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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  December 3, 2019 7:30am-7:46am CET

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people of east germany in. the mideast tend to crown clamors german unity journalist peter limburg was at the scene. 13 years later he looks back on the. dangerous journey starts december 19th d.w. . another round of tariffs this time the salvos from the white house can't france brazil and argentina and markets don't like it one bit also on the show china says it's serious about fighting climate change so why is the world's top of nations producer of building coal power plants asked as fast as a down. stream to pipeline from russia to germany is nearing completion will it make the e.u. too dependent on russian gas. this is the business model for us
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in and welcome the united states has again stead of war is over international trade by announcing more tariffs washington says it could slap additional duties of up to 100 percent on the early 2 and a half $1000000000.00 worth of french imports would affect imports of champagne handbags cheese and other tariffs would be a reprisal for new french digital services tax on companies like google facebook and amazon the u.s. trade representative's office says france's digital tax is inconsistent with prevailing principles of international tax cuts. president donald trump on monday also announced tariffs on u.s. steel and aluminum imports from brazil and argentina in reaction to both announcements wall street and european exchanges closed lower on monday and shanghai stocks hit a 3 month low now let's check in on the markets with our financial correspondent
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charles the delaney in frankfurt chelsea france is not the only you country with plans for a digital detox could other countries soon face similar tariffs. there's certainly going to be other countries in the line of fire here and they announced yesterday in the us that they were also considering tariffs on austria and turkey on italy who have also moved to implement these taxes but there also are just a very long list of countries that have been considering additional tax that's the czech republic poland india space and there's just a very wide variety of countries who have been looking into taxes like this part of that is because there has been an effort to implement a tax that is international level that's really fall of through so the o.e.c.d. is trying to sort of unite $129.00 jurisdictions into a new global taxes and that's really taking a long time so i think this is really going to raise the stakes for the e.c.b. to come to an agreement which they're hoping to do by next year so there is still
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hope that the u.s. will delay these tariffs on french goods until the o.e.c.d. can come to some sort of agreement if you look at the bigger picture here but how concerned are investors about that another escalation in the trade tensions yeah i think there's a lot of concern about that right now you know the market has has really run up a lot in the past couple of months and there has been a lot of back and forth on on the sentiment surrounding trade tensions but yesterday there was not only these these new french tariffs being threatened there was also new tariffs on. metals from brazil and argentina the u.s. also threatened to do more tariffs for the e.u. good so i think there's still a lot of a lot of concern that this could really escalate and of course the u.s. and china are still working towards this trade deal and we're about 2 weeks away from a potential new. with more tariffs on that front as well so i think there's there's
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definitely a risk that this is going to continue to spiral for and that's a concern for investors. so the dilemma in frankfurt thank you. united nations 2 week climate summit 25 is now under way in the dreaded world leaders face pressure to prove the political will is there to keep global warming in check in evitable focus will be china where concern is growing that a slowing economy is leading to a resurgence in coal production. china is coal country it burns around half of all coal used globally every year that's part of the reason why it accounts for around 30 percent of global carbon emissions but it's also the world's leading market for solar panels wind turbines and electric vehicles a paradox made possible by the monumental scale of china's energy demands.
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amid rapid economic growth over the last 2 decades chinese greenhouse gas emissions rose sharply but a government led war on pollution saw a decline in 20152016 however emissions are rising again and with chinese economic growth at its slowest rate in 25 years the government is reducing subsidies for a new bills and reviving its support for coal one u.s. based energy monitor estimates that china is planning to build new coal power plants with a capacity of $148.00 gigawatts that's equal to the entire coal capacity of the e.u. . chinese government pledges on a mission reductions that have become noticeably more watered down in recent times woman you found me. we will on the one hand you continue to work hard at addressing climate change. but on the other hand we are faced with
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multiple challenges for a developing economy that we must improve people's livelihoods reduce poverty was also controlling pollution. we have our pressures and challenges but we will still do our best to fulfill the promises that we have made if you look at the time. even in traditional cold heavy regions such as shan g. in northern china solar panel installations became a feature in recent years. but it's still cold that's keeping their home fires burning. and that doesn't look like changing anytime soon. i'm now joined in this to you about taiwan correspondent william young william welcome to the studio what does slowing growth in china mean for its climate goals so the slowing economy is actually pressuring china to ensure that they're adopting more cost effective ways to continue to supply all the energy all the industries in the
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country needs so in fact they have less leverage to actually keep funding the large scale a new energy projects like what we saw in a few years ago so their option a lot of the times is to restart a lot of the a ko power plants that they previously suspended so. that is the main reason for them if we are very serious about climate change about their climate targets or does does the economy always come 1st i think. economy always has come 1st especially at this time that they are facing the lowest growth rate in 30 years and so they need to ensure that the money for the energy policy is where it still needs $2.00 of the most improvements so actually they are shifting it to more poor regions in the country and then their funding the smaller scale rather than the larger scale of the energy power projects total energy program projects china made
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any progress with regard to bring you more new balls. like we see the number they are now the largest producer of the solar energy and also wind turbine and also they have the highest selling number of the electric cars so in those regards we can still see that china is trying even though they have to step back a little bit so that they can ensure that their economy is not being affected so much by their amount of investment they put into the new energy sector. china like germany or the us coal regions bit may not want to let go of fossil fuels how big a factor. that factor really depends on how much they put into. modernizing household facilities so that the house houses regions can actually be connected to the new power projects that you know. for providing can
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actually ensure that. every household so in that regard we haven't really seen enough of the modernization come into fruition yet the long way to go for china that. thank you very much thank you. the north stream 2 pipeline is nearing completion it's designed to bring gas from russia to germany many are critical of the project including the european commission the usa poland and the baltic states they fear that the you will become too dependent on russian natural gas. loop mean in the german state of mecklenburg for parma this is where the 1200 kilometer long nord stream to pipeline reaches the german baltic sea coast soon natural gas from russia will be flowing towards western europe north stream 2 will circumvent ukraine gas market expert hike with no man says there's a very clear reason for building the pipeline. it was like naturally the russian
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side always insists that nord stream too wasn't built to bypass ukraine like north stream one but i believe that's exactly why dr sue and special ships they pipeline sections just a few kilometers off the german baltic sea coast resistance is coming from the us they are planning sanctions possibly to include those operating the vessels instead of natural gas from russia the usa wants to sell its liquid gas. there's also opposition to the pipeline in poland it's anti trust the authority has levied a $20000000.00 fine stream to financing company reportedly because the proper documents were and submit it in my opinion no since you cannot be stopped because it's so. it's. developing into a way to actually make it possible to put a halt now however there is a chance to take the profit that ability over to project dell and to.
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well to operate north into harder. in latvia the baltic country gets its liquefied natural gas by ship from qatar poland is signed contracts with the us for liquefied gas both countries want to free themselves from dependence on russia but taking climate change into consideration the north stream to pipeline could also be used to transport hydrogen instead of natural gas experts like and say climate killing greenhouse gases can be avoided that way. when he. supposed to use natural gas long term and i'm supposed to split hydrogen and carbon dioxide the russians are working on a process for making solid carbon so there won't even be a need for carbon dioxide storage and i know. that means large volumes
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of liquid hydrogen could be transported by nord stream to replace in climate damaging natural gas it's only a dream of the future but climate change is accelerating the process. full malaysian prime minister najib rezai is due to testify for the 1st time over the one m.t.v. scandal iran's of course and for tuesday to begin his defense in the trial over the plundering off malaysia's sovereign wealth funds as he denies the charges is estimated $95000000000.00 was misappropriated from one m.t.v. . and that's all from me and the business team for more business news check out the website.
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affectionately but as affectionately as you can. put him in the middle of his election campaign. 2000 documentary was filmed for russian television. to turn the camera back on of course the film secretly chronicled a power grab actually everything was precisely planned introduction. featuring top supporting roles to the freedom of russia. and featuring
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a lead role like you've never seen before. because of the mere fact of marriage to the ends just. find the means. to tins with mrs stuart's december 13th on d. w. . welcome to news from the world about sun culture multi-talented south african office robin road is my guest in just a minute also coming up today. a story of love wolf family tragedy and much more in 1950 s. also from vienna melody by and slow time is one of all 100 german must read. and the endless founding of the sea against the coastline is what fascinates british photographer grateful todd about. roman road
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is a south african artist based in berlin he uses many visual languages from painting to street art photography to film live improvised performances sculpture and installations anything goes and his canvases range from wolves in the rough parts of his hometown johannesburg so wools in major museums around the world hippy by guest in just a minute 1st more about him and his art. robin road grew up in apartheid era south africa and made a name for himself with the street he moved to berlin 17 years ago and is now well established on the global contemporary art scene as an artist in south africa's young democracy road to press the country's new possibilities the hopes and the fears of the buildings in johannesburg where his canvases.


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