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tv   Night Grooves  Deutsche Welle  December 8, 2019 8:15pm-9:01pm CET

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a lifetime supply of been on this so maybe it's a good video who knows for sure alex forrest whiting thank you so much for bringing us that story. news from but in coming up next it's not grooves with your vision song contest when a call along with a right said fred i'm telling the whole 3 about it thank you company assisi. ivories. welcome to the but is the game here i want to tell you. we have plenty to talk about some. place else our coverage of. the reward. we have. let's have a look over your other my work so you don't want. me
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. to w i. i don't come to help make you can look over to our legendary guests at night and ella 1st guest she's a german music icon and she brought peace a little peace to the world who rape to patrick bodies performing perfect pop music to drag us with inulin were do well to write said frank are about to eat probably so much because i'm like a donkey. from. music taught. me. well.
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thank. you. thank you thank you. dad was that when i asked. him that it was close to 10 you won't enjoy. the warm fun yet suffice. well we went through the roof because we mentioned me sleeps originally only bought us a few hours as it and that's the fun not a fan of the start of that. it was very peculiar because we're working in a gym yet and we're playing in some small clubs and then literally after i think after we did top of the pops was not yeah i opened my door just to to start in the door of the door but to get out because of the street and there were hundreds of people outside of our house and stuff so that was the bizarre use of a 2nd is to you must that if it is tina you. yeah it really had a positive trends yeah ok if i could tell you one just did i don't have to look i
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know dresses it had to have ganesh but still in my act you should get food from michigan pig is stories pop i on my support of yes that's it and i stick out yet finish as you have shown the best on top of the fact that it started popping as an opportunity for some of them make us like that's not us you know it is to not be that about how good the ocean stoss have a staff student and a crush on a kid i got you stop about half the shut up if you give us a call it's going to help you out oh no no we didn't know really no we we were walking in bands before that and we session for the people i played guitar for bob dylan richard played bass for david bowie so we what were some of the people but you never felt fit we haven't felt famous not really does have music and fitness to know us and witty and waiting tables back then it was like calling for bands to have musicians have 2 or 3 jobs and you would also play clubs and you go on the road and you'd work about them coming out dance song i'm too sexy yes yes.
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in one monotonous all hell and then damage right in can be on the show and he has that as a sexy and it's a spin of a full life. people buttons ones on sex and we've tried calling ass with all these letters right excited to see how well he got and that is i can do the song stuff yes you know that i should try to guide him i do. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. sexy for my love too sexy for my love loves going to leave me. my. so the 60.
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6. sexy for. your. 2 sex. slaves legal. claim live like your. goal am to say. you know what i. love this place. they. play silly claim. play. play like. you claim i call sexy.
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sexy. sexy. the single player play play. play. play. play play play. play play play play. play play play play play play. play play. i know your model has is just so far cough to suck. fans in but it would obviously
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yes it. 1 is this sort of oh no not healthy healthy. i don't know how many years now i've had my family sold one copy to 17000000 people yes i have to go screaming about that i have off that i instant was august lock for from on monday when you get some special offer that i want to hold your hand yes. yes or that there's yeah the song i did it was ok yes sure it's not because i'm sexy is no. back i'm not hooked on this because he's in coming up to the fire. it was difficult because the the schedule was in sight so when protecting america and in america they they it's an industry being famous is different to europe reeling in the bank is they turn it into an industry of itself so we have to do it was all the stuff crazy thing you see where people running you know how the hotels would love a blankets and a news and just drug running away from people and you know you can go to
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a restaurant creepily went insane and for me said i smell it i know some of us who were when there were women like it when we didn't like it at all and i was also you go to the gym you can't you can't have a cup of coffee it just drive us inside out of the i get assigned i'm asked the exact understand and i use jim and the line number to. know what we're back with the gym we used to manage we we could go in we had kings we could train the way we wanted out of it so we do that one with her and we had it written into our contract so we have to talk to trade yes so we had that but in america it was americans just particularly insane it was just. we wish to fly every day into a night every day we did that for 18 masculist about you had the dumbest not the most is that a finance you end up kind of caught him no no record comes when touch it we went back then you still have a cassette and they're on and they're like 40 record companies or maybe more common
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and so you went you had food you know you big public assets and you literally went to the record company and they all said go away on these at the austin texas i don't want i'm to sexy. we wrote the lyrics because we were working in the basement and it was very hot and we had originally on 2 sexy is based on which is baseline which is. that i just said that that was which is baseline speech but he's by split so we have this going around and around and we were trying to write another melody instead of on top of the bass line and of them it was very hot so which of them was i think we would just drunken name it must be around the middle and and he took a sheriff's office i was singing the intersection of my shirt with the melody of the bass and we saw you went that is a good idea because of for placement us him a d.s.p. that yeah you have to have a man that's got. a guy on the street that i knew if i said it.
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was thank you thank you thank you very much. for one fison was think of the 4 visits here the meanest mom should song visit all claim on a one day hits with you because of mama did says in animal evening songs won't give you this off and it's nothing i mean is that i was and i think it's all good night thank you thank you thank you very much. thank you. and i'm looking for the tall 1st song not least because my charming colleague stefan the way join you it's called media for life nicole featuring
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stephanie. i've. got a. i'm still amazed lasts a lucky. lucky plumber blair has a. little. machine gun bullets blood. blood blood flow to look. like a good luck to me. to look into the be lucky to get discipline problem a. problem. something
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closer look. look a little blue. skull eagerly and tell me a. little. league. player to be on the. planet plummer luck of the motherland illegal. or legal. luck good luck. club player plug the plane. flew solo and not the elite.
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plitt mumbler a little. my . gut. hurt remember how did you get $35.00 out of most of what was
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a pacifist good hearted sudans even wind up may your own intended to show on the damage it's well off just took to one foot and bitch on his ass in. a fashion i'd seen on the fan tyson. and flapped as a dust off to me and not to cook though he goodes all men at least as ass on human d.z. interest of mine are going to have to own in anish packaging musicologist hamas to get city to s.m. i need to go to the shop i want to talk to her after it's been i'm going it. right it is a bit of the slimy hair gets going as against that and only on monday you'll come to the whole of understanding the whole look up salute that's fine advantage and guns on the moment of these attacked by the divorced posters do to most beautiful being home at the doj or even buddhist that's the kind of the i'm talking. in love on my in and out in heritage but is pull behind to good to put stuff to could see. instead to embezzle him on it but i stood since he so often yeah inducting
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finish while the fuck yes this just focus wasn't instant time soon he could just about all this and i'm stuff. but i saw the vince young yellow bus to us out of an office. in the school and bolted ticked off and vic so buno. let's just talk in the work place to land or and we would go on. a long gun for dinner. the sense of mina went i don't like me so and hunched up and guiding revenue does it say or and and i hunt. but i was a buyer alex popov but i'm pretty pretty split converted tug of produce who does it i don't need to do with mifune inch one can diminish love understands it sure and. doctors was one talking after. yet this happens all in machine and so you can get down to the top you believe. you have then vanished as it's given.
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much to as you hoped or that's you've had one voted then dr fata have started to me . a spinster induced to keep it on the saturday given a. draft and. only set up the tunes for one scene of a meeting that is a big chunk of the cops or just. busy to do some hook up is my main issue unsatisfactory much of that i'm going to start seeing the discipline be far greater than the one and i'm not going to consume like invite out of a dying coming years all of us do that i wish i could act up it's just an excuse that i hadn't begun to get seeds of life and it's diversified. the recipe that i see the matter as you do has value not by talk about comments are . there beyond us to tack on of uniform on target. and it is
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within the jewish never mind when that happened in the mines absolutely when i spotted a tom when i came to him in the paddock and obvious as it's my go. or do over resort given what i mean that's what i mean or going to middle class ice others have a listen but. it's one. dollar. to talk 7 or 2 to one for you either of us who knew should not feel got an invitation is it is to tart soften and do some of starch a smidgen of. both point because that's what in a sense of soon nothing so bad as the smell. of nevadans that's going to give you a dickens with the one about. illusions that you will not allow or desire to dartford inside darken and distance means in the things a little peace in english language so in this there is a split for me is that sort of and imho commitment of action to t'other of and
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station going to turn off when you most like darkness. but wouldn't soup to nuts in 90 what. clique or dons its news is needed in a bar of movies or of so now i knew you want to give up on him fast and underhand when clouston your to use it i mean you wouldn't. and he stuck to my stick me it's a time someone that you speak to vanishment gunson living focusing. on them is sit on titan him that i'm about it. would be awesome we have you know not yes we don't want to represent the u.k. they're going to regret yeah yeah we're sensitive also you have to i think yeah right nicole did the right thing you have to win yes absolutely have to win but i think represent him britain in the in the year which is whole contest is just. and
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when i think when nicole did it it was less political it's much more political now of i think that it was with yes yes yes yes very fortunate yes but you know my. conclusion i went to of course still. yes and yes exactly and fields 56 and up and . and in takaka fact can't kick arse out oh my god how come the next one that never i think a tad divine in politics might evolve us at speed and simplify a bit fact by 6 minutes and. that's most elementary after a very good moment the instant that's the entry also into or and that's when the contamination is in the months when eating habits are for. the sins of us looked at so-called dutch music as i have often found you have to uncover my funny casting often steria act in my lap at all that's what this young oh yes correct of the high stuff i should know she always
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a lot of us suppose sure as sure as laughs if you click does that mean it was of a listening. it's some it's well that little recluse a good it's a good story isn't it i like the idea of somebody you know a woman who no matter how bad things get knows the truth about everything and last inside i like the little guys serious yeah and that's why we did it because it was like this could be like the lyrics of it and this one florist if i said as in us. if you had looked at exactly i'll definitely could tell you fred richard was so good to have a damn it i wished him to either i mean how feeling italian going to cowes who will . yes right yes pete if i can myself and study bad i know but. i 1st asked that. i have to do it from memory or said to me for school yes. i. got a bit of paper where i was
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a very persistent force. 0 lead left very hard for our. old pal about. earl or howard done or are. your life. great oh there are a lot. oh about. her. life thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you the bridge is really strong the bridge is really good yes it is here come on him i'll do it and how did we all metal company with a little money and well yeah we we want some time because we've we've we've got like rick was very much stuff. so we we we have been on we've just you know been
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working directly with god like anyway we we got a phone call from a publisher and he said ah this is so lucky to record so he sent it to us and it was recently the more you know will we see one of those anyway at the river which is a bass baritone so we had the same play around with a cane and played around with the lyrics and then and then we did then we could do specially you know. company actually cool you know that this little thing i must mention now with talk of the stand we like them to quantum state also we've seen that is a journey there to tell somebody yesterday that we'd all be better i should say that we should say that i saw or otherwise we'll get into that oh yeah. at home she can go you know if you know and. that's all stand up for a little far out that it might help you go i could only go about you but.
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there's a song called stand up we actually wrote the song after 911 cause when something bad happens you don't find a movie star you found the ambulance people and the fire department of thing else but then stand up became a football song so most people came into contact with this song as a consequence of hearing it at a football match and it goes like this. you .
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are. a. number on. the. way they should be. counted. players. play play play play live. live we
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have a finnish live playing. polo sound play. live go go live game play play play play live live
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live our lives. 1000 161000 was one thank you one thank you thank you.
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very much yeah i think they should be infinite i suppose you could pass the senate out of the. awful lot of us thank you for asking i might have to be only 190 no ok can i just have a lot have already in a month. and. if i started i saw trying to tell we had started playing bass about here later for the advice that's on the fantastic conducts and not the 12 top 12 this week i took genitalia i was i split i said i'm a good but none of them to new that upset that i don't flush. yes we have had fights always with yeah that's. this i'm back to work the parents if we're touring and we're tired we argue about we respect them because it's hard but we have we had a physical fight once in the in the lift in munich vavi yes and we were very we got put on this ridiculous boy band too i won't mention other bands but it was really
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stupid of the promoter to produce all this thing and it wasn't right we didn't fit it it was victor so we were both quite literally been drinking with bad temper so we start to argue and then we just start hitting each other and then and it was really funny because what we as the lift door open open their shoulders to pull books and producers of heard were going to. want to film but i got from the lawyer to what i think it is i mean i did accurately banks now you know they are waiting for the next letter what exactly you should have this is exactly what intelligent you by the stand man that man edges about it's gonna snow now they estimate that by yes off to skip the to loose my locks on his gun it was a line of what totem of. extended. succession and the guy has been out of it's there when it clicks constant and light a kind of india and so i would hope some clips of his da would come up and i thought i saw as opposed to you can all come out of it which you know i would just
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have kind of think it's what i try even yeah then you wouldn't leave yeah you can incite ethnicity and sent indecent affluent plastic plants and. as a man as a kind of a live at midnight yeah line in the lines oh. man and woman is what i was i would have been good to kinds of delicious it that's true and gavin does in what i say have been clashing long lunches on the stand i. that's exactly like it yeah because i think that's young and i was in business and there can don't fall into the distinct understanding and i did miss it susan yeah yeah. you can station i feel so happy because conditions. mom donda west was making some kind either one of them dollar for cutting taxes as
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a contributor how did you scan donna he had gotten to the comeuppance. us yes yeah not 6 i think have we if i don't think we have of you out there we have no no no no matter how. much other we have nothing really you know i guess it's not exactly true yeah i very well i agree with the cole the red carpet thing and the fame thing you know a member of some years ago there was a big premiere in london and we were invited a straw man to go for it and i had to get drunk there's always wonder if we just had to get drunk when we met the transvaal to answer those who are in a few others and integrate he also but it's just it's nonsense actually you just mean the way the camera wave and the bodies that have wages that you know is it to prove you've got a hand. and i have a hound i have a hand moves and i'm sure you have always with my feet. either you have to offer to
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clean dish yeah right up yeah i felt about you know i'll be here nothing against the queen yes not on that note no a lot of crying yeah. yeah yeah we haven't heard from the cradle yet that's equal i know she got the name of the band wrong yes i was and you can tell how do you know it's actually the whole we were we was one off the auto she doesn't do the mc i did that how did she like my teacher and we're quite ok oh oh do you. have a lot of the show we everybody all the guy holding off to stand in a line with him he walks up the line of allocating and in hope there's a guy walking with her because she doesn't know who anybody who doesn't have to not does so that this guy's whispering is actually and he whispered in her into her right from what was it right fred said yes but i'm shouting right all right yeah right yeah you know so you know right right princella so he said yes are you promise she said yeah well that's a that's a very good impression by the way how you know this and then we said yes that's
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what mom says and as a joke you know and she would noodle on that i never got that i found one that. she has got old and she's fantastic yeah yeah living in the cat told in lard today need us for speed all stink. constant getting dizzy starts to show us we do we do if they shoot us with a gun we know it's not a good song perhaps it has. a lot of other than that i said when he knows me and we don't really do we know we don't need to yeah sometimes sometimes i play stuff i just play stuff my wife occasionally yeah sometimes depends on the sort of song it is. although we normally would just wait to play it life yeah it's good that that is and then within 20 seconds in the lesson in the what's your defense and you're right you've either got more you haven't yet and then you know why that doesn't work. but when we 1st came to germany because i'm too sexy was a big hit all over the world so our record company sent to suggest money assuming lunch or sex would be a big hit in germany so i went to the status hotel in berlin was
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a thing i'm buggered hamburg and the phone didn't ring once you not once so i went back to the u.k. nobody in germany got it all and it was only when doctors kids came out with that and that's when sexy again because it's all about the back a bunch of troops get out which is just because it was a 1st date is exactly yeah as we when we 1st played over here has been like the u.k. people just look to us like this what are you doing yeah i will i don't. sorry. but you just. stay rolled very quickly some songs do go my mate went very quickly a minute we started playing that we knew that was it yeah so you depends on the show and the cause the same thing some songs in step with the audience a lot of times it's a bit slower and depends on the soviets. as it's a minute really sets decision even to get officers on to sing one song so fossil time i don't think it's a complex internet saliva that's balsa that's all it's have are all there so it's.
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fuck yes our shot ok. this fish will give us just you know the shell not the end of the knowledge of a little bit yeah but if it. was just visiting its the minds of muslims with full song and. an engine this one met at 11 but you know you know if you don't honor anything for. 6 6 6 her. 2 2 2 2 was her. 2 her. own. guns a. book suvi and. i didn't go. in the pool. to dish michelle was just. those used to buy comes.
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with this was. the scene well serves 6 him don't come out with hope. she. really was leaving gently drinking wasn't willing to leave a very leisurely pace since her strength her out in america the little piece of the sand shall receive his toolbox still a hello cecil sadness please follow the leader break out a single rose. be. so its own point that you keep it up to the. ceiling this must come here done by little by the class during 6 6 6 the day yes the poet at the same. time.
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so. please please please just. release. the c.e.o. . who was waiting to see. the old this. week 2 2 2.
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thank you. thank. you for. so i'm using c. was make when we point the past there it was just for your response or is it i'm sure you don't want to go by this point it isn't really but what was the reason i says no political course about folk where we lived in the us a comment yeah we have to look at the end of the eighty's and it was very had to mystic the whole thing was shoulder pads and there's it that both the supermodel and so the lyric a sexy is making fun of that but it's not because it was full social but you know it's bad very hard to write it in a song and make it a good song the same time but the genius of bob dylan is that he made blowing in the wind is a political song but it's a brilliant song to a lot of people write political songs for the political but they're all great songs
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and that but it takes that it takes a genius like bob dylan i think to put those 2 things together and make it work and it's got to be a good song before it has a message up to full in one act of that blame. god that i want you try to psych. and i yeah i find that extreme few the few is that it's just bought me. a few dollars and that's how to hone what. i grew to know that i don't hog and he does yeah yeah. but the does and doesn't think of as a kid man who you're the one i love more. than i and all aspies are dirty yeah but everything about just put on and yeah i guess yeah yeah yeah if i can do one and 6 of boredom as a van de exhaust. i suffer actually so i thought i'd to 65 i you try to 10 times but don't eat the advent you know you're drunk you got high people have to do stuff and i could get some of these take your have you had your glasses chopped event
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event that is your believes lens and i shyly oda sort of good to styx i think so is it your mitts out of a guy sitting on a cool motion in boston steve and i go in a lesson and i thought yeah right you said you could possibly go out and. and we do think about it from tom yeah we do think yeah i think i saw spencer do think about it but not as president there's nothing to do nothing you can really do about it and i don't want that when tabloid baklava code is not yet very uncommon even if as i'm in business is a fool to festac so yeah the saying flicked on some some football quotes everyone doesn't. ok their number here we see here that's all just. because i was i think if you contest issue 4 to see the mcconnell fidelity one it's meant as a maybe not as i also stars of all not funny smell and the melanie c. yeah i'm in a high county and what i knew then could just help him a lot of the wrong reasons but i did some sexy stuff. ok when i was
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a. looking at what you have looked needy. yeah. yeah. and like i was adopting the feel would you like she else to be to blame here right said fred with her ultimate solution for peace don't just which you will. it was. the i am.
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going. to go and.
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play play play play. play play play play play. live glenn glenn. glenn play live. glenn. thank you thank you. thank you
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thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you to. be a. living legend. her her place in atlanta you. helping people help themselves to fight for a just society. to lift themselves out of poverty ok these are the goals of coping internationally for more than 15 years the catholic social organization supported self-help for the lead. international.
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30 minutes spontaneous w. . created today's world. 97. his slogan good in politics business never lose the brawn the people of the islamic the. hopes of making its initial flirtation blows obstructs in states of emergency but sinks into chaos subdued the 2nd treason splint hence the people threatens the old order. the body carson is the start of an era that defines overmanaged. 979 the big coup to
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steps december 23rd. the but. the but. this is the news live from bollywood the pro-democracy rallies in hong kong over the not just crowds in the monks organizers say 800000 people took part in what they called a last chance for the city's pro beijing government to correspondent has to do says also coming off a major foreign goal to sack street in india's capital day the early morning blaze
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least 40 people dead most of the workers who were sleeping inside the building time people a better restate to the streets of amman.


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