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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 6, 2019 7:00am-7:31am CET

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this is news live from berlin france is paralyzed by one of its biggest nationwide strikes in decades french public sector workers closed down transport hospitals and schools in a protest against proposed pension reforms that strike isn't over yet so what will happen today we'll go live to paris also coming up president donald trump dares the democrats to go ahead with impeachment now and fast that's after the most powerful woman in washington said the time and come to start drafting articles of
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impeachment against. the people of kabul face the threat of violence every day a far greater threat to health looks in the polluted air now the government is taking steps to tackle. germany's chancellor prepares to visit the size of one of history's most shocking crimes angela merkel is making her 1st visit to the auschwitz. she's bringing a large donation to help conserve the science and a lot of future generations about the atrocities of the nazis committed. welcome to the program france has been paralyzed by one of its biggest nationwide strikes in decades many join mass protests across the country public transport schools hospitals have been seriously just. up to public sector workers are
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protesting against president amount of calls plans to reform the pension system each union is deciding how long to keep its members out on strike but further protests are expected on friday and of the days ahead. 3 very loud very angry and united in their opposition to the policies of french president emmanuel mccall. some cities saw heavy clashes between protesters and security forces in paris small groups of masked activists smashed store windows set fires and hurled flares was earlier in the day one of france's largest mobilizations in decades looked a bit different thousands came to protest pension reforms or a strike and say for the rights of future generations. their pension and security barely afford to eat. who don't have enough to make ends meet and this reform will
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make things worse all the independent mission by my free time myself in 10 years time and i'm not sure i'll be able to survive on what my car is proposing is not simple. the protests shut down public schools nationwide subway stations across paris were closed and 9 out of 10 high speed trains were canceled. many of the capital's most famous tourist attractions were shot leaving tourists frustrated but strike supporters say the measures are necessary due to the frustration they feel with the french government. take even if that is a good news he says i want to say that money it's always the $1.00 class who pay the price for the cuts on acceptable that's a fact if there's money out there the people in power like capitalists have to pay it off they know how to find money for not make deals it is they've turned the world upside down and they want us to pay even but we don't agree with that you went on in the political trade unions called a strike over the government's pension plans many fear the proposals will increase
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their work time and reduce their pensions polls have seen high public support for the strike so far. there are several forces united for this it's really big there are a students nurses firemen doctors lawyers and yellow vests like me as usual. unions say they might extend the strike as far as monday. let's go live to spawn alyssa lewis was in front of the garden or in paris as one of the city's busiest railway stations it's another difficult day for commuters what can they expect today well transport is has granted all got ground to a whole lot and that's still the case today the taxi driver this morning for example that it's not going to be a good day just as yesterday because people have prepared for this many people are staying at home across the country and there are very few trains running although
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local transport in some cities is back up running and this is how much of the public support is there for the demands of the unions. well the majority of the french are worried about their pension and support the strike however when you look at different parts of the economy for example shopkeepers are starting to complain obviously because they're losing out on this and largely especially here in paris you know this is these are the last few weeks ahead of christmas and shopkeepers know many make a 5th of what they earn over the year in the month of december so there is cause for great concern at least amongst them. any sign of my call reacting to these stories the government is thinking about what they could do how they could negotiate there's talk about you know pushing back the reform a little bit making sure there is a smoother transition or bringing in more members of the unions to decide how the
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future system will work the government doesn't want to drop the 4 more together because it's really important for mark karr to push this through in order to you know to please his voters but he's willing to negotiate highly visible can we expect for the weekend and indeed for next week. transportations have already announced that they will can that they would consider continue the strike at least until monday and that's especially the case here for the r. a.t.p. the local transfer union that's running the metro so paris will be rather blocks also trains are all across the country are likely to be likely to be very few trains across the country so this will continue at least for a few days the unions have said that they would like to would like the strike to continue until the end of next week when the government should unveil the exact
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details of the reform well let's see what happens many people upset of the watching that very closely is alou is watching the strikes in paris for us thank you. u.s. president donald trump is daring the democrats in the house of representatives to go ahead with impeachment now and fast trump says he wants a fair trial in the senate impeachment is unlikely to succeed there because trump's republican party has a solid majority trump was reacting to the speaker of the u.s. house nancy pelosi saying she's ready to draft articles of impeachment he is alleged to have tried to pressure ukraine into investigating his rival democratic presidential candidate joe biden nancy pelosi was clear about the way forward with impeachment she said the president's abuse of power with clear and required action is heartbreaking but the president gave us no choice so we're not going to say what
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we would we would honor oath of office but what he's the one who's dividing the country on this we are honoring the constitution of the united states. has asked the house judiciary committee to draw up charges which could include abuse of power and obstruction of justice trumps response was characteristically direct on his preferred communication channel twitter. they have no impeachment case and not demeaning our country he treated but nothing matters to them they've gone crazy therefore i say if you're going to impeach me do it now fast so we can have a fair trial in the senate. his regular cheerleaders supported him calling impeachment illegitimate are we ok with it we think it is in ill conceived illegitimate process it will continue to be americans seem divided on the issue. i think the evidence is very clear that he put his
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own personal interests before the interests of our country. that are for that poor boy. and i have to say i'm really really disappointed. that the republicans. in government. don't seem to be able to put their country 1st. well right quite frankly i think it's very bad timing it's christmas time is going to be you know we have an election next year and they wait let the voters speak we don't need her to speak force if the democrats move fast in the house then proceedings move to the 2nd stage of impeachment trial in the senate where the republicans have a majority which could be to trump's advantage. to some of the other stories making news around the world the world health organization says the number of deaths from measles is on the rise the latest figures show the disease killed
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about 140000 people last year nearly 15 percent more than the year before it cites failure to vaccinate children as a key reason for the increase. says it received nearly 6000 complaints of sexual assaults in the u.s. in 20172018 it's the 1st time the rise hailing company has revealed the scale of such as souls. such incidents are relatively rare saying people in the u.s. took more than 2000000000 rides in that period. one week before the u.k. elections for members of the european parliament from the brig's it party have resigned and urged people to vote conservative they said support for the break the party was splitting the leave vote and that boris johnson's president deal was the only option. and cheerless capital santiago clashes are ongoing between police
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and protesters demanding social equality on the stretches began nearly 2 months ago over a rise in metro fastened have become a movement calling for constitutional reform protests are continuing despite a drop in the number of demonstrators. now to the afghan capital kabul where people die in bombings and terrorist attacks almost daily reports suggest that air pollution is an even bigger killer there are still no official figures but it's estimated that pollution killed as many as $26000.00 people in 2017 that compares to only $3300.00 violent deaths in the same year now the government is taking steps to clean up the toxic at. least 3 men mean business. afghanistan's environmental protection agency. and they're not tapping. they're checking the heating system of
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a public back house and it's seen that the filters are not working properly. this means the smoke being belched into the skies over kabul is even more toxic than usual. more but more to go short of that our job is to reduce the air pollution around the country we go to cities with our monitoring teams and with people from the local authorities such as here in kabul and we identify any sources of air pollution which are hazardous for the city and then take the necessary action as we need to. but when it comes to kabul they're facing a huge almost insurmountable challenge the air in the city is more poisonous and in most other places on the planet much of the pollution here comes from cars and congestion other sources include poor quality fuel people burning rubbish and household cooking stove. in a country otherwise known for terrorist attacks and poor security pollution is
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emerging as a silent killer. and it is the weakest and most fun ribble who are bearing the brunt doctors at the indira gandhi hospital in kabul say the number of children being admitted with illnesses linked to pollution is increasing. there are no exact figures but they say hundreds come here every day to be treated very spirited re problems. there's a lot of pollution in kabul and most of the children under the age of 5 suffer from various elements such as chest pain flu dizziness and sensitivity for allergies. by turning up the hate on polluted is the government in kabul is taking steps to improve the situation it's also trying to raise awareness among ordinary people about the causes of pollution but it's
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unclear when or if their efforts will enable them to move forward with the battle against pollution. is a journalist living in kabul he joins us today from istanbul what are the key factors behind the pollution crisis in afghanistan. prices. i mean a big factor is economics rate so if you have money you have some level of access to 24 hour electricity but even if you have access. that requires a generator which requires fuel which is burning and being released into the air. and you know as it were throughout the winter people are turning to all sorts of things to keep warm or a there and they're turning to colder turning to wood if they have some money if they don't have money then you're turning to tires or turning to plastic you're turning to refuse anything convert. yourself warm into
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a cloak which so it all comes down to the intention of the government the intention of the government to actually provide services for people and the lack of the services that are actually being provided a say in the winter there really was a chance that 24 on the tricity because what happens is throughout the day they're rolling blackouts so that requires people to turn on generators which we release and fuel in the air there are fires them to burn you know whatever's at their disposal whatever they can afford 'd not to mention the millions and millions of cars that are on regulated in terms of smog and other kinds of intoxicants toxins to release into their. government faces huge challenges including prolonged war and conflict around the country doesn't have the resources to tackle the problem. that's a question that we have to ask you know our planet and has had an environmental protection agency for at least the last since 2001 since since the u.s.
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led invasion and the question is what are they actually doing to enforce the laws because if they were able to actually you know tell the police kate you know kind of doubt on the cars and then don't meet smog regulations that are too old there are basic toxic chemicals into the air and these high rise buildings that have central heating systems and burn coal and wood and they're charging up to a $1000.00 a month how are you regulating them there are ways to start with these things but it's been a big part of it is the government's own will and their own ability to regulate things in enforce the law. how much awareness is the ordinary afghans of the stale of the crisis the awareness is personal because everybody knows that they get sick great everybody knows that they get sick during the winter everybody knows that no one wants to step outside people are wearing masks over 'd their faces that when you do go outside you you know you you know you you your sinuses how problems your
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girl has problems you have headaches you have all kinds of illnesses that you know those who can afford it and they're going to india over the winter to avoid all of this. t.v. thank you very much. up next in our program a victory for animal concert faith conservation we look at how rwanda managed to reverse the trend in this dwindling gorilla population. german chancellor angela merkel is about to make her 1st visit to the auschwitz birkenau memorial in poland during the 2nd world war it was the nazis largest death camp will attend a ceremony marking the 10th anniversary of a foundation that funds conservation efforts our reporter mark visited the memorial site ahead of the child's life. for many people this sign is a good photo op it translates to work sets you free the nazis inhumane slogan looms
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above the entrance to the auschwitz memorial the horror of the past is the tourist attraction of today visitors from around the world come here over the past 10 years the number of guests has doubled over the past 20 years it has quintupled now there are more than 2000000 visitors a year breaking to see how cruel people can be and it's it's a very moving it's very hard not to cry and we see on t.v. on freedoms many many times 1st time that you see it in the 1st time in person it's pretty reset itself is really important like a place is giving greet people kind of impression about what happened to people when true and so on but i think that we are paying too much attention to the buildings to the place itself to the general names and things like that and to small attention to what was really important so where it all came from the memorial has become a victim of its own success the an ending stream of guests is quite
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a challenge says the extra exhibition rooms have been added for crowd control the numbers of visitors that we are getting are already overwhelming this is just a clean difficult operation so we are also planning to build a completely new visitor center that will be slightly at the side of the historical . site of the comp and it will also help us from does very well just tickle point of view even the bigger december cold doesn't stop guests from visiting the barracks in the birth canal concentration camp. at this location more than 1000000 people mostly jews were murdered by the nazis through malnutrition disease or the gas chamber. today the barracks are crumbling but renovations have begun the goal is that they look like the original yet are sturdy enough to withstand hard winters this task may take decades to accomplish.
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this venue it is important that we dismantle the barracks under the supervision of the historical location of the challenge is to integrate the necessary thoroughness and concision into the process the restoration work is supported by the use of documentation that we prepared ahead of time. but it's not as modern of milan something that says you. precision is also necessary when preparing the exhibits in this case the conservation material used in the original construction has to be carefully removed because according to modern standards it is damaging to the exhibits the goal is not your a pair of the objects but rather to preserve their original state of the object of these objects reflect the history of this so they deformation contamination the fact that some objects are not complete that's all this is testimony to what
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happened here. and yet there are plans to change the exhibition the present one was largely designed in 1958 by survivors who focused on the fate of the victims pictures of the perpetrators were hardly bearable for them in the future however their history will be included as well when we asked one of the most important educational questions about the story of options which is the question why this is not a story about the victims does a story about people who accept a decidedly older g chose to join the nazi party cho chose to join the s.s. day where here and they were working and at the same time they were bringing up their children almost 75 years have passed since auschwitz was liberated germany is now providing another $60000000.00 euros so that the memorial site can continue and the horrors of the holocaust can be viewed up close. now to animal
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conservation the mountain gorillas of ronda were on the brink of extinction african search of comparing their numbers are rising again decade ago there were just 680 but now there are more than a 1000 staters change from critically endangered to just endangered so how did it happen take a look. at very rare sight this mountain gorilla is one of just over a 1000 left in the mountain forests spreading across congo uganda and rwanda their numbers have increased significantly in only one decade thanks to close trekking and constant monitoring health births wound every movement of every single gorillas recorded. to there's a bigger. but our babies on the list to be named. and the 3. groups for every baby gorilla is named in an annual ceremony in one of the
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villages bordering the forests. these ceremonies have become hugely popular. brand that invites celebrities to spotlight conservation work and help people in the villages to learn about gorillas. and. we don't want to solve the protect the park with guns we want to. protect in course of this park with people who understand and have. that responsibility that's where andy that is. really. actually of sustainable conservation strictly regulated gorilla tourism has created a sustainable income with tourists paying a $1500.00 u.s. dollars per visit the government still has 10 percent of tourism revenue from
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volcanoes national park to build infrastructure and surrounding villages including health clinics and schools to date about $2000000.00 u.s. dollars have gone into funding village projects 21 year old. loves the gorillas in his free time he works as a porter accompanying tourist to the guerrillas were once i'm done with my study i want to become a god i want to make money so i can look after my family. consideration is sprays run for its concerted efforts to save mountain gorillas from becoming extinct but they also warn that after all gorillas are still considered endangered . seasonal tradition in the u.s. ice hockey the teddy bear toss pennsylvania team the hershey baz already held the
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record for biggest number of stuffed toys thrown onto the eyes during a home game but this year they beat their own best setting a new world record after their 1st goal against harvard the best supporters through more than 45000 roughly toys on to the rink they'll be donated to local charities in time for christmas. this is t w news these are all top stories france is facing a 2nd day of strike action over president marcos plans pension reforms some protesters clashed with police and parents on thursday after last week peaceful demonstrations by the public sector workers nationwide severe disruption to schools hospitals and rail services is set to continue. u.s. president all trump has responded defiantly off the top democrat nancy pelosi said the house of representatives would file impeachment charges against him democrats
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accuse trump of abuse of power in his dealings with ukraine. reports suggest absolution may be killing more people in afghanistan than bombings and terrorist attacks it's estimated that toxic air resulted in up 226000 deaths in 2017 almost 8 times the number killed in conflict. right hailing company says it received nearly 6000 complaints of sexual assaults in 20172018 in the u.s. it's the 1st time it has revealed the scale of such souls on both passengers and drive us. this is d w news live from berlin for more follow us on twitter d w news all visit our website which is of course d w dot com. you're watching the news off next in the business news investors snap up shares in saudi aramco making it the most valuable company
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in the world. that and a lot more from the world of business with rob what's don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's t w dot com thank you very much for joining us here at day to. good. food. good.
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morning strong a clear position on the international perspectives of. nato leaders of this week be meeting in london to mark the 70th anniversary of an organization that wants to see itself as the most successful military alliance in history but how deep the rifts within iraq is find out on to the point to the forefront. in 60 minutes on the c.w. . it was the speech of his life perhaps his best
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certainly his most difficult chancellor should not cool addresses the people of east germany shortly after the fall of the wall. the crowd clamors for terminology journalist peter lim borg was at the scene. 30 years later he looks back on the type of interest and. starts december 19th t.w. . treat the crew to today's world. 979. historical turning point in politics business and religion. in iran people of the islamic revolution. opens up making its initial flirtation with those strikes in states of emergency it sinks into chaos coach john copacetic interested in chance the people of britain steal told her.
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current crisis and. the start of an era that defines overmanaged today 1979 the big clue to do small steps december 23rd. we waited and waited and when he arrived it was big saudi aramco is i.p.a. raises more than $25000000000.00 making the company the most valuable in the world . elsewhere in the oil industry the opec group of oil exporting countries agrees to cut production. and didn't know genes can be big business in china but the government is not always sharing in the fun. business on rob what's.


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