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but they couldn't quite hold it sebastiano tied it up in minute 86 for frankfurt and that's how it ended the finals. you're watching news from berlin well the stories is coming up next this time looking at france which has one of the highest murder rates for women in europe you can follow us on twitter i d w news and is more now website. dot com i'm sorry. it was the speech of his life perhaps his best certainly his most difficult the speech by calling dresden on december 19th 1989.
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shortly after the fall of the rest of the chancellor addresses the people of east germany. in the mideast tense the crowd clamors for german unity journalist peter lim borg was at the scene. 30 years later he looks back on the. interest and starts december 19th d.w. . this week on more stories. georgia beating the drum for reforms. coming rather than playing normal life for children in china but we begin in chile here as everywhere in south america the gap between rich and poor keeps growing
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many people are forced to live in slums where conditions are cut a straw fic. i pay. this is my house. this is where a friend of mine sleeps. i got me this is my room. i'm not ashamed to show it to you i gave it away this is where i sleep it's a bit messy because on the weekends i like to rest. in and go you know and i believe in the virgin and in god. it's thanks to them that i'm here when i 1st got to santiago i had to sleep out on the street. has lived in this camp in central sun tiago for 15 years he became homeless when his family rejected him after he came out as homosexuals here he found acceptance albeit only within the camp limits. as one of tens of thousands of people
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living in the slums of. according to a recent census there are 802 camps in the country over 47000 families in situations of extreme vulnerability. the chilean n.g.o.s calculates 50 percent of them are forced to live in these shanty towns because they can't afford rent this so there are a lot of people who move to these camps because of safety concerns but even if you believe a comp is safer than the districts they can afford to live in. many of them also immigrants but that's a much smaller fraction. of. his n.-g. o. tries to involve the camp's inhabitants in what's happening in the country in a meeting in front of shock they share their thoughts and ideas about the recent up people. protesters demand dignified living conditions for all chileans
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a reality that has long seemed out of reach for one of the founding members of this camp. this is our toilet it's a bit dirty. this is where we relieve ourselves. we can wash here we can shower here we can cook here but it's not dignified. because of that this is my bedroom. my blanket my stuffed animal my bottle of water. and my candle because i have no electricity here. i think my biggest wish is to get out of here because i have children. i don't want them to see me in this situation . with my goodness and i don't want them to see me like this it's not the future i want for them. it's nothing outrageous he's asking for access to shelter and adequate social
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services or human rights one and go to work every day hoping to save enough money to someday apply for subsidized housing the fact that they might never get it is just one of the many reasons chileans are still looking to the streets. like a memory is adamant that georgia's electoral laws have to change last summer she took part in protests and was badly injured the government had initially agreed to reform the electoral system it went back on its word michael mori refuses to accept this. michael mori wants to make noise. over the terms that i can put the things i can't say with words into music. music helps me to control my feelings. i chose to learn the drums because they allow me to express my anger my resentment
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my happiness and my depression. says she's always wanted to learn how to play but the 19 year old student only started lessons 2 months ago after she lost her left eye during demonstrations in the summer. in june thousands of protesters demanded the switch to a proportional electoral system in georgia when the police use rubber bullets and tear gas against demonstrators hundreds were injured including the government was pushed into promising change. since her injury the government has been paying marco's medical bills but now that the ruling party has gone back on its promise of electoral reform her frustration at what happened burns even stronger but. i'm still angry of course i've accepted the reality of what happened. i can't change that anymore i've become the victim of injustice. my face all of me.
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and when i see that that injustice still hasn't ended and that we haven't won at all that just strengthens my anger that rage essentially takes over me. but demonstrators are determined to keep taking to the streets until the government concedes snap elections and changes to a proportional electoral system to many marco has become one of the faces of the ruling parties broken promise whether she wanted to or not. that i have always of the people is very hard to ignore the voice of the people is the biggest governing force for a country not individual politicians and when a country is democratic you can get justice you just have to fight for it keep oil to that's how i thought well that was just. marco is taking her case to georgia's courts she doesn't plan to give up her fight and neither did the
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protesters. how their relatives behaved during the nazi era. this is a taboo question in many german families. we knew the young woman who was revealed her family members nazi past. when lena added innocent looks at pictures of her great grandmother one of the things she looks for are attributes she might also have nana kaante was the head of the german midwife says association when she was in charge what the nazis called and worth the life had to be reported. to with a purpose and. that meant that children born with disabilities had to be killed. these are processes my great grandmother was responsible for with us.
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that is so cruel that you get goosebumps. even now. leo conti you must not conscious innocence grand uncle as the not to stop doctor he took part in human experiments knysna learned about her and just this past when she was 14 but she only began looking into trees simply when right wing populist ideas started getting ground in germany like many families nuisance mostly kept silent about the past and this and this part of a group led by peers have begun event which brings together descendants of nazi offenders and holocaust survivors his jewish grandparents were probably shot by hunger in nazis he says this picture of them has always been the carrier of his family's sadness the nazi past is still a taboo in many families he says the. perpetrator
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generation never talked about this process guilt. feelings of shame. that were going on subconsciously they transmitted them to the next generation. as time passes to tunis and feels the urge to break the silence she has plans to turn her family's nazi history into an art project she feels making this past populate is in part an superb and it's repetition. cramming rather than plain that's normal life for 7 year olds in china the parents are worried that school alone is not enough. that's where they fill their kids' leisure time with foreign languages math and sport. this is a major impact on the family's whole life. joe waits here every day at 330 for her son's class to end she quit her job so that she could spend more time
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raising shall show. the 7 year old spends 7 hours a day in school but that's only part of his education but. archer. jo ing has organized a schedule of activities for his afternoon love love love love everything they start at 4 pm with her talk about the day's homework like many middle class parents in china she feels the regular school curriculum isn't enough for her child it's common for families to pay for additional classes and tutoring. not. just. round here. show shows extracurricular lessons include anguish chinese swimming exercise and math chinese parents spend an average of $15000.00 euros annually on private tutoring by 5 45 pm show showers
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finished his math and english exercises. he and his mother take a break for dinner his father works 12 hours a day so shall shell barely sees him during the week chinese children are already being trained for their later workload. rara shifts eyes i think i have enough time to play if i get my homework done quickly i have more but if i'm too slow i have less sometimes i have an hour a day sometimes 40 minutes or just 20 hours it depends. china's technophile society enthusiastically embraces new teaching methods especially if they're more playful than traditional learning by rote but joe ing sometimes asks are selfish she's pushing him too far she. says that many children now in china excellent students but then they fail an important exam
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and they can't deal with the frustration and they jump off a roof top what matters most to me is to raise a healthy personality. that's an issue that's much discussed on the internet in china the competition to enter the best schools in universities is fierce and there is one thing that has not changed for generations chinese characters require a lot of practice. at 930 he's finally done bedtime. he just finished 12 hours of studying and activities. and now it's sunday but he's not off today either shouts parents have decided to limit his activities on weekends to one class per day on sundays he gets tutored in physical fitness another tough week is over for shall show in the afternoon his parents have something special in store they're taking him to a museum. takes
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it personally with the wonderful people and stories that make it so special. truth about. the. next d.w.i. . street debate a special edition from nigeria the fiery topic this time for just growing population blessing or a curse cleansing population is a big lesson to any constitution it depends on the will the government is managing . when it's all come out this issue's going to be once again this intense i
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indicated all these issues will go down to become the. 60 minutes of t.w.r. and. what secrets lie behind this one. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. t.w. world heritage 360. getting up now. was keeper who feels right at home and see
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a mountain gladbach and in the pond to slink out. of polish top scorer who clearly enjoys the term.


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