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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  December 6, 2019 11:02pm-11:31pm CET

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a place that come ons silence that is how the auschwitz death camp has been described it is here that the nazis murdered over $1000000.00 men women and children most of them jews during the holocaust and it is here that the german chancellor angela merkel has today spoken out against a rise in anti semitism in modern day germany but is the country's culture of remembrance crumbling despite the heavy weight of history on have an armed men and this is the day. games in the i'm filled with deep shame in the face of the barbaric crimes that were committed by germans. in biology is that we are obliged to preserve this memory because when memory fades it's like a 2nd injury to those people who went through hell here. all screwed auschwitz was
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a german death camp run by germans. version of you going to be free. you see those chimneys. you only gain freedom from those chimneys. there is no other work. good urging them out to try to make sure i bow before the victims of the shoah and their families many facts that i am allowed to be here today the bison of. course are coming up frustration at climate in action young activists at the un conference in madrid call a wild leaders to take the global emergency seriously. the crunch host still the law all those poll all can go all this is not the same level solution that children skip school we can't go all that. 2 of us on p. yes in the united states and around the world
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a very warm welcome glad you could join me for the 1st time in her 14 years as german chancellor angela merkel visited the former death camp on friday the site was the nazi's largest death count during the 2nd world war now on paper a visit mark the 10th anniversary of the foundation in charge of preserving the memorial but the timing what is more significant than that almost 75 years after the liberation of auschwitz today far right and peace sit in the german parliament anti semitic offenses are the highest level in a decade and a matter of months ago a government attempted a mass murder of jews in the german city of hama hardly a surprise then that in her address the chancellor stressed that preserving the memory of holocaust victims was not up for negotiation. it's foremost midday when german chancellor angela merkel arrives at the place that evokes the crimes of the nazi era like no other auschwitz former concentration and
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extermination camp the murder machine by 945 more than a 1000000 people had been killed here by the nazis. silently merkel approaches the so-called wall of death with the polish prime minister this is the place where the german shot dead thousands of poles. this is michael's 1st visit to auschwitz as chancellor for 24 years no german chancellor has flipped through this gate beneath the sign with the cynical slogan work sets you free a survivor silicones the cruelty he experienced as a child at the hands of the germans tells merkel how much these prisoners yearned to be free. and good after good old portrayed glee have since the beginning since bogost 1944 when i 1st arrived we were asking when it is that we can be free. stance of ingenuity
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a cop on the copper law factors here i'm say well if you want to be free the judges are good don't you see the chimneys that is how you will be free for hookers you can go just a commune merkel says she feels deep shame at the horrors of auschwitz the crime should be silently remembered she says but this shouldn't be the only response. she's also rejected once this sign to blind jesus to keep the memories alive you know we have to remember the crimes we have to identify the perpetrators and to commemorate the victims in a dignified manner that is i mean cheering responsibility it's not open to negotiation and keeping these memories alive is becoming more difficult as a few and fewer survivors remain that is why this memorial site is so important the german chancellor promised to make 16000000 euros available for renovations this
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will go towards repairing barracks gas chambers and fences so they remain a visual reminder of germany's crimes well d.w. correspondent tom aspira was at the memorial ceremony and he sent us his impressions of the chance of a speech this was our 1st visit to auschwitz birkenau since she became chancellor 14 years ago it was also the 1st time that a german chancellor visits this site in nearly 25 years this explains why i'm glad merkel's visit was described as one of historic dimensions i'm glad i gave a speech today in which she stressed germany's guilt germany's historic responsibility and how that responsibility is a very important part of germany's identity as a nation but she also stressed the lessons that can be drawn from the past in particular lessons for today's context and that context today in germany and europe is marked by a rise in 97 it is a. well hans cosin yosh joins me now and he is the director of the house of the
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vans a conference that's a memorial site for the prosecution of european and jews welcome thank you very much for coming in to discuss this important issue we are dealing with iraq as a bounty semitism in germany as well as in europe has something gone a rai with the culture off remembrance here in germany. i think the question of and to semitism somehow has to be detached from the question of the moral culture because there has been and to semitism in germany society well almost almost all the time at a certain level after the war even after the holocaust became known we know from research that as a percentage of the population continued to embrace and to semitic i just even though there were hardly any jews living in germany so it wasn't even the need for jewish life to show and to express and to send me to do you think about something
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that's been communicated about enough in the history books many people might be surprised to know that they think that off to the holocaust germany dealt with its past. well i think it's partially related to the fact that took a long time before germany actually started to deal with its. 1950 s. resemble a bit what the italians call a matter that was silence about the past and it's really in the late fifty's when the 1st trial. and trial in 1958 the auschwitz trial in 1963965 the eichmann trial that is the process starts where the next generation starts to come to terms with the past even if you say that anti-semitism in its rise in the culture of. remembrance may not necessarily be entirely knowing that we are seeing a rise in. so can that culture off remembering be used to deal with this problem
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that we are now starting to see an alarming problem here in germany i think it can and it has be used in order to. help people to differentiate also when they look at the situation in the east of the situation and you. can understand that. life in israel does not necessarily reflect the positions of jews living in germany for example. and that can help to understand why the situation today is like tis. the we live in a post-holocaust society i mean something has changed in germany because many young people i spoke to you know even for example 5 years ago they did bat a heavy feeling of guilt for the holocaust has that changed. well i think the political climate has changed in germany the fact that in the parliament leading
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put a politician of the day speaks about the search as it ignoring that we are looking at the very mocking part of german history. is quite telling in this context. but there's also another phenomenon which is some kind of a normalization of his toy ization we have the phenomenon that we are looking to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the liberation of auschwitz on the 27th of january next year an occasion for which we made an exhibition which looks at biographies of people who started to record crimes and to start to to shape memory cards in all of their small back which then amount to to remembering to remember and remembering wouldn't have been possible i know the perpetrators were doing everything to suppress remembrance and to suppress the remembrance of the victims and this is something we would like to draw attention to with opening in geneva on
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monday fantastic thank you very much finally one last point do you think the rise of the f.t. of the far right alternative for germany has had a significant impact in growing anti-semitism in modern day germany i think it does because it makes people feel more safe about expressing anti semitic feelings i think the feelings have existed before but. there was. no shame and more unwillingness to express it but i think be honest it contributes to creating a climate which is more conducive to making such expressions of hate and intolerance all right hans christian yeah shrum the house of the vinci conference thanks very much for expressing your insights on what is a very critical issue for one day germany to get to grips with thank you so much thank you very much and. also coming up on the day the week that was in the week that will be in the impeachment inquiry against us president donald trump
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a process that's getting personal and as a catholic i resent your using the word hate in a sentence that addresses me so don't mess with me when it comes to words like that . the 1st thousands of activists from around the world march through the spanish capital madrid to demand urgent action from wild leaders on the climate crisis teen eco warrior created turn but he refuses to fly because of the carbon footprint joined the rally off to a weeks long the boat journey across the atlantic from the u.s. friday's march coincides with the top $25.00 of course the un climate conference which opened with a stark warning about the failure of major economies to cut carbon emissions. and a news conference out of the rally tomorrow said cause for real action against climate change was still being ignored oh yeah the strike well for for
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over a year and still anything awful has happened. we got the boycotting of the whole actually for all the people in power i mean because people people are suffering and i think the political emotional scene today that we can have a great at it on. the words in the morning that. sylvia holton spokesperson for the aid organization wild vision germany joins me now in the studio thanks so much for coming in and let's kick off with then with a look at cop 25 i mean do you trust that the big decision makers there are doing enough no i don't i fear that they don't take the right to do so decisions what i'm hearing from the corp now is really disappointing. they have disputes around loss and damage and about carbon emissions it's
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so they're just looking on the paper whether they look nice and so lots of potential infighting yeah yeah there's a lot of infighting and so i don't think that the outcomes will be very good also if you look at the history of climate conferences so the 1st one started in 1905 so if you look what happened afterwards saw emissions carbon emissions were rising every year so. i must say i'm really disappointed until now a bleak outlook at the moment then but if you wanted to send a message for example and say what you want to see come out of this cop 25 from those big players what would it be we really need ambitious action yeah we need to acknowledge because the the earth is really at a critical stage we are nearly at the point of no return and we have an ngo we see
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all the disasters nearly every month a new disaster pops up so we don't know which these are so we should report about you say ambitious to action i'm wondering what concretely that would actually look like a few examples yeah the richest countries are responsible for this disaster so they have to help the poorest countries to cope with these. and have to help them. to do. yeah with loss and damage now you are coming from an aid organization you already deal with people here in very difficult situations but i'm wondering from your experience how much worse has it got for these kind of emergencies complex emergencies when you see people affected by one issue and then for example flooding or severe weather event makes it even more difficult for them and for you in your response yeah absolutely
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would wish and was responding last year to more than $100.00 full of 40 disasters helping $14000000.00 people around the world and as you said for example in april we had to die then actually nobody is reporting about 16 countries suffer from a drought 45000000 people affected around the lake chad which has dried out 10000000 people are affected actually we have floodings in kenya so you could go on like this all the time and. so this makes our work really really hard also it's hard it's not necessarily an encouraging picture right now any reasons to be hopeful. the world vision is supporting station method called f m n r sama and that's natural regeneration and this gives me some hope because
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it's a really fast and cheap method to reforest big areas. and i've seen the impact in solitude 13 springs came back after the forest was there in an area where people suffered from famine for 20 years and were relying on food aid now they can even sell crops to the world food program well hold on to that hope and keep up the good work sylvia holton from world vision germany thanks a lot for joining us here on think you are. well the walls and rapidly expanding cities found my sleep in africa are especially vulnerable when it comes to climate change the same hot heat waves rising sea levels more frequent floods longer last thing droughts now in lagos nigeria is largest city grows by more the $1000.00 people every day and a cocktail of rather rapid urbanization and climate change has come together to pose a grave threats to the people living there here's how they responded. in the nigerian
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megacity lagos the poor feel the heat hottest temperatures in one of africa's biggest cities are rising hurting people's health and making daily chores even more taxing in the city sprawling slums poor construction and overcrowding make heatwaves worse there is no ventilation when the sun beats down on community blog and motors and he built this home himself from wooden planks top poland nylon and cardboard after authorities demolished his old house in a massive diction. developed. economy to new well developments well you don't get us yet over us is. just. scorched by rising temperatures and wary of both orat least some residents are building their own way out of heatwave. architect papilloma teo has designed
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a training center for him with children that he has passive cooling to keep temperatures lurd inspired by traditional nigerian architecture on the tape uses compressed earth bricks that heat up during the day and release energy at night a wing shape truth disperses heat by diverting air flow he says cities are not doing enough to guard against temperature increases. heat is rising it keeps rising as the city develops as we're not dealing with pollution as we build tighter and tighter spaces so i think it's really critical that people think about heat when thinking about design. but with lagos growing at breakneck speed and new rather than settling mainly in slums people may need more than innovative design to stay cool. i'm asking i'm chairman to proceed with articles of impeachment but this is the weakest the thinnest impeachment in the history of
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america this process has been hijacked i think the most radical people in the country are running driving the impeachment process if they weren't so hard so fast against the president that now they're now they can't slow down democrats are too busy hosting a panel of law professors to gratis as president trouble growlers we don't take any glee in this at all it's heartbreaking but the president gave us no choice when you just heard it there the moment has arrived top us democrat nancy pelosi says articles of impeachment against president trump a coming she wants called impeachment a no go and looks likely to clear in the house but could any republicans break rank in the senate and how will the president defend what appears to be a long list of evidence against him well to discuss that and take a look at the week that was and the week that will be in the impeachment proceedings i'm joined now by political commentator ethan abandon who is in l.a.
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welcome to you ethan now once upon a time 9 months ago speaking on c pelosi said impeachment just wasn't worth it now she says that articles of impeachment that being drafted won't move the needle on the dial do you think. well there's overwhelming evidence that what came out regarding ukraine in this conspiracy this extortion this quid pro quo that happened that violates our constitution here in the united states you're not allowed to go to a foreign power on multiple levels here and 1st off to receive anything that would be of political gain which would be dirt against his political rival joe biden secondly congress has the authority under the tax and spend clause of our constitution to allocate money to be spent and in this case they allocated money specifically to ukraine which president trump held up in exchange for the fact that he wanted ukraine to publicly announce that they were investigating his top
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political rival that alone those 2 items are impeachable offenses and those 2 items will likely make up the fada in those articles that have being a draw off date impeachment in the lower house looks likely what then they ethan because politics already is messy right now in the united states how much more messy could it get. it's going to get even messier and what makes it worse is that our process as it's defined in the constitution is actually a little bit loose it's not like a criminal trial it's not like a civil trial it's a unique political trial that happens with impeachment and so as you just point out the lower house the house of representatives is essentially like a grand jury the investigative arm they will pass it with the democrats it would then get handed over to the senate where it's more like a regular trial with the judge who is actually that chief justice of the supreme court who presides over it and that's controlled by the republicans and it requires a 2 thirds vote in the senate so this becomes
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a highly political situation and what's even worse is all number of republicans in the senate were there when they used their power to try to impeach president bill clinton who was impeached by the house but not on the senate to be removed and they're going to reverse what they were saying from 20 years ago in defense of the president today i know the aspect in all of this is the biden aspect with joe biden coming i mean angry with a fight to challenge him on his son's involvement with the ukrainian company let's take a listen to that exchange and then i want to come back to you till you're you're selling access to the president just like he was so you got them liar that's not true the known as ever said it not i don't say you were going into thing wrong i mean said i said that my son the work on an oil company you know what you said i got to read straight jack if in past the impeachment inquiry backfired fifa biden and his presidential bid. i don't think so at all and joe biden is leading in all
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the national polls i actually think that a number of voters are going to find that appealing that he stood up for himself and his son to look 100 biden does have a number of issues that are facing him but typically it's the sins of the father that reflect on the son not the sins of the son that reflect on the father there is 0 evidence at this point tying joe biden at all with any of these foreign employment opportunities that made him millions of dollars the way that we have seen with for example don't trump jr and his kids so no there is nothing that joe biden did that got 100 by these jobs 100 was doing these things long before joe biden was vice president he started doing it again after joe biden who knows he wasn't running in 2016 this is a great political fodder that is based on nothing other than. a story told to divert from what is really happening with the president and that impeachment process talking about the inquiry the proceedings that will go ahead that i mean is
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there any sign of the slightest potential republican or a baddie in any sense is that make it a way that supports. well there is only one so far and he's a representative in the u.s. house who quit the republican party over what he sees as this unconstitutional mess created by this administration is just no match for michigan i don't see the republican senators peeling away i think that they've actually done an excellent job politically speaking of circling the wagons around their president possibly giving up their political futures because many of us will remember what they have done through this process giving up the rule of law and their oaths to defend the constitution and we find that many of us find it to be very problematic and we will remember that the future but the president i don't sincerely doubt will be removed from office by the senate i think the republicans will hold firm very briefly one last question to you this impeachment proceedings how much has held up all the progress and the u.s.
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politics on off the key issues for the country it really hasn't and again i don't believe that's a canard being used by the republicans the democratic house of representatives has passed over 400 bills that are being held up by the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and then they use that as a weapon even though he has held up those bills on votes in the senate has passed both houses here in the united states they're just using that as a political weapon that has no basis again whatsoever all right political commentator ben joining us from l.a. thanks for sharing your perspective thank you. well the day is almost over the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter don't forget to use the hash tag the day to continue that conversation thanks for your company and till next time by.
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the point of showing a clear position on the international perspective such. nato leaders of this week be meeting in london to mark the 70th anniversary of an organization that wants to see itself as the most successful military alliance in history but how deep of the rifts within iraq is find out on to the point of choice for the. next
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time on d w a. d q you know that 77 percent of optics are younger than 6 o'clock. that's me and me and you. and you know what it's time oh boy says i want part. of the 77 percent. this. was 77 percent this weekend on d w. look closely. carefully. to be true to the.
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discover who. subscribe to. documentary to. nato leaders of this week been meeting in london to mark the 70th anniversary of an organization that styles itself as the most successful military alliance in history however provocative claims from french president. of nato is as he put it to break triggered an angry reaction from all those not least from u.s. president donald trump who described the comment as nasty insulting and disrespectful. as usual work to seek some sort of compromise and
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consensus conclude.


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