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this is news live from germany's chancellor remembers the victims of one of the worst crimes against humanity i'm going to call makes a 1st official visit to the auschwitz death camp asking for anything in from a slogan work makes you free the nazis most of more than a 1000000 people that auschwitz most of them jews also on the program. celebrations after police in india shoot dead 4 men suspected of raping and killing a young woman the officers are being hailed as heroes but there are concerns that they may have taken the law into their own. germany social democratic party confirms its 2 new big dispute may be about to call time on the party's at
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governing coalition with chancellor merkel's conservatives. and the end of an intercontinental voyage climate activists across a bag arrives at the un that climate conference in the trade transatlantic strip joint thousands of young people on the march to demand action on climate change. i'm phil gayle welcome to the program german chancellor angela merkel is on her 1st official visit to the former auschwitz death camp the site in poland was the nazis largest death camp during the 2nd world war times are michael's visit marks the 10th anniversary of the foundation whose job it is to preserve the memorial should pay tribute to the victims of the camp and spoke of the necessity of remembering the atrocities committed that. it's almost meat day when german chancellor angela
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merkel arrives at the place that evokes the crimes of the nazi era like no other. auschwitz former concentration and extermination camps the murder machine by 945 as many as 1500000 people had been killed here by the nazis silently americal approaches the so-called wall of death with the polish prime minister at this while the germans shot dead thousands of poles. this is merkel's 1st visit to auschwitz as chancellor for 24 years no german chancellor has walked through this gate beneath the sign with the cynical slogan work sets you free a survivor who recalls the cruelty he experienced as a child at the hands of the germans tells michael how much these prisoners here and to be free. since the beginning since august 1944 when i 1st arrived
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we were asking when it is that we can be free and the capos would laugh at us and say well you want to be free you see the chimneys that's how you will be free to closure your phone and your future judges that community. strong. records should go tricycle mean mr merkel says she feels deep shame at the horrors of auschwitz the crimes should be silently remembered she says but this shouldn't be the only response. she's also this site obliges us to keep the memories alive we have to remember the crimes we have to identify the perpetrators and to commemorate the victims in a dignified manner that is our enduring responsibility it is not open to negotiation and. keeping these memories alive is becoming more difficult as eyewitnesses die that is why this memorial site is so important the german
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chancellor promised to make $60000000.00 euros available for renovations this will go towards repairing barracks gas chambers and fences so they remain a visual reminder of germany's crimes. well t.w. correspondent thomas spot was at the memorial ceremony and sentence his impressions of the chance of the speech that speech that i'm going to merkel gave right here in birkenau she stressed germany's historical responsibility she stressed how that historical responsibility is a fundamental part of germany's identity as a nation but she also stressed how there are lessons that can be drawn for the context that germany is leaving today and that explains also why i got a call is right here in birkenau now it's not only about deposits but also about what lessons can be drawn in particular when germany and other countries in europe are facing a rise in $97.00 it isn't so dark gives you an idea of what all this was about
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about recognizing germany's historical responsibility but also recognizing what lessons can be drawn in particular today. well let's get more on this from d.w. correspondent john beric welcome joe why was this visit significant. will offer its is i suppose has become as a not a synonym synonym for the for the show or for the attempt by the nazis to eliminate eradicate the jewish population of europe it's significant because it's she's coming to the end of her term of offices as chancellor angela merkel and i think because of the last 14 years that she's been chancellor the whole question of anti-semitism to take a stand against it and also has solidarity with the state of israel has been a very important part of a chance for a shift i think this is an important symbol together so given that 40 years she spent in the post why do you think it's taken so long for her to make this visit i
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can only speculate of course there were many people don't realize is there were dozens if not hundreds of small concentration camps and labor camps throughout germany and occupied europe in eastern europe and she has made visits to several of those it's also important of course that the suffering of people in those smaller camps is also highlighted everybody knows as i said about auschwitz they don't necessarily know about these others and she's also of course being 4 times in fact as chancellor to yad vashem the central show a memorial in jerusalem the chances visit comes at a time when the semitism in germany is on the rise did you touch on this. in directly her speech it was divided into 2 sections the 1st half she emphasized the importance of memory why it's important to remember to honor the people who died in such an appalling way and particularly for germans she said she was filled with
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shame so as a german for what happened in the name of germany. in. in the 1940 s. but. the 2nd part of the is the real purpose the final the current relevance of the of remembering what happened and that is of course to try and prevent this from ever happening again there's no guarantee it will have been incidents of genocide since but it is a prerequisite if you don't remember the horrors that occurred then there is a far greater chance of course the more caring and as you say and the symbolism has been on the rise it's not just simply a perceived rise anetta semitism there's been studies conducted by the youth have shown that over the last 5 years for example there has been and notable rise not only in in germany but in most of europe there's been a significant rise and the semitism so it is a the chance was a visit has a particular significance because of germany's role in these events generally how
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does germany deal with its responsibility to remember it's almost unique there is there is a culture of remembrance in germany didn't start immediately after the after the 2nd world war but the generation born after the 1st of the 2nd world war confronted their parents and their grandparents with what they had really done and whether they were part of the nazi machine or not or whether they looked the way and that was a very very important and unusual grassroots movement that led to to a culture of remember. sadly with subsequent generations as we get further and further away from these terrible events there is less and see to confront what really happened there's a tendency among quite a lot of people including germans to say this is something that happened 3 quarters of a century ago what's that got to do with me that the former german president is not done by i think put it very succinctly he said we do not have the shame of what
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happened because we do not bear the guilt of what happened because the individual people who were there are the ones who are guilty but we do as germans he said we have a responsibility and it's a responsibility to preserve the memory of what happened that is so that it doesn't happen again thank you so much. i will take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world france is facing more disruption as the country's largest public sector strike for decades and as its 2nd day it's already caused severe disruption to public transport schools and hospitals the workers are protesting against president mccall's plans to reform the pension system. the united nations says at least $208.00 people have been killed there around $7000.00 arrested in iran mass demonstrations broke out in november when the government suddenly increased fuel prices the un has called for the
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immediate release of anyone in arbitrary detention. saudi arabia's state owned oil company haas completed the world's biggest share sale raising more than $25000000000.00 for just 1.5 percent of the. confirmed as the most valuable company in the world. a huge fire is heading towards australia's largest city sydney or thoughts they say the so-called mega blaze formed from a series of bushfires is burning out of control north of the city climate change is being blamed for the latest fires which have been raging for months 4 man accused of raping and killing a 27 year old woman have been shot dead by police in india authorities say the men were killed as they tried to escape custody in a hyderabad the case sparked nationwide protests of violence against women and some people have been celebrating the suspects deaths. a hero's
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welcome hundreds gathered to shower police with gifts as news of the suspects death spread people across india have praised the actions of the police after years of anger over authorities slow response to rising sexual violence against women. on the beat of what bush it will mean we are all glad today the victim was the daughter of our societies that we have all gotten justice from now on whenever someone even thinks of doing such a thing they will think long and hard before doing it as a lesson learned 3 years authorities say the men were brought to the suspected crime scene to reenact their alleged killing police say the suspects then tried to seize their weapons and escape the officers responded by opening fire for the family of the victim who cannot be named for legal reasons justice has been served . for them i would like to thank and congratulate the regional government police and all those who supported me i hurt my daughter so it's now in peace.
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for the men were suspected of raping murdering and burning the body of a 27 year old woman last week she was found under a bridge the next day. but not everyone is celebrating the suspects deaths 7 family members of the accused man were distraught at the news. the 4 men had not been formally charged with any crime opposition groups accuse police of taking the law into their own hands to pacify the public they are calling for a thorough investigation. i used to can tell you what the u.s. government said were some of the world's most dangerous terrorists today notorious at guantanamo bay prison in cuba has become synonymous with one of the darkest chapters in the u.s. war on terror now drawings by one of the prisons 1st inmates have been published
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they painted disturbing picture of the cia's interrogation techniques it to be reporter ybor him has been taking a look at welcome so tell us about these drawings these are self portraits made as you mentioned by one of the 1st guantanamo bay prisoners his name is abu zubaida they were recently released in a 61 page report a very elaborate detailed report titled how america tortures they were these by his lawyer. and they really showed the extent of the brutality of the so-called enhanced interrogation program which was created by the cia and approved by then u.s. president george w. bush for detainees suspected of terrorism we don't actually know how many people have been subjected to the techniques of this program but we know that the author of these drawings was pretty much behind the reason why this program came into existence in the 1st place so it's hard to talk about the drugs without giving
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a little bit of background about his biography so in the aftermath of 911 as the united states was on the hunt to find the perpetrators this man was mistakenly believed to be a high ranking al qaeda lieutenant he was captured from pakistan in march of 2002 and brought to a cia black site in thailand there was an internal debate after the f.b.i. inter gated him whether actually he was forthcoming about the information that he was given and then the cia contractor to a psychologist to actually design this program of torture the program has since been outlawed but it used violence isolation sleep deprivation it was one of the 1st people to actually be water boarded by the cia he was water boarded about. 83 times now this person has never actually been charged with a crime and internal documents show that the military prosecutors have no intention of charging him with a crime and intelligence showed that you know he was a jihadist but this man had no prior knowledge of 911 or the attack nor was he an
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actual member of al qaeda. we have know about this program we've heard about details of it before but these drugs really bring a very morbid intimate details here we have some of the drawings in which the prisoner describes some of the techniques let's let's take a look. they kept pouring water concentrating on my nose and my mouth until i really felt i was drowning and my chest was just about to explode from the lack of oxygen the interim gator kept banging me against the wall i felt for a few instance that i was unable to see anything let alone the short change that prevented me from standing tall and every time i fell he would drag me with a towel which caused bleeding on my neck i was deprived from sleep for a long period of time i don't even know for how long maybe 2 or 3 weeks or even
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more and it felt like an eternity the very strong pain made me scream unconsciously the contractions in my muscles and nerves were increasing with every hour every minute and every 2nd that we're passing by. so where does guantanamo 100 things stand with guantanamo today as our viewers might remember the closing of one to one ton of obey was one of former president barack obama's main campaign promises but never really panned out this was met with a lot of opposition in the states partially because senators did not want that you know suspects of terrorists with terrorism would then be housed in prisons in their states however the number of detainees went from 245 to 41 during president obama's administrations most of them were freed or transferred to other countries the prison is still open president trump has signed an executive order. open
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keeping it open and definitely now there are 40 prisoners in guantanamo bay cuba thank you. political shake up within germany social democratic parties promising speculation that the governing coalition i'm going to cause conservatives could be in danger so the democrats officially confirm the new leadership you know but volatile boy and sound a saskia asking for the new leaders are calling for changes to the code of the chance that could make fun unpalatable newly elected co-leader saskia asking. i was and am still skeptical about the future of the grand coalition might invite in my opinion on that hasn't changed to deal with this proposal and we are giving the coalition a realistic chance of continuing nothing more and nothing less than they are about of mission. chief political observer is b.s.p. he's a party conference here in baghdad welcome michela so how did this new leadership
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team present itself. as resoundingly winners of both the grassroots vote but also here at the party conference they received very broad backing to navigate what seems to be a very difficult set of course to take and they are skeptical that's what we just heard of the so-called grand coalition with anger machall c.d.u. party they are laying down the law all basically a set of demands where they want to renegotiate with the conservative c.d.u. on climate investment on an overall investment also minimum wage of 12 year as is being discussed here or else and that will be the big question in the end or else what just through to remind ourselves this self declared last term of anger matalin office has already seen more bumpy times than calm waters so does this mean what does what does this this step this is
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a mean that this governing coalition without going back was consensus. it means that this marriage contract of the coalition could be renegotiated the city use adamant that it won't reopen it it sounds a bit like the bricks that deal we expect some kind of compromise to be found of the social democrats here the particular new leadership so driven by the youth organization of the s.p.d. will have to have something to show so that ordinary delegates in the entire party will actually believe that they want. true renewal of the social practices of credits be that so suffered in the polls the self declared aim is to double their figures in the opinion polls well they're right about 50 right now so what more can we expect from the s.p.d. today our conference. but the interesting question is whether or how big the
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majority will be for that line that the s.p.d. wants to take those key points of negotiation with angela merkel's cd you and whether we might in the end feel the one or other critical voice that simply wants to leave government the so-called kook or those voices have been remarkably silent so far. the s.p.d. conference in balance thank you. teenage climate activists gratitude and back is in the spanish capital madrid ahead of a fridays for future march and advocates of carbon free transport the 16 year old recently completed a week's long boat journey across the atlantic from the u.s. friday's march coincides with that top $25.00 the un that climate conference which mr burke is attending. now i ring the bannister is from didn't abuse of science and environment desk joins us from madrid you know how joins us on the line welcome
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what is granted to him bergman say. yes so great that was definitely the mending fences they had to confront the 5 she was followed by your marriage some supporters around the conference term as an amendment that has been that we are running out of time we need more time and ambition saying every year that we don't they can be sent we are putting their future but she doesn't see it every time that we have to listen to this guy and that some point that what we are failing to do because we are focusing so much on what she is doing what keeping how you're traveling around the world but we are forgetting the leak and to the science that was her main message today in madrid climate protesters also planned for today want to protest as one from the latest at the conference. exactly we are seeing it actually the protest is about to start it seems it would be quite a big i was just talking to people that were gathering here and for instance monday's woman well who came here we heard she was saying that governments are the
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only ones that are able to impose regulations on become sunny's so see expect the government to do what it sees the sense normalcy to sense can do people to also make them motivate them to protect the future of her daughter and of their next generation so that's why he and many other protesters are gathering today here in my days and one of the conferences itself has it got governments to commit to actual change. for now it's difficult to say because we have one week to go on it will be every week but feeling is that. it's important to remember that commitments under the prospect. people by warming by 2 degrees by the end of the century i tell you we are on. even for the grace of god warning by the end of the. government we need. to explain how different.
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countries can and governments can transform. our reality i mean about us risk in madrid thank you. national museums are supposed to be flat to the nation but what happens when large parts about history holocene collections around the world after many artifacts were taken away during the colonial era when it's a question being asked in the democratic republic of congo when you know him it's just opened its doors. it is vestiges of the congo's past on display in kinshasa the 12000 pieces trace its history this is d.r. congo's new national museum. the building was completed in june bankrolled by south korea it replaces the old national museum which has long suffered from poor
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conditions and neglect. when president felix you see katie inaugurated the new museum he expressed the wish that artifacts removed from the country under belgium colonial rule be returned. though many former colonial powers are reluctant to repack treat african art. it's one thing to demand that return and another to preserve them the idea is there but it needs to be done gradually. if we need to recognize the belgians helped us to safeguard the art so we can't just take it all back it must happen in an organized manner. much of the art in question is housed here at the africa museum on the outskirts of the belgian capital brussels king leopold the seconds colonial rule over the congolese was notorious for its brutality based on racism and
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extracting resources the belgian museum recognizes that many artifacts were gathered during military campaigns and it says it's open to the return of some items if they're found to have been acquired illegally. but for kinshasa it's about doing what's right not arguing over legalities. no. you should do it's legitimate for belgium to accept the restitution of the artworks because the artifacts do not have the same significance that significance you do plus more but it's not just about geography it's about culture it's about returning the works back into the culture of the people who don't like. the museum opening ceremony its korean builders say they hope the museum will forge a sense of national unity but critics of the project have said it's been less about what's inside and more about the building itself. congo's government has yet to
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officially ask belgium to return any artifacts but if they do arrive the congolese have a new home for their cultural heritage. this is d.w. news live from berlin the top stories german chancellor angela merkel is off the 1st official visit to the former auschwitz death count in poland back in the turns out a version of a foundation in charges preserved. i'm sure it's worse than not says a larger stack count during the 2nd world. this is the dublin coming up next in the news asia a gift to the gods or a cruel custom animal rights activists battle of religious beliefs in nepal. as a crapped out under way in sri lanka as president got a buyer budget packs assumes power we take a closer look at what his leadership means for opponents and minorities. so many summers got a lot of stories out for details on the way next hour back at the top of the hour
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in the meantime of course as always the web site interview dot com have a good dad. the . subject.
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in the army of climate change. cuts a massive 6 o'clock. to 6 o'clock 130 years today how for future acts such. as deep blue dot com to fix mega city the making guests click i'm sure. the big bang that
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created today's world. the subsequent in politics business and the flop. rather beat up people of the islamic revolution under i have turned up my brother he had always dreamt of a state in the sharia law which ruled. opens up making its initial flirtation its capital is above the streets and states of emergency it sinks into chaos margaret thatcher remarks in cabbage them to work harder and they will was it the story of neo liberalism played the 2nd displaced camps that threatens the old order. for a bit this could be the end of communism the. plight crisis and of.
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the soldiers in iraq that defines our lives to play 97 you know the big. trucks december 23rd w. this is deja vu news asia coming up a ritual sacrifice thousands of animals in nepal killed in the name of religion for hindu davao to suggest to the gods for animal rights activists a cool custom plus is a crackdown underway in sri lanka as both of iraq takes the helm of the country we take a closer look at what his leadership means for opponents and minorities. played .


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