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accomplice in the murder of an investigative journalist has connections to top government officials and added pressure on the prime minister to step down immediately. coming off a dangerous new shift in the balance of power in the persian gulf the d.w. documentary to rival princes of the gulf is up next i'm helen alfre artistic. welcome to the body is the game here for d.w.i. . fair play to talk about its. coverage. asshole we have caught let's have a look at some of the other leaflets so you don't want to miss. t.w. . this
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is the story of a power struggle between 3 princes 3 rulers who all came to power between 20302015 in the richest oil monarchies of the world saudi arabia qatar and the united arab emirates. a generation with unbridled ambition and dreams of shaping the future of the arab world. these are people who think that there's power is given to them forever it's clear that these cowards will enter just like spoiled children. the rivalry between these 3 men has plunged the gulf region into a crisis like no other.
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at 34 mohammed bin some months or m.v.s. is the youngest he rules saudi arabia his favorite pastime is 1st person shooter video games. mama been so money he's someone who lives in this old tyria world where you know you can control this entire game with a joystick you're the master of death and live. i think n.p.r.'s lourdes remarkable about him is each shoot 1st you know and asks questions were. hailed as a reformer by the west rio its new strongman demonstrated his brutality as soon as he assumed power by declaring a war in yemen. the conflict has
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already claimed the lives of tens of thousands of. lives. on the arabian peninsula on the borders of the saudi kingdom mohammed bin someone has found a useful ally mohammed bin zayed or m b's a. is the crown prince of abu dhabi and rules the united arab emirates. mohammed bin zayed lawyer had been fired is a military man whose mindset is very militaristic uses the army as a means to gain more power. lobbies and particular has paranoia about being surrounded by people who cannot trust. him with the tanks in the.
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to establish their dominance in the middle east m.b.'s and m.b. said identified an enemy that needed to be defeated by this unpopular neighbors accused of collusion with islamist groups and having close relations with iran. but one of the biggest grievances with time in fanny the emyr of qatar is how his overshadow the other 2 by staging the next football world cup in qatar. because the princes of the gulf states know each other well there is this clash of ambitions that poly explains the crisis in relations between qatar and certain of its neighbors. in the gulf criticizing the royal family is considered treason punishable by prison or even death. no one has dared to send saudi journalist john mark ashanti was murdered in the saudi consulate in istanbul.
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his crime publicly criticizing m.b.'s the crown prince of saudi arabia. today only foreign observers are able to freely discuss these personal quarrels which often involve into state affairs and upsets the geopolitical balance. of the gulf is far away from most for most europeans geographically but since the arab spring with the old powerhouses of egypt syria libya and also iraq obviously earlier collapsing and disintegrating and disappearing the new powerhouses of the arab world are on the goals. billy from you heard the ruling families of the gulf are in fact tribes who gradually rose to power in the 18th 19th and 20th centuries of the anything to him
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6 these families were living as bedouins and essentially nomadic existence with little other than small scale farming and fishing that there should have. relations says the wealth and prosperity of any businessman was measured by the number of camels he have that he did that song. look like a look young to the feel something that all the gulf countries have in common is the fact that up until the 1st oil crisis in 973 that they remain relatively poor is before the. change obviously came quite quickly and almost brutally i would say . in the new leaders who rose to power in the 20 ten's represented a generational shift as unlike their fathers they had no memory of the harsh lives their families had led in the desert they were born into
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a life of wealth and opulence. they extravagant crown prince of saudi arabia is rumored to have bought the most expensive painting in the world to solve it on monday by leonardo da vinci. for all that really goes is the bit that this is so. it was allegedly a gift for his friend and ally m.b. said the crown prince of abu dhabi who opened his own louvre museum designed by the architect of. the same french architect was commissioned by qatar as well family to design the brand new national museum in doha. yeah there is a sort of political one upmanship in terms of which emirate will invest the most in using for example or other cultural endeavors in the end this rivalry between these
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emirates is to determine who is more committed to efforts to modernize. states know very well that one day the oil will run out and that they now need to attract capital advertising and tourists. for a faint need to have the city with the tallest building in the world or the most expensive all the curious place you. yeah it's a childish race to be the biggest and the best. without fail we're dealing with monarchs who are driven by a need for power who have an enormous amount of hubris that kind of pride.
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and a country that is so small and yet so rich must spend vast amounts of money to attract the spotlight. and so in 2013 when tommy fanny came to power in cars then the facing 3 year old sports enthusiast inherited the task of staging the world's most watched sports event. we're very proud that we're going to be hosting the world cup in. 2022 this world cup is for all the arabs not for if it was for they would not be successful we said that this whole world cup is for all the arabs and that's why we're successful that's a big challenge. thanks to its wealth from oil and natural gas at the pokies football club. and some of the world's most expensive play is to boost the reputation of this country with just 2600000 inhabitants. so which is
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a way for qatar is to gain unparalleled publicity. everyone loves sport it's broadcast 24 hours a day all over the world investing in sport is investing in visibility it's the way to get fast recognition. to. those decisions are not questioned on the streets of doha nor are the scandals that accompany the sport based diplomacy the accusations of corruption and the many deaths on the building sites of the world cup stadiums. we are in the other steps no. other little no something special you know the 1st arab country and you know it's qatar you're going to be historic like saudi but he was the 1st to take this series out for the world cup so. we would be jealous.
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at the end of the last world cup a saudi newspaper printed a very telling headline 2018 world cup is over see you for the next one in 2026. of course what's implied is that the 2022 world cup doesn't exist this anecdote shows that it's hard to swallow for the. political elites see today. for so many of. the release of the neighboring countries could no longer stand to watch matches on qatari channels so they decided to attack one of the flagships. sports enterprise. and all of a sudden a ghost channel appeared broadcast and no one had heard of until. then that's called. it's a mocking of the name of being so it's the opposite of being is be out to me is
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that simple and the arctic you on the end to represent guitar so be out. of here we go this is so you see in school through your move to fortune long to minus 32 seconds 6 seconds. what do you feel to should be. losing means. you think you see this it's a year before. you see the n.b.a. the n.f.l. the super bowl final every sport you can think of is being part of we don't exactly know who's behind it but it's a saudi entity so the it is pirated from saudi arabia be in is claiming $1000000000.00 euros in damages plus interest and has filed a complaint with the world trade organization. this is piracy on an unseen scale and it's by no means harness it reveals the rifts
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in the gulf and the conflict that has been destabilizing an entire region. for us to better understand this tension between tom email fanny on the one side and mohamed bin salman and mohammed bin zayed on the other we have to go back several years. and the real split in the region stems from the arab spring but. i know you know. it's not for some people to worry princes came to power after the start of the arab spring. funny in 2030. 2040 mm and mohammed bin simon in 2015. all of these rulers and. who did the arab spring in that political strategies relinquish the many other determinants.
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when the arab spring began the 1st reaction of the 3 countries saudi arabia qatar and the u.a.e. was to increase the salaries of all civil servants. i think for the gulf monarchies . certainly for m.b.a.'s and frenzy they are horrified by by the arab spring it's like man they're coming for us and we've got it we've got a real. honest successful qatar didn't feel threatened by the arab spring mainly because it's the smallest of the 3 countries in terms of population there are simply not enough people to form an organized opposition. which is true organising. seem to be it's the least populated of the 3 countries but also the richest qatar has one of the highest g.d.p. per capita on the planet. so the motivation to challenge the power of the of funny
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family is extremely low or even nonexistent it's more fabric. in existence. the emir of qatar and the royal family there their reaction the arab spring is very different in some ways it's like more sophisticated they thought you know we've got to this is a big wave come in and we've got to get on that web and write it you know and that's the only way we're going to survive because we can't fight. and curse so has its own unique way of influencing the course of history the most watched news channel in the arab world. i think without al-jazeera the arab spring wouldn't have run as smoothly let's put it that way. al-jazeera is an. entity that is obviously state owned it was set up in 1906 as part of a vision of the older media to catch someone liberalize civil society in the arab
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world it was all about you know allowing people to speak up against or for terror and oppression for example across the region al-jazeera was always giving a voice to anyone and al-jazeera you could be a shia radical and you could speak you could be a sunni radical you could speak. of limbaugh well i live in the uk. i'm a little cover this for you for. this cold to murder the libyan dictator was made by one of the leaders of the muslim brotherhood a political refugee and. so the feeling was that al-jazeera was increasingly trying to give voice to opponents of the arab world in particular to the muslim brotherhood was. the catell or ease have also financed and islamist movements in libya and syria and internees and egypt they have contributed to the electoral victories of the muslim brotherhood.
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and the. saudis and iranians have seen how they worst enemies gain power and do everything to overthrow them. the 2 countries staked everything on the return of the military in order to eliminate the muslim brotherhood. in egypt they chose to support general el-sisi and guarantee him financial aid. under his command the egyptian army staged a coup that ended in the blood. the
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egyptian regime took revenge on him by sentencing a team of al jazeera reporter has to 3 years in prison. sick and that's how the riff deepened on the arabian peninsula between qatar on the one hand and saudi arabia and the united arab emirates on the other. was a hole in the united arab emirates there's an extreme concentration of power in the hands of the crown prince of abu dhabi who is reined in all his brothers his. mohammed bin zayed 1st project was to create a credible army and to focus all its military strategy around the protection of its borders but that's one of the last. model
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hunted bin zayed attended centers the prestigious british military academy he has a pretty clear like side to his personality he's very determined. mohammed things ayat has always been fascinated by new military technology and every 2 years he organizes what is now the largest worldwide. production center site of this arms fair really is an disease baby noises which is why he always goes there without fail and visits each of the stats showing just how much he is in his element in this environment and that him. using his checkbook to claim his see the crown prince himself a former hello. up to pilots has managed to attract plenty of western sympathy. the united arab emirates has become one of the most militarized countries per capita on
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the planet spending billions of euros each here. in the emirates there is one battle tank for 2100 people in france there is one battle tank or 250000 people. the prince likes to present his also in displays of power the goal is to impress governments around the world. this. is. one view we see the true face of as a prince who wants to extend his influence beyond the borders of his country he wants to become a charismatic leader in the arab muslim world oh. shared
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. you are heard the world of. mohammed bin ziad wants to become the western world's most important ally in the fight against islamist terror. in this effort to court west and how is he profits from his nation's image as a tax haven and a major tourist destination. to buy has become famous for its artificial islands its luxury hotels and its tolerant lifestyle. during state visits the crown prince always puts on an impressive show with
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a military parade in the colors of the on it guest. under the cloak of my identity and liberalism mohammed had welcomed the pope with all the pomp and ceremony that one would expect it was the 1st time that a country on the arabian peninsula had hosted his holiness this display was of course meant to demonstrate that the u.a.e. was open to the world and all its religions and creams none of this stops them busy from the really is a kingdom with an iron fist. as ambitious as m.b. is that is he's always known his country is too small to play in the major league he needed an ally and he found it in saudi arabia. mohamed bin sayed so mohammed bin sons rise to power as an amazing opportunity
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because the saudi rulers shadd the same political goal as the u.a.e. namely an autocratic modernization. notion here because he wants saudi life to become more liberal to reduce the role of religion in society and to modernize the country's economic infrastructure which . saudi arabia has a population of $30000000.00 and is completely dependent on its oil exports a resource which is diminishing year after year. the country needs to diversify and m.p.s. is ready to face the challenge. he's a big guy he's very dynamic he walks into the room everybody stops talking. be
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extremely. well that would eat you know part of the. shuttle to much myself and i don't know what i thought but then i haven't had that so what's up with me every day. he's a modern charismatic guy. looks women in the eye shakes their hands. very direct and that's a very that's a thing that westerners. you met all these ventures big venture capitalists and so from valley. on his trip to the united states he just kind of wowed everybody. he's been portrayed as a hothead he's impulsive he's not very strategic in its decisions he's very childish sometimes that definitely applies to more i've been so lucky. i'm not just 29 years of age m.b.a.'s became the world's youngest defense minister
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and immediately his focus turned towards the old enemy missile or the saudis the existential threat in the region is a real. and i defy you see the. other place in the hall because i live in the at the smaller concert here. so what i mean if you could come up with kind of the whole feel was of surprise. and yet nothing but here is a very strong rivalry between iran and saudi arabia who both opposes the 2 great powers of the gulf. so what really disturbs saudi arabia is the expansionism of revolutionary she is in. that they feel totally surrounded by iran who has a heavy presence in iraq. lebannon syria. and of course in yemen and with the who teens. and early
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2015 m.p.'s took over the reins as commander in chief of the saudi military at the same time those who fees and local shiites and probably run militia seized yemen's capital sana. and the crown prince tooth as to mean that her van was effectively a presence at the southern border of the saudi kingdom. come mohammed bin simon this when my men didn't sound money aside to intervene in yemen the idea was to signal his arrival in power by showing that under his rule saudi arabia was not a country to mess with. your general must be a chicken or the believe comet. or the spit of the mc i'll be i'm sure there can be a good that even the. pleasant one dorm. not
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must finish the 3rd because you a lot of. m.p.'s knew he could count on the suppose of his ally m.b. he said and his well equipped army to support him in this nearly declared war. will sure to be any rotty intervention in yemen allowed them to exhibit that military power on the well stage. when the emirate is went into yemen it was a quite a quite impressive and i know it impress a lot of people there like you know wow. i'm on his way and. very impressive operation maybe this won't be so bad i think that all changed very quickly. was. was. oh.
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i'll tell you the both of they are killing soldiers civilians policemen many common people they are targeting universities money a mole on the saudi regime is killing students. they are the terrorists. then the system it was making bombs are now taking them from we will never surrender an arsenal so now. the war in yemen is going terribly wrong. the massive humanitarian crisis of cholera or phantom parts and i. see mixed up it's a terrible mess the saudis and their emulating allies are really burnt down in it it's a bit like their vietnam war. it is anti iranian obsession
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of the saudis is not necessarily shared by the other monarchies of the arabian peninsula the country said we don't want to get involved in yemen when the country military did is they will move to southern yemen to to help the saudis protect their southern border but they didn't get involved in the air war and putting boots on the ground in the same way that the air ati's or the saudis did. if you can as a result qatar is considered by saudi arabia and abu dhabi as being too close to tehran. to. look at the video. does iran share an offshore gas field in northern qatar in the persian gulf. if in if there were more inevitably that requires a certain amount of cooperation with iran is going to qatar can't. border breakdown in relations with iran as it would be against its own financial interest.
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these disagreements over iran were added to by the tensions the rising from the arab spring. in the gulf. found itself increasingly isolated what that has done is basically carter diametrically opposed to an n.p.c. and so that is like this kind of regional conflict basically. and that we're seeing that's. and these tensions between the 3 princes were brought to a head as a new figure entered the fray. there are economic relations between donald trump and the pro saudi camp we know that donald trump has a golf course in the u.a.e. .
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the united arab emirates had a remarkable intuition that donald trump was a man with a rather basic understanding of geopolitics and that there was an opportunity for them to shape his vision of the region so many foreign policy advisers and think tanks in the united states have received money from the united arab emirates in an effort to influence the trumpet ministrations key decisions concerning the middle east. and washington and saudi lobbyists have targeted the president's entourage and one man in particular. there's a middle middle between the u.s. and saudi is jarett cushnie donald trump's son in law something totally
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inexperienced in middle eastern affairs city that he is the perfect ally for m.p.'s and m b c it's really a match made in hell. right after you know your issue so january 2017 right after your question was put in charge of the middle east that's your portfolio. i think the leap in this region of the traditional partners who is being saudi arabia and the united arab emirates is the daughter the we're going to do everything we can to strengthen those 2 pillars so the whole strategy in the middle east was was was to go hard against iran and that was absolutely it was the same exact thing that m.b.a.'s and n.b.c. wanted more than anything. so president trump decides with jared our 1st trip abroad is going to be decided arabia.
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the saudis basically just you know open their checkbook and like you know well out of it as they spent something like. $68000000.00 it was this kind of utterly grandiose looks like you know las vegas. sit on donald it's a win win situation in inverted commas that they have worked out between themselves in the open something that president trump didn't try to hide even showing pictures of him doing the shopping as equals some of the things that have been approved and are currently under construction and will be delivered in saudi arabia very soon and that's for their protection but if you look in terms of dollars 3000000000 dollars 533000000 dollars 525000000 dollars in the spinach for you. the discussion at the time was look the problem
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they're funding groups across the region that we don't like they have a close relationship with iran which we don't like and you don't like either what shall we do about this trouble not knowing what was going on was basically saying you know well if you can take care of it as loosely as it was and taking care of it was seen as a green light by mohammed's armaan it will have been sad at the time to take action on qatar. let his you go to the gulf crisis began at quarter past midnight on may the 24th 2017 at that exact moment an article appeared on the website of the qatari official news agency q. and a agency q. and a. the article claimed that emea tahmima funny had made remarks in a speech at a graduation ceremony for officer cadets but went against all acceptable diplomatic rhetoric in the gulf dramatic going to go to.
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the city if the article was fake it was the result of a cyber attack just came to light a few weeks. when the cia sent computer experts to doha the whole why were they made because that was supposed to be a prelude to a much bigger campaign to steer up dissidents and in qatar and diligent them eyes in the mirror caught up in the eye of the domestic audience in qatar but also in the eye of a global audience. hell a government who outed welcome to tonight's broadcast focusing on the recent quotes from the emir of qatar shake. me and then. well at all. for 2 weeks there was a constant bashing of qatar on pro saudi media. the media put so delicious meal
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plus camera. on has always been a problem child of the gulf. other countries in the region in that respect the rule of law and historical links that bind them are trying to point it in the right direction i am pincus but qatar has shown its true self a source of funding for terrorist organizations. the pressure was mounting and then on june the 5th there was a complete breakdown of diplomatic and economic relations with qatar look at that. the only land border that qatar has with the arabian peninsula is with saudi arabia and then lord let it go to being closed not just for individual traffic but particularly for for import and export of goods going in or out of qatar. the airspace for any aircraft going into qatar coming from qatar is closed in the
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u.a.e. and saudi arabia any vessel heading towards or coming from qatar is no longer allowed to dock in the u.a.e. . everything was done to isolate cash time as much as possible if you look at international law this is something. that you could interpret as an act of war. when saudi arabia and the emirates announce that blockhead i can tell you for sure that in the pentagon there were watts of for years that this was a grave with joy division the these guys won't work. the problem was that at the time trump strongly supported saudi arabia and the united arab emirates in these accusations and. the nation of qatar unfortunately has historically been a funder of terrorism at a very high level nations came together. and spoke to me.
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about confronting critter over its behave. so we had a decision to make. do we take the easy road or do we finally take a hard quit necessary action. these statements provoke panic within the us administration. it found out about them on live t.v. secretary of state rex tillerson had to intervene. son tillerson explained to trump who hasa blee hadn't realized that the united states had their largest military base of the region in qatar. from at the time didn't know that i would did air base which is the most important air base for the for the us military in the entire region all the operations in pakistan afghanistan and against isis of flowing from there he didn't know it was in qatar you actually thought it was in the u.a.e. . the us certainly couldn't start taking sides in
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this dispute especially not against gephardt which donald trump eventually understood. plans for an invasion was suspended but there was an embargo in place a cold war in the gulf had begun. and people reacted much come out i wish i'd been a. i don't want to feel. when the day i think. what i do a coffee shop and property. will be shaken and. i see what he wants to get out of. washington fighter planes and bombers in such large quantities that today qatar has an air force that's totally disproportionate to the number of fighter pilots at its
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disposal. looks. people stood 100 percent behind him his portrait was everywhere on the streets of doha and in people's cars this all happened in a rather unusually spontaneous manner. to december go has made him into a truly national figurehead and his statement this list presents a bigger failure for abu dhabi and riyadh. to mean authentic a massive the crisis in a stronger position in the role of victim. he promised neither the embargo nor the accusations of exploiting workers would stop his country from staging the 2022 world cup. for m.p.'s and m.p.'s said this offensive against karzai became
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a fiasco and the war in yemen became a quagmire. it was in this context that in october 28th seen the jamal khashoggi affair made the headlines. m.b.'s was accused of ordering the saudi journalist to be assassinated and he became a pariah on the international stage at the g 20 you can see the crown prince was a little isolated it's a matter of. it's true that everyone snubbed him to some extent that. differ magically religions are unchanged saudi arabia stormfront but i think the reality is like march last year i can't imagine time in the future when n.b.s. is going to be able to come to the united states and show his face in public and people will not immediately say that's the man. who had all the shows. then all of a sudden vladimir putin approached m.b.a.'s with
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a now infamous high 5 handshake. which was extremely popular in saudi arabia absolutely. there's a very good relationship between putin's russia king solomon's arabia and the united arab emirates of n.b.c. that. in the game of international diplomacy the princes of saudi arabia and the u.a.e. are increasingly turning towards russia and china. these 2 countries are less strict about human rights violations and war crimes this is an unprecedented move for these traditional western allies. this new generation of rulers are as powerful as they are unpredictable and threaten to further destabilize a middle east already ravaged by years of conflict.
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this is e.w. news live from charges in a murder case that could bring down a compliment a multi businessman is charged in the killing of an investigative journalist his connections to top government prosecutors prime minister to step down immediately this is to all death make. everybody involved with possible has not been identified yet which is why we're expecting the prime minister to leave office. and they may.


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