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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 1, 2019 8:00am-8:16am CET

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this is d.w. news lawyer from binding charges in a murder case that could bring down a government a multi-state businessman is charged in the killing of an investigative journalist his connections to top government brawls fuel demands for the prime minister to step down immediately also coming up. in the wake of the deadly breach stabbings the attacker turns out to be a convicted terrorist granted early release from prison the government faces tough new questions over sentencing laws in britain. and
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a major shift for germany's governing coalition to harsh critics of chance but i'm going to medical conservatives our elected leaders of their partners in government will have the grand coalition to survive. time at home for a gadget to join me multis prosecutors have charged one of walter's wealthiest people as being an accomplice to the murder of investigative journalist definite kind of one it gets you can find a fetus not guilty to his alleged involvement in galatz his murder police arrested him 10 days ago while he was trying to leave malta on his luxury yacht. definition i want to get to it was investigating government corruption when she was killed in a car bomb attack 2 years ago when he spoke to her sister shortly after fena appeared in
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a court in the latter. i will be content when every for when full justice is finally delivered for everybody involved in duffy's murder and everybody she ever exposed and everybody involved in her murder possibly has not been identified yet which is why we're expecting the prime minister to leave office and parliament and be investigated himself along with his chief of staff. because they may have very well have been involved in the plot to murder daphne this is true of the late daphne cutter when it gets here that we're. covering the story for us in malta is the accused been finished cooperating with prosecutors and is he likely to implicate anyone else. it is quite likely hell not because he pleaded not guilty then in order to prove his innocence he will have to sort of name out the people who are behind this murders we have to remember that this deed was done by men who have been in jail for 3 years trial hasn't yet been forthcoming because the
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investigators had still been looking for the people behind the deed the people who gave the order for this hit against the investigative journalist and now you're going fenech has been accused of having been that man he is one of the wealthiest businessmen on the island of malta his family goes backs regenerations their own caste xenos that are employed in money laundering their own hotels restaurants and part of the power station that is at the heart of this corruption scandal here in malta so they're really right in the midst of this whole web of of into this entanglement between government interest and business interests and you're going fanning now will probably everybody expects this here so the point to keys schembri he was the cabinet chief of the prime minister so it would sort of the affair would
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go right into his office and that of course increases the pressure on the government we're talking about that pressure on the government reports that the maltese prime minister was getting ready to resign do you think he will step down or will he try to write this crisis out. he has been clinging on by his fingernails for 2 days now on friday his own party put out the announcement that his resignation was imminent so we all rushed out and said yes he's going to step down and then fierce power struggle behind the scene started where most could still try to sort of keep his keep his seat and even his own party and the enemy in this sort of other part of the labor party here in malta said enough of this we have to get you know we have to get through this we have to sort of step away from this horrible scandal and they are really trying to push him so is he is really being pushed by strong forces plus there is enormous public anger on the island we've
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seen demonstrations almost every day and people are saying not only definitely see a sister is saying that but people in the street are saying he really needs to step down and concern of course not just in malta but on monday we have an e.u. delegation arriving on the island what are they expecting to find. i mean it seems that this nightly. court session here yesterday night where you're going fenech was finally accused of being the man having ordered the murder off the journalist was sort of like an offering to that european delegation when they come on monday a prosecutor so you can say listen we did do our work you know we have somebody in jail now and but this is not all because what this really is about is the rule of law in malta this is a member of the european union this country has to stick through the rule rules like every other country and there is such widespread abuse here it's not only money laundering and text problems but it's also it goes much it goes much further
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than that the judiciary is an independent the police is an independent they also the in this tangled web of interests on the island people are opening their hands and receiving money left and right this is what investigators from europe are really wanting to sort of look at and tell the maltese government this needs to and you need a real cleanup here and that very sadly of course is what the murder of definite harrowing carolina gets you has exposed but i'm wondering how are people in multan feeling about this apparent rampant corruption. people are getting angry and angry and they're saying this is not us this is not how we want to leave to live we have lost our reputation internationally we're not in the respect of the country anymore now we have become some sort of pariah on the international scene and so
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the country has no history of demonstration and protests in the streets this is a peaceful little place but now almost every day and again today people will be coming out into the streets later on this sunday and showing their anger and showing their emotion because they feel personally insulted by what is happening under their very noses. reporting on those charges in a murder case that could bring down the government in malta but i thank you very much let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the walt she people have been killed in an avalanche on the italian side of mon mountain reportedly came loose an altitude of around 3000 meters where the victims are reported to have been skiing off piste thousands of anti-government protesters in iraq keeping up the pressure a day off the prime minister of denmark to announce his resignation they say that his departure is not enough and they're calling for sweeping reforms and an end to
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corruption. well the man who carried out friday's stabbing attack on london bridge had served time in prison for terrorism that was released that from british counterterrorism officials as a results from minister boris johnson says that he will review the country's criminal sentencing system 28 year old as one khan killed 2 people and injured 3 others before police shot him dead. police are at the site of friday's attack one of the victims has been named as jack merritt he was attending a conference on prison rehabilitation at the time. and 250 kilometers away extensive searches at the home of the attacker 28 year old as mankind he served time for terror fences but was released early septic to an extensive list of conditions. and it is this revelation that has stirred debate in a country in the middle of
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a general election campaign. we want to toughen up the sentences for serious and violent offenses and i've said for a long time that i think that the practice of automatic early release where would you cut a sentence in hoffman lit really serious by the defenders out early simply isn't working and i think you've had some very good evidence of how that is working i'm afraid with this case i think we need to look at what happens in the in the prisons what happens with the preparation service and what happens with the role of the parole board in the us and make sure the sentences are appropriate but above all it's what happens inside the prison if prisons continue to be understaffed overcrowded and a lot of prison is not being properly supervised and i think there is a danger to everybody in the future. police say they are working flat out to establish the full circumstances of their stopping and as more details match the
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attack is likely to thrust tara into the spotlight. in the election campaign. for johnson i'm going to macos ruling a coalition could be in trouble us off to the center left social democrat so s.p.d. elected to a new leaders who are critical of the chancellor and the s.p.d. form part of the government along with nicholas conservatives now no but valid tibor yes and saskia s. can say that they want to renegotiate that coalition deal with the conservatives to focus more on social justice and climate policy they have not ruled out the idea of leaving the grand coalition together. or for this. political correspondent 5 enough on a demo case with me in the studio good to see fabien firstly what can you tell us then about these new leaders well both certainly not from the 1st row of german politics they are both have a disc distinct left wing profile within the social democrats and she's a back bencher in the blue in the stark expert digitalisation no but valid
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avoidance of the regional politician is the former finance minister of north rhine-westphalia and earned kind of a reputation as a robin hood because the fault tax evaders pretty hard and they both were supported heavily by the youngsters in the social democratic party by the use of those for their left wing stands still backbenchers they may be but they both certainly have been critical of the current government could we see the end the end of the coalition with chancellor merkel c.d.u. this is certainly the most important question now will they stay in the coalition with i'm glad americans conservatives they both were critical as you said and they said that they want to renegotiate the coalition treaty because listen do you with the conservatives the conservatives have rejected that already they said we have this deal and that's the basis for a work together so really next week's party conference of social democrats will show that they want to discuss how to continue whether they want to step out of the
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ground coalition but certainly the prospects of a snap. action or minority government for anglo american have increased with this movement and before they potentially get to that i mean they've got quite a lot of work to do within their own camp as well the social democrats have been in crisis for quite some time now do you think these new leaders will be able to change the direction of the party. certainly they know what they stand for day one tier left wing profile i spoke to ask and she told me social democrats have to be 8 to be able to tell you at 3 o'clock in the morning what the s.p.d. stands for when you wake them up and that's for them aspects like higher minimum wage better climate protection and they want to be closer to the trade unions again so that's what they stand for but whether that will be enough to really rise the popularity of the social democrats in germany we have to see what indeed political correspondent fabiana fundament thanks a lot. and germany's largest opposition party the far right alternative for
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germany has also elected 2 new leaders one is tino coppola 44 year old house painter turn politician from east in germany now crippled it is seen as a compromise candidate who is backed by right wing as well as extreme right wing supporters now the other is york melton an incumbent who was reelected conference to launch crowds of protesters outside the meeting. when a protest chong and adults have become a driving force for women in latin america looking to raise their voices against violence and impunity it was created by a chill a and collective but it's universal message and catchy rhythm and made it easy to repeat from one country to another. one. it was not my fault my clothes were not why i was raped lines from the feminist dance making waves across latin america and beyond. it's almost in
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a class in are angry we want to be heard and we want to be recognized as women a lot of people and citizen don't like almost 2 hours. it was created by a chilean collective ford in the vendor 21st global day protesting violence against women and has spread to spain france and to mexico the rhythm and universal lyrics make the song easy to repeat its message to transcends borders. already in america and it everywhere in latin america there are very high rates of femicide rates of infertility from rapists murderers for the disappearance of women i mean. the whole thing starts with the sand and their fury the fight for women's safety can maintain today's momentum in. their mind and at the top story we're following for you want to alter is well history for you can finish has been accused of being
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an accomplice to mean murder of an investigative journalist his connections to top government officials have added pressure on the prime minister to step down immediately. it watching t.v. news from bahrain coming up next your front row seat with german football endings would just make it i'm going to hungary or see you again at the top of the act. where i come from we have to fight for a free press i was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one to the shadow and a few newspapers one official information as a journalist i have worked on the streets of many cameras and the problems are always the same 14 the social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press and the corruption who can afford to stay silent .


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