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tv   The Bundesliga  Deutsche Welle  December 8, 2019 4:15am-4:31am CET

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we will. also collect trees one football team is racking up points at the top of germany's main leak all the top thrills and spills next. you're watching news from berlin i'm told me a lot of things which are. coming out of the famous naturalist and explorer. to celebrate like some go from 250. discovery. expedition boy on.
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christmas time on to. this right here is the class you've been waiting for all week. off the top of the table 2 months ago and how it would look back since past a 14 opens with a table top against the recall of champions. buying season has been to say the least for points off the face of the season is not how they saw their campaign panning out could they get their own back against the folks. at buying get their way lives in the red bulls lie and wait. a win for you dan i was going to his
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charges against his former side hoffenheim claim top spot. that and plenty more to come in this edition of the bundesliga hit on the w m mechanic line welcome to the show. by in munich is the real classic in the sixty's seventy's and eighty's these 2 teams of 5000 for bundesliga supremacy went back and forth back and forth and so on and eventually got relegated at the end of the 90 at the end of the ninety's the rivalry lay dormant until this season is the 1st time since the last one the title in 1977 they were top of the table ahead of their former foes if the full championship ambitions are to be taken seriously that a win against buy in is a must. pull conquering table toppers versus plucky underdogs just not the way round you were expecting that that welcomes boy in fright don't cheer much the 6 points are by and should have led after just 14 minutes robert levin dusty
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caressing this effort just one of the post fortunately for blood back the pole shooting boots remain at large. you're sure kimmey schwinn even closer just before the half hour mark the midfield as if it squeezing beneath the squirming zama. butts replays confirm the swiss keeper got a finger to it in the mean time. barely the breath of a break 1st innings. but you can only keep them out for so long points breakthrough came through even parasitic chin the faulty 9 minutes his 3rd of the campaign the croatian struggling on the spot before volleying beyond a hot summer. cutback came to life 11 minutes later ronnie pennsylvania noting the home side level. the algerian completely on mars. area
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by and with only themselves to blame. but late bloodbaths surge brought yet more drama as how the martinez has down marcus to ram inside the bar and boss the referee with little choice but to flash a 2nd yellow my reply showed martinez got a little off the ball and a whole lot of the big frenchman. pensive 80 stepped up and doubled his tally to give that back 23 points by the sea on the pitch by bedlam in the stands above a performance of champions from moscow rose aside. as the bundesliga title race continues to tear up the script. but. we do a good work at the moment we are working hard for our 4 points as well tonight and now we really win our home games that's that's really important doesn't matter
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against which opponent so. we keep on working we don't speak about too much things to keep on working on to be a real believing that this team has a lot of quality and looking forward to it. it's really disappointing that we've got 0 points from our last 2 games. so it's a very bad situation consciousness. by very bad indeed next match see is the past and the present collide you're not as man was saying non-domestic hoffenheim during his 3 and a half year reign he pulled them out of the relegation zone and into the champions league that saw him make the move to leipzig ahead of this season and surprise surprise the bulls are raging on the his tenure he faces form a club for the very 1st time on saturday and although they can't claim the top spot any longer when they could keep the gap of just one points. you leonardo's mom has
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leipsic firing on all cylinders just one point off the 1st place they've got the league's most potent attack that's a largely thanks to team event who had 7 goals in his last 4 matches headed into the weekend visiting hoffenheim fortunes have drifted in the opposite direction since not muslims departure struggling for consistency under alford choi to topping their former coach as side would be a tough test but take wasted little time demonstrating their offensive firepower then a neatly completed a given go with patrick chick in the 11th minute to put the hosts ahead and pat is already impressive goal haul one nil leipzig. oppenheimer responded by ratcheting up the pressure but any momentum the visitors could muster was dashed by a 52nd minute penalty call i team of venice stepped up and coolly drove it down the middle doubling leipzig so he was the dominant hosts put the cherry on top in
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the 83rd minute with muscle sabots or cleaning up in the box to make it 3 nil summits or is yet another leipsic player blossoming under now goes man and this was his 4th goal in 5 matches. hockenheim would salvage a sliver of dignity with a minute left to play i mean because should shoulder the ball home to put the visitors on the board. sugar's side suffered a humbling 31 defeat at the hands of their former boss goes mom van and co keep up there toward pits on the tail of legal eating gladbach. by. leipzig 2nd the top of the table is sort of but what's going on in the european places the next 3 matches were exactly that question we kicking off this mouthwatering summary with leverkusen was a shocker the home side haven't had much luck at home recently failing to win their last 4 games but they have won the last 2 on the road in all competitions to boost
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their confidence so maybe just maybe there's a chance of a change of fortunes on the cards. lever couzin wanted a home win to follow last weekend's success in munich but they had to be wary shall have won their last 2 on the road. a set play produced the 1st goal beyond bailey's corner finding lucas l.r.u. 01 no later coups and shell keeper alexander at fault. the next goal was don't to leave a cousens a team of a midi out on greece combined to give a lot to his 2nd and beattie one minutes. shelter could manage only a consolation goal should be to remand to one finished. at dortmund dominated fortuna disallowed or for long periods without looking dangerous
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it was 42 minutes before my royce meet there speaking as he paid 51 mil i've but after the break we've seen 5 or steam was unstoppable. doubled their lead on 50 minutes as dusseldorf fell apart dortmund regained the freshness that's been lacking for so much of the season and sun she will be to kill 5 royce son to each not a brace to make the final score 5 nil dortmund's biggest win of the season. says we played very very good football we scored goals we showed a bit of joy in our play everything was there today that we had looked for in so many other games. it's enough as a never going to miss period just before the winter break it's important to win games especially given dortmund celebrates a 2 week wins in a row for the 1st time since august the. freiburg
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vs phelps berg was nothing to write home about the one thing of note from. schmidt's scintillating freekick that gave the hosts all 3 points. made coach. a happy man. was a club that we showed a very very big physical presence against at sea that is physically brutally strong that's a great story. we have one game left for you and it was a purely bottom half affair mines look to extend their winning start and the on the road in alex bug. where the better side but it was the guest who took the lead early on living with this in the 15 minutes. and just ahead of the break. tied things up make it one. midway through the 2nd half through. the winner for the home side. extends their unbeaten run to 4 matches.
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now here's a look at results from match day 14 so far it's been an exceptionally good weekend for the home side this weekend. in dortmund freiburg an outspoken all keep their 3 points at home frankfurt so far the only side to drop points that was at home to head to on friday are 2 more games that forwards on sunday. and braman let's see if the points stay in those 2 cities now let's have a look at the table and see what's changed the top 2 are untouchable but they've opened a 4 point gap and by and surprise surprise it and 7th that must really for the record champions has been very different movement in the bottom half because the most the teams are playing to more. move up after their win and of course had to move up after the draw on friday now it's time for the play of the day the winner is marco royce with 44 percent of the vote. the dogman captain gets the
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gong but it was really just the final link in a dazzling chain of postures that kickstarted don't wednesday against just. sort of the final ball for royce and it set the tone for a 5 nil win and that is you'll play of the day. that's all from us here on the bundesliga will be back on sunday and talk about this group of member how i mean green and white players happy as can be and rightfully so after seeing all find out on the highlights when you came here in berlin against fellow from outside alone in a class that could be considered a relegation 6 points braman versus possible and so then for me and the rest of the team here in berlin thank you and goodbye.
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