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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  December 3, 2019 12:30am-12:46am CET

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the variance who hit the woodwork 3 times. in 16. total. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language with the 1st word in the. ricotta is in germany to learn german why not go with him simple online on your mobile and free. learning course nikos speak german made easy. argentina and brazil become the next targets of u.s. tariffs has announced new duties on steel and aluminum to protect the national industries but could they do more harm than good. also on the program u.s. companies appear more hesitant about making big investments in germany we'll tell you why. and what to do with the trash of bangalore still 11000000 people
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one man is turning it into bio guess. it's time for business on the w m how you don't get us it's good to have you with us u.s. president donald trump claims he wants to protect his national steel and aluminum industries by imposing import tariffs again duties are already in place for chinese and european steel and aluminum argentina and brazil where accepted but that is about to change as announced by trump 1st as usual and twitter then later in person . just as he was departing for the nato conference in europe u.s. president donald trump reaffirmed his intention to levy penalty tariffs on steel and aluminum from brazil and argentina that. really. got. by.
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and i guess that big break that down that break up the good. u.s. farmers are suffering because weaker currencies also make soybeans and maize from latin america much cheaper than their own products on global markets it's unlikely however that brazil and argentina are deliberately devaluing their respective currencies both countries are mired in economic crisis and that usually drags the country's currency down there both struggling with low growth high unemployment and capital flight brazil's president share your ball scenario has always been a trump admirer he was quick to say he'll be in touch with the white house. must stick to finance minister pollock latest today about aluminum if it's true i'll call trump i have an open channel with him along with. if the us tariffs are imposed it can only add to the economic pressure further devaluing the 2 countries
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currencies. right for more on the subject we are now joined by g.w. financial correspondent gets caught on wall street hi yes good evening to you now from says as we heard that he's defending his own steel companies but many experts have warned about the effect of such tariffs so has trump strategy benefit of the us steel industry. well if you look what happened in the past 2 and a half years since the terror of aluminum aluminum and steel kicked in actually the tariffs have not really worked that well what we saw here in the us for instance that we even sold some oversupply and that put a lot of pressure on steel prices for instance and those got really crashed in the past couple of months and since the tariffs kick didn't steel prices actually got pretty much in the hof and then also the whole trade conflict that we're seeing around the globe where we saw a slowdown or globally and that actually put
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a damper on demand and even in the steel and aluminum industry recently we even got layoffs announced. trump is clearly not afraid of tariffs or a trade war for that matter can we expect all this to continue without hurting the u.s. economy. well that might happen but if you look at the numbers for the month for september for example the u.s. took $7000000000.00 through tariffs that is a new record so in the 12 months prior the u.s. got a good $70000000000.00 was tariffs that sounds like a big number but if you look at the u.s. budget in general revenue comes in at involved just 3 and a half trillion dollars if you compare those figures $70000000000.00 in comparison to 3 and a half trillion dollars those terrorists really don't work measure that much and we just got new numbers here on monday on the manufacturing industry for false
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consecutive months and there was a reading below 50 pointing at a recession at least in that area and that was also a reason why stock markets sold off quite a bit here on the 1st day of the week so overall tariffs have not really done the trick so far cause here in new york thank you very much. well and even if tariffs did not do the trick in the latest twist in tariff disputes with europe the u.s. says it could slap additional duties of up to 100 percent nearly 2 and a half 1000000000 dollars worth of french imports they would affect imports of champagne had bags cheese and other products tariffs would be in reprisal for a new french digital services tax that's how it's called in companies like google facebook and amazon the u.s. trade representative's office says that tax is quote inconsistent with prevailing principles of international tax policy. germany often advertises
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itself as an investment destination with the slogan germany works but it seems the country is not working for u.s. companies that well anymore and you study by financial firm kate p.m.g. shows american firms are less willing to make bold investments in europe's largest economy a safe haven for u.s. investment not anymore apparently. germany has always been one of the forced ports of call for u.s. dollars but this new survey from k p m g suggests things are changing for less than a quarter of u.s. companies plan to invest at least 10000000 euros in germany over the next 3 years that's down from a figure of 47 percent just 2 years ago. the u.s. business sector in germany says this news does not come as a surprise. the signals have been out there for a few years by the way american companies have been talking about the problems with
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digital infrastructure energy costs bureaucracy and interest in lee one of the positives they always mentioned was political stability and now we can't even really talk about that anymore so there certainly is work that needs to be done and there's too much at stake to not take these kind of surveys seriously. it's not all bad news for out of 5 u.s. companies remain positive about their current economic situation in germany but the hurdles to investment from poor digital infrastructure to an overly complicated tax system will continue to raise questions for an economy already teetering on the brink of recession. could a dark past be haunting former z m m's schieffer executed i envision. a court in greece has found 21 other former siemens employees guilty of bribery and money laundering in connection with greece's former public telecommunications company ot
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eat they were given jail terms raging between 6 and 15 years this a gator say workers paid large bribes to old c.e.o. officials for the lucrative contracts to digitalize greece's telephone network 20 years ago. south african airways has been holding quote intense discussions to try and secure funds for the carriers operational and structural turnaround the carrier hasn't turned a profit since 2011 and has been dependent on government bailouts to remain solvent last month a crippling strike took it to the brink of collapse the public enterprises ministry says the state owned airline cannot continue in its present form and that it will need a quote radical restructuring to be sustainable the carrier reportedly made a loss of over 300000000 euros in the last financial year. to india now where the city of bangalore is famous for its i.t.
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sector and its role as the center of the country's aerospace industry but high tech hasn't reached the city's waste management yet its 11000000 citizens produce a lot of trash and too much of it remains on collected in public places an entrepreneur has now come up with a solution turning waste into fuel. in the heart of bangalore garbage is festering everywhere this neighborhood is drowning in it the population has grown rapidly the infrastructure hasn't kept pace entrepreneur so. he's teamed up with chemistry teacher padmashree to encourage residents to separate their trash. he collects it is rule material. we are producing a product. before him which means it's much better than. it can displace any fossil fuel. so at the end of the day we're creating. a
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clean clean renewable energy great. potential for bio gases huge normally $5000.00 tons of trash a day end up in landfills and salters it's not only a waste of raw materials. it's the most unscientific waste our tax. causes diseases. again which is a. source. that's. adding. some maryon wants to see less garbage ending up in landfills and more of it recycles it would certainly boost his business he already has several plants in operation. this one process is over 13 terms of food waste
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a day from i.t. and industrial parks under screen 870 jobs. to have. with. his business. it's a. jobs. creating a new security song is already expanded into 2 for the states and has plans for more with investors getting on board the ways to feel business model could be a viable way for cities to finally clean up their act. and that's all for this edition of thank you very much for watching member who can always stay up to date with the latest business has an e w dot com care and by. and
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now i'm going to be affectionately but as affectionately as you can. be content in the middle of his election campaign in the year 2000 the documentary was filmed for russian television. to turn the camera back on of course the film secretly
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chronicled the power grab actually everything was precisely planned instruction. featuring top supporting role. to the freedom of russia. and featuring a lead role like you've never seen before. the last of me of that america. which did the ends justify the means. to james witnesses starts december 13th on d w. v i was watching of all the took train now in the water the poorest of the poor in poor countries. valuing education they are demanding good quality education for their children because what they had wanted also realize that if they have to have good quality products and good bye to the consumers they need to look quality skilled workforce i'm very confident that in 2015 no child or no i don't believe in
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many illiterate that is the fundamental human right that is that behind i reach the nature of the board has given to us and goes on his legs in the way that i do not who is pledging of it i think freedom did against nature that i can just walk. welcome to news from the world about sun culture multi-talented south african artist robin road is my guest in just a minute also coming up today. a story of love wolf family tragedy and much more and 930 s. austria vienna melody by and slow time is one of our 100 john must reads.
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and the end just funny of the sea against the coastline is what fascinates british photographer tom about. robin road is a south african office based in berlin he uses many visual languages from painting to street art photography to film live improvised performances sculpture and installations anything goes and his canvases range from wolves in the rough parts of his hometown johannesburg so walls in major museums around the world hippy by guest in just a minute 1st more about him and his alt. robin road grew up in apartheid era south africa and made a name for himself with the street he moved to berlin 17 years ago and is now well established on the global contemporary art scene as an artist in south africa's
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young democracy road address the country's new possibilities the hopes and the feel of the buildings in johannesburg where his canvases.


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