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this is deja vu news live from berlin global warming is reaching a point of no return that's what the u.n. secretary general is warning as he prepares to open a climate summit in madrid visit an island nation in the indian ocean striving to become a model for marine protection also coming up. jailed for driving a car we look at the case of the saudi woman who's still in prison long after the ban on women taking to the wheel has been lifted. and germany's of the ruling
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coalition partners on a coalition of course the social democrats alike new leaders who want to change their coalition deal with all americans conservatives and her government survive. and the football blog book marching back to the top of the bundesliga the host beat freiberg for it to another impressive display are they now in serious contenders for the title. i'm brian thomas great to have you with us the head of the united nations has taken the world's major economies to task for failing to reduce carbon emissions warning that the point of no return is fast approaching and tony says the global push to stop climate change has been utterly inadequate he was speaking as
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a 2 week international climate summit gets underway in madrid here's more of what he had to say. we have not even the pull and we are still thinking soon it will be too deep to escape i welcome the voices of the young activists i've been meeting they understand that you have job advising their future if you fly i will continue to push every they to keep climate at the top of the international agenda. well many parts of the world are of course already feeling the effects of climate change the seychelles for example is an island chain in the indian ocean is threatened by rising sea levels and the destruction of local marine life but this low lying nation with its capital city of victoria isn't acting policies it hopes will serve as an example for others. over 300000 people a year head to the seychelles to enjoy a holiday in paradise and the vast array of corals fish and other marine life in
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the surrounding ocean is breathtaking. but this entire ecosystem is under threat from climate change. the president of the seychelles calls for urgent action when he took in the ocean floor earlier this year in a submersible vehicle scientists have spoken. and politicians around the planet. for us. i will be a strong ambassador and a strong advocate for marine protection. around the world. the most alarming problem for the seychelles waters is rising temperatures warm a series have bleached many of the coral reefs damaging areas of natural beauty for a country that relies on its fishing and tourism industries the impending disaster could cost many people tend jobs. at least responsible for the problems of climate
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change yet we are vulnerable. in fact if we were different the fight would have been different the seychelles is working on a solution a government led initiative is turning one 3rd of the country's territorial waters an area the size of germany into protected zones the zones stretching out from the countries in a ryan's and aldabra group islands aim to limit human activity and thus make marine life more resilient. marine scientists from the university of oxford and the nekton institute have been examining the seychelles waters. there was a incredible diversity an abundance of fish especially in protected areas they called barbara which was a marine protected areas do work when they are put in place. the seychelles is aiming to become a model for marine protection around the world in an effort to slow the effects of climate change its president is hoping other countries will take notice we are nor
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that we have a problem what is needed is a responsible global action and there is no there's no time for blame game. the seychelles and its president are already seeing the effects of climate change they don't want discussion they want action now. well will they see it let's talk about that more now with good of you science and environment reporter luis osborne good morning luis. the u.n. secretary general there science is issuing a dire warning of the planet approaching the point of no return is there an expectation that this conference can can turn things around well it's difficult to say whether it will turn it around completely the motto for the conference this year is time for action but really they're not quite ready for that yet still trying to finish the rulebook which is something they should've completed last year
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. but that they just were unable to agree on the last off school which is article 6 and deals with carbon markets so that's what they're going to be concentrating on this year another thing that they have to worry about is their ambition so the national targets that each country has made to reduce carbon emissions. if they keep going along that road and follow those targets they won't be able to keep the temperature below 2 degrees celsius which is what the price agreement calls for it will be at least $3.00 degrees celsius so that's something else that they have to talk about too to try to things around ok now pointed to china as being a major offender it's the biggest producer 27 percent of the world's carbon emissions is it one of the countries that's that's not on target with the carbon markets that you mentioned actually that's not the case that is on target it's one of the only countries in the you know one of the higher missing countries that's on target to reach its goal the problem is that the goals like you said are just too
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low so even if china does get there it's not going to make enough of a difference for temperatures to to remain low and. does it also the issue all you know emissions that are being made elsewhere by chinese companies so for example in africa where they're building power plants and things like that and that is another contribution of china to global. the mission's just not done then in china itself so we're really going to say shows they're taking a role model position what is to be done quickly to halt global warming i mean we've seen every year in the forest fires in australia rising temperatures the levels can be done to do halted quickly well what we really would need to be done before a country is to simply cut carbon emissions. obviously that's not something that they're going to do straight away phase out of coal needs to be done very quickly environmentalists have been calling that they actually worry that the market the
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market issue that's going to be discussed this year will actually detract from just taking direct action and phasing out coal and cutting carbon emissions through transport these kinds of things governments are still working out a way to to do this but they obviously need to do it more quickly. kind of protests have been intensified over the past year been reported extensively on that the fight is for a future movement for example what effects are these protests having on policymakers meeting in the dread well i think governments are starting to feel the strain of having so many protests taking place i mean in september millions of people took to the streets for the global climate strike on friday it was hundreds of thousands of people so governments are starting to feel the pressure of that like i said before they really need to work on their ambitions and that is what protest as a calling for. will be there this week she is expected to arrive from her
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atlantic trip tomorrow in portugal and then i guess she'll make her way very quickly to madrid she'll be talking again to leaders and i'm sure that we can expect a speech that will you know kind of much what she said in new york so that will be the. new case that she's very much a. focal point for public opinion right now ok lou thanks very much for coming in on. let's preview down some of the other stories making the news this hour more than 70000 people have fled their homes as the philippines braces for a powerful typhoon to make landfall officials are urging residents to evacuate coastal areas forecasters are warning that typhoon. could bring widespread damage flooding and landslides. mexican officials say the death toll from a battle between drug cartel members and police has now risen to 20 gunmen staged
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a military style assault on a municipal building in on your the texas border 14 attackers were killed during that hour long gun battle. the french military has repatriated the bodies of soldiers killed in a. collision in mali 13 troops died in the crash during a counterterrorism operation against islamist militants it was the heaviest single loss for the french army in some 40 years. well here in germany it seems that the government's ban on arms sales to saudi arabia is not watertight and investigation by public broadcaster. magazine has revealed that a german supplier of patrol boats is continuing to work with the saudi military and that after the country was linked to the murder of a critical journalist more the murder of journalist. changed everything in german
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chancellor angela merkel announced that no more german weapons would be delivered to saudi arabia. we can't say explore it under the current circumstances since saudi arabia's involvement in the in many war also contributed to the export ban being extended nevertheless german weapon manufacturers continue to do business with 3 that's according to documents from the german shipyard lawson which were leaked to german broadcaster and the stone magazine the saudis ordered 33 patrol boats from the put them in boat builders a few years ago due to the export ban only 15 of them could be delivered but even after the ban came into effect the company continued to carry out repairs on those boats already delivered for example this boat had run aground according to the documents provided. replaced. propellors. also until recently the german company provided training for crews operating the ships in saudi arabia. linda blix
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from the 1000000000 human rights organization e.c.c. h r sees this as extremely concerning because saudi arabia has repeatedly blockaded key many seaports the naval warfare consists out of a blockade and are a de facto blockade in from the waters which prevents necessary goods from entering into the country and we see that ships have been diverted already late or sent back towards saudi waters for example so these patrol boats could be used in saudi waters to divert those ships you know some didn't want to give us a statement on this legally the company is not doing anything wrong that's because in contrast to many other countries the ban only applies to arms exports it doesn't restrict germans from carrying out training in saudi arabia. interesting only in most other allied countries such as the u.k.
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france but mostly in the usa rules are much more strict when. it comes to the transfer of knowledge or transferring know how the u.s. can make any american citizen wherever they are in the world liable to recourse or even in certain cases subject to prosecution. i cording to valid half the loophole in german law could easily be closed. and government could amend the foreign trade regulations in particular paragraphs $49.51 it's those changes wouldn't even require a vote in either parliament all the federal assembly is. in parliament the left party and the greens are calling for the government to take action. we have to close these loopholes stop training taking place this can't continue because we can't say we don't want to export weapons for military use and then support others
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and using them at the same time it's a massive contradiction it's also not a humanitarian measure it's just about a few german companies trying to make money. but at the moment there is little chance of that happening the german government doesn't see any reason for changing its stance. well saudi arabia is not only under fire for using arms from western countries against civilians riyadh's human rights record is one of the worst in global right one woman for example. was arrested and jailed simply because she campaigned for the right of women to drive. britain has been following her story joins us now here in the studio good morning to you and i see you again can you tell us about jane and what happened to her sort of jane would have known is really one of the most prominent one of the most prominent women at the forefront of. saudi arabia's. saudi arabian women's campaign for the right to drive
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and also the campaign against the male guardianship system which puts a lot of restrictions on women's lives and basically gives this control to the male members of their family. activism found place mostly on social media she would post back in 20132014 videos of herself defying what was at the time and illegal act in saudi arabia namely for women to actually just be behind the wheel famously of the video that remembering that video very well we're looking at right now in 2014 she attempted to cross the border from the into saudi arabia and was detained for about $73.00 days and may have 2018 she along with other female activists as well as male activists who have been campaigning for the same rights were taken by saudi authorities and has been behind bars. essentially ever since and allegedly tortured members of her family setting to tell us more about that how was she being treated so her family says that she's been electrocuted water boarded
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and sexually assaulted i was recently able to interview her sister here in berlin and this is what she had to say about the latest in the jones case. so. everything that she has done. everything that has done for her activism. i think. it's very difficult to say but i would say. anyone to have an opinion and. they want everything to come. to be. what condition would you. started in march of this year but since they stopped everything. what's going to happen since. confinement other than this we have.
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we talked to my parents talked to her but what's going to happen we have nothing at all and she doesn't know what's happening do you really think about her condition she being treated well is she being mistreated how is she doing. i think compared to the times where she was being tortured she is a bit. better. so it's very confinement is torture i think so i don't think it's a good situation. clearly any reforms that the saudi government has put in place or are not helping campaigners like. but they're helping a lot of other people one must say i mean the loosening of restrictions have included things like music being allowed to play in restaurants be easing restrictions on the separation of genders and public spaces there has been a gradual dismantling of the male guardianship system by road to create women are going to start having more control over their travel and family affairs but you're absolutely right this doesn't do anything for family or the other women that are in
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prison with her and perhaps what puts a huge question mark on all of these reforms and the saudi government is really open why are these women that were at the forefront to bring these changes why aren't they free to criticize and perhaps even to feed back on these reforms and why aren't they able to enjoy the food of their labor board hearing more about some answers that question i have for him thanks very much. well here in germany the future of chance for all americans government is in doubt after coalition partners. 2 new leaders who are very critical of the partnership if they want to see major changes and that could raise the prospect of an early election or a minority government. the social democrats have cast doubt on the future of the grand coalition but their partners in that coalition the christian democrats are attempting to shrug off any such suggestion on a great calm. it's business as usual. for the c.d.u.
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. we're going to stand by this coalition on the basis of what we've already negotiated. and we want to get back down to work quickly. but the new s.p.d. leaders norbit. are critical of the political partnership they have new demands on the minimum wage pensions and the climate that they want to be met. and. this is not possible if this is blocked then the party conference will have to think about . these differences. policy is the most important thing to decide whether this coalition has a future there is in the s.p.d. want to prevent that party debate from happening. now this was all about a person no change in the s.p.d. and it doesn't necessarily mean that the party is going to rethink its policies.
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the trade unions are urging the s.p.d. not to abandon the grand coalition. this country is in great need of modernization and we need an ambitious program of investments that is something this government must tackle in the 2nd half of its tenure. next week the social democrats will decide which of their demands will be tied to the survival of the grand coalition. let's talk about this more now with our political correspondent kate brady kate good morning to you how likely is it that the german government could collapse over this change in leadership. well he certainly is looking more likely of course we have been brought to this point several times over the last couple of years since this coalition was founded after those 2017 elections and of course it was never particularly strong to start with by the social democrats and the conservatives went into this so-called grand coalition
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dragging their feet and now as we heard that the s.p.d. the leadership are talking about demanding that this coalition deal is renegotiated so that would mostly focus on things like creating a more ambitious climate change policy and also demands for more public spending so it might well be that we could potentially see the end of the shots and know the black because they were hearing germany which has become somewhat of a fascination for the german government and their obsession with keeping a balanced budget and so the s.p.d. now seems to want to see the government spending more public money on public services including education and transport so now we're just have to see whether the cd you will in fact give way to those demands at the moment it seems that the cd is very much steadfast in saying no they cannot be renegotiated which of course will then beg the issue will beg the question will the s.p.d. really withdraw from this coalition early which of course could see germany with
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a minority government for a short period of time and then even snap elections ok all of this leading to a lot of new one certainty for the german government coming of course at the worst possible time for the european union as it faces bracks that among other jobs. exactly that means the last thing that the e.u. needs right now is yet another political crisis and germany of course is also set to hold the presidency of the council in the 2nd half of 2020 and for a long time germany is really being held as a beacon of a beacon of stability in the european union. but that said there has also been growing frustration towards germany in recent months particularly due to its lack of willingness to take on more of a leadership role in the e.u. particularly when it comes to spending of course germany is the biggest economy in europe so although this could amount to some huge hope he will not only for germany
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but for the e.u. it will certainly be seen that from some corners of the european as having some potential positive outcome. thanks so much for that. let's preview down some of the other stories making the news this hour the white house says u.s. president donald trump will not be taking part in wednesday's public impeachment hearings but has not ruled out taking part in future hearings the president's facing allegations that he illegally sought the help from ukraine rather to discredit democratic challenger joe biden. in chile protesters have clashed with police near the home of president abbas the. demonstrators again turning out to call for his resignation police fired water cannon at the crowds and 5 spoke out between demonstrators and local residents. want. their.
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prime minister josefina scott says he will resign next month calls for him to step down have been growing a prominent businessman with alleged ties to government ministers has been charged over the murder of investigative journalist i want to believe. we have some football now and claude bach continued to be the surprise leaders of the bonus league after 13 match days what started as an unexpected visit to the top of the league has become something more permanent after an impressive win against freiburg sunday's victory makes them serious contenders for the title. clash between 2 of the put his league is biggest overachievers to ring through the festive season he adds the home fans were even treated to an early present just 3 minutes in. the gift that keeps on giving i bought freiburg would hitch right back.
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join a time she made with a peach of a free kick off to just 6 minutes. flat back 3 took the lead in the 2nd period brilliant by those sending patrick hammond on his way before getting on the end of the return poss she won off to 46 minutes. which struck his 5th goal of the campaign. ah this slight will pass from dennis to carry a set spirits even high up by patrick can appoint a finishing touch zakaria and in bolo actual service. but freiburg on flying high for no reason and each perfect free kick from christie and kentucky and lucas hood i made 3 to plant back one about to let things slip in boulder picked running cox pocket and it didn't tome the frugal from florrie annoying house sits and match marco rose's team back on chop of the pundits league i.
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got back flying high. also in the been asleep league better braman went to both berg looking to end an 8 game winless streak sunday with a game at one all they are not a big court but braman in the lead with his diving header minutes before halftime but to level midway through the 2nd half williams struck a fine shot from the edge of the box but there was still time for another goal 7 minutes from the end braman grabbed the winner maximillian you saw and set up millo rushing to score his 2nd of the braman when the game 32 snapping their win was wrong. let's take a look now at the table after sunday's match is back on top bar minutes of down the 4th dortmund now just a point behind the defending champions and down in the bottom half we have york in cleveland as well as a tough new task in his job ahead of believing they slipped down into the
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relegation zone at the end of 13 that stays for. this is the interview news live from berlin i'm brian thomas for the entire team thanks for being.
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a chance for peace and justice and columbia law that was their hope in nov 26th. but how have things really been since mark signed the deal with the government as a mummy. is history repeating itself and the. long road to peace some.
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on the 77 percent be talk about the issue. this is where. the 77 percent this weekend on d w. it's cyber monday today the 2nd global shopping event off of black friday last week even the pope is wondering now just how much consumerism can we still afford. and pharmacy across you're about taking to the street stuff fed up with being blamed for every ill of wild society from meat production to pesticides. business to business i was in berlin welcome black friday how fast.


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