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this is news coming to you live from berlin more than 13000 dead and a 1000000 displaced the conflict in east in the east of ukraine has been going on for 5 years today for the 1st time russian president vladimir putin will meet his ukrainian counterpart in paris to try to revive talks and the fun also coming up pro-democracy rallies in hong kong the biggest crowds in months organizers say something 800000 people took part in the city's pro team. to show the
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city's probation government it had a last chance to meet their demands. place in istanbul use force to break up a demonstration of women denouncing violence against women the security forces want to stop the women chanting a south american and. that has gone viral. on patrol with the nigerian navy as they work to combat piracy. 40 not to come off the coastal plain and this is the next u.s. troop presence that was caught he says that. piracy is on the rise all west africa are correspondent time so what's being done to protect lives and shipping.
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hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us for the 1st time the leaders of ukraine and russia are due to meet in paris to hold talks on the conflict in eastern ukraine the meeting will be mediated by french president manuel that cult and german chancellor angela merkel the conflict began in 2014 and has killed more than 13000 people worst fighting has been in the dawn bust region from where our correspondent nick conley sent us this report. close enough to see what the other side having for lunch that's how these ukrainian troops have spent the last few years just 300 meters from the russian backed separatists facing them the whole night without a single shot and i don't remember a day like that maybe on the 1st night of the cease fire it's a strange and there's no fun at all you get all nervous we used to the shooting let's assume the conflict may have fallen out of the headlines but the shooting and the death continues less than a 10 minute drive away
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a young woman out walking with a child was to be really wounded by a stray bullet just last week our guide through the trenches on xander was in his 2nd year cadet school in the conference room count where he rolled he could hardly have imagined that he would soon find himself i 1000 kilometers from home fighting a trench war was the. type of the war has parents wives warrant about them back home. the politicians can sort this out by talking why not if we withdraw from here it's not a disaster as long as no opponent just the same but than it does with. it off camera many soldiers are more skeptical they don't want to give up territory regain from the separatists and the cost of many lives. the present selenski of government is convinced that only a buffer zone between the front lines can bring peace. it's a short drive from the trenches to one of the region's biggest crossing points between government and separatist held territory thousands make the journey every
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day spending hours out in the cold. we're hoping for peace after all this time we need to resolve this war it's been 6 years since it all began i'm convinced on buses part of ukraine. who is an idiot i don't understand what michael and michael want to do selenski and putin should sit down together drink some vodka together and put all this behind them if you put me to the pub with 3 he and i ok then we need a united ukraine and we need an end to all this. so people don't have to suffer in these queues anymore at the polls which implore her. don't yet but if you cranes biggest cities it's less than half an hour's drive down the road behind me we can't go that the pro russian separatists in control of the city aware e of the foreign press presence lensky was elected earlier this year on a promise to bring down your back to ukrainian government control that's what this
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meeting in paris is all about. back in the front line it's quiet at least during daylight hours silence allows time to think about the future. of. the i'm not interested in this normandy summit what will happen will happen. this war needs to end but i've lost so many comrades already but they're giving the other site making peace and that's going to be to the. repercussions of this war will be felt for years to come it's not just about the mines and grenades the litter this landscape it's about the war in people's heads. the economy there in eastern ukraine well let's catch up on some other stories making headlines now at least one person has been killed in a volcanic eruption in new zealand about 50 people were thought to be on or around the volcano on white island
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a popular tourist destination police say more fatalities are expected but it's quote too dangerous to carry out rescue operations. u.s. authorities say they believe friday's fatal shooting by a saudi air force officer at a florida air base was an act of terrorism the saudi officer killed 3 people and wounded several others before being shot by police the f.b.i. is questioning other saudis who were training at the base with. finland is likely to get its youngest ever prime minister 34 year old son has been nominated by the social democrats who lead the 5 party coalition government parliament is likely to confirm her as the new head of government next week. and polls are growing from multis prime minister to quit immediately protesters marched through the capital but demanding that joseph not wait until january to leave office as he has promised to scott faces pressure over alleged links to the murder of
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a prominent journalist. police an india have a rest of the owner and manager of a factory building destroyed in a huge blaze that killed at least 43 people the fire happened in the capital delhi early on sunday morning dozens of factory workers were sleeping in the building at the time it's not yet known what caused the fire. the fire erupted in the early hours of the morning turning the 6 tory building into a death trap for laborers who lay sleeping inside. emergency services rushed to the scene but in a neighborhood where electrical wires dangle over narrow lanes lined with small manufacturing units their progress was slow this is a congested just the densham area authorities have already set that fire bomb it's what not issued to these workshops and locals believe that more studies operations are largely illegal. the workshop produced bags and wallets and draw flammable
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materials evidently fueled the fire as it swept through the building. local residents were quick to blame authorities for failing to enforce fire safety standards there's any way that i get with the authorities are clearly not doing their job they're still exposed wires here highly flammable materials but no safety measures are implemented these incidents are bound to happen. because this is the biggest problem here nobody listens to us we have complained many times but none of the authorities pay any attention. to my. side the hospital morgue desperate relatives wait to identify the victims many were poor migrant workers who had nowhere else to sleep between long shifts. some relatives said they'd received phone calls from their loved ones trapped by flames and crying for help before the line went dead. pro-democracy demonstrators in hong kong have staged their biggest
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anti-government rally in months organizers said 800000 joined a march called to mark 6 months since the gov the movement took demands for greater autonomy from china on to the streets it was the 1st large scale gathered gathering to be approved by city authorities since august and the largest turnout since pro-democracy candidates won a landslide victory in local council elections. police in turkey have used force to break up a protest by several 100 women denouncing beilenson against women the issue of femicide shot to prominence in turkey earlier this year after the woman after the murder of a woman by her ex-husband in a restaurant as her 10 year old daughter looked on. groups say violence against women is widespread in turkey and that hundreds of women were killed there last year. oh ok i know it's a song and dance about
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a matter of life or death and some bull women perform a protest song that originated in chile pulled a rapist in your heart demanding an end to violence against women. that's a long standing problem in turkey the group we will stop fantasizing canted 440 women murders in 2000 more than a quarter of east killed by their husbands they say a major problem is turkey's justice system. we are a lot of femicide are happening in this country i don't know maybe people just get used to it we cannot see any credible reaction and that's why we are here to raise our voice to say we won't be silent anymore to say we are against these murders and last to be enforced properly. thank god women resist all around the world how come they would say this protest is unlawful or this is a crime. let me tell you what is
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a crime. the crime is not to enforce laws the crime is closing the doors to women asking for help. they. don't stop the women stop the murderous they shout as police try to break up the peaceful demonstration of a few 100 people. there aim is to increase pressure on the turkish government to tackle the issue. that basically lectured by advocacy groups show that violence against women is on the rise. are returning now to hong kong as i mentioned just a short while ago pro-democracy demonstrations in hong kong have taken place again there the biggest demonstrations that the city has seen in months already say around 800000 people just paid it and i'm let's cross over now to our core. in hong kong charlotte charleston pil charlotte yesterday's protest in hong kong was the
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biggest we've seen in milan so what does this say about what is happening in that city right now is this a sign of growing confidence among the protesters that they can achieve their. very much depends on who you ask among these protesters is generally considered realistic that the authorities can at least bow into one of the primary 5 demands that is an independent inquiry into the way the police have handled this process other demonstrators are more skeptical about the other demands including whether or not they're going to be able to get that demand for universal suffrage met by authorities here but the general message among people that we've spoken to has been that if they don't try now if they don't take to the streets now when will they they need to at least try and fight these 5 demands now since they district council
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elections at the end of last month when we know that the pro-democracy candidates won a landslide victory there has been a lull in protests on the streets bonce authorities have it caved in to any of the concessions since meaning that we did see these huge crowds back on the streets yesterday evening now we know from these results that they've shut its government claims that there is a sign a majority that is against these protests we've been hearing from people for months now that even if they're not taking to the streets it doesn't mean that they don't back this movement and in fact we spoke to one man who is part of the company that is helping fund these protesters as they take to the streets let's have a look. faces hidden location can see oh it's only 10 with these hong kong entrepreneur has agreed to be filmed they've set up an online shopping service which supports the pro-democracy movement it employs
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protesters who've been arrested ok out of their homes to their part in the demonstrations we want to prove by. for the teenagers and everyone involved in this movement and let them know that you should be proud of what they are doing a problem and we will support them with a career despite being a world away from the front lines initiatives like this one work in fear the founders all volunteers say being identified could jeopardize their careers perhaps even their safety but with a new born son caleb says getting caught up in violent protests isn't an option. personally i don't have the courage to go into from the fight with them so i fall back into a backup role and we start this for me then let them know that they're not left behind and the hong kong people are supporting them. with this scheme caleb as
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among the growing ranks of hong kong is finding inventive ways to support the pro-democracy cause. when you picture the whole kong protests warehouses like this one won't be the 1st thing that springs to mind but it's far from the front lines behind the scenes initiatives like this one that are quietly collectively sustaining this movement caleb says he hopes one day he and his team won't have to hide their identities and will feel safe to proudly admit the role they've played. charlotte who we met in your report there he's clearly intimidated by the police how heavily or authority is cracking down on pro-democracy demonstrators in hong kong. but it's not just police that caleb said that he was concerned about of course that is one of the reasons that he's being put off from taking to the streets he does fear that he will and gets caught up in some of the violent clashes that he will be
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arrested he will say simply told us that he just wants to to avoid them totally he wants to find is a peaceful way of taking part in this protest but caleb is also concerned about repercussions from his employers he has a full time job alongside volunteering at this company he's heard stories of the others who've been sacked for supporting the pro democracy movement he's also concerned about a backlash from those who are against this movement these protests and that is why he was so concerned about even share even sharing the location of the white house with us and showing those images for us to prove cost as well so there is growing concern as the months go on among people here who are taking part in the protests and after all terry it must be that in mind that some $6000.00 people have been arrested by police over the last 6 months thank you so much should be doubly sure that children killed in hong kong. you're watching the news still to come
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it would be unprecedented russian swimmers and all of the country south of its face a 4 year international banned by the world anti-doping agency will decide today whether state sponsored cheating warrants a ban that includes 2. last week pirates kidnapped the crew of an oil tanker off the coast of nigeria it was the latest incident in a growing piracy problem afflicting those waters according to the international maritime bureau more most maritime kidnappings now take place off nigeria our correspondent funny filed this report from the niger delta. from the outside the beautiful wetlands of nigeria inside a problematic history in the vast creeks of the niger delta. this region is
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already struggling for theft with arms trafficking kidnapping and in. another business has begun to florrie now. has become a hotspot for maritime piracy and armed robbery at sea. and this is where pryor is operate from a labyrinth of waterways but it's not only home to criminals lives near by the river the source of income he transports goods and people he's careful since he was attacked by pirates and. critics like misplaces when they. drive down to the creeks terrified. first the armed men wanted to take the engine of his boat when they realized it wasn't good enough they let him go they took his money in stat from then on the parrot bina stopped working after sunset we are very scared.
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when driving on the sea or in the river because you don't know when exactly calms so sometimes if they are on the with the king it will with all your money so piracy. is a very big problem attacks by pirates is a problem worldwide but especially in the gulf of guinea they are on the rise along the coastline of west africa. because. they want to be there before pirates strike members of the nigerian navy are headed out of the lake was headquarters to money toward the sea they are given rare access to accompany them on their daily patrol. we are about politics not to call them out on the cost of legace and this is a legit training different to get caught in this it.
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was all on. good. very good. quality is responsible for navigation and training on board there is only one vessel that my. tours hundreds if not to come out today but the navy doesn't have enough vessels and personnel to prevent piracy attacks funding is needed for more training in a position of more platform a condition of employment commits us for the vessels i get in the business of. it's always very difficult isn't this pensive another challenge west african countries have different policies to protect their waters in movies of the order of the. countries in the gulf of the need. to effectively morny totally don't because even though it's called the potency of the never was the individual fight look cool and they do what this navy vessel is money touring one part of the gulf of guinea
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and attack is reported on the same day a few 100 miles down self and oil tanker similar to this one passing by us has been targeted the nigerian navy is not there maritime security should start here in the niger delta before an attack happens tell us they want authorities to deploy more security to stop lawlessness in the creeks and to eradicate piracy altogether. you know you are reporting there germany's governing christian democrats have rejected calls but social democrat coalition partner to boost government spending s.p.d. also wants to raise germany's minimum wage and increase taxes for the rich social democrats have just held their annual party conference under a new leadership that is aiming to take the coalition to the left. money money money the topic on the last day of the s.p.d.
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conference and the one thing the party has been spending his time talking about financial policies more investment that's what the new party leaders are calling for and that's why they want the government in effect to take out a loan they want germany to get over its fear of loosening its purse strings a move. no business in this country or any country would consider letting a factory rot away just so that they could avoid taking out a loan to repair it they would take advantage of the opportunity for more profits the next day. also in the cards asking the rich to reach deeper into their pockets they want those with assets of more than $2000000.00 euros to pay wealth tax something germany abandoned years ago but it's unlikely the s.p.d. will get its way so the wealth tax is a red flag for its conservative coalition partners and with its polling numbers
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sinking the s.p.d. doesn't want to break up their alliance our policies are good but our party has to be more than the compromises that it makes within a coalition today we made it clear that our aims and ambitions go beyond what we can do with the c.d.u. we want to consider other alliances we don't want to be trapped in a coalition with the conservatives over the long term. when you want for half the flight indeed annoyer site into the new era. the new party slogan is meant to signal a fresh start but now it's up to the s.p.d. to prove this slogan is more than just empty words. the n.t. the world anti-doping agency wada will decide today whether to ban russian athletes from international competition for 4 years including the next 2 olympic games a key committee recommended the ban in a report citing what it called a stunning deception to conceal doping. tokyo 2020 was supposed to be the
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final highlight of anastacio 50 corvette's career but now russia could be excluded from the games and to swim a feels cheated by her compassion it's not to look at the sun and that it's one thing not to qualify because you know well compared you've made mistakes but it's quite another thing when it's because you are punished for other people's mistakes so yes that would be very disappointing but i hope everything will be fine. but things don't look like they will be fine as they stand the executive committee of the world anti-doping agency wada led by outgoing president craig reedie looks likely to implement the ban recommended by their panel of experts which would exclude russia from international sporting competitions for 4 years if that happens the elim pick committee would be forced to follow suit. if there is a decision being issued according to. the
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world anti-doping no code. it's a mandatory for the i.o.c. but what exact shape the measure would take is yet to be decided some athletes are calling for a tough sanction in the form of a blanket ban on russian participation but the i.o.c. has said it would be willing to allow russian athletes who can prove that they're clean to compete under a neutral flag in that case hopefuls like anastacio might not be able to represent their country but they could still take part at the games. this is t w news these are our top stories at least one person has been killed in a volcano eruption in new zealand about 50 people were thought to be on or around the volcano on white island a popular tourist destination police say more fatalities are expected but it's quote too dangerous to carry out rescue operations. the leaders of
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ukraine and russia are to meet in paris to revive talks aimed at easing tensions over the conflict in eastern ukraine it's the 1st meeting between a lot of selenski and his russian counterpart vladimir putin several 1000 people gathered in kiev on sunday to urge selenski to resist pressure from russian. pro-democracy activists in hong kong say 800000 people attended this weekend's rallies of largest crowds in 6 months of protests demonstrators said they wanted to hope to show the world they were not giving up it's the 1st large scale march to be approved by the city since august. this is t w news from berlin for more follow us on twitter at the w. news or visit our website that's dot com. w news coming up next in the fullness legal action and analysis from match day 14 s
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when you were in ballina post cologne and out of braman paste out of boston to round off another dramatic weekend in the german topline. after more of the bruce lee show coming up next i'm terry martin thanks for watching.
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helping people help themselves to fight for a just society. to lift themselves out of poverty these are the goals of conquering international for more than 50 years the catholic social organization. supported self-help for a small block coping international. 60 minutes on d w i. suppose
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and now to look at little section of me which was affectionately as you can. flat even uproot him in the middle of his election campaign in the year 2000 a documentary was filmed for russian television but director vitali monsters captured much more that was to turn the camera back on june the moment of course assumes the film secretly chronicled a power grab actually everything was recycling plant in structure. featuring top supporting roles. bowing models don't trust the security to the freedom of russian t.v. . and featuring a lead role like you've never seen before going on let me be clear with you i have
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to act in ways that i feel necessary and people who are simply understand that. you can claim your freedom your own church to the ends justify the means. to terms witnesses starts december 13th on t.w. . nash day 14 will be remembered as a decisive point in the $21920.00 season it seems at the top did that thing and delivered the goods they were the only ones with smiles on their faces this is what we have coming up on today show. things on so rosy down the ball so at the moment cologne need a winning balance to keep up with their rivals while the damage control for part of born as they travel to britain. and is out up and away the globe after their win on saturday is by.


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