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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  December 3, 2019 12:30pm-1:01pm CET

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books or something more in the world we may be captive for. me books are known to. come along from the adventures of the famous naturalist and explorer. to celebrate alexander from the world's 250. 4 in all the 4 each of discovery. expedition one boy's own detail. i. mean. sometimes you have to take it all in even when you're the one in the limelight i
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felt myself and my father and i said well i'm going to film that now who cares. welcome back you're going cleans my after a 10 year absence he's returned to the women's league got to save hands his season a lean motto for. over trust cause as big things are happening in dortmund with calls for the coach's head get even louder songs in here gone say god is gone 2nd is all relational each lucianne fumble and dormant head it's a barely in facing teens one's head so with no less than his jaw on the line visualize devoted to good good. some coaches are expected to win every single match . dot com 5 could hanzi flicks by and maintain their aspirations of greatness. would leverkusen write history this time around. things that we all live for and.
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after this year and history wouldn't be made without big goals in big games it was always important. the league and its coaches. on match day 13. with. the man who's responsible for germany's 2006 world cup some national some a fairy tale is now due to work wonders at hand your complaints man is back in the bundesliga. colleen voted early and is waiting for something big over trust cause as it's been 10 years since a swabian lost in the spotlight on the sidelines back then he coached by am now his task with saving a struggling how. does is the moment honest but the current situation is problematic there's no need to beat around the bush you can read the table now is just about helping out mr haye for the hopkins montana round that's also brought in
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for my brain in coach alex knowing as his right hand man a breath of fresh air in berlin. only is more stagnant at dortmund with lucianne 5 still in charge even after a resurrect recent performances and a potential champions league group phase exit this game could decide it for 5. dollars and me a gong spygate couldn't care less about this discussion nation gets ridiculous i have no comment you have asked my parts of it i know the world's going to be crazy but it's not my kind of thing. to me just finish to start paddlers world already started shaking 15 minutes and ironically it was jaden sanchez who netted the opening go. one now. that's against boston lancaster bench center for disciplinary reasons the highly sought after youngsters not the only song in the swiss coach of science. class but has been getting flak.
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who weeps about his defensive style of play which doesn't seem to match with an attack minded scored. but against klinsmann's has had only his blue ray in the wings. to ministries and tokens that doubles to women's ladies'. kinsmen started to get a break from my past have had only 11 points up to 12 match days they keep coughing up close. and come by than back from the other end. but has it shows plainsman to step in because of his known history of success in his playing days klinsmann won multiple titles with dion and germany left in the world cup in 1900 and the european title in 96. this. is. germany and chance of the nation at the 2006 world cup under klinsmann's charge that his time is kirchick plan didn't work out
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he sure had charisma and while one coach to know it's the other actors team on. which seem to work in his teams find that colin had only found the net 17 times this season that amanda read it raised that number before the break 200. times one wants to see more from the squashed into an even did than a favor after months 4 months or a 2nd yellow for his final pullin was certainly one man up. with the one second hostility toughest world really started to trample. south was exceptionally good in sickness stern had david soucie still 3 minutes after the restart not in the 1st full of stars. but it remained to ron and to me and. relief on one side.
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i'm cautious optimism. is the desire to climb up in the table as soon as possible but it's not going to happen overnight it will take a couple weeks and if it takes a couple of months it's all right as well but i see a lot of potential there's a real will take care of the situation. they had to boys run more mileage for their new coach than ever before but there's still plenty of work cut out for queens my. next step reanalyze the new coach who's going to snigger experience has been rather fruitful so far by an underhand the flick next. in recent weeks spine of looks their old selves teaming up with a back and ruthless up front with. their swarming all over the opposition hunting them down and going to kill. all that since handy flick to go over and we'll show you the secrets. they're always tough to play against especially yours
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which image you think you have space you think you have time for kimmage there already is how do almost half so bits of explain it. and that's exactly what the flick wants to see it was the same story again kimmage was aggressive creative and supreme leader effective making for a happy coach he can turn artists into warriors playmaker philippic could chew no hustled and how he just rolled off this is when by and we're already formula. we are. having a very good understanding with the coach clicking well and getting results when everyone's bought into his game where they're there being some innovative touches like pay cellphones or davies at left back to keep jordan speedster jaden senshi when check up on the handy flick everybody's job is clearly defined.
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vinyl crate man oh man across the pit then at the vital moment they double up in support goldman were on the back foot from the off and the consequent flicks charges simply didn't let them settle into their stride. the hosts were subjected to the same treatment over taxed by bonds constant bustle one on $1.00 to $2.00 and $1.00 at the flip the switch. and then i get this. coach gives us no alternative this being a matter gives us a degree of certainty on the pitch because you know what your team mates do it. this 2nd goal of just think she likes this new look of intense high pressing forces the fact cost a fortune to keep as a staff and find have everyone in the opposition hot stephens hurry kick hands in possession less than 30 metres out full players make
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a beeline for the books giving says gnabry 4 options when thomas millet doesn't get on the end of it comes out early so screams in from behind to smash it hope i. see buoyant should be given to me just want to win it maybe i did have contacts back it's important everyone works for the defense and attack i'm happy with our progress oceans which case all stops deep in their own like their final goal of this is a full 10 outfield players working against the ball to heaven having my team is triggers the counter finally putting more spring into the postie match days than it any of the 10 before a seconds later you have 6 players in the 4th you know how. from here it is down to individual clubs robyn nevin dusky this time in the role of provider with 3 teammates that she was wrong thank god she knew with the time i. buy and back never getting rubber in the fos laying on the hot. safely with
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a few more of the same gates live accusing. the guy and head coach seemed plenty comfy sitting at the helm against leverkusen with 4 wins 16 goals 4 and 0 against things had been going well for hyundai flick. his opponents were undefeated in 4 games in a competition but flick was counting on his rating by amboy to disrupt leave a successful streak. still this was flicks 1st time up against a top team. but among all halted you can tell they want to play for us but spirit they want to give their opponents a hard time and their style of play is entertaining to watch us a lot of us by saw. grown men enjoying the game. and it was a game that had all. they ran. before.
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they suffered they agonized. and made sure the crowd got their money's worth. the final look reborn and a handy flick even though he's only made slight adjustments but sometimes the small things that will it takes to turn results around to be able to go that extra mile. just ask in the nights minutes when set number a set off but only found the would work. monday must of thought well played just bad luck but directly after he watched his leader comes in played even better becoming the 1st to find the biomet under his watch. one now the to see of leon bailey his 2nd of the season. was there still enjoyable to watch for but. how would his team react now. they set out on the attack against the bronx. am thomas miller.
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now began mr mock. what do we say about those little nuances. sometimes the small things can have a big impact in football. in the 34th minute span venders defection. make mr unstoppable it was a big relief to my left would be my single time for his next. 1356 minutes to be exact. a moment to celebrate of course the joy was short lived because i mean one minute later. leave the kids in for it once again that they'd seen matter attack and it was again bailey who did the damage. me because i'm more affected by the chances and that's what counts in the end. the business has won back
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a hand going into the break up on. uncharted territory the flick. as to what follows in the 2nd half billet the pictures do the talking. find creative chances nearly once a minute over only had $24.00 shots on goal normally more than enough for a wind. but not against me to consider with impenetrable goalkeeper. under flex predecessor an eagle claw back by i'm often criticized for not making the most of their chances. by not. total of 3 times mismatch that was
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complaining. flicks of the defeat for the 1st time as primes up to this play and still gave him praise afterwards. he talks a lot. to have a single player. you can see that every single player want to win this game of fame close he said. this was the fat loss of the season for the champions. to watch but now we're forced to ask. up again in the title race. more about that in our contact section. league leading blockbuster writing an amazing way this season that clash against freiburg was the weekend's top billing take close attention there are many goals to
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come. that didn't dally mark was giving his fans plenty to smile about just 3 minutes in. but that joy was short lived thanks to your time picture perfect freekick. recapture the lead in the 2nd half real and below tops in his face the campaign. was tough says he was a camel for a top end of his own in the 51st minute. drive back and fighting with the sweet headed home by lucas who. reached you with half an hour to go. like. this one slip away envelope hell press and sealed it with a fantastic finish. marco was 11 on top of the heat for the 7th match day running. the question is can they stay there till the head.
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lights each meanwhile have long been tipped as contenders to finish the season on top. of things didn't come to use yet potter for the visitors had an excellent start. open the scoring in under 4 minutes. and like to double their lead a minute later with muscle unleashing one of his signature weighted shots from a distance. just before the half hour mark goal scorer extraordinary team put away his 13 week goal to make it 3 nil. but aren't known for giving up. strongly mando was able to deliver some hope to the hometown. soon afterwards cost cutting the lead even further with the collaborators after. it
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was a brave fight from powder born but leipzig stuck out with a free to victory. alone are mired in the relegation battle against house but temperatures fled when new heights and it didn't take long for things to boil over both clubs so red and white down a mound within the 1st stop. just before the break florian meet a legend that's it believed 1000 books. but cologne came out ready to fight in the 2nd half full minutes from full time substitutes a joke out of his clever touch level things. points apiece as little 5 the club fighting for survival. but alone coach marcus do you still still celebrate it like a win. for also wary of relegation and were clear underdog. against hoffenheim thankfully they've been henning's on. a
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mountain to climb as andre from rich put hoffenheim ahead. 10. the 2nd half dusseldorf took more risks and i'm plenty of space. nearly enough to score a 2nd. came to the rest of. his strength of the season with just 3 minutes left. it ended 11 as plucky dusseldorf at home with a much needed point. better braman headed to most birds winless in their last 8 league game their longest streak without a victory on the coach. was an early penalty so middle ratchets up put them in front one. up
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close but responded well to the setback equalizing in the 1st half was group 3 in school it is straight up. still the sea so quickly to the other way removed back on top 3 minutes later thanks to leonardo. ratcheted up the pressure and needs into place william spending his 1st bundesliga goal of this season. despite vosburgh dominating the. pulled another fine finish out of his pocket to snap the winless streak. of fuel relief of course. whenever frankfurt face mind. they tend to burn up under the pressure the eagles
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have only be in their neighbors once and that was 33 years back none of the players on the pitch this week were born them including mountain into leg who shot frankfurt in front. but that lead became much harder to hold when frank reduced to 10 men shortly before half time. after 51 minutes fines found the equalizer $11.00 from calvin only siebel punch kept up the pressure and took the lead thanks to adams although. 2 games into winstrol to keep violence it looks like he's turned a fine surround. facing when you were in berlin on friday shock that coach david wagner had high hopes of topping the table for a night for the 1st time since 2010 plus season shocker we're fighting for
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a top flight survival now victory mean of returning to europe. we are proud as well because of this this shows togetherness and just shows quality as well man this is what the players have done the visit is when you are in and it was fisher weekly confidence having won their last 4 matches in a row the bundesliga newcomers have frustrated quite a few big teams already. and you need to have a good deads if. we need to perform at our very best and even have a little bit of luck on our side of things that as i desire but even at shaka the opportunity for us is there a movie 5. in 4 minutes in just such an opportunity came from marcus invites a. 5th place shock with the 1st to make the most of their chances strike up a nice around manhattan school it's all in the 1st 11 match days now had the fans cheering for the 2nd masters in rome. coach
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magnify he says trust in his players and they paid for one meal for 23 minutes in. fact i was aware that would be taken lightly they recently toppled league leaders lap up and were giving their all angles in kitchen. 36 minutes in they were rewarded for their efforts even if they didn't deserve to be it wasn't much of a foul but the ref still awarded a penalty. 100 by moccasin but i just don't understand anything he could see that he dove for even touched him as he did and if no one refuse it if no signal comes from v.a.r. then i can understand it 57 still the quiet man i'd fall working coaches instilled his team with a new sense of composure in the 2nd half his boys kept at it. not
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only got in the way of western mckenney and sue it saved us a great chance. but also brahmans powerful drive one hour in. shock a streak of 5 undefeated matches cultivate a self belief in the saddle and bodies that confidence. i see that his transfer seemed to be a mistake this season he's made his international debut and just before time he scored his 5th goal of the season a new asshole best back now was very pleased with his boy. i'm very proud of the players how they really fought and how they tried to to change the game and to win the game i intended to one shaka back in his shop. just one
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step closer to securing a european sports image season. and now it's time for a recap of the rest of the match day. and here are the results from match day 13 times the flick lost his 1st match as fine coach for dortmund and that 1st victory after 4 without a win against teams moms kept up about one and one through the season i'm i'm sick i'm out on a full game winning streak. and in the table. getting ever comfy on the ball in this league if road to leipzig not goes money is chipping away at fairly. easy flicking b.c.f. obloquy by an adult male in the mix but there's still plenty playful. meanwhile cleans man's how to feel right to come down the aisle in the table now at 16 yonks will sign off with movements from his 1st day on the job see him next time
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on kickoff. i. love that song you never want to go home from the earlier fans i love that moment when they have a singing brazier right before the game and when really i was standing there and and pretty much the stadium you know sang it was beautiful so i felt myself put into my pocket and i said well i'm going to film that now ok yes. when i go into an adventure then i will i will give everything i have and put all the work in there and. i see a lot of potential as a rule will take care of the situation we won't. i think it was an exciting game it was. unbelievable atmosphere. friends were amazing the
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stadium us was giving a lot of energy i'm very satisfied i think there's a very good spirit there all obama. told they showed a lot of character they showed a lot of spirit on a holiday on very early energetic and motivated to turn things around it didn't happen today but it will happen next time. a. whole.
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art or the resistance to it plays a central role for the demonstrators in hong kong. artists immortalized the heroes and victims of the protests in their work which keeps the skulk of the uprising alive but what price. on. and freedom in hong kong.
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close up in 30 minutes on d. w. . o. . they created today's rule. 1979 a historical turning point in politics business religion. iran the people of the islamic revolution. opens up making its initial sortation of those strengths and states of emergency written sinks into chaos to join the seconds response and chance the people threatens the older. car suspending. the start of an era that defines overmanaged today.
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979 the big meeting today small since december 23rd w. one to see what's going on the knowledge of the emergency that you know what you have to do to fight it. the sharp microscope that have been fed the knowledge there will come better and better and better over the years we will end the bad fall for example all of the the fire would in fact come about molecular ditto and therefore a lot of ripoff about the fighting much more easily where to speculate about what's going on in the 5th day i can't imagine that it will end up that the cause of got much better and then reduce the number of cancer cases there is the upper good the lives of much more fulfilling life because many could see this shortcomings called the fading and the counteract that the large degree had little but they held for longer periods.
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the be . this is the news coming to you live from bundy and nato leaders gather in london to mark the military alliances 70th anniversary president declares that the u.s. benefits at least of all war from alliance is still feeling the point of contention at the meeting down by divisions also coming up dr visit was and parched land
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rather experts tell climate summit in madrid that in the last decade has been the hottest on record if you look at.


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