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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 6, 2019 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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biala guest. managed by from. this is dave news line from god made germany's chancellor remembers the victims of one of the worst crimes against humanity and going back to old makes the 1st official visit to the auschwitz death camp passing beneath the infamous slogan work makes you free the nazis murdered more than a 1000000 people at auschwitz most of them jews also on the program celebrations in
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india after the shooting dead 4 men suspected of raping and killing a young woman the officers are being hailed as heroes but there are concerns of the matter of taking the law into their own. germany social democratic party confirms it to new leaders who are skeptical about that party's governing coalition with tons of americans conservatives. i'm phil gale welcome to the program german chancellor angela merkel is on her 1st official visit to the former auschwitz death camp the site in poland was the nazis largest death camp during the 2nd world war chancellor merkel's visit to motz a 10th anniversary of the foundation whose job it is to preserve the memorial she paid tribute to the victims of the camp and spoke of the necessity of remembering the atrocities committed. it's almost meat day when german chancellor angela
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merkel arrives at the place that evokes the crimes of the nazi era like no other. auschwitz former concentration and extermination camps the murder machine. by 945 as many as 1500000 people had been killed here by the nazis. silently merkel approaches the so-called wall of death with the polish prime minister. at this wall the germans shot dead thousands of poles. this is merkel's 1st visit to auschwitz as chancellor for 24 years no german chancellor has walked through this gate the need to sign with the cynical slogan work sets you free a survivor who recalls the cruelty he experienced as a child at the hands of the germans tells michael how much these prisoners here and to be free. since the beginning since august
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1944 when i 1st arrived we were all sitting when he says that we can be free. stars of engine novia cop on the capos with. i say well if you want to be free. and you see the chimneys. that is how you will be free. merkel says she feels deep shame at the horrors of auschwitz. the crime should be silently remembered she says but this shouldn't be the only response. she's also a fugitive this site obliges us to keep the memories alive we have to remember the crimes we have to identify the perpetrators and to commemorate the victims in a dignified manner that is our engineering responsibility it's not open to negotiation and keeping these memories alive is becoming more difficult as fewer
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and fewer survivors remain that's why this memorial site is so important the german chancellor promised to make 60000000 euros available for renovations this will go towards repairing barracks gas chambers and fences so they remain a visual reminder of germany's crimes. well let's get more on this from d.w. correspondent john barry joe why was this visit significant. will offer its is i suppose has become a synonym synonym for the for the show for the attempt by the nazis to eliminate eradicate the jewish population of europe it's significant because it's coming to the end of her term of office as chancellor angela merkel and i think it because of the last 14 years that she's been chancellor the whole question of anti-semitism to take a stand against it and also has solidarity with the state of israel has been a very important part of a chance for
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a shift i think this is an important symbol together so given that 14 years she spent in the post why do you think it's taken so long for her to make this visit i can only speculate of course there were many people don't realize is there were dozens if not hundreds of small concentration camps labor camps throughout germany and occupied europe in eastern europe and she has made visits to several of those it's also important of course that the suffering of people in those smaller camps is also highlighted everybody knows as i said about auschwitz they don't necessarily know about these others and she's also of course been 4 times in fact is transferred to yad vashem the central show a memorial in jerusalem the chances visit comes at a time when i see semitism in germany is on the rise did you touch on this. in directly her speech it was divided into 2 sections the 1st half she emphasized the
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importance of memory why it's important to remember to honor the people who died in such an appalling way and particularly for germans she said she was filled with shame and so as a german for what happened in the name of germany. in. in the 1940 s. but. the 2nd part of and the is the real purpose the final the current relevance of remembering what happened and that is of course to try and prevent this from ever happening again there's no guarantee it will have been incidents of genocide since but it is a prerequisite if you don't remember the horrors that occurred then there is a far greater chance of course them occurring and as you say and the simpson has been on the rise it's not just simply a perceived rise and it is semitism they've been studies conducted by the e.u. have shown that over the last 5 years for example there has been and notable rise not only in in germany but in most of europe there's been
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a significant rise and the semitism so is this a the chancellor's a visit has a particular significance because of germany's role in these events generally how does germany deal with its responsibility to remember it's almost unique there is there is a culture of remembrance in germany didn't start immediately after the the 2nd world war but the generation born after the 1st of the 2nd world war confronted their parents and their grandparents with what they had really done and whether they were part of the nazi machine or not or whether they looked the way and that was a very very important and unusual grassroots movement that led to to a culture of remembrance. sadly with subsequent generations as we get further and further away from these terrible events there is a list and see to confront what really happened there's a tendency among quite a lot of people including germans to say this is something that happened to 3
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quarters of a century ago what's that got to do with me that the former german president may have done by i think put it very succinctly he said we do not have the shame of what happened because we do not bear the guilt of what happened because the individual people who were there are the ones who are guilty but we do as germans he said we have a responsibility and it's a responsibility to preserve the memory of what happened that is so that it doesn't happen again thank you so much. now we'll take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world france is facing more disruption as the country's largest public sector strike for decades and as its 2nd day has already caused severe disruption to public transport schools and hospitals workers are protesting against president macross plans to reform the pension system. climate activists gratitude because arrived in madrid in spain to
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take part in the un climate conference speaking at a press conference she said her school strikes were not a sustainable solution to the climbers emergency the people in power needed to do more. 3 people have been killed by a shooter at a major u.s. navy base in pensacola florida 8 people were taken to hospital after the 2nd deadly shooting at a u.s. military site this week the attack was shot dead by going for. a 6 story building has collapsed in kenya's capital nairobi leaving at least 3 people dead and dozens more injured military personnel have been helping with the search and rescue operation the kenyan red cross says 11 people have survived. 4 men accused of raping and killing a 27 year old woman had been shot dead by police in india with or to save the man who killed as they tried to escape custody me hydrabad the case is fox nationwide
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protests over violence against women and some people have been celebrating the suspects deaths. and a hero's welcome hundreds gathered to shower police with gifts as news of the suspects death spread people across india have praised the actions of these police after years of anger over authorities slow response to rising sexual violence against women. on the beat of what questionable many are all glad today the victim was the daughter of our societies that we have all gotten justice from now on whenever someone even thinks of doing such a thing they will think long and hard before doing it as a lesson learned 3 years authorities say the men were brought to the suspected crime scene to reenact their alleged killing police say the suspects then tried to seize their weapons and escape the officers responded by opening fire for the family of the victim who cannot be named for legal reasons justice has been served
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. for them i would like to thank and congratulate the regional government police and all those who supported me i hurt my daughter so it's now in peace. with. the men were suspected of raping murdering and burning the body of a 27 year old woman last week she was found under a bridge the next day. but not everyone is celebrating the suspects deaths family members of the accused men were distraught at the news the 4 men had not been formally charged with any crime opposition groups accuse police of taking the law into their own hands to pacify the public they are calling for a storage investigation. now political shake up within germany's social democratic party is prompting speculation that the governing coalition with chancellor backwards conservatives could be in danger the social democrats have confirmed
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a new leadership do you know but to fall to avoid some suspect asking for the new leaders are calling for changes to the coalition a great chance for americans conservatives may find unpalatable is newly elected co-leaders saskia asking the smart i was and am still skeptical about the future of the grand coalition might invite in my opinion on that hasn't changed to deal with this proposal and we are giving the coalition a realistic chance of continuing nothing more and nothing left me all about but the w.'s chief political observer is a species a party conference here in baghdad welcome michela so how did this new leadership team present itself. well as resoundingly windows of both the grassroots vote but also here at the party home front they received very broad backing to navigate what seems to be a very difficult course to take they are skeptical over what we just heard of the
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so-called grand coalition with bank of america will see to you posse they are laying down the all basically a set of demands where they want to renegotiate with the conservative c.d.u. on climate investment on overall investment also minimum wage of 12 year as is being discussed here else and that will be the big question in the end or else what just through to remind ourselves this self declared last term of anger them out in office has already seen the times thanks paul more says so does this mean what does what does this this step this is a main dance for this governing coalition without going back is concerned serves. it means that this marriage contract of the cold. could be renegotiated the c.d.u. is adamant that it won't reopen it it sounds a bit like the breaks it deal we expect some kind of compromise to be found on the
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social democrats here the particular new leadership so driven by the youth organization of the s.p.d. will have to have something to show so that ordinary delegates and the entire party will actually believe that they want to renew all of the social practices of credit s.p.d. that so suffered in the polls the self declared aim is to double their figures in the opinion polls well they're right about 50 right now so what more can we expect from the speech today conference. but the interesting question is whether or how big the majority will be for that line that the s.p.d. wants to take those key points of negotiation with angela merkel's c.d.u. and whether we might in the end here the one or other critical voice that simply wants to leave government the so-called kook or those voices have been remarkably silent so far. at the s.p.d.
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conference in balance thank you. this is day doubly news this is our top story german chancellor heineman back awesome as a 1st official visits of inform our state staff captain paul and back in the 10th anniversary of the foundation in charge of preserving. a space for the nazis largest death camp to a 2nd. visit with stephen because they is next i'll be back at the top of the out of the day. in a puzzle yourself it's not easy to go to another country you know nothing about my book i don't do this because we can't stay on venezuela i'm not down on the play that. closely global news that matters d.w. made for mines. was the speech of his life perhaps his best certainly
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his most difficult chancellor and cooler.


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