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for bridge taliban. robin road is a south african artist based in berlin he uses many visual languages from painting to street art photography to film live improvised performances sculpture and art installations anything goes and his canvases range from wolves in the rough parts of his hometown johannesburg to walls in major museums around the world hippy by guest in just a minute 1st more about him and his art. robin road grew up in apartheid era south africa and made a name for himself with the street he moved to berlin 17 years ago and is now well established on the global contemporary art scene as an artist in south africa's young democracy row depress the country's new possibilities the hopes and the fears of the buildings in johannesburg where his campuses. even today he has
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a difficult relationship with the white wounds of galleries and even his own studio fortunately all road needs to make oh it is a great idea and something to draw with. just. for. she is another road oh i took the sign too and will say you didn't have. a bit of road road who joins me now in the studio welcome thank you so much as it said you are based here in berlin and you once said lynn gives me the breathing space what i've internalized in south africa so just that mean it's still south africa as if you're inspiration so the africa will always remain an inspiration for me it's my roots are in south africa but i think that being in blend allows me that
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space all the fiction to have that distance away from a very vibrant v.t. conflicted jogger fee set the country so i think the distance being in germany being in berlin the specially i think is very helpful for my state of mind i'm going to go just bowl and inspire you as well. as inspired me video interesting ways it's been more. to be able to access these thought equal differences with its architecture with its european r.t.c. with its within modernity i think that being able to access that has been has been a video inspiration for me in my work i want to talk to about bicycles because you feature them quite a bit different. and i know there's an interesting story concerning apartheid that sort of has to do with box of the story goes back many many years it goes back to the 2nd world war. and it's regarding this of african soldiers and
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the forms of compensation and world with 2 soldiers who volunteered to fight for that had forces. were given different forms of compensation white soldiers were given land and so just of color black soldiers and colored soldiers indian soldiers . were given bicycles. completely false so to me it's quite a yeah struction a mansion i can imagine that your performance style is very. improvise ational. then you also work on walls into how i feel is quite the opposite is favored regimented what you're doing that you have a whole crew who work for this and. sort of discipline with a view say you do this and you do that so why is that is is it your traction of different disciplines or is there another reason why you offer these are these
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a viddy important reason and that is to exert a level of discipline and order in a society in nace on the street corner in the city that he's quite dangerous that has a lot of risk in humans do it in a walk on a wooden janice book in a in a very complex neighborhood that is suffering with high levels of drug abuse highly . of unemployment. and in that circumstance you need to create a kind of group. understanding and that is through discipline and through responsibility i give every single individual in response ability to paint read blue bubble green and so forth and they. do manage that callow were old that rule that pencil and the results of wonderful is wonderful that you. come up so
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many years of exercise and practice and have a no mazing. complex complex group of young people that support me south africa i mean also on these walls or what you what you call stop frame animation used like that as a feeling for me of fulfillment somehow starting from beginning to end and i did one animation in palestine now tell us a bit about that that was extraordinary well you know i think to a point in south africa way to proceed janice but when i felt. the conditions they were becoming extremely complicated with criminality and so forth so it became a quite a dangerous situation for myself and i thought why not just leave this danger and go to pakistan you know so that's ok. but but but more was thinking of trying to find a jew graphical battle well
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a political battle and i've been driving into the west bank for the last 4 years and i was deeply moved by the situation. especially the city of j.d. co i was quite moved by this by this particular place it's one of the oldest if not the oldest inhabited city in the world that it did 1000 years and i felt that this was an interesting space for me to bring my contemporary practice and most. that with the ancient wolf. there is some extraordinary results of that and. we've we've just about done we should just mention you're in both spoke at the coons busy until february big exhibition that also if people are interested of kosher on instagram we show that. when you getting more and more phone humans thanks very much for big because we want another little bit robin road. time now
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for $100.00 german must reads job of the church of it's published in english and if you'd like to know more about the 20th century european history specifically in austria the vienna melody by and slow to is for you it's about the lives and loves of different parts of a family who all live in the same apartment block yanno. how would you feel about living in a gorgeous mansion in one of the world's most beautiful cities oh there's no caps you just have to live here with your whole family 3 generations under him on this sound like fun. the family is part of vienna high society for a century they've made the best pianos in austria maybe the world but their legacy is in danger just like their country the vienna melody by no as an austrian family saga with cameos by hitler freud and emperor of france joseph there are affairs
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a dual even murder and the wealthy jewish girl who marries into the family turns out she might be the reason the lovesick crown prince killed himself. we are good austrians it is unthinkable that we should include anyone in our family who has aroused displeasure in the highest circles oh shut up our sister polina arouse displeasure in the highest circles when she was only 5 years ago. but scandal is the reste of their worries the old family and its traditions unravel as austria becomes part of nazi germany. or was an austrian jew who escaped to the us he wrote this book during world war 2 to explain the austria that he loved and so disappeared.
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the british photographer rachel tonopah has a predilection for the sable specifically the waves now on the southeast coast of england with all the interest in recent times of how climate change is affecting us photos illustrate only too well for russia's power of the ocean. when the sea churns and whales when the tides come in and gales with the water that's when british way photographer rachel taleb art springs into action. i'm just going to watch the way stress they may show up. on the beaches of england's south east coast she takes spectacular photos of the scene as if she were out in the midst of it. it is. photographing waves means dealing with
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a constantly changing subject. that if you can see that if you get one really good way the next to immediately after it at this beach and many beaches were for safety big. so you get people who see the 1st before i take a picture and then they're looking at the camera there's 2 more coming. rachael tonopah true international attention with her photo series sirens she took the pictures during especially intense storms involving winds up to 150 kilometers per hour and waves as high as 15 meters it was the 8th of february try to 60 which are storm images and i spent the day here exactly where we are now and it was 6 hours of utterly exhausting it's only pretty and photographer. she gave every wave she photographed for the series a name taken from methodology to some littlest poseidon making the giant waves
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seem like raging gods or demons. if you freeze the sea at a really fast shutter spate a 1000th of a 2nd or thereabouts there are amazing shapes. and this is an example this one is called loki the norse trickster god he looks like he's talking to good law fleas if a temperature has only ways loved to seize mysterious and an earthly qualities but she also senses that now it poses an entirely new kind of menace i've spent a lifetime looking out to say i'm not this coast and i'm not a scientist but it fails to me that the incidence of a severe is still so in this case has grown which from a graphic perspective based quite exciting stuff is obviously also has other ramifications to tell more. but when this becomes smooth and
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tranquil at any time it's time for rachel tom the part to head home again. like most of us she's not interested in a call saying mole stories or how it's a culture from around the world on our website at g.w. dot com slash culture up so for now i. got. a devastating debut for george includes my captain berlin couldn't keep up with dortmund's to maintain and slid into relegation. by a little close in takes down by a munich. tough luck for the variance to hit the woodwork 3 times. 13. are for the resist.
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it plays a central role for the demonstrators in hong kong. artists immortalized the heroes and victims of the contest in their works which keeps the spec of the uprising alive. but what price. and freedom in home come. close up in 90 minutes on d w. i'm not laughing at the gentle i just sometimes i am but i stand up and when it happened recently i mean i think the printer jemma culture of looking at the stereotype clad in years in the future of the country that i'm. new to seems to take this drama day out to me it's all about ok.
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i'm a joke join me for me again and sunday w. . post. was the speech of his life perhaps his best certainly his most difficult chancellor helmut kohl addresses the people of east germany shortly after the fall of the wall. the crowd clamors for. journalist peter lim borg was in the seeming. 30 years later he looks back on the title. starts december 19th on w. the
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boat . this is due to abuse coming to you live from berlin nato leaders gather in london to mock the military alliances 70th anniversary president dollars from declares that the us benefits the least from all of them the alliance is not the only point of contention at the meeting down by divisions also coming up dried up reservoirs and parched land brother experts tell climate summit summiteers in madrid that the last decade has been the hottest on record.


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