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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 1, 2019 7:00am-7:15am CET

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this is d.w. news law either from a major shift for germany's governing a grand coalition to outspoken critics of german chancellor angela merkel conservatives are elected leaders of that partners in government the social democrats the outcome could lead to a massive shake up in german politics also coming up in the wake of the deadly london bridge stabbings the attacker turns out to be a convicted terrorist granted early release from prison the government faces tough
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questions over sentencing laws in britain. and businessman is charged in connection with being let off an investigative journalist his connections to talk government grows killed along with the prime minister to step down immediately. i'm humphrey glad you could join me germany's government could see a shake up off the shop critics of the coalition with chancellor angela merkel's conservatives were elected new leaders of their governing partners the social democrats now a bit of a bore yon's and saskia esque and want to renegotiate their coalition deal of focus more on social justice and policies. norbit volta boy celebrate their win more than 50 percent of social democrats voted for them as the new leaders of germany's oldest political party the s.p.d.
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standing side by side with the candidates they ran against in a show of solidarity what goes into our lives it's our you know all social democrats that's something we really learned during regional conferences and this provides an important conversation for a lot lies ahead except i have to unite this party and invite our rivals to work together in the end it was just like the. vice chancellor made the final ballots after making clear they wanted to maintain the governing grand coalition with nickles conservatives like the winners the defeated you emphasized the need for unity. the i believe the s.p.d. has made a decision means new party leadership everyone should get behind. volta boy that must still be confirmed as a party conference next weekend both of them are critical of the grand coalition as we dock level pulls it so we must clear positions to our coalition partners and to find the areas where we can work together meet what is not possible and what cannot
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wait. these are all issues that must be discussed at the party conference. the spokesman for medical c.d.u. party says the coalition stands. instead of talking about parties we have to talk about the challenges germany faces. governing this country well as the basis of the coalition agreement between the s.p.d. and conservatives and nothing has changed in this respect. for now the months long battle to lead the s.p.d. is over. political correspondent fabiana fun a democrat with me in at the studio good to see fabien firstly what can you tell us then about these new days well both certainly not from the 1st row of german politics they are both have a disc distinct left wing profile within the social democrats and she's a back bencher in the bundestag expert digitalisation no but vida borden's the regional politician is the former finance minister of north rhine-westphalia and
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earned kind of a reputation as a robin hood because the fault tax evaders pretty hard and they both were supported heavily by the youngsters in the social democratic party by the use of those for the left wing stands still backbenchers they may be but they both certainly have been critical of the current government could we see that and the end of the coalition with chancellor merkel. this is certainly the most important question now will they stay in the coalition with their kids conservatives they both were critical as you said and they said that they want to renegotiate the coalition treaty the coalition deal with the conservatives the conservatives have rejected that already they said we have this deal and that's the basis for our work together so really next week's party conference of social democrats will show that they want to discuss how to continue whether they want to step out of the ground coalition but certainly the prospects of a snap election or
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a minority government for anglo american have increased with this movement before they potentially get to that i mean they've got quite a lot of work to do within their own camp as well the social democrats have been in crisis the quite some time now do you think these new leaders will be able to change the direction of the policy. certainly they know what they stand for day one clear left wing profile i spoke to ask and she told me social democrats have to be 8 to be able to tell you at 3 o'clock in the morning what the s.p.d. stands for when you wake them up and that's for them esp a. it's like a higher minimum wage better climate protection and they want to be closer to the trade unions again so that's what they stand for but whether that will be enough to really rise the popularity of the social democrats in germany we have to see what indeed political correspondent fabiana fundament thanks a lot. and meanwhile germany's a largest opposition posses far right alternative to germany has also elected 2 new
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leader is one is no true calla the 44 year old house painter turned politician from eastern germany to pallor is seen as a compromise candidate who is backed by right wing as well as extreme right wing supporters the other is more than an incumbent he was reelected code into conference today large crowds of protesters outside of the meeting. while the man who carried out friday's stabbing attack on london bridge has served time in prison for terrorism but had been released that from british counterterrorism officials as a result prime minister boris johnson says that he will review the country's criminal sentencing system 28 year old this man can kill 2 people before police shot him dead. police are at the site of friday's attack one of the victims has been named as jack merritt he was attending a conference on prison rehabilitation at the time. on 250 kilometers away
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extensive searches at the home of the attacker 28 year old as mankind he served time for terror fences but was released the subject to an extensive list of conditions. and it is this revelation that has stirred the bait in a country in the middle of a general election campaign. we want to toughen up the sentences for serious and violent offenses and i've said for a long time that i think that the practice of automatic why would you cut a sentence in home from that really serious ball the defendant's out early simply isn't working and i think you've had some very good evidence of how that is working i'm afraid with this case i think we need to look parks that what happens in the in the prisons what happens with the patients service and what have. with the role of the parole board in the us and make sure the sentences are appropriate but above
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all it's what happens inside the prison if prisons continue to be understaffed overcrowded and a lot of prison is not being properly supervised and i think there is a danger to everybody in the future. police say they are working flat out to establish the full circumstances of the stopping and as more details match the attack is likely to thrust tara into the spotlight in this election campaign. let's take a look now from the other stories making news around the world 2 people have been killed in an avalanche on the italian side of the moment mounted display reportedly came loose at an altitude of around 3000 meters where the victims are reported to have been skiing off pieced. namibia has reelected hides again gold as president of the country he receives around 56 percent of the vote as a sharp decrease in support from the last election victory came despite economic
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recession in namibia and voter unrest from a major corruption scandal. hundreds of environmental activists in eastern germany have occupied coal mines calling for an immediate end to the use of fossil fuels much of the rust belt region depends on the mines for jobs campaigners say the government's plans to phase out coal by 2038 do not go far enough. well multis prosecutors have charged businessmen yogen finish with complicity in the murder of investigative journalist caroline again it's yet finished pleaded not guilty to involvement in her killing and one other charge related to the case police arrested him 10 days ago while he was trying to leave malta on board his luxury yacht. well definite carolina glitzier was investigating government corruption when she was killed in a car bomb attack 2 years ago spoke to her sister shortly after offending appeared before judges in
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a course in the capital letter i will be content when every for when full justice is finally delivered for everybody involved in duffy's murder and everybody she ever exposed and everybody involved in her murder possibly has not been identified yet which is why we're expecting the prime minister to leave office and parliament and be investigated himself along with his chief of staff. because they may have very well have been involved in the plot to murder daphne. the sister that of definite carolina. barbara vessel is covering the story for us in malta is the accused you're going to find it cooperating with prosecutors and is he likely to implicate anyone else. it is rather likely helen not because he is pleading guilty as you said and then if the prosecutors are talking to him what else can he do and what else can he say in his own defense other than fingering the other people that he says we are really involved in this murder we're really behind
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the scenes and giving the order for the heat to against dufner khurana and this is a man who is one of the richest men of malta this is an old business family on the island he owns a casino he owns hotels he owns restaurants because he knows that that have been implied in money laundering so there is a lot of shady business that he has been accused of already in the past and he also part owns the public power station that is at the heart of this scandal so jurgen fan it really is sort of sits now middle of this web between government interest and business interests and she of course knows all the secrets of this government and she will very well as sort of look at the people and show up the people who are still involved in the sense very likely to be extremely close to the office of the prime minister you know barbara we have to say they were those reports that the maltese prime minister was getting ready to resign do you think he will step down
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or is he going to try and write this crisis out. he can't ride this crisis out anymore i mean we've had 2 days ago was the report coming from his own party that he was ready to step down and then obviously an internal power struggle ensued and he was sort of trying to cling on but the pressure is so strong we see demonstrations here in malta a country that has never had a history of protests demonstrations almost every day today there is another one who will come out in the streets again and they're really asking for him to step down because everybody knows that he is really at the heart of corruption and malta and they he has built a system that brings economic wealth that also brings a lot of shady and even criminal business to the island so yes in the end he will have to go and offer on monday the e.u. delegation will arrive in malta what are they expecting to find. it seems to me because this is the rainman to of. and the accusation against him came
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on the set today evenly that the judiciary was really pushed to produce some results in order to be ready for you. to arrive here at the delegation to arrive here on the island in order to be able to present something and say yes we did do some work no yes we did find the main suspect and we are on the right track to solving this because they had been a tremendous amount of pressure from the european union on malta they say in brussels that this is hardly a country that is route ruled according to the rule of law any more institutions are failing the police and the judiciary aren't independent and say they they want they will want to look deeper into this whole story not only the murder of but the general legal and political conditions on this island. but i have a zone covering that story for us from malta thank you.
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and the draw for the euro 2020 group stage has taken place with germany given a very tough assignment the german side will have to face both the reigning world champions france and the reigning european champions portugal that c. group f. now the outlook appears slightly less troublesome for fellow tournament host england who have to face croatia and the czech republic in group d. the 4th opponent in each of these groups is yet to be decided. and just a reminder now is the top story that we're following for you here on d w to has been a major shake up been german politics too outspoken opponents of the coalition with german chancellor angela merkel conservatives have been elected leaders of the social democrats their victory could mean the end to the party's grand coalition. you're watching news coming up next the struggle to keep protests peaceful in
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lebanon the 2 women putting themselves between demonstrate just police in the e.-w. program reporter and head of the home free thanks for your company and see you again at the top of the hour the world well you. know who's still to come in through. your.


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