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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 5, 2019 7:00pm-7:16pm CET

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77 percent. this week t w. this is the news live from the united states top democrat says she will begin drafting formal impeachment charges against president bush from house speaker nancy pelosi says the president's actions struck at the heart of the constitution. have no choice but to ask democrats that mr trump refused his office by pressing ukraine to investigate his leading political rival also on the program. public sector workers
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stage one of the biggest national strikes for decades the protests against proposed pension reforms calls widespread destruction to transport networks schools and hospitals some of them turn violent from paris to. miami pacific island state goes into lockdown as he carries out emergency mass vaccinations against measles more than 60 people most of them children died of the disease since october . time phil gal welcome to the program the speaker of the u.s. house of representatives nancy pelosi says she's ready to draft articles of impeachment against the president announcement marks the culmination of a months long inquiry into whether president trump abused his office in his dealings with ukraine is alleged to have held the military aid to kiev in exchange
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for an investigation into democratic presidential candidate joe biden speaker pelosi said mr trump's actions threaten the hot of the u.s. constitution. the president has engaged in abuse of power undermining our national security and jeopardizing the integrity of our elections his actions are in defiance of the vision of our founders and the oath of office that he takes to preserve protect and defend the constitution of the united states sadly but with confidence and humility with allegiance to our founders and a heart full of love for america today i'm asking our chairman to proceed with articles of impeachment i commend our committee chairs and our members for their somber approach to actions which i wish the president had not made necessary straight to washington and where we jointly doubly correspondent the public welcome
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public so what does this announcement mean for the president. well it's not good news for president trump. what's going to happen next is that we're going to be waiting to see what exactly the articles of impeachment that are going to be prepared by not only the judiciary committee but also the house intelligence committee and potentially also the house foreign affairs committee so what will happen now is then those articles will pass on to the representatives where they will be voted on by the lower house and then once those are will say approved it passes on to the senate for a trial which could take place as early as the early january of next year so what basis could the president be impeached. well you know this is been going on this investigation that for quite a considerable time now let's not forget that now we're in the next phase with the hives judiciary committee but of course we had the hives intelligence committee
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calling several witnesses and you know they gave pretty damning evidence against president trump that now is the potential charges are or articles which will be prepared are one is abuse of power against the president because it said that he you know was putting his own personal political gain over united states is national security another one could be obstruction of justice and also engaging in bribery and so you know these are pretty serious charges or articles which will be brought against president trump and like i said it's expected that it will reach the senate by you know this trial will begin at the start of next year and the reaction from the white house sort indeed from the republican party. well the republican party have being quite solid will say in their support in many respects to have been some voices within the republicans who have expressed
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a lot of concern over watch at these charities articles that could be against president trump but of course it's best to hear directly from president trump and he took to twitter actually i'm just going to read what he was saying in the past hour or so he said that the do nothing radical left democrats just announce that they're going to seek to impeach me over nothing and they already gave up on the ridiculous smaller stuff so now they hang their hats on to totally appropriate perfect phone calls with the ukrainian president so president trump is very defiant the white house has also come out to say that it is you know. there's no basis to continue with this impeachment inquiry and this possible impeachment of president trump so you know the republicans are standing solid public. let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world at least 50 people have died after a boat carrying migrants cup size of the coast of mauritania we know her stuff because the report from the international organization for migration says more than
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80 people survived and that the vessel left in one of the. 23 year old woman is in a critical condition after she was set alight on white to a cold hearing in the indian state of pradesh and she was going to the to the hearing in a rape case that she previously filed against 2 men who were amongst the 5 arrested in connection with this latest attack. week before the u.k. elections for members of the european parliament from the bronx a party who signed people to vote conservative i said support for the broad support it was splitting believe vote on the children's privacy deal was the only option. turning out to france where the general strike has brought much of the country to a standstill public sector workers joined mass protests against president emanuel macro's plans to reform the pension system rail travel schools and hospitals vole been seriously disrupted some of the protests turned violent. as c.e.o.
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of strikers it's the largest mobilization across france in decades this time it's all about pension reforms for future generations. their pension it's a can already barely afford to eat. who don't have enough to make ends meet and this reform will make things worse. all cindy said the knish that i might retire myself in 10 years' time and i'm not sure i'll be able to survive on what mccall is proposing is that simple. however by thursday afternoon scenes from paris city center showed increasing violence groups of protesters smashed store windows and clashed with police among them members often anarchist group the so-called black bloc the violence made visible to frustration many strike supporters feel with the french government. and they keep all of that is it going he says they want to save money and so is the working class who paid the price because unacceptable that's
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a fact if there's money there the people in power like capitalists have to pay it off they know how to find money for not for the deals they have turned the world upside down and they want us to pay but we don't agree with that you went on in the for that all. the general strike was called by trade unions to protest the government's plans for pension reform many fear it would increase their work time and reduce their pensions to strike has received widespread support. several forces united for this it's really big there are a students nurses and doctors lawyers and yellow vests like me. unions say they might extend the strike as far as monday. try to d.w. correspondent lisa lewis at the plaster republic in the heart of parts welcomed lisa what's going on. well the situation is quite
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tense here behind me at the plaza that if you break the demonstration was supposed to go from god the less towards president as you know for the east in the northeast of paris but it has kind of come to a hold here because there are clashes that have broken out between mosques and protesters and the police they've been going 'd on for half an hour or so now even a bit longer and they're in the adjacent streets around the plus relatively. i was sort of concerns of people of voice chief amongst the crowd. all the people are here today in paris and other cities of france of this need to demonstrate against him and cause the president's pension reform there are worried that when they get to retire one point all the children get to retire that there will be nothing that left that he will actually squeeze pension so much that people won't be able to make ends meet they have been telling me that they're really concerned
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that the government seems to be taking more money away from those who are already struggling to make ends meet instead of taking it from the rich that's why they're here today demonstrators who've come to demonstrate against the pension reform peacefully have also voiced their concerns to me that you know if there are too many violent clashes that might actually distract from what they're asking for in the government could then say well these people are violent you shouldn't go and turn out to demonstrate and that's it looks like that's what's really happening here today so what is at stake. that's got a lot at stake for a man in my car he came to power saying that he would reform the country was running out running on a platform saying that you know i'm going to implement left wing and right wing policies turns out the center left voters are quite disappointed with him and he's lost their support his core supporters now in the center right and these people on the. center right they expect him to reform the country pension reform is one of
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his fun of the centerpieces of his program money was running for president so even members from the government on are saying that it's crucial for him to push this through they say that if he faces he might lose the last bit of political capital he still has here in france and it will be incredibly difficult for him to get reelected in trying to turn to these alerts in paris thank you. and outrage on the collective failure is how the world health organization is describing a surge in the number of people dying from measles the latest report shows of the disease killed about 140000 people in 2018 most were children under 5 the w.h.o. says one of the reasons the number of cases is increasing around the globe is because people are failing to vaccinate their children there's a closer look at a place being devastated by measles the pacific nation of samoa 14000 cases have been reported since the current outbreak began on the main streets of the capital
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are here deserted assassination teams go door to door. no necessary buying clothes for her son to be buried in. he's one of more than 60 children who has died in the measles epidemic sweepings the moa. i don't know anything like it. with cases like as mounting the government has declared a state of emergency vaccinations have been made compulsory in a country where only around a 3rd of the population was immunized against measles. 90 percent need to be vaccinated for adequate protection one reason for the rapid spread of the preventable disease misinformation by anti vaccination groups we are.
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very very very big you are going to. force people to come from an area that's free. but the problem me should we care enough to get it right oh right before. we have children. and try to actually. keep. them for so. many of you. do you think. the government's patience is running. it started a 2 day shutdown of businesses and most government offices and advise samoans to stay indoors. officials have asked residents who've not been immunized to hang red flags from their windows medical teams are going from house to house to administer vaccinations. mothers are being vaccinated in emergency centers in the tiny island nation is desperate to finally stamp out the disease.
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balance most famous twins have got their christmas to. but there's no tinsel spotlight saying the panda cub soon closure stuff a need to keep the environment a column for the high profile residents they were born in early september and haven't yet made up make appearance but who knows maybe santa trolls will swing by on the 24th of december and feel that it'll start. now or is a reminder of our top stories the speaker of the u.s. house of representatives that nancy pelosi has announced that the house is to drop off because of impeachment against president trump speaker pelosi said american democracy was at stake and the president abused his office in his dealings with eucrites. public sector workers across france have taken to the streets to protest against proposed pension reforms by staging one of the biggest national strikes for
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decades causing severe disruption to transport networks schools and hospitals. business in africa with grieving because there is a next from tough move world cup because our and of course around the clock is always the website. of a good. they're created to do. 70. 2 turning phrase in politics business and religion. drawn up people of the islamic revolution. in the making.


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