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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 6, 2019 9:00am-9:30am CET

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this is news live from berlin francis paralyzed by one of the biggest nationwide strikes in decades public sector workers closed down transport hospitals and schools in a protest against proposed pension reforms strike isn't over yet so what will happen today we'll get the latest from paps also coming up germany's chancellor merkel visits the site of one of history's most shocking cries it's the 1st time she's been to the death camp where the nazis murdered more than
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a 1000000 people most of them troops. and u.s. president donald trump dead as the democrats to go ahead with impeachment knowledge fast that's after the most powerful woman in washington said the time had come to start drafting articles of impeachment against it. as well come to the program france has been paralyzed by one of its biggest nationwide strikes in decades many joined mass protests across the country public transport schools and hospitals have been seriously disrupted public sector workers are protesting against president plans to reform the pension system each union is deciding how long to keep its members out on strike but further protests are expected on friday and in the days ahead.
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drew day very loud very angry and united in their opposition to the policies of french president emmanuel mccall . some cities saw heavy clashes between protesters and security forces in paris small groups of masked activists smashed store windows set fires and hurled flares and earlier in the day one of france's largest mobilizations in decades looked a bit different thousands came to protest pension reforms or a strikers say for the rights of future generations. their pension as you can already barely afford to eat. who don't have enough to make ends meet and this reform will make things worse all those injuries and then you should buy my free time myself in 10 years time and i'm not sure i'll be able to survive on what my car is proposing it's not simple. the protests shut down public schools nationwide subway stations across paris were closed and 9 out of 10 high speed
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trains were canceled. many of the capital's most famous tourist attractions were shot leaving tourists frustrated but strike supporters say the measures are necessary due to the frustration they feel with the french government. they give off that is it going he says i want to say donny and so is the one class who paid the price for the cuts unacceptable that's a fact if there's money there the people in power the capitalists have to pay you duffy they know how to find money for not make deals it is their turn the world upside down and they want us to pay even but we don't agree with that you went on in the buy that all trade unions called a strike of the government's pension plans many fear the proposals would increase their work time and reduce their pensions polls have seen high public support for the strike so far. there are several forces united for this it's really big
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there is students nurses firemen doctors lawyers and yellow vests like me is usually. union say they might extend the strike as far as monday. go to the deduct your correspondent lisa lewis who is guardian or in paris usually one of the city's busiest railway stations there's a how has the strike been affecting people today. well yesterday many people say that time because they knew that the strike would happen now they want to go back to work so what we're seeing you know the transport sector is still at a standstill largely with very few trains running and local transport especially here in paris the metro at a standstill as well so people are taking their cars and their 300 kilometers of traffic jam at this time of speaking actually in that's almost double as much as you normally have on a day on a week day here in paris so it looks like people are really struggling to go to
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work it is having a huge impact that strike here in france. in our report earlier we heard that people are concerned about their future pensions all these wars justified. well they are worried that their pensions might actually go down by a few 100 years and that would be a large impact for many people especially those who are struggling to make ends meet and those who are benefiting from a special regime one of these $42.00 especially regimes in france which for example mean that your pension is calculated cording to what you earning at the end of your career not at the beginning biggest the 1st salary you're getting is really low so many people our age yes and many people don't have very high pensions although lots of french people understand that something needs to change when it comes to the pension system they're not quite sure that that will that they will not lose out largely with what eminem are calling the president is putting on the table.
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speaking about president markov how has he reacted to the strike so far. well we understand that the government is thinking about what they could actually modify you know they they thinking about how to negotiate with the unions the one thing that they would don't want to touch is the fact the very fact the centerpiece of the reform that fusion of the 42 different systems into one but they could talk about maybe pushing the foam room back a bit or making sure the transition is smooth 2 or bringing in the unions to manage the future system all these things could be modified and the government is hoping to bring more people on board and to push through this reform eventually is what can we expect for the weekend or indeed least. transport unions have already announced that they would continue the strike specially him paris the our a.t.p. that's running the metro system they will continue at least until monday also we're seeing that very very few trains are running for now there is no other
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demonstration day announced but if the government doesn't actually given in to protesters demand they could expect that there might be more demonstrations coming obviously the saturday there is the yellow vests demonstration day as every saturday since the year of that which has been the case for a year they say so there might be more clashes coming tomorrow there is a loser in paris thank you. and now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world climate activist grettir turn burke has arrived in madrid ahead of friday's for a future march the 16 year old recently completed a 2 week boat journey across the atlantic to attend a march and 25 the u.n. climate of friends in the city. in india 4 men accused of raping and killing a 27 year old woman have been shot dead by police police say the men were shot as
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they tried to escape custody the burned body of their alleged victim was found last week the case has sparked a nationwide protest. the world health organization says the number of deaths from measles is on the rise the latest figures show the disease killed about 140000 people last year in 15 percent more than the year before its size failure to vaccinate children as a key reason for being freeze. germany's chancellor angela merkel is about to make her 1st visit to the auschwitz birkenau memorial in poland during the 2nd world war it was the nazis largest death camp america will attend a ceremony marking the 10th anniversary of a foundation that funds conservation efforts. for many people this sign is a good photo op it translates to work sets you free the nazis in humane slogan looms above the entrance to the auschwitz memorial the horror of the past is the
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tourist attraction of today visitors from around the world come here over the past 10 years the number of guests has doubled over the past 20 years it has quintupled now there are more than 2000000 visitors a year breaking to see how cruel people can be and it's very moving it's very hard not to cry and we see on t.v. on freedoms many many times 1st time that you see it in the 1st time in person that's pretty reset itself is really important like a place it's giving great people kind of impression about what happened to people when true and so on but i think that we were paying too much attention to the buildings to the place itself to the general names and things like that and to small attention to what was really important so where it all came from the memorial has become a victim of its own success the an ending stream of guests is quite a challenge says. extra exhibition rooms have been added for crowd control the
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numbers of visitors that we are getting are already overwhelming this is logistically difficult operation so we are also planning to build a completely new visitor center that will be slightly at the side of the historical . site of the comp and it will also help us from does very well just a cool point of view even the bitter december cold doesn't stop guests from visiting the barracks in the birth canal concentration camp. at this location more than 1000000 people mostly jews were murdered by the nazis through malnutrition disease or the gas chamber. today the barracks are crumbling but renovations have begun the goal is that they look like the original yet are sturdy enough to withstand hard winters this task may take decades to accomplish.
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this venue it is important that we dismantle the barracks under the supervision of the historical location of the challenge is to integrate the necessary thoroughness and concision into the process the restoration work is supported by the use of documentation that we prepared ahead of time. but it's not just movement of monkeys and something that says the. paths of precision is also necessary when preparing the exhibits in this case the conservation material used in the original construction has to be carefully removed because according to modern standards it is damaging to the exhibits the goal is not to repair the objects but rather to preserve their original state of these objects reflect the history if. so there deformation contamination the fact that some objects are not complete that's all this is testimony to what happened here. and yet there are plans to change the exhibition the present one was largely designed in 1958 by survivors who
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focused on the fate of the victims pictures of the perpetrators were hardly bearable for them in the future however their history will be included as well when we asked one of the most important educational questions about the story of options which is the question why does not the story about the victims does is the story about people who accept a decidedly older g. chose to join the nazi party cho chose to join the s.s. and day where here and they were working and at the same time they were bringing up their children almost 75 years have passed since auschwitz was liberated germany is now providing another $60000000.00 euros so that the memorial site can continue and the horrors of the holocaust can be viewed up close the w's thomas sparrow is at the office memorial will make a 1st visit as german chancellor thomas merkel is visiting a side where germany committed horrific crimes how will the town protests this
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visit. the chancellor will shortly arrive here in our streets birkenau where she will go through the infamous kate that you can probably see behind me she will also hold a minute of silence not far away from here and later on today she will be giving a speech alongside for example poland's prime minister not there was one of the at ski one of the survivors of the comp here as well as other personalities as such and as you said there is anger merkel's 1st visit as german chancellor here in in auschwitz birkenau in fact she's only the 3rd german chancellor to have visited this site at all. as you said to have 1st visit to auschwitz but she's been in office for 14 years why the visit now they have been questions us through why i'm going to michael waited for 14 years to come to this place which is so important for germany's culture of remembrance for germany's historical responsibility and germany's also sense of guilt but the german government does if
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you this as a larger process government spokespeople have indicated that i'm going to focus has visited other former concentration counter-example to convert or die how and they also see this as something that goes beyond the german chancellor that also includes for example the german president and in fact the german president will be here in january for the 75th anniversary of the liberation of this camp and i'm going to police here right now because the camp is clean waiting 10 years since the foundation of the auschwitz birkenau foundation the foundation that has to deal with the restoration of the site and i'm going to michael has already announced that germany both the federal government and regional governments will be donating $60000000.00 to that foundation tom we have mentioned the president how have other politicians dealt with its. this is the 3rd german chancellor as i said to visit auschwitz the 1st german chancellor helmut schmidt in 1977 he gave
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a very important speech right here and that was followed by helmut kohl who came here 989-1995 so it's nearly 25 years he's a german chancellor has visited this site and as such it is a visit that is being described as one of historical dimensions one that will be also i realized later and one that will be also compared to those of the previous chancellor helmut schmidt and he would call our correspondent thomas. the more memorial site of auschwitz and this. u.s. president on the trump is the daring the democrats in the house of representatives to go ahead with impeachment now and fast trump was reacting to the speaker of the u.s. house nancy pelosi saying she's ready to draft articles of impeachment trump is alleged to have tried to pressure ukraine into investigating his rival democratic presidential candidates joe biden. nancy pelosi was clear about the way forward
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with impeachment she said the president's abuse of power with clear and required action was heartbreaking but the president gave us no choice so we're not going to say well we would we would honor our oath of office but what he's the one who's dividing the country on this we are honoring the constitution of the united states . has asked the house judiciary committee to draw up charges which could include abuse of power and obstruction of justice trumps response was characteristically direct on his preferred communication channel twitter. they have no impeachment case and not demeaning of country he treated but nothing matters to them they've gone crazy therefore i say if you're going to impeach me do it now fast so we can have a fair trial in the senate. his regular cheerleaders supported him calling impeachment is a just the most are we ok with it we think it is ill conceived illegitimate process
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it will continue to be americans seem divided on the issue. i think the evidence is very clear that he put his own personal interests before the interests of our country. and our fight that poorly. and i have to say i'm really really disappointed. that the republicans. in government. don't seem to be able to put their country 1st. well right quite frankly i think it's very bad timing it's christmas time there's going to be you know we have an election next year they wave let the voters speak we don't need her to speak force if the democrats move fast in the house then proceedings move to the 2nd stage of impeachment trial in the senate where the
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republicans have a majority which could be to trump's advantage. up next in our program victory for animal cons a face and we'll look at how rwanda managed to reverse the trend and its windley gorilla population. but 1st to germany where a political shakeup in the social democratic party is prompting speculation that the governing coalition with chancellor angela merkel's conservatives could be on its last legs the social democrats are likely to officially confirm the new leadership during this weekend and they're calling for changes that chancellor merkel will find unpalatable to talk about why this matters joined in the studio by operative correspondent kate brady kate what's so significant about the social democrats kickoff their party conference here in berlin today and these long time skeptics of the grand coalition looks set to be confirmed as the new latest there
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how the social democrats proceed at the party conference this weekend and then in the coming weeks after that will really determine how long the german government can still continue but 1st let's have a look now at exactly who the new s.p.d. leader. now about vita boy and saskia are suddenly in the spotlight the social democrats have nominated a little known m.p. and a former state finance minister as their new party leaders. it's incredible that we're standing here having been nominated by the party. going and vital boyan openly critical of the so-called grand coalition. the s.p.s. formed a grand coalition with america's conservative party 3 times since 2005 over that period the party's popularity has plummeted now polls place the s.p.d.
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at 13 percent as can believes that being in the coalition has weakened the s.p.d. image. you mention it plays a big role for young voters because they only know us as uncle america's junior partner that's a problem because we are seen as 2nd fiddle and without ambitions of our own. young members who are openly opposed to the current grand coalition. their leader kevin is the head of the young socialist they back he. says the days of the grand coalition should be number. 2 mentions open our people want the country's big conflicts to be solved one way or another they want clarity but a grand coalition can't guarantee that that's why next time we need a political alliance clearly to the left or i hope this won't happen clearly to the right of the center. but neither nor eskimo and volatile want to leave the
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grand coalition immediately instead they want to place new demands on america's conservative party talked about how more needs to be done for the climate the huge investments will need to be made we said the question of distribution needs to be clarified and the issue of drifting apart we must address these and get clarity from our coalition partner. but 1st. have to be officially voted in at the party conference once that's done it'll be up to them to forge a new path for the s.p.d. . so lots of talk there at least of potential change by for the s.p.d. and also for the for the grand coalition government the question now is how much of that well indeed become a reality and already it seems that support for this new leadership actually seems to be waning even among. let's have a look at. figures from german pollster in for a test team up they are asked germans if they thought the newly elected leaders
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could give the s.p.d. a much needed boost and only 22 percent of germans said yes an overwhelming majority said they didn't believe the new top duo could help the s.p.d. gain more support support among voters while it's kept a call about this dual well particularly among the s.p.d. voters of which as we've mentioned already particularly the leftist side of the social democrats many of them have now been feet have been left feeling rather disappointed and even. trade by this juror who ran that leadership campaign basically saying we will leave the grand coalition early at them planned so earlier than those elections in 2021 and now it seems that they are backtracking on that a lot of the potential policy changes that they've suggested when it comes to climate change and even the the minimum wage that also seems to have been watered down but now with the ball will really be in the court of the conservatives after this weekend's party conference the social democrats party conference that it seems
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the social democrats are going to instead of saying we are going to leave the grand coalition there instead going to put office on the table to renegotiate the grand coalition deal which so far conservatives have said no so we'll have to see whether the conservatives will be willing to budge there and if they will be willing to renegotiate the deal in order to save the grand coalition that said it's not just the leadership of the s.e.p. the voices seem to be getting that skeptical of as a whole the grand coalition for a while has been riddled with problems that said 64 percent of germans still some want to see the ground coalition continue and if there's one thing that we know about german vice is its stability and although there are a lot of issues and a lot of problems to be resolved in this current government it seems that germans on yet ready for that change and even germany's political parties all of them right now are not in a position to be facing fresh elections none of the process really have
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a single strong candidate who they would be able to put forward to fill angela merkel shoes as chancellor of course she's already said that she will be stepping down come those elections in 2021 but looking at how things are going at the moment in the grand coalition they could still come they have a now of who will be watching this weekend this social democrats party conference to see exactly how long the government here in germany might have left interesting times all it takes was a pretty thank you very much. and we turn to animal conservation the mountain gorillas of rwanda were on the brink of extinction but after a concerted campaign their numbers are rising again decade ago there were just 680 of them but now there are more than a 1000 status has changed from critically endangered to just endangered so how did that happen cycle. a very rare sight this
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mountain gorilla is one of just over a 1000 left in the mountain forests spreading across congo uganda and rwanda their numbers have increased significantly in only one decade thanks to close trekking and constant monitoring health births wound every movement of every single guerrillas recorded. to there's a big neon but that baby's on the list to be named. for every baby gorilla is named in an annual ceremony in one of the villages bordering the forests. these ceremonies have become hugely popular and. invite celebrities to spotlight conservation work and help people in the villages to learn about gorillas. and.
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we don't want to solve the protect the park with guns who want to. protect in course of this park with people who understand and they have. their responsibilities as well and the that is on a really. really do actually have sustainable conservation strictly regulated guerrilla tourism has created a sustainable income with tourists paying a $1500.00 u.s. dollars per visit the government steers 10 percent of tourism revenue from volcanoes national park to build infrastructure and surrounding villages including health clinics and schools to date about $2000000.00 u.s. dollars have gone into funding village projects 21 year old john. loves the gorillas in his free time he works as a porter accompanying tourists to the guerillas. it was
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a local once i'm done with my study i want to become a god i want to make money so i can look after my family. watching the news up next some are today. and write a watch i'll have an update at the top of the.
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44 degrees of global morning what difference does it make the show. and we visit the 1st climate monitoring station in africa and explain why it's so important. to also examine how dangerous the melting permafrost is. what risks are involved in geo engineering the climate in focus on the changing next doubling. mark on one of. the
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. welcome to you tomorrow today the science show on t w. new the 25th un climate change conference kicks off this week so for this special edition 2 of our tomorrow today reporters paid a visit to the clean my house in kind of a half inch or many of the thing the house or climate house.


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