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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  December 5, 2019 10:45pm-11:01pm CET

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hey we have an exclusive interview with one of the great german film directors. will receive a lifetime achievement award at the european film awards this weekend. box we begin with beethoven 2020 which was launched in the western german city of bond . in advance of a spectacular year of exhibitions on the events all about one of the greatest classical composers of all time. was beethoven's birthplace and where he spent the 1st 20 years of his life. is heavily involved in the celebrations i'll be talking about that and the launch of a special d.w. classical music you tube channel with my colleague kennedy so this. it's not truckin role it's not pop music but it's very music that is so
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energetic and so full of emotions he's a living example if you want so for human creativity in the face of adversity the talk is of beethoven neutrik than 250 years on from his birth the whole world is celebrating his musical genius. voyage of elo is 1st in the line of well wishers t w unveiled its extensive multimedia program for the beethoven year in the great composers birthplace of. the actual. it will kick off with a focus on his most famous composition beethoven's 9th symphony for the world looks at a musical masterpiece that has transcended all borders. b. to women to w.
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we stand for freedom and this is something which brought us together and also that we have a headquarter in bonn and beethoven was born in bonn so i think it's a good match. another d.w. film called the sound of nature focuses on the pastoral symphony beethoven's on march tonight shot the film visits musicians on 5 continents composing music dealing with environmental issues. that. tool if we use it properly we contains the world this film had its premiere on world environment day. the younger it often is all about. discovering that the arts needs to reflect a new kind of society that emerges. exactly at the time when peter was born with the french revolution a world without beethoven is the 3rd major d.w. production sarah willis horn player with but in film one that examines the legacy
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of the musical revolutionary and where would we be without the great composer. us jazz great wynton marsalis is one of the international stars she told to do like. i love. new perspectives from d.w. in beethoven you know 2020. my colleague a drink out of the joins me now a trinity of treats. there's lots more robert do you have a personal favorite difficult to pick out just one but for me beethoven's 9th symphony for the world is a very intriguing project by the award winning documentary filmmaker christian berger our esteemed colleague probe the special meaning of beethoven's 9th as you know the choral symphony that incorporates a version of schiller's ode to joy
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a plea for freedom and peace and one of the protagonists in this documentary is greek russian conducted teodor krentz is corrent sister of course something of a visionary and revel in the beethoven mo would seem so he says he would use the night to show an alien reports make human civilization so special and he has a very emotional take on it as we can hear it think listen. and see where it says and his old store will perform all of beethoven's symphonies over the course of bytes hovan year and and see the documentary ourselves our great review by the way it's wonderful. it's going to be on d.w. on the 17th of december which is actually the official start of the year also did
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not respond another way to celebrate about how yes we have a very important announcement now we've launched a new you tube channel d.w. classical music this is going to have a whole range of fantastic content forget james bond for the moment forget the new james bond trailer the most important trailer today is this one. here's the deal with germany on the one hand home. of classical music scene all of this with classical music by brahms. the list is endless and on the other hand you've got d w home of. documentaries featuring all the classical stars and so this was a perfect match. a match made in heaven we're going to have plenty of stars we're going to have some familiar faces going to say willis of. music.
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power of music a maestro a whole load of new content interviews and behind the scenes features and you mentioned a lot of the power of one of the great up and coming family conductors i've actually seen the already a load of new stuff being loaded on to the channel today that's fine and as an example of the time the thing that you can see on the channel along has been out and about and at the music fest braman she met up with the children percussionist martin grouping and after finding out a bit about his musical methods and instrumentation alone drew was even brave enough to have a go herself so here is an exclusive musical. that we can go there after watching all the you tube channel which is a treasure trove of classical music fans are already as there will be other
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documentaries uploaded on to the channel bit by bit by next year you won't be able to tear yourself away from the jobs available there that steve jobs used classical music you tube channel adrian and kennedy as always thanks very much. then i have saw god has written and directed over 70 feature films and documentaries from our house to hollywood he created milestones of new german cinema in the seventy's and eighty's with fitz corralled nosferatu and has a polish olfa filming in some of us challenging in inhospitable places on us now he's getting a lifetime achievement award at the european film awards this weekend oh man hans christophe on box got an exclusive interview with him before hand. then i had sex films are ambitious sometimes disconcerting and always surprising and he's made them in some of the farthest corners of the world but we met up with him in his
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hometown of munich where at the age of 15 he decided to become a filmmaker. always knew i was the the others because i didn't know much about film and hadn't seen many movies i also knew that i would have to invent cinema myself a few misty that's not half so revolutionized german post-war film and with his more than 70 productions he's also broaden their horizons of global center his work cannot be assigned to one single genre and he considers himself neither a european nor a german filmmaker. and. i think i belong to a more regional category that is very unfair and the opulence of life that's why i sometimes say big the 2nd of the very out what have been the only other person who
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could have made fitzcarraldo couldn't. german actor close kinski plays fitzcarraldo the film is the story of a madman who's obsessed with building an opera house in the middle of the jungle and has a ship hold over a mountain to do it then a household made film history but these iconic images. 20 years ago he moved to los angeles and he's worked with some of hollywood's biggest stars but whether it's rescue dawn or bad lieutenant had song always stays true to himself. up to this. you said it would turn into something very an interview then saw once who made such a wild movie wilder than the water just table that took. fast it's really intense. and. surely. what. is soul still
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dancing. worked in front of the camera opposite tom cruise as the villain in jack reacher. i don't believe it did. at least. when so many other stick knocked. out sides documentaries are spectacular and popular especially among a younger audience. on his t.v. show on death row he delves into the depths of the human soul along with death row inmates. for grizzly man he followed in the footsteps of a man who went off into the wild to live among bears and ended up being eaten by them more than 10 years now you have been getting awards for your life's work this time it's a european film award for lifetime achievement how does a few differences those up. first of all i find it go tess for
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a full length films last year other people need 6 years to do that they should give me these awards when i haven't made a movie in 10 years and need to be rolled on to the stage in a wheelchair. then i have so there's certainly not one to rest on his laurels in his hands at any rate i hope he'll be making his iconic classic films for many years to come. finally it's the darkest time of year here in northern europe and therefore high season for festivals i leave you with pictures from the french city of. spectacular festival of lights this year which is just stuff has and continues over the weekend thanks for watching.
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glad. the book. but. it. comes.
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to the conflict zone with tim sebastian. is just 3 months since india decided that it'll have to change in kashmir my guess this week here in london is james conda national vice-president and one of the chief spokesman of the ruling b.j. team obviously also the charges of widespread human rights violations in kashmir conflicts. in delhi. small args can inspire big changes the people making up the school want to go africa. fantastic place joined them as they set out to save the environment learn from one another and work together for a better future for. many cars do you all but sitting above.
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own t.w. . to know that 77 percent. are younger than 6 of pot. cuts me and me and you. if you know what it's time no voice is part. of the 77 percent we talk about big issues stuff. this is where you cut. the 77 percent this weekend on d w. it was the speech of his life perhaps his best certainly his most difficult. the speech but clearly interest him on december 19th 1989. shortly after the fall of the of the chancellor addresses
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the people of east germany. the middest tense the crowd clamors for german unity journalist peter lim borg was at the scene. 30 years later he looks back on the time interest and. starts december 19th d.w. . such. this is day w news and the top stories. the speaker of the u.s. house of representatives nancy pelosi has announced that the house will draft articles of impeachment against president trump speaker pelosi said the president abused his office over his dealings with ukraine. protesters have clashed with police in paris during frances biggest strikes and decay hundreds of thousands of public sector workers and get up the president pension reform.


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