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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 1, 2019 8:00pm-8:15pm CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin the future of german chancellor angela merkel's government looks shaky to have partners of the social democrats elected new latests they want to renegotiate the coalition agreement but merkel conservatives have ruled out told to change the deal can a government survive also coming out thousands of people marched on the streets of
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hong kong in a new wave of protest they're hoping to keep up to menton after the landslide victory of pro-democracy candidate you know lections a week ago. lewis hamilton puts the finishing touches on another dominant formula one season that left his rivals in his face. i'm rebecca races welcome to the program the future of german chancellor angela merkel's government has been cast in doubt to her coalition partner the social democrats elected 2 new leaders who are critical of the partnership norbit volta buy and saskia eschaton have indicated they want to say some major changes that could raise the prospect of an early election or a minority government if the coalition partners fail to reach a consensus. the social democrats have. cast doubt on the future of the graham
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coalition their coalition partners the christian democrats are attempting to shrug off any such suggestion for an internet camp catherine but it's business as usual. but it's a view war is for the c.d.u. one thing is clear that we're going to stand by this coalition on the basis of what we've already negotiated. and we want to get back down to work quickly. but the new s.p.d. leaders norbert fatah boy and susskind s. been critical of the political partnership they have new demands on the minimum wage pensions and the climate in the us mr manison is that it's not possible to meet these demands if this is blocked in the party conference will have to think about how to overcome these differences for us policy is the important thing and that is what will decide whether this coalition has a future at others and yes p.d. want to prevent a party debate from happening. now is a lot of fine governesses was all about a personnel change in the s.p.d.
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and it doesn't necessarily mean the party is going to rethink its policies exactly as it would. the trade unions are urging the s.p.d. not to abandon the grand coalition years learn taught in this country is in great need of modernization and for that we need an ambitious program of investment that's something this government must tackle in the 2nd half of its tenure you thought. in and of them. next week the social democrats will decide which of their demands will be tied to the survival of the ground coalition. well for more let's bring in our political correspondent simon young side and no i was really expecting this outcome what's the reaction been to. you know i think there's a lot of shock and even outrage that this grassroots decision is going against the establishment a lot of the newspapers saying things like you know the s.p.d.
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is a bullish thing itself this is the party once led by the likes of brands and helmut schmidt today the leadership the new leadership is sort of unknown's and minnows that's the tenor of that. and you know people are analyzing this in terms of can the s.p.d. get back to the sort of strength of 40 percent support that they had just a few years ago well it remains to be seen these people have only just been appointed well they'll be they'll be confirmed in the jobs next weekend and go to mount and to climb some of the other reaction the left party leadership saying congratulations you know that's exactly what the s.p.d. needs is more left leaning policies which they're expecting from these new leaders and on the other side the business friendly free democrats saying that the s.p.d. is descending into chaos and dragging germany down with it so a lot of reaction and it's a question say tional really so and quite divisive reaction to you know different
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from the not unexpected i suppose from both sides but the big question really is what is likely to happen to government right these 2 new leaders have said that they would like to renegotiate the coalition agreement which is the basis of the coalition between social democrats and chancellor merkel's conservatives and they want to get some more social democrat left policies in there the conservatives for their side to rule that out they said there's no renegotiation we want to carry on this coalition government on the basis that's already been stated so now you had one of the new leaders no but about a boy on saturday saying well if they're going to be a blockade from the conservatives then that's a bad song. and ready to they're already a little bit on collision course and we'll have to see a lot of people are expecting that the s.p.d. sooner or later it may be in a few months rather than a few days but they will take the decision to pull out of this coalition that will mean probably an early end to chancellor merkel's government and elections earlier
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than planned currently this ep a 2021 rock. the election of these 2 shock late is really the new sort of unexpected election of a latest really shows a sort of division in the party and that the rank and file are pretty unhappy why they sound happy but i think it's partly you know the likes of shots the finance minister the deputy chancellor who represents the sort of continuity that was hoped for of the of the coalition government you know he represents exactly this idea that the s.p.d. just got to knuckle under and kind of play along with the conservatives because it's lost support in recent years but other people and clearly a majority of the grassroots have said no what we've got to do is come out fighting come out telling people why we are standing up for ordinary working people we've got to be leading on climate change we've got to be leading on things like labor policy and that is how we will win back voters because the s.p.d. in recent years has just been losing election after election national supports down
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at 13 percent and you can't be one of the big parties in germany with that kind of support absolutely not sat simon young thanks very much for coming in. well turning now to some of the other stories making news around the world iraq's parliament has approved the resignation of the prime minister abdul mahdi i mean ongoing violence and anti-government demonstrations bill maher has said that his government will stay on until a new one is chosen you want. at least 19 people have been killed and another 18 injured after a bus plunged off a bridge in eastern siberia a vehicle landed upside down on a frozen river it was carrying 14 passengers when one of its tires burst and the driver lost control of the vehicle. protesters have a gang taken to the streets of multi calling for the government to step down over the killing of an investigative journalist a businessman with ties to top government officials has been charged as an
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accomplice malta's embattled prime minister joseph muscat has received a unanimous backing from his labor party. in barcelona dozens of animal rights activists have protested against the fur industry covering their naked bodies in fake blood according to the organizers more than $32000000.00 animals are killed in the e.u. every year for the fashion industry. and on the eve of the international climate summit in madrid un secretary general antonio good tariffs has issued a stark warning about the threat of climate change and has called for immediate action we hard in a deep hole and we are still digging soon it will be too deep to escape i welcome the horses of the younger active you so be meeting they understand that you have job providers in their future if you fly i will continue to push every day
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to keep climates at the top of the international agenda. thousands of people have taken to the strait of hong kong in a fresh wave of pro-democracy protests there hoping to keep out the pressure on city later carry lam after the landslide victory by pro-democracy candidates in the district council elections a week ago once again police in riot gear were out in force. taking aim with pepper spray at protesters rallying to decry precisely this kind of police response hong kong's pro-democracy movement was back out in force with thousands on the streets chanting revolution of our time and liberate hong kong. once again police made arrests and used tear gas to push demonstrators back even as a separate rally was being staged elsewhere in the city to protest the toll the tear gas is taking on residents health but the movement seeking greater autonomy from beijing is eager to keep up momentum after its candidates landslide victory in
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district voting a week ago. after their hearts heard all and a. remarkable achievement in the district as a larger and approaches will put all of these do exist now we are calling to call forward to set up the investigation commission of police brutality i think it's very important for us to all like. like come out of it all together and make sure we're on the same page or so you support what we're doing. at a 3rd rally a wave of american flags relayed protesters gratitude for this week's show of support from donald trump. the u.s. president a hero for protesters after he signed legislation that could sanction hong kong and chinese officials for human rights abuses in the city. spelling out appeals for more help their banners underlined the sense that their struggle is far from over. i so sports news now in the formula one world champion lewis hamilton has rounded
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off the season with victory at the abu dhabi 8 grand prix hamilton started from pole position and was unchallenged as he cruise to his 11th win in $21.00 races this year. the biggest challenge lewis hamilton faced in this race was getting away cleanly with that mission accomplished all the drama took place behind him as hamilton not for the 1st time this season galloped off into the distance ferrari show mclaren had 3 scores to celebrate he passed max for strapon for 2nd place. but then another questionable pit stop in ferrari mclaren was called in early putting him right in the firing line the crab valiantly tried to defend his position but he was effectively a sitting duck for the red bull driver and his fresher tires. at the front hamilton was going through the motions he's won more than half the races this season breaking records and doing donuts for fun but he still took time to praise his
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young rivals for stop and the clare. in a really proud to be in a period of time where there is such such great youngsters young people coming through these guys have been doing a phenomenal job and i really feel privileged to be in a period of time where they're here and i'm looking forward to hopefully more those battles with us in the future or who expects more scenes like this next season hamilton now to a 7 race win shy of michael schumacher has all time records. football now and dog. and delivered lucy and fall for another game or 2 as coach thanks to a victory in berlin the 3 points didn't come easy enough on the occasion of your conclusion in the 1st game in charge of the olympic stadium the visitors had to play half the match with just 10 men. all eyes were on one man for this clash you're going to win has been could have his new coach sprinkle a little of that stock quality on his new charges so often in the limelight
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dortmund looked all the better for being upstaged on this occasion jade and sunshine made it one nil after 15 minutes by a dream start for the visitors scoring with their 1st shots of the game were and some it continued dortmund in the driving seat kept all at sea just 2 minutes later 5 are side double dare leave by talking has out this time the belgian making it to neil abercrombie it's fair to assume klinsmann had been hoping for a smooth a comeback the bat shafik amy applying the burners cozart making an awkward chunks look easy but have to wouldn't go down without a fight and were rewarded for their determination in the 34th minute by let me agree to having the deficit's could a courageous comeback for klinsmann and heather be on the cards today looking back
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you know with the initial shots the czech mathilda with the crucial touch the 1st half produced yet more drama when matt charles received a 2nd yellow card on the stroke of half time dortmund down to 10 have to started brightly in the 2nd period marco cruz it's teeing up davie said ok to make it to a piece by but the celebrations were misplaced the goal was ruled out for the slightest of offsides my bruges each with a golden jump shortly before the end. but it wasn't to be klinsmann picking up where which left off another loss for the boys in blue the bottom basically my the way the scene played today the commitments and the support they gave the whole so there aggressiveness a determination was good we have to build on that he who. and that could only be achieved through hard work this moment feel i'll bite on wigs but not necessarily upwards pets asleep to 8 feet straight does lead to the streets. today is
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valencia marathon so world class times recorded in both the men's and women's categories the 2nd fastest man techies conking 1000000000 broke the european record previously held by mo farah ahead of him a free open run at a now l.a. one with a time of 2 hours 3 minutes and 52 seconds fellow ethiopian rose adair is a claim to the women's crown setting a new world record you're watching data for the news thanks. to the adventures of the famous naturalist and explore. the racial politics on the front boards 260th birthday we remember going on a voyage of discovery. expedition.


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