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interactive content to inspire new people to take action. series of google 3000 t w. i and. this is coming to you live from berlin germany expels 2 russian diplomats over an alleged murder this was the victim a georgian man gunned down in broad daylight in a ball and in part jail and prosecute to suspected russian or chechen involvement in the assassination moscow says it brings the tally it also covered up a divided nato searches for unity in london alliance leaders seek common ground at
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this 70th anniversary gathering that is agreement in one area that china resents new challenges for nato we'll go live to london. plus the u.s. moves to punish china for its mass detention illegal muslims an exile living in america say is very genius trying to wring his religion and. a warm welcome to you on the touchy. we begin with some breaking news germany has exposed 2 russian diplomats over the brazen killing offer jordan citizen in berlin prosecutors suspect russian or chechen involvement in the attack the victim has been named as zelin khan really a former chechen rebel commander he was shot dead in broad. in
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a public park last august a suspect named only as a volunteer has been taken into custody russia denies any involvement and says it proved retaliate against the expulsions. this me during our correspondence maximiliano in front of the russian embassy here in berlin and from our moscow bureau we have our correspondent emily shipman welcome to both of you now let me start with you max what reason has been given for expelling the diplomats yes earlier today the german foreign minister here in berlin has given out a statement saying that they declared 2 russian diplomats persona non-grata effectively expelling them from germany and from the services here at the russian embassy in berlin so far we don't know watch role capacity those russian diplomats had here in berlin the embassy right behind me but there are snout to leave the
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country and the reason the german forces more foreign ministry has been giving was that the german the russian embassy here in berlin was not helping in the investigation of the killing of the cheney and earlier this year here in germany and that they therefore considered these actions a little moscow what's the reaction being from the kremlin bullen's decision to expel 2 russian diplomats from here. well the kremlin has repeatedly denied any russian involvement in this murder and then after the expulsion of those 2 diplomats and we had a brief response from the russian foreign ministry they called the accusations founded and they also said that the expulsion was unfounded and unfriendly germany of leading this investigation in a politicized way is a rather strong accusations there and they said that they would respond with reciprocal measures so they certainly feels like
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a growing scandal. max in blood and what more do we know a lot the victim has what is the alleged perpetrator of this killing. so we know so far is that the victim was of to change in a region but had held the georgian citizenship and he was known to have fought in the 2nd cheney and war in the early 2000 and then went on to live in the ukraine and in georgia and held jobs that were considered anti russian and off to the killing this year in orcus w. spoke to his wife because they then had fled here to germany and so. seek asylum here in germany and his wife said that they in her own words as she said they knew this would be happening or they knew that this would be coming as he was then his asylum here in germany was then refused he was slated to be brought back to georgia
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. and emily like kelly russia completely denies any involvement in this killing and it's quite angry about burdens expulsion of 2 russian diplomats work for the action can we expect from a russian officials. well of course we don't know yet at this point they've just said reciprocal measures but russia usually in cases like this as the strategy of risks of responding with a kind of tit for tat response in diplomatic spots like this as well and also in a similar case which for example which was the script poisoning in 2018 that of course was an attempted murder but the case also there was there were accusations from the u.k. government against russia for its involvement alleged involvement in that case and in that case as well the u.k. expelled diplomats russia responded in kind we'll have to wait and see though because of course german russian relations are much much closer and i think what
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we're seeing here is both sides kind of treading carefully russian german relations are economically close and diplomatically close as well even though there are some political differences so we'll have to wait and see what the response will be and i last from a little perspective how do you see this incident affecting relations between germany and russia. the germany has always walked a target here when it came to russian relations as emery has said german relations to russia have always been rather close but at the same time they have been becoming more fractures over the last couple of years so for example in 2014 after the annexation of crimea germany has been leading these sanctions against russia and it has also said that the same time trying to then bring forward both the policies of russia and the ukraine when it came to trying to find the minsk agreements that germany has always been on the one hand very have been very trying
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to founding in the explanation why they decided to expel those 2 russian diplomats and i guess we're going to see further diplomatic talks about this matter. not seen 1000000 akashic outside the russian embassy in berlin and d.-w. correspondent emily show when in moscow thank you both very much. let me now being with some other stories making news around the bond iran's president hassan rouhani has called for the release of innocent people arrested in the last month the inspiration's broke out across the country after the government raised petrol prices said protesters who used weapons should be dealt with by the law. a well known japanese doctor has been killed in an attack in afghanistan tetsu nakamura devoted his entire life to helping the people of afghanistan he was killed along with 5 others when gunmen attacked his vehicle in the city of jalalabad in
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october have dr nakamura was awarded honorary citizenship of gotta stand up. google's founders larry page and sergey brin are stepping down as heads of the internet giants parent company alphabet the prairie replaced by current google chief reach i google is facing growing criticism in europe and the u.s. over its privacy policies. need to leaders have started and clim clude it talks on the 2nd day of a meeting to mark the 70th anniversary of the military alliance only the divisions within the organization were exposed over a number of issues just a short while ago alliance members adopted a joint statement that sought to leave fears of disunity it said the alliance had to look to the future together it also acknowledged the challenges posed by china's growing economic and military strength day one of the gathering so friction as did
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the differences. between the u.s. and france over the alliance's strategic goal. a 2nd regional yen stoltenberg said members have recommitted the alliance and score defense roles and have also agreed to said defense spending more evenly have a list of all the there's we're very clear we stand together all for $1.00 and $1.00 for all our commitment to article 5 the collective defense clause or our alliance is our unplanned allies further recognized the unprecedented progress we are making to achieve very burden sharing this is the thief the year of rising defense investment in fact european allies and canada that $138000000000.00 us dollars and by the end though $10.00 to
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$24.00 that figure rise to $400000000000.00 us dollars this is unprecedented. so that is nato secretary-general yens tonton macoutes that we now joined because fun and need to exploit teri schultz who is in london kerry here is staunton the nato secretary general says the alliance will increase its military spending but then he went on to reaffirm article 5 of that's at the heart of the need to alliance why did he feel the need to do this. article 5 has come under question from president trump who has in an unprecedented way brought up the suggestion that perhaps those allies who are not paying 2 percent of their g.d.p. into their military may not warrant protection if they should feel a threat that would rise to the level of an article 5 declaration that of course is something that is not well seen within within the alliance that is the cornerstone
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of nato that every country can rely on each other and so that is probably why secretary general stoltenberg thought he needed to tie those 2 things together in his statement allies are increasing their military spending some at the behest of president trump and therefore he is seeking to to make the case that everyone deserves protection let's talk to him but also said nato leaders have their 1st of a discussion on china's rise and the challenges it presents tell us more. that's right nato allies have never together discussed what challenges and opportunities the relationship with china may present and so a couple of months ago nato planners were tasked with bringing together all the aspects of the chinese relationship for nato and nato very much wants to portray china as a potential partner not an enemy in fact in this joint statement they adopted only
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russia is listed by name as a potential enemy and so they say that there are both good things and challenging things in the chinese relationship like 5 g. like using wall way for their technology and that's something that they want to get ahead of now before china becomes a problem. well the elephant in the room need to meetings as often and they were diverging views ahead of this meeting on to a couple of issues what more was said about that in the communique or all of the statement secretary general stoltenberg pointed out that turkey has taken some decisions that are difficult for the alliance like purchasing a russian made missile defense component that can never be put into sync with nato zone missile defense system that's something that has been extremely troubling for the alliance because you have russian experts on turkish territory very close to nato installations so that's
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a problem that is ongoing and will be exacerbated with further purchases the other problem leading into this meeting was that turkey was demanding all allies recognized kurdish groups as terrorist organizations some of those groups are allies of the united states for example so that's not going to happen and that's something that was not settled at this meeting. so after all the big ring in the jobs of brain dead dylan clinton so on did the 25 nato members end up with a convincing show of unity after their meeting. it was reassuring for nato that none of the leaders and read that president trump put up any red flags on the joint statement that had been teed up for them to endorse today so that is a sign of unity and in fact mr inside the meeting according to stoltenberg was very good and productive despite all of these sniping that we saw in the days and weeks ahead of the meeting we there has been a bit of a. sort of titillating aspect to this there was
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a video seen of some of the leaders just. boris johnson making fun of president trump and this was audible from the reception last night and president trump today called justin trudeau to face to so this kind of sort of a tit for tat is not over it's par for the course as they would say terry shows did obvious correspondent and new to expert thank you very much for all your reporting on the nato leaders meeting in london you're watching the news coming up ahead zebras under threat the population now want the largest species of the animal has plummeted by 83 percent in 50 years we'll find out why. but for the largest ethnic minority the sinti and roma have faced centuries of discrimination and remain marginalized today no e.u.
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country can claim that its indian population has achieved equality reporter christina went to the northern macedonian capital scott pier where she met an activist who wants to improve health care for young. some new back your halim is often the only hope for many women in quarter she and her assistant advise women on reproductive health issues. the activist often finds herself counseling pregnant women as well because few of them are able to visit a qualified gynecologist. figure will both of them women who have no identity papers are often turned away from the health services when they get pregnant they don't get the medical care that they should be entitled to i mean not even during childbirth or be buying it that's one consequence of north a message only as marginalization of the roma and it's why hellene is fighting for
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better access to health care for local women. she visits a woman who urgently needs help. this mother already has several children and has just given birth to twins but she isn't producing enough milk to nurse her babies. the children often go hungry we've already been to several aid organizations we've even been to the neighborhood administration but no one has helped us. do you know . how lame and her team are now assisting the family. but i think. since the birth of the twins we've contacted various organizations that do need food and milk for new boards millie was doing to you there are many similar cases here about 8000 roma women of childbearing age live in the
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district and until recently there was not a single gynecologist but how many in has helped change that she went all the way to the un in geneva and got local authorities to set up a mobile gynecology clinic we're not allowed to film inside but it's clear that there is high demand for its services. almost removed i've seen all kinds of problems for example newborn babies or mothers suddenly dying as the result of home births. babies have even been born on the street that motivated me to start the clinic up here. smoke in the thumb of. the activist and her team work across the street from the clinic and people come by every day seeking advice today for example a young couple asking about medicine. patients and stamina are needed for this work despite the successes there are still many
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unresolved issues such as doctors who demand illegal fees from romany women. but honeymoon doesn't let that discourage her. but it's you know. i'm terry happy each time i can help my neighbors especially when i see babies growing in pregnant woman's belly starving cause seeing a healthy baby being born here thanks to the advice i've given to the mother is that i wore the infant mortality rate among them is about 10 times higher than in the rest of the north macedonian population here halim and her initiative have a long struggle ahead to improve health care for women and mothers. the u.s. house of representatives has passed a bill to impose sanctions on chinese officials over the crackdown on muslims more than a 1000000 readers and other muslim minorities have been detained in what beijing cause reeducation camps the legislation calls for an end to what it describes as
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arbitrary detention torture and harris went off the minority community china says the bill is a snare and the camps for 5 vocational training that many regas have fled abroad to avoid persecution. it will be another long day for brown sent us the weaker exile spent hours in front of his computer poring over satellite images of his native jang. now living in the us he had to flee the chinese province to avoid arrest or worse. this. program documents the destruction of mosques part of an alleged government effort to eradicate the muslim religion in a weaker culture he says 10000 mosques have already been destroyed. were in the region islamic region so this is a crime this is. muslim is very important to the international community
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who understand this and more pressure on china. beijing regards china's muslim population as a security threat its response to this perceived threat has been severe over 1000000 muslims are reportedly in concentration camps scattered across chain yank most of them are weekers. the government claims these are vocational training centers but there is strong evidence that incarceration in these sites entails torture rape and brainwashing 11000000 we live in chain yank the security apparatus there combines facial recognition cameras and sophisticated surveillance technology with enough press of police presence even small expressions of identity can result in arrests one of the victims is programs father the editor of a weaker newspaper he was detained and put in
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a cab his son has not heard from him since. so i have to fight back if i choose silence. if i. could feel better his father's fate means problems fight for weaker rights is personal. some more news from around the world. tech sector creel brave mosque has testified in court that a tweet describing a british rescue diver as a paedophile was not meant to be taken literally to divert one and it is suing musk for defamation. had to rescue 12 boys from a flooded cave in thailand last year. u.s. senator come the harris is ending a bid for the democratic presidential nomination she says she does not have the
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money to carry on campaigning there are still $15.00 contenders running for the democratic nomination voting on candidates begins in iowa in february. if you live in or if you've ever been to lagos nigeria you probably know about the slum city known as. known as the world's biggest floating city it's home to about 300000 people despite its size has never appeared on any city planning documents or maps but that is about to change. welcome to my cocoa a floating slum in the nigerian mega city of lagos officially this part of the city does not exist you won't find these dingy canals and ramshackle house indicated on any city maps but john and his team are trying to change that on to their location tracking smartphones they crisscross the old ways with the aim of pushing the cocoa and its approximately 300000 inhabitants on the map where are you. made up of gals
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from. to actually. collect ones of interest within your neighborhood putting the houses so what is on the market so we can have more. points of interest on this in my book on city streets and have is enough to get. all of this going to be on their money for free. john works for south africa based ngo code for africa the organization behind this drive to map out the slums and improve the lives of those who live here. every point of interest is carefully entered into the system like what the floating barbershop. who have put in your mind. to be part of the point of major label would see when you come up with those who want someone who without property deeds or in many cases even illegal existence the inhabitants of makoto live with a permanent threat of addiction for this local traditional leader appearing on
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a map for the 1st time is a step toward cementing his people's place here. nancy before in mark or core we were in the dark but now with the work you have done we traditional chiefs can see that you have done a good job we are only fisherman we didn't know how to mark out the different neighborhoods as we do we are very happy. john believes that inhabitants of this part of the city should have access to the same knowledge of the neighborhood enjoyed by those who live elsewhere in lagos. all of these we have to walk in on where we are gone it would look like the rest part of. the street to see people in the public would not be able to see this neighborhood differently as the map is ready to go online. the severe weather and drought in kenya could be hastening the end of the once species. the number of
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green peas has plummeted but it is 2 percent since the 1970 s. poaching and recent conflicts are to blame the global warming is making things for . the drying northern plains of kenya used to be a safe haven for the iconic zebra the species is well suited to the arid conditions but loss of habitat intense drought and a land degradation is pushing these embryos to the brink this is mainly. human population. increase in numbers over livestock diseases like anthrax have also diminished desire brown but the severe droughts have been especially deadly for the younger animals in particular the population structure is skewed many adults and few smaller younger individuals it basically means that the babies may be getting born but they're not surviving to i don't the situation has become so
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drastic that conservationists are now being forced to intervene the main problem is they're literally starving to death the grammys ibra trust another organizations that are trying to save the survivors actually have been feeding them during the dry season and bringing them hay conservationists say creating nature conservancy is in kenya will secure the gravy zebras heartland and replanting grasses will rehabilitate the land but until that happens the survival of gravity is not guaranteed. here's a recap of the big news that we're following feel. this man from georgia was gunned down in broad daylight in a bullet in ponte last summer germany has exposed 2 russian diplomats in connection with the killing still when prosecutors suspect russian or chechen involvement. up next on the news asia on death row in china of an innocent direct case of 4 men who managed to regain their freedom and. south korea's kid all piled his
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face to dog side all seem cyber bullying it seems abuse has driven some of them to take their own lives. that and more coming up on the news asia do stay with us for that if you can from me on that that you have built a spot about. you
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. can carry information. site can help feed people. still people can be happy without lights. on how much lights do we really need. we've seen the light. made in germany in 60 minutes w. i think in everything
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channing 1st i'm a muslim. so much different culture between here and there challenging for empathy. for the service i think it was worth it for me to come to germany. i got my license to work as a swimming instructor shannara 2 children 100 adults just one of the toughest. what's your story take part cherish on info migrants dot net. closely. carefully. simply choose to be a good. match. and
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discover. the slow. subscribe to documentary on you tube. this is the doctor there was a shop coming off a death sentence for committing no crime chong thought to spend 14 years on death row wrongly convicted of murder he was eventually freed but how many men. secrets of the prison system plus. the dark side of. cyber bullying in south korea is pushing the country's music stars to take their own lives. and the foot soldiers of do not.


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