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this is g.w. newsline from gurley burning out of control bushfires in australia combined to form a make defying the sydney which crusade is to peak to put out the country's largest city is shrouded in a cloud of toxic smoke also coming up. swedish climate activists gratitudes bergen joins thousands of young people on a march through madrid to the mounting world leaders to take real action on climate change. german chancellor angela merkel makes her thirst official visit to the
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auschwitz death she says remembering the nazis barbaric murder of millions of jews and others is a responsibility for us. and fronts braces for a 3rd day of travel destruction with yellow fist protest is expected to join in striking transport workers the government insists it will not back down from its planned pension reform. dreamed welcome in australia several bushfires have joined together north of sydney to form what's being called a mega fire it's burning out of control in an area stretching some 60 kilometers and authorities say it's just too big to put out a strategy has been dealing with severe fires for weeks now bushfire is a common day but meteorologists say climate change is and is exacerbating the fire
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season and therefore costing more hot dry and windy conditions in the coming days. some of the flames the 30 meters high this footage was taken by a fireman on his phone east in australia has been plagued by bushfires for weeks now at least 8 smaller fires have merged into a mega fire 16 kilometers long fire patrols are being tested to the limit. for this there's a 3rd rate of fire mortars coming up bushfires are not uncommon in australia but this year they've started unusually early for years large parts of the country have suffered extreme drought in such conditions fires start easily and spread rapidly. you're very mournful. a huge amount of smoke the smoke that is going. on. communities that far away so those 4 hours are significant the 4 of.
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sydney's famous skyline is envelop in a veil of smoke the city is just 75 kilometers from one of the main fire source says it suffering some of the worst smog ever more heat drought and wind forecast and that means the fires burning. across now to sydney and speak to journalist. hi andrea we've been looking at these pictures from sydney we know it's a city that's normally so proud of its clean air and clear skies but it's looking almost apocalyptic what's it like being there right now living there. well loss really is changing jared here at the moment papal staying inside schools making sure that the kids don't go out at lunch sports events canceled and just generally that very strange watch that's caused by tons and tons of smoke about the city for a number of weeks now so it's certainly different for those people living in the
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middle of the city people are wearing mosques around the city as they go to work but obviously on the far fronts especially south waste of sydney who are fighting to defend their own homes obviously it's even more pressing and even more demanding for them over these weeks andrea bring us up to speed with this so-called make a fire that's burning north of sydney how's it traveling and how many other fires are burning well this is the gospels mountain fire and it has merged with a number of other far as we heard there in the report it's larger than the whole metropolitan area of sydney so it gives you an idea sydney is a very stretched out city to start with about 330008 is in size it has merged together with out before i was in that area and it's pressing a city north of city called cos that which does to attach to sydney or most of the largest sunni area there are a number of other far as i mentioned the one south west of sydney are the ones
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probably getting close to homes and then on the south coast as well further down the coast from sydney but at some stages this last week we've had up to 100 far as binning across the state that died down a little bit yesterday but it's still in and around that number. now under a meteorologists have been saying the fire is caused by drought that's being exacerbated by climate change as we know this tragedy has been locked in a political battle for many years over climate and energy policy these fires having any impact on the debate. well it's funny because we've just this last week had the last sitting wake of parliament before by close up of the year and conspicuously absent from dubai yesterday with anything to do with the bush far as the politicians know it's happening but i think at the moment they're struggling to talk about it because we have a very divided to bite and i probably don't want to politicize it right in the
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middle of the fall is that the heart because it really is challenging a strenuous biggest city at the moment i'll be very surprised if off the baseball has died down which could take weeks could take months but the bite doesn't really flare up again because you've got a conservative prime minister who. is less likely to say the connection between human caused climate change and you've got an opposition that use more willing to discuss it and that the moment they're not really mating and in the meantime sydney is battling far as it very draw in our conditions. lesley in sydney thank you thanks for staying on the topic of climate change is coming that's the message teenage activist granted to the world leaders who she says aren't taking the threat of global warming seriously enough she was speaking to a rally of demonstrators in the spanish capital madrid that's where the un is holding the latest rounds of talks on implementing the landmark the 25th jane paris
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climate record. books clear demonstration of anger on the streets of madrid. tens of thousands of people gathered to demand politicians do more about the climate crisis. among them indigenous people from latin america including the from chile. the climate conference was due to be held there but moved to madrid following social unrest. he was glad i was there are a missed clear politicians need to be more ambitious and listen to the people that it's all about his would tell if it was nice about the time it's in crisis we need a solution as quickly as possible and on this. the outcome of the 1st few days of the conference has been decided the mediocre industrial nations in particular are dragging their feet. one issue has been the damage caused by global warming many affected countries are demanding financial support from wealthier nations some are
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even threatening litigation swedish climate activist where the tune berg was accorded a pop star's welcome she too expressed deep frustration the chinese curse is still being ignored by those in power and we cannot go on like this it is not a sustainable solution for children skip school demonstrators are hoping their efforts will put pressure on the conference delegates and provide much needed momentum for the week of talks ahead. now to some of the other stories making news around the world anti-government protests in chile ended the 50th day on friday we have both peaceful and violent demonstrations taking place across the country protests began over a subway fare hike in october and have grown into a broad movement demanding education health care and pension reforms.
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tesler co-founded a long mosque has been found not guilty of defamation by a court in los angeles a british cave explorer had brought the lawsuit against moscow after he branded him a quote peter guy on twitter a plaintive vernon unsworth was seeking $190000000.00 in damages from us. british opposition leader jeremy coleman and prime minister boris johnson have gone head to head in a final pre-election televised debate coburn argued that democratic socialism had worked well in britain in the past and it would again bring prosperity to the poor johnson said or in the dynamic market economy would improve public services. free. or german chancellor angela merkel has paid her 1st official visit to the former death cab the site in poland was the nazis largest death camp during the 2nd world war chancellor merkel's visit mark the 10th anniversary of the foundation that
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preserves the memorial she paid tribute to the victims of the camp and spoke all of the necessity of remembering the atrocities committed day. it's almost midday when german chancellor angela merkel arrives at the place that evokes the crimes of the nazi era like no other auschwitz former concentration and extermination camp the murder machine. by 945 more than a 1000000 people had been killed by the nazis. silently merkel approaches the so-called wall of death with the polish prime minister this is the place where the german shot dead thousands of poles. this is merkel's 1st visit to auschwitz as chancellor for 24 years no german chancellor has walked through this gate but make the sign with the cynical slogan what sets you free a survivor bill recalls the cruelty he experienced as
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a child at the hands of the germans tells michael how much these prisoners yearned to be free. what courtroom since the beginning since august 1944 when i 1st arrived we were asking when it is that we can be free. started binge novia cropland the capital lawford house or i say well if you want to be free the judges that go there and you see the chimneys that is how you will be free nor should record you should go just tickle me in america merkel says she feels deep shame at the horrors of auschwitz the crime should be silently remembered she says but this shouldn't be the only response. she's also rejected once this site obliges us to keep the memories alive. we have to remember the crimes we have to identify the perpetrators and to commemorate the
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victims in a dignified manner that is our engineering responsibility it's not open to negotiation and keeping these memories alive is becoming more difficult as fewer and fewer survivors remain that is why this memorial site is so important for the german chancellor promised to make $16000000.00 euros available for renovations this will go towards repairing barracks gas chambers and fences so they remain a visual reminder of germany's crimes. well france is bracing for a weekend of disruption with yellow vest protest is expected to join striking public sector workers the largest strike for decades has crippled transportation in the country but in his 1st comments since the strike began france's prime minister insisted the government would not scrap its pension reform plans and that the changes would be fair. france's high speed trains at a standstill confusion at the stations in paris as travel show jewels are disrupted
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for a 2nd day in fact transport as a whole has been hardest hit by the public sector strike with nearly a 3rd of all workers staying home. pens are down at schools too with more than half of public teachers walking out that means no extra curricular activities and after school child care. trade unions are calling for continued protests piling the pressure on president emanuel macross to back down on pension reforms for the strain is taking its toll across the board by somebody in tunica is just another wasted day like yesterday you can't go to work and you can't go to school i went be able to catch up but annoys me actually like you know i will fit but. life is difficult i see people right here living on the street i'm concerned about the pensions the unemployment so are in favor of the strike to move all pleasure as i
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am supporting them i'm not taking part because i have to go to work but i am behind them this is all for. the unions risk not being in tune with the public if the strikes carry on without bearing fruit but the government cannot afford to see the country ground to a halt indefinitely at the moment it's a battle of who can hold on the longest. was. born the league of football now in the 15th match day of the season kicked off on friday night. frankford hosting have to belin and then you coach yogen kinsman the legendary player manager was looking for his 1st win and despite the run of play his team took the lead in the 30th minute dirty looking back yard with the goal delighting kinsman in fact good to know late but they couldn't quite hold it sebastian tied it up in minute 86 for frankfurt and that's how it ended the finals . you're watching news from berlin world stories is coming up next this
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time looking at france which has one of the highest murder rates for women in europe you can follow us on twitter i d w news and is more now web site. called i'm charged for you. was the speech of his life drops his best certainly his most difficult the speech by calling dresden on december 19th 1989. shortly after the fall of the rest of the chancellor addresses.


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