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the beans. last . the business didn't really use live a from the pro-democracy rallies in hong kong or the largest crowds in months organizers say 800000 people took part in what they called allows chunks of the city's pro beijing government our correspondent passed the detectives also coming up a major fall and gulf of fracture you'd india's capital delhi the early morning blaze leaves more than 60 people dead most of the workers it was seething inside the building. and people in valerie's take to the streets to demand that country stays
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independent as russia pushes facts closer you. are an. abode. i'm going home free glad you could join me pro-democracy demonstrators in home call have been staging that not just anti-government rally in months thousands from the streets in what's been the 1st notch scale march to be approved by since your thirty's since it's now off to haul off idea of protest demonstrations say they want to show the world that they are not giving up both city authorities and protest organizers called for calm ahead of the rally police announced that they had arrested several people on weapons charges. well the pill has been following those protests in hong kong and sentenced this. the pro-democracy movements previous day it can still
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attracts huge numbers of people onto the streets there had been a low in protests like this since the district council election results last month where pro-democracy candidates won by a landslide shattering government claims that a silent majority was against protests like this since then authorities here have promised to listen and reflect on those results but have offered no further concessions now the protesters back a sea of people of all ages marching in what's been a largely peaceful protest today this protest also marks 6 months since the 1st major rally of this movement since then thousands of people have been arrested some 10000 rounds of take gas fired making the numbers back on the streets today all the more striking also a clear sign that these protests aren't coming to an end any time soon. our correspondent in hong kong well
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a fire has killed at least 43 people in the indian capital delhi it's believed that an electrical faults caused the blaze which swept through a factory where workers were sleeping. the fire erupted in the early hours of the morning turning the 6 torrie building into a death trap for laborers who lay sleeping inside. emergency services rushed to the scene but in a neighborhood where electrical wires dangling over narrow lanes lined with small manufacturing units their progress was slow this is a congested traffic densham area authorities have already set that fire from its would not issue to these workshops and locals believe that more studies operations are largely illegal. the workshop produced bags and wallets and draw flammable materials evidently fueled the fire as it swept through the building. local residents were quick to blame authorities for failing to enforce fire safety standards there's any way that i get with the authorities are clearly not doing
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their job there are still exposed wires here highly flammable materials but no safety measures are implemented these incidents are bound to happen. this is the biggest problem here nobody listens to us we have complained many times but none of the authorities pay any attention. to my. side the hospital morgue desperate relatives wait to identify the victims many were poor migrant workers who had nowhere else to sleep between long shifts some relatives said they'd received phone calls from their loved ones trapped by flames and crying for help before the line went dead. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world several people have gathered in the ukrainian capital kiev to urge president followed in your selenski to resist pressure from russia to rally comes on the eve of a summit in paris between selenski and his russian counterpart vladimir putin now
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that talks on aimed at ending the russian backed insurgency in eastern ukraine which is now in its 5th year. u.s. president donald trump has wound north korean leader kim jong il and he has quote everything to lose if he does not denuclearize up young yang said it had carried out an important tested a missile launching site the north once u.s. concessions before moved to its. firefighters are racing to contain almost $800.00 bushfires in austin eastern australia where the conditions of east but a neck of fire close to the biggest city sydney is still threatening homes and heat waves with strong winds is forecast for this week an authority sphere that will fuel most of the places. syrian opposition activists say that at least 18 people have been killed in as strikes in a province the last rebel stronghold in the northwest observers say the bombs were dropped from syrian government and russian aircraft in another violation of the 3
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month old system. where hundreds of demonstrators take to the streets of the bella russian capital minsk to protest against closer ties with russia sunday marks 20 years since the 2 countries signed a union agreement that in visits to close political economic and military relationship but which stopped short of forming a single nation but a recent push by russia towards the so-called union state has sparked anger in batterers who are. passions are running high here as plain clothes police try to keep this rally on. control it's unusually large for bella ruse several 100 people are demonstrating against a closer union between moscow and minsk. 6 protesters shout long live below bruce and some photos of russian president vladimir putin.
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the demonstrators here are closer union could mean a loss of independence some point to the war in ukraine and russia's annexation of crimea as a cautionary tale. russia. russia means evil russia means war russia means poverty we have to move towards a civilized world of course we should have some sort of trade relations with russia only at a minimum level. this new char's countries around the whole world are respectful towards each other by russia. as a fog and as an aggressor. and this side of the board union we don't want to union let's be friends but live in separate apartments. on saturday bello russian president alexander look at shankar and his russian counterpart vladimir putin met to discuss deepening an existing union treaty between their countries fishley became a union state 20 years ago but so far the agreement has mainly existed on paper
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moscow has recently been pushing towards further integration both governments insist the negotiations are purely economic but the protesters in minsk don't believe them the rallies organizers say the demonstrators are defending their country they chant for independence. many of you are carrying european flights and red and white flight of the 1st independent belorussian state. in the past 25 years the russification of the roost has gone so far that it's hard to say where independence begins or ends we don't want to road map printed ration this card game of the. later penrose's unacceptable we want independent service the most. unauthorized rallies like this one are rare and valorous and can be dangerous but the protesters say they will keep taking to the streets to fight for their country's future. but it is neither football now and
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the biggest match of the season so far surprised he does mention glad that proves they can more than hold their own against last season's champions by new nick for full conquering table toppers versus plucky underdogs just not the way round you were expecting that back welcomes by an free don't cheer meisters 6 points are by and should have led off to just 14 minutes robert leavened dosti caressing this effort just one of the post fortunately for black back the pole shooting boots remain at large. you're sure kim ish went even closer just before the half hour mark the midfield as if it squeezing many for squirming young zama. butts replays confirm the swiss keeper got a finger to it in the nick of time. barely the breath of a breath 1st innings. but you can only keep them out for so long binds breakthrough came through even parasitics in the 49 minutes of his 3rd of the
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campaign the croatians struggling on the spot before volleying beyond a hapless summer. got back came to life 11 minutes later ronnie pennsylvanian noting the home side level. the algerian completely are not in the area by and with only themselves to blame. highlights cloud passed surged through yet more drama as how the martinez has down markers to ram inside the bottom but the referee with little choice but to flash a 2nd yellow. replay showed much he missed got a little off the ball and a whole lot of the big frenchman. pennsylvanians stepped up and doubled his tally to give that back full 3 points. ecstasy on the pitch i beg you it stands. by performances of champions from moscow rose aside.
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as the bundesliga title race continues to tear up the street. and we take a look now at the bundesliga school board for match day 14 and beilein of just completed a home victory over cologne on saturday when thrashed disallow doth like sick leave accuse and 5 we're going out spoke well they will one anil friday frankfurt drew with hatter and there the play man hosts rock bottom part of born later on sunday. now to the non usual battle in the art world over a banana an artwork featuring the fruit by the italian artist catalan has been sold some of the $100000.00 in miami but then another artist ate it forest whiting has the story she joins me now alex this does sound a little bit like a joke but what do you tell him or it doesn't like a joke but it's true it's about a phenomena like this from a local grocery store that was stuck to a wall using duct tape just like this is all part of an installation for
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a miami art fair called art basel then another artist came along his name is david tuna who refer to himself as the hungry artist there he is he decided it looked too good to eat good enough to eat so he called it from the wall peeled it and in front of a crowd that was gathering before him he decided to start eating it and people were gathering around him taking photos and then a rather hassled member of staff turned up and said come with me please which he did i mean that sounds pretty strange guy i think the strangest part of the stories that someone has just paid $120000.00 for this piece of art right not just $13.00 people have paid 120000 dollars at least minimum for limited editions of this the person who bought this particular one was a french collector you think he would be furious about the fact that his artwork has now been eaten but apparently it's not about the binondo itself it's about the
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idea and every person has got a certificate of authenticity which means that they are told if when the banana gets over right they can replace it or when this case when it has been eaten it can be replaced but obviously the stuff at the gallery we're not happy about what happened. he was not arrested bradley has came to leave to do it and to leave the fair and we have his contact and everything so we can go we can go further. right. i don't think we will we're talking about the artist and cut it and i have seen some of his work and it is i mean it's quite unusual anyway isn't it it is and you've probably seen the 18 karat gold glue that was in place it to blend in palace that's a stately home in oxford in england unfortunately it was stolen and all those 6 people have been arrested in connection with that the new itself has never been found now back to the banal it was replaced on the wall using duct tape pretty
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quickly after this happened there are now stuff daunting in it but you have to say this is fantastic publicist for the artist and it does make you wonder whether there's perhaps a little bit more to the story i have to say i did want to say it sounds like an expensive been on it but i mean essentially it works out for a lifetime supply of banal invest in a good video if you don't know for sure alex forrest whiting thank you so much for bringing us that story. you're watching the news from but in coming up next report on the cation looks at high fashion in some of colombia's most dangerous spots remember you can always get the latest news and headlines around the clock on a website that is a fool's d.w. dot com and had an onscreen balance thanks as ever to your company the world news coming up at the top of the hour a city that i can now. get
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nothing else out there it's not easy to go to another country you know nothing about why i don't do this because we can't stay on venezuela i'm not. that. closely global news that matters d.w. made for mines. in the art of climate change.


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