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the be . this is the w. news coming to you live from berlin the united nations climate summit opens in madrid. do we really want to be remembered as the generation their burden to their being descended. people wire the planet. that supports saying by saving the earth but even for neutrality by 2015 says the united nations secretary-general until you're good at it also coming up. for
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driving a car be look at the case of the saudi woman still in prison long after the ban was lifted on women behind the scenes. and the military often investigative journalist forces mortals prime minister to step down to deafening. strobing alleged links between top government officials and money launderers when she was kids. i don't welcome i'm on the touchy migrate to have their company. we begin in madrid where delegates from almost 200 countries have begun a 2 week climate summit amid a growing sense of crisis negotiators are tasked with out the rules for implementing the 2015 palace climate accord that's when countries agreed to limit
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deal with boiling to less than 2 degrees celsius above industrial temperatures but led to another case of too little too late but. during his opening remarks in secretary general antonio good tennis or on deck delegates to take bold action as outlined 2 very different visions for our future by the end of the coming decades we will be on one of 2 paths when is the path of 3rd render where we have stripped walked past the point of no return job providing the health and safety of everyone on this planet do we really want to be remembered as the generation that birdie having to stand there. while the planet burns the other option is the path of hope oppressive resolve of sustainable solutions a press where more fossil fuels remain where they should be in the ground and where
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we are on the way to carbon neutrality by 2050 so that was the un secretary general antonio good terry speaking at the opening of the climate conference and the discuss what the summit can achieve let's take a look at the challenges facing the delegates in madrid. there is no sign of a slowdown in greenhouse gases concentrations in the atmosphere let alone a decline. that is according to a recent study by the united nations if this trend continues experts say the result will be disastrous future generations will be confronted with even higher temperatures droughts floods storms and wildfires will become more severe and more frequent. after a year of protests the pressure on governments is mounting scientists are also urging governments to act they say that countries should increase their carbon
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reduction ambitions in order to prevent an even more catastrophic outcome i. at the top of the climate conference agenda is a global emissions trading system it would allow countries that exceed their self set emissions reduction target to sell a right to emit some claim the system could create incentives to further reduce emissions. joining me now in the studio she's a reporter with signs and environment desk. now a report indicated it's time for urgent action what can we expect from the summit which is just got underway in madrid well the motto this year is actually time for action but realistically they're not really ready yet they still have to finish the rulebook which will govern how the past agreement will be implemented. fix is going to be dealing with the carbon markets and that has been particularly contentious so it's not even clear that they will get through that by the end of this year but
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they also have to look at raising their ambition at the moment the countries have set pledges that would not take us to a 2 degree rise in temperature but more like a 3 degrees rise in temperature which is just too high so still to be done and this often at these summits a blame game that emerges what do you see as the most critical challenges well the biggest challenge is political will i mean is there enough do they actually want to reduce carbon emissions enough so the island nations of issued a plea to developed industrialised countries to to austin to do that i mean these countries are the island nations are the lowest of misters and yet they're feeling the impacts of climate change most another issue like i said is the carbon markets so that is particularly controversial environmentalist argue the carbon markets aren't going to help at all and that it takes away from the idea of the paris agreement to just reduce carbon dioxide emissions and there's this this argument
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that's going to take place negotiations and we'll see what comes out of non the united states has pulled out of the climate accord but china is still in and china is an absolute terms the biggest emitter of carbon dioxide emissions is it taking enough action do you think well china is one of the countries that is going to meet its target. possibly early so that is something that's obviously positive from them they're also the largest developer of renewable energy in the world so there's definitely something in their favor but the problem is that their targets are just too low and if they continue the way that they're going we're still going to see that global temperature rise they are also investing in coal plants in china but also outside of china so that's also an issue and recent months we've seen these fridays for future. she seems to have galvanized the young people who are getting
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impatient with the lack of action on climate change how do you see this playing into this debate well governments a feeling the pressure they can now see that after millions of use and people from all over the world taking to the streets in september and then hundreds of thousands again on this friday just gone they can see that they're going to be held to account for the emissions that they're they're still working on. the. young people are also going to be growing up that the next generation to be boasting so they really have to take action so that they will you know get further with the the young people coming through. is going to be there so she will also be talking i guess we can expect a speech that's quite similar to what she did in new york so that is going to put pressure on governments as well. to be heading to the madrid summits look forward to hearing from you from the. disc a pleasure to talk to you. let me now bring you up to date with some other stories
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making news around the world over 200000 people have fled their homes in the philippines ahead of a powerful typhoon the storm is already battering the east of the country officials have urged residents to evacuate bundaberg coastal areas and money does international airport has temporarily suspended operations. intense clashes between syrian regime forces and armed groups have reportedly claimed almost 100 lives on both sides activists say fighting around the last opposition stronghold of live is a muslim and since a russian brokered cease fire went into effect in just. she's been described as not the most influential women and there was activism blazed for female empowerment in saudi arabia yet the tour has been languishing in prison for 2 years unspecified charges she's not alone even
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a solid even one basic freedoms to drive and to travel many of the few men activists who champion the cause remain outside the hostilities family is hoping international pressure to have a. joins me now and she's been following custody welcome i have what more can you tell us about in case well it's safe to say that jane is one of the most prominent women at the forefront of. the rights for women whether it has been the dismantling of the male guardianship system which has largely rendered saudi women a 2nd class citizens putting unbelievable restrictions on their lives and essentially leaving all major decisions in their lives to the men within their family sometimes even the son she's also been at the forefront of the campaign to allow saudi women to drive she rose to prominence in 201320145 posting videos of
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herself on social media where she is actually defying the ban on female driving as we're seeing right now this is video of her 2014 as she was crossing the border from from the united arab emirates into saudi arabia where she was arrested and put under arrest for about 73 days fast forward to 2017 by road decree saudi arabia actually finally lifts the ban with it hopefully with it coming into effect in about a year later in june 28th however a few weeks before she before she would have been able to see her during become reality she along with other prominent activists such as. you said were arrested and you know it's. in almost 2 years like you said she's languishing in prison her family alleges that she was electrocuted water boarded and sexually harassed in detention so tell me more you talk of a dire kind of torture like symptoms that she's facing in prison what can you tell
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i want to ask family saying about the conditions in prison well her family has really been campaigning internationally for her release i recently had the chance to speak with her sister nina and have new here in berlin and this is what she told me about the latest in her sister's case so the charges of. everything that she has done about her activism so asking for women's rights. but the u.n. everything that she has done for for her activism but. holding her i think. it's very difficult to say but i would say maybe they don't want anyone to have an opinion and to speak their opinion they want everything to come. to be bottom up what condition she would you know. her trial started in march of this year but since april they stopped everything so we don't know why this stuff and we don't know what's going to happen since april she's in solitary confinement other
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than this we have no news that i mean we talk the talk to my parents talk to her but what's going to happen we have nothing at all and she doesn't know what's happening generally think about her condition should be treated well is she being mistreated how is she doing. i think compared to the times where she was being tortured she is a bit. better. so terri confinement is torture i think so i don't think it's a good situation. so obviously the family vision i'm very concerned as her sister told you the moment been sent by the crown prince has been kind of. the image of saudi arabia implementing some kind of reform. yet nothing has really changed for people like usually that's true i mean i think there are 2 things that one must separate here there are the reforms the state of reforms in saudi arabia and the state freedoms if we will if one can even separate them in terms of reforms that this is true the crown prince mohammed bin said
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a man who is the defacto leader of saudi arabia has been implementing a lot of social reforms the drive lifting the driving ban is one of them using the restrictions on the interactions of the sexes in public women's attire partial gradual dismantling of the middle guardianship system such as women's ability to travel without the permission of the mill guardian that's one thing on the other and these are all to compliment the economic vision the vision 2030 of saudi arabia bringing saudi arabia into the 21st century then there's the state of freedoms and there it's a slightly different story and we've seen the you know the brutal murder of saudi journalist in the saudi embassy in istanbul and this example of the female saudi activists who are still in prison so it seems that while the you know the saudi government is ready to give reforms these are all top down reforms and perhaps there isn't the same openness for an open discussion about these reforms both she and jane were welcoming of these reforms but but they were not given
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a chance to unfortunately critique them or or or lift them even or gif it back on them so i think these are 2 separate things that are going in saudi arabia reforms are one thing freedoms are another one is on one is on the go the other not so much and then thank you very much for sharing your insights on the story with us. mortise fun mr joseph will scott says he'll resign next month off his labor party has chosen. cause for him to step down have been growing a prominent businessman with alleged ties to government ministers has been charged over the model of the investigative journalist duffy and. she was filming government corruption when she was killed this village jason in the coming period we will initiate a process so that i country will have a new prime minister of state. responding to mass protests calling for his immediate resignation multis beleaguered prime minister joseph muscat said he intends to resign but not until the 12th of january. nearly $20000.00 people
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around a quarter of the country's entire population took to the streets on sunday demanding he step down immediately. many are outraged over his handling of the murder investigation of journalist definitely kara want to kill it the country has been too caring for a sick nation to happen now. the fact that he's saying for it to happen in 2020. i don't like the fact that he said going to be involved in the best occasion many people felt he has to resign now for it to be kier i don't like the fact that he saw this like now kyra want to kill it's his family have said that they will use the law to ensure muscat has no further involvement in the investigation quote other than as a possible suspect carol want to kill it it was killed by a car bomb 2 years ago she did ledged the 2 of muskets ministers were corrupt and that they were about to receive secret payments from multiple riches businessmen you've been fenech fenech has been charged in connection with carry want to kill it
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is murder a charge he denies. the future of german chancellor angela merkel's government is in doubt after her coalition partner the social democrats elected 2 new leaders critical of the partnership now they've indicated they want to see major changes and that dresses the prospect that the coalition a collapse and result in either an early election or a minority government. skins and norbert baltar bore youngs will soon be leaving germany social democrats that in turn could spell the end for the grand coalition with the christian democrats and christian social union the results of the s.p.d. poll came as a surprise as did the clear margin of victory the new leaders to be want to chart a new course for the party and reopen negotiations with chancellor angela merkel on future government policies. the responsibility of the social democrats to make policies for the low and medium earners at this time and again we
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see clauses in our contract with the c d use that are not in their best interests and that has to change. but the conservatives are likely to resist any major changes to government policy only 2 years before the next election c.d.u. leader on it could come common power made this clear. we stand by this coalition on the basis of what we've already negotiated. 100 m. we want to get back down to work quickly but. the opposition greens say berlin is headed towards a government crisis the s.p.d. the s.p.d. has to clear this up this week do they want to govern this country yes or no you can't govern if your answer is maybe you can the s.p.d. has veered left what this means for german government should become clear over the coming days. so i'm on the story i'm joined by a deed of these political correspondent kate brady at up alimentary studios welcome
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guess how much of a crisis is this could these developments need to the collapse of the german government. it certainly looks like the possibility of the social democrats withdrawing from the so-called grand coalition with anger america's conservatives is looking more likely of course the many members of the social democrats weren't particularly keen on forming yet another grand coalition with merkel's conservatives after the 2017 elections which has always meant that there hasn't really been this full sense of a united sense behind the idea of continuing this this government that said now we'll have to look towards later this week when the social democrats are set to gather at their annual party conference and that might give us a more indication of what the new leadership now plans to do of course we've already heard that they want to renegotiate that coalition deal which is being blocked at completely by the cd you right now we just heard from the leader of the
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c.d.u. and click from current power she said that renegotiating that deal is completely off the cards so then that would be the question of whether or not the s.p.d. would be willing in d.c. withdraw from this coalition deal which then could as as we heard leads to early elections of course the elections were planned for 2021 or could even see germany with a minority government for a short time period as well and get this uncertainty comes at the worst possible time for the e.u. it's trying to negotiate drags it also for germany which prepares to take over the rotating presidency of the e.u. . exactly the last thing that the e.u. needs or wants right now is yet another political crisis and of course for a long time germany is being held up as quite a beacon of stability and the european union of course as well it is your biggest economy so for a long time the e.u. has looked to germany for
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a sense of stability in times of crisis of as you mentioned we've got the we've got brecht's it coming up ois planned to come up at least by the end of january that said though there might well be some parts of the european union not least of all in neighboring friends where a shake up in german political might well be welcomed as of course a collapse of the government might bring in a new government which would in turn like push forward perhaps some better plans for climate protection and even better increased spending for the european union which would certainly be music to the ears of the french president manuel michael kidd pretty dubious political correspondent thank you very much. now staying in germany and chancellor angela merkel has promised farmers a greater say in the introduction of new environmental and climate protection measures in efforts to quell the growing anger a little housemaid's representatives of the agricultural sector at
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a summit in. the gathering comes after farm with a tractor protest in the capital in opposition to what they see is burdensome regulations merkel said farming was fond of germany's culture tradition and identity. and he has been to farming country to find out how climate protection plans impact those working in the fields. meet philip clausen a 29 year old dairy farmer in the northern state of slate's a harsh time in germany his land covers some $170.00 hector's and he works together with his father an employee and an apprentice. this can shed was built 3 years ago and complies with the latest german regulation on animal welfare. for $150.00 cows at a cost of $6000.00 euros per count so that means forking out around
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a 1000000 euro's just in order to make money from the cows which is really working at the moment we get $0.34 for a liter of milk but the production costs are much higher so unfortunately at the moment it's a loss making business. the farmer said increasing environmental protection regulation is hurting his business soon he'll have to spread manure with a hose instead of this muck spreader the purpose of the new rules is to reduce the spread of the pollutant omonia. yeah start from january of next year i won't be allowed to use this manure spreader on farmland anymore and from 2025 not on grassland either this or acquire another investment of around 150000 euros. he's already reduced his own salary to cut costs relatives often help out for free as well he's bothered by pos he perceives as the poor image farmers have especially when it comes to animal welfare. money from the
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cows if they're not in good health we won't make money from them we're expected to cover the costs for our own salary that's not on the company's line who cast him chuck is in his 2nd year of training the increasingly difficult economic conditions for farmers has prompted him to question his career choice for. president friend tissue lose motivation because all you see is the problems business is being crushed. the operation is subsidized by e.u. grants. but the dairy farmer says he'd prefer to get a decent price for his products. reproduce is up to standard put it's being sold off cheap you pay more in the shops release of water than you do for a liter of milk this shouldn't happen and since we're daring to the standards. philip clausen is part of a growing protest movement within germany's agricultural industry some 100000 disgruntled farmers have linked up on social media enabling them to spread their
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message and organize demonstrations at speeds. and not to some most stories making news around the world and to government protest as a visit the protests have resumed in iraq a day after the resignation of prime minister of the demonstrators say the resignation is not enough they are demanding that political leaders stand trial for the violence that's left more than $400.00 dead during 2 months of protests. china has announced sanctions on american n.g.o.s and this is spending visits to hong kong by u.s. naval ships and military aircraft the retaliatory measures come off the territories pro-democracy movement got a boost from human rights legislation signed by president donald trump last week. to football not enough to match the 13 boroughs you mentioned but us still the surprise leaders of the bundesliga after beating freiburg for 2 on match day strike
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a bonus scored twice his 1st coming after a well worked move just after half time to switzerland international then tackle the defender to get back the ball and he coolly slotted home for the hosts the phones lead the table by a point and are becoming serious title contenders. for the n. door football awards will crown the best players in the game tonight in the women's category u.s. world cup winner megan repeal is the frontrunner while teams are less clear for the neatly as among the favorites line of messi and cristiano ronaldo gold currently tied on a record tally of 5 mile on door awards also in the mix as liverpool and netherlands defend a virgin fund like we won the champions league in june his live with coach yogen club believes the 2 schools of thought when it comes to deciding who should win
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this is award listen it could talk about it give the ball dog the best player of his generation are given always to be rescued that's how it is they will go with you to the best way of reasoning it was worth about. i don't know our technology will work but that's always the best way of the best way at all at all that's be a go that's been lost as well received. so that was you can clump and before we go remember that amazing find recently in pull off frost the remains of an 18000 aerial poppy were found by local courts in north eastern siberia russian scientists have not presented the frozen canine to the media it's incredibly well deserved but for cease and even risk us still intact scientists are trying to work out if the puppies a wolf or a dog or represents an evolutionary link between the 2 the puppy has been named dog
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or which means friend in the uk with language and is of course also the start of the question dog a words in english. deja news asia is coming up next to stay with us for that if you can for me it's by fidel.
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for 4 degrees of global warming what difference does it make of the show. and we visit the 1st climate monitoring station in africa and explain why it's so important. to also examine how dangerous the molten come across is. what miss so involved in geo engineering the climate in focus on to get to 60 minutes on. the path of known for
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information i. think i want to express to you dumb on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch follow us. a dual with words. where i come from you don't want a way from a call from to. when i was 5 years old my father took me to his friends and i was hooked on the school. the sport had to learn soul. feel so. fencing is a language and a good sword fight is a conversation. must meet your opponent understand that thinking new of the man to get close otherwise. it's not unlike a tough interview really when interviewing politicians so-called for the c.e.o.'s
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you have to wait for the right moment to get around that defensiveness then make you feel. you have to take risks to get results. i'm going to tell folks and i work at. this is the day of the news or show coming up in the us failure to stop an epidemic of another case outrages the nation this time 27 year old veterinarian. and the mother why i don't know where we women in india ever feel safe. and follows in indonesia not release more harmful greenhouse gases and fires in the amazon and most of them are being set deliberately.


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