice. what secrets lie behind. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage site. w world heritage 360.
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i'm not going to think ok well i guess sometimes i am but i stand up in the winter that have a think.


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