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thank you so. big. stars december 23rd. this is d.w. news live from berlin and the future of german chancellor angela merkel's government looks a shaky start to have partners for social democrats elected to new leaders they want to renegotiate the coalition agreement because conservatives have ruled out to change the deal will her government survive also coming up. on the eve of the international climate summit in madrid the u.n. secretary general sounds the alarm on rising global temperatures here from an
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indonesian fisherman waging his own personal battle with the resulting rise in global sea levels. and lewis hamilton puts the final finishing touches on another domino formula one season that left his rivals in a spin. i'm rebecca ritter's welcome to the program the future of german chancellor angela merkel's government has been cast in doubt after her coalition partner the social democrats elected turn your leaders who are critical of the partnership norbit volta boy and sends us k.s. can have indicated that they want to say some major changes that could raise the prospect of an early election or a minority government if the coalition partners fail to reach consensus. the social democrats have cast doubt on the. future of the grand coalition but their partners
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in that coalition the christian democrats are attempting to shrug off any such suggestion for on a great card or it's business as usual. for the c.d.u. one thing is clear we're going to stand by this coalition on the basis of what we've already negotiated. and we want to get back down to work quickly. but the new s.p.d. leaders norbert. are critical of the political partnership they have new demands on the minimum wage pensions and the climate that they want to be met. and thus. this is not possible if this is blocked then the party conference will have to think about how to overcome these differences for policy is the most important thing and that is what will decide whether this coalition has a future there is in the s.p.d. want to prevent that party debate from happening. this was all about
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a person no change in the s.p.d. and it doesn't necessarily mean that the party is going to rethink its policies. the trade unions are urging the s.p.d. not to abandon the grand coalition. this country is in great need of modernization and. we need an ambitious program of investment that is something this government must tackle in the 2nd half of his tenure. next week the social democrats will decide which of their demands will be tied to the survival of the grand coalition. well for more let's bring in our political correspondent simon young simon this wasn't really expected how people in berlin and germany been reacting to this a lot of the media reaction has been pretty shocked and help raged you know one of the newspapers saying things like you know the s.p.d. is a bowler shooting itself in the breeze. skeptical boss he can get back to the kind
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of 40 percent support that they had just a few years ago on the basis of this need leadership this is the party once led by the likes of billy brandt and helmut schmidt now it's being led by these 2 new politicians relatively unknown minnows is how a lot of the media is covering some of those are saying the career of finance minister schultz is probably over as a result of this of course he was ousted by these 2 left leaning leaders one out and some of the other parties have also been reacting the head of the left party for instance and congratulations is exactly the right way to go more or less policies as you might expect him to say the market friendly free market free democrats have been saying well you know this is a disaster the s.p.d. is descending into chaos and dragging the country down with it so there's been some
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pretty strident reaction across the piece here in germany to that shore the big question i suppose really is what's going to happen to i'm going to back off government that's right well these 2 new leaders of the s.p.d. have said they want to renegotiate the coalition agreement that is the basis of the coalition government featuring the social democrats and chancellor merkel's conservatives they want more left left wing policies in there the conservatives for their part have say to repeated it again today note shown of renegotiation so one of the new leaders now know but the boy said to die well if that's going to be the sort of blockade as he calls it from the conservatives you know that's not a good sign and so ready hits of collision between these tea parties i think it's inevitable that in the coming weeks possibly months the s.p.d. will decide that it wants to pull out. of its coalition arrangement with medical
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and the conservatives that'll mean. early elections it could mean a short period of minority governments of term but her time will come to an end and elections will come earlier than planned currently the set for 2021 so i could definitely be saying some big changes in politics but this obviously signals great unhappiness with an s.p. day why are the rank and file so unhappy i think a lot of people were annoyed because they say you know the s.p.d. is lost its profile in this coalition for years 10 there out of the 14 years the chancellor merkel's been in power in fact the s.p.d. have been there as well supporting her has prevented them from getting their policies you're out and setting out their stall and showing how they're different and what they would do different shots the violence mr already mentioned to him he's a sort of representative figurehead of that that's why i think possibly he lost this this grassroots election and a lot of people are saying the s.p.d. needs to get back from the the trough that it's been in losing election after
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election 13 percent support is where they are now that's just not good enough for a party that once used to be one of the the great poet sees of german politics changes sooner rather than later here in germany simon on thanks very much coming in for coming in to talk about it. take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world in a televised address malta's prime minister has announced he'll resign in january want his labor party has chosen a new laid up call for joseph mascot to step down have grown after a prominent businessman with alleged ties to government ministers was charged as an accomplice in the murder of journalist deafening carolina going to say oh oh. shelling by syrian government warplanes on rebel forces in iraq a village in italy a province has undermined a russian brokered ceasefire agreement that went into effect in august 2 days of clashes in the country's last major opposition stronghold have reportedly killed
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nearly 70 on both sides or more lebanon's armed forces have deployed near the presidential palace in an attempt to prevent clashes between pro and anti-government protesters the 2 sides disagree on whether to whether president michel aoun should now move to form a new government after the resignation of prime minister hariri in october. on the aid of the international climate summit in madrid the u.n. secretary general antonio terrace has issued a stark warning about the threat of climate change and called for immediate action we hard in a deep hole and we are still digging soon it will be too deep to escape i welcome the voices of the young get the view so remitting they understand that you are just providing their future if you fly i will continue to push every there to keep climate at the top of the international agenda to tears
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a statement follows the declaration of a climate emergency by a law makers showing a heightened awareness of the impact of climate change for some people though in other parts of the world the issue is already a life changing one. for abdul hadi a fisherman in java indonesia the climate crisis is stark reality flooding in his home village of town back is so bad that he's engaged in a constant battle against water it's a graphic reminder of the risks posed by jarvis sinking coastline. it's always flooding my house is located at the lowest level lower than the road. there every few years hardy has to elevate his house the flooding is aggravated by the ground level sinking caused by extraction of underground water and coupled with extreme weather and rising tides associated with climate change. and there's land
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subsidence of around $10.00 to $20.00 centimeters every year due to extraction of underground water and on the other hand the seed ever has increased. due to problems have caused flooding and high tides. other than that climate change also caused other impacts like extreme weather. and. indonesia is particularly vulnerable to climate change the polluted capital jakarta is drowning because of rising sea levels because of this alarming situation the country's authorities have taken a controversial decision to move the capital which will cost 33 $1000000000.00 hardie though can't afford to follow his government's example. it's impossible for us to move we can't pay for it so even though they're entitled floods stay. for him the only way to confront the climate of emergency
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is with a stoic fatalism. sport now and in the formula one world champion lewis hamilton has rounded off the season with. victory at the abu dhabi grand prix hamilton started from pole position was unchallenged as he christie his 11th win in $21.00 races this year. the biggest challenge lewis hamilton faced in this race was getting away cleanly with that mission accomplished all the drama took place behind him as hamilton not for the 1st time this season galloped off into the distance ferrari show mclaren had 3 scores to celebrate he passed max for strapon for 2nd place. but then another questionable pit stop in ferrari mclaren was called in early putting him right into staten is far different hamilton was going through the motions he's won more than half the races this season
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breaking records and doing donuts for fun but he still took time to praise his young rivals for a stop and the clare. you know really proud to be in a period of time where there is such such great youngsters young people coming through these guys have been doing a phenomenal job and i really feel privileged to be in a period of time where they're here and i'm looking forward to hopefully more those battles with us in the future or who expects more scenes like this next season hamilton now to a 7 race win shy of michael schumacher has all time records. in the succubi and munich have suffered their 1st setback under new coach hands a flick the champions were heavy favorites hosting les vickers and the man they call the jamaican sensation stole the show for the visitors. by his standards robert levin dusky is having a barren spell one game without a goal but if that's bad spare a thought belief on bailey at the end of the line he'd only scored once all season
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that is until you arrived in munich i may lead bursting through to give later coups in the lead on 10 minutes the 1st goal by i had can see. didn't the coach can see flick. to see move once prolific goal scorers was to continue thomas miller's deflected strike levels for biron normal service resumed but only for a minute the hosts back line course out again and the fastest man on the pitch was on hand to capitalize. a classic counter and a smart finish to match from bailey. smart finishes a usually 11 duffy's demain. not today to dummies didn't work the goal drought went on. like brian laver couzin was also defending higher up the
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pitch surge gnabry selflessly passed the ball to his generosity was undone by a supposed sliding tackle by law spend. the visitors clinging on at the break and that set the pattern for the 2nd half late because it forced back deeper and deeper they faced a bye and parish keeper lukas shredded skin needing to be on top form the visitors had to play the last 10 minutes with 10 men after jonathan toews straight red but still they held firm with a little help from the woodwork 11 dusty again failing to hit the net. laver couzin wins he won. 7 doff scheme might do well to take lessons from bailey and his heroic labor cusins he makes. the 1st you know watching data over the news from berlin coming up our reporter series
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mates the woman protesting against the police political establishment in lebanon stay tuned for that we'll have more news headlines for you at the top of the hour i'm a vector it is thanks for joining us. because and now physically affectionate legend but as affectionately as you can. be mayor pro tem in the middle of his election campaign of the year 2000 the documentary was filmed for russian television. to turn the camera back on of course the film secretly chronicled a power grab actually everything was precisely played instruction. featuring a top supporting role.


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