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tv   Global 3000  Deutsche Welle  December 9, 2019 12:30pm-1:01pm CET

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from politics to flash from housing boom top this is where it is up. welcome to the 77 percent. this weekend r d w. welcome to global 3000 growing up is all about taking charge of your own life but sometimes that means overcoming some serious challenges as we find out from a young cuban dumbs whose passion for ballet has meant leaving her homeland. we meet a singer desperate to swap the limitations of life in gaza for greater freedom and opportunities. and to report on people living near a wind park in kenya his hopes of
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a better life have so far been dashed. unrest is brewing in many middle east and north african countries and it's mainly coming from young people who want security and a better future unicef says around hauffe of the region's population around the $24.00 that's at least 200000000 people yes depending on the country up to a 3rd of those aged between 15 and 24 a jobless the figure is much higher when it comes to women. so day to arouse on the streets voicing their anger and demanding their right to freedom and self-determination. in the mirror doesn't always reflect such a smiling face there are days when wafa analogy the is too full and despairing but however she feels she never gives up. she keeps fighting for her dream of being
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a singer and living a free self-determined life in gaza. the videos she posts on facebook show a talented young woman with a voice crying out to be heard but it's a voice that gaza's macho islamised society wants to silence. one of my cousins called my dad your doors she's a singer and she's putting her photos and facebook and her her songs. were you saying there we're living in america where in gaza you have to stop her. it's bad enough that sings the fact that she sings in english is considered an outrage. to. me her detractors say she looks western her headscarf doesn't hide her hairline. she's 27 and
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unmarried but she doesn't live with her parents and she's not afraid to speak her mind. and i am not. i don't feel that. it's my white country and i want to stay here in this frickin work every here and i have to defense you know what country and. you know i just want to be myself live freely and sing and have my own life my own job. no fear just peace. happiness you. rents a small room in gaza city she's a nurse but hasn't been able to find a job in gaza as economy is in a state of collapse she gets by with odd jobs but worries constantly that she won't be able to afford her independence for much longer. actually i'm so happy because
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i'm a long. yeah a kind of independent i have my own work and i have my own space. alone but not lonely one of us friend mohamed is also a musician. this is the 1st time he's ever visited her at home here in gaza being together unchaperoned is out of the question i just with my face it's just it's like. he's my soul mate this is. mohammed plays in a band. he gave this guy. tara as a gift. his parents don't think much of his musical talent but he lives for his music in their opinion it's a waste of time. then and i thought once when i was away they destroyed all my instruments of that concert. his
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family refused me. completely. is that. their fears he said no. she's saying she's open one person she's not good for you don't get engaged. they can't find another girl. but lot. of water doesn't qualify. and that by the time you. up. unlike mohammed's parents one of us family doesn't have a problem with their music. they're on their way to visit her family they live in russia a town in the southern gaza strip. rafa is a highly dangerous place it's a bastion of islamised militants and the majority of the population live in abject
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poverty. in gaza city we were allowed to film from our car but when we drive into rafa we're immediately stopped by the police. to live in gaza is to live in fear. of. my wife yet. this is the area where my father sat so our marriage you one of us father quickly ushers us inside he doesn't want the neighbors to see us. the whole family is viewed with suspicion they're all musicians and that makes them outsiders. in one of us father is well known decades ago he won a talent contest in israel and performed in haifa and tel aviv but that was in another lifetime before travel restrictions were imposed on residents of gaza before hamas took control in 2007 and israel and egypt imposed the blockade of gaza
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strip. before life became a waking nightmare the 2. father remembers a time when music brought people together nowadays gaza feels like a prison. one for i'm not happy that one. different place but i know she needs to flee the reality we find ourselves in here who. her father is sad to let her go but he understands why she chooses to live in gaza city where there's a little more freedom than in rafa. and there are also more people who are similar to wafa and mohammed. like minded people who often meet up in this cafe the mood here is relaxed and
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happy which is rare in gaza it's a welcome refuge from the harsh reality of daily life so. that. the close my eyes. wake up find ourselves like oh my god i'm a mother please come out of this. no hole there's no future here for that you must stay here for another year i will lose i love her i know and. but what if i isn't the type to give up she won't lose sight of her dream. i know that. according to the un refugee agency by late 2018 there were more than 17000000 displaced persons worldwide often people flee their homes to escape war or violence but others go in search of work to help
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support themselves and their families all because they crave more self-determination and autonomy than they had at home. 6 years ago ari army had her 1st role as a soloist she and her ensemble were touring mexico. and she seized the opportunity to defect. biggest concert just remember that it was hard it was really hard and them. and at the same time just like. i didn't know what was going to happen and i didn't know that. i was going to have a job right away and. it was just heart. she was lucky just a few months later she signed a contract with ballet arizona she defected along with 6 other ballet dancers
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including. today they're married in cuba they earned $25.00 a month not enough to survive this. now are honey is one of her company's highest earners. for her dance opens the doors to another world. it is important to have a beautiful cross and to feel beautiful on the stage frank. and that's a completely different world. the world of ballet and we've put on stage this story this beautiful story of course is completely different to our normal life our normal world. christmas is coming and our jani is rehearsing the nutcracker she's dancing the role of the snow queen. to the ballet has a long tradition and its classical dancers are trained by excellent teachers and i
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remember she always used to say that we are different because. because our sense wallaby time of when we dance we we just keep everything on the space and we just show that you know south side is not like that it's not like we we don't sell so when we're doing ballet but we give something different i think. anderson is the artistic director of ballet arizona swishy this way originally from denmark he was an acclaimed ballet dancer himself he hired the cuban dancers because he has a deep appreciation of their technique and of the character they bring to their craft. you have a different way of. seeing life they're not afraid and they're still it's almost like old school. you know like their day to. day love life.
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and they are not afraid of showing emotion. for these young students are jani is a role model regardless of her origins. the cuban ballerina was granted a residence permit a year after arriving in the u.s. after 5 years she became an american citizen like i did back in 2013 when are you having arrived cubans were still treated like 1st class immigrants. are jani is doing well in her new home but it still feels foreign. she misses the street life at home. america's huge supermarkets often make her feel sad about the situation in cuba which has become harder again now that president trump has imposed tough new sanctions. sometimes when i see it and i have dinner i think about that you know because they
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are probably not even the same as some it in oh it's not us good single so you know you. are jani and other 100 are living the american dream but they didn't leave cuba for political reasons both grew up being taught that the u.s. was the enemy and they didn't question this thinking really of the. young men did that every i'm thinking you don't actually i always thought you know from the time we were children we learned in history class that the u.s. is a monster and a mustang and most strong is evil milo and those. and i don't know if that has changed nowadays b.r.l. what are you going to do trumps paul. sea is damaging cuba they say but they're reluctant to criticize their new home. opportunity we have more possibilities here we earn more and can have a comfortable and happy life here and can support our families back in cuba because
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if i look at you of what are you going to from. their new life would be perfect if only they didn't miss their family so much. so the couple meet up with cuban friends as often as possible. tonight they're trying out a new cuban restaurant. we have quality time and it is very special. as she said if we're family we have the only. thing we have like here you know and we're all the same which humans. here in their new home in arizona they like to seek out places that remind them of where they come from. our yani and on a 100 are grateful to the u.s. they have no intention of returning to cuba but they hope that one day relations
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between the u.s. and cuba will improve. this weekend global ideas we're off to the himalayan peaks where renewable energy usually comes in the form of hydro power the other planets sites and now home to many might crew hydro power plants they changed the life of villages that let's let's pets showed our reporter yulia miraca and her team how it works. the bark of the definition also known as locked up has to be washed and then boiled in order to make paper from it. one of the tricity came to this area room was finally able to purchase a boiler in treader today he has 10 employees that collect and wash the look to bark the heavy workers done by machines.
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used to have to boil the locked up uk using firewood. and stamp on it without feet to soften it. the electricity comes from a small hydroelectric power plant the government has been promoting them in this mountain region for years and giving loans to entrepreneurs and farmers so they can buy machines. up to the power plant was installed and we got electricity like i was in a better position economically. i had lower labor costs so i was able to make a profit. and i could even save some money. but it was. the on a point in mountain range in the himalayas overlooks the village of gun truck which lies at an elevation of 2000 metres this is where porno go wrong lives.
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in the area has a lot of water so it makes sense to install hydroelectric power plants which are relatively easy to build and are environmentally friendly. government support for the hydro power projects is granted only to villages that agreed to pitch in. 10 years ago karma helped to build this power plant today she's the deputy manager. the village meanwhile has 9 of these power plants. each with a management board and a manager. they handle the finances themselves. i don't need a man with a head he saw a guy up at the moment the plant is self-sustaining. and the fee we get from our customers helps us pay our stuff. was and it's enough to maintain the plant as well
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be able to plug into his and has also got to saigon. the electricity from the hydro power plant was also a blessing for shanta my a guru who runs a bakery there the mother of 2 can now provide the entire village with bread. so they say no i was the 1st person to open a bakery here. just for the past 5 years she's been baking bread here her brother works by her side. she's already managed to pay off the mixer in the oven but if something breaks it can get expensive. tend to move a bit can be difficult if one of the machine stops working then we have to go all the way to pick up to have it fixed. fortunately she also earns money from her small kiosk which is right next to the bakery local people are her main customers but tourists who come here to go climbing in the on
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a point of mountains sometimes shop here to. the village of guns roque is home to about 5200 people. the power plants have changed their lives they no cook with electricity and there are 2 telecommunications masts in the village health care has also improved. recently i had dental treatment which was only possible because the medical station has electricity now. without electricity and none of this would exist everyone is making the most of it. none the less about 40 percent of the people in the villages here still don't have electricity. has been working to renu and expand the electricity grid after a devastating earthquake destroyed much of it 4 years ago hydroelectric power is the linchpin of the government's plan. a lot has changed for paper maker
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porn are growing he's even been able to open a shop and poke around the 2nd largest city in the path this is where he sells his untreated paper as well as products such as diaries and notebooks cards and lampshades. this income made it possible for the widower to raise his 2 children and send them to school his daughter now lives in pokhara and also works in the shop. corner girl room stops by at least once a week he's planning to expand his busy. those. others. locked up under himalayan nothing could be processed in the same facility so i'm thinking of expanding the processing nettles to make fabric. that. corner go room has big plans for the future but he doesn't want to move to the city
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full time the mountains are his home. hydro power is the most common source of green energy that makes up 50 percent of the world's production followed by wind and solar power geothermal and tidal power plants make up a smaller chunk of. the maine which uses it for a miracle energy asia europe and north america meanwhile africa next with just 2 percent and yet africa has huge potential when it comes to solar and wind power the energy revolution has indeed got underway that as can be seen at lake took konna in kenya. terribly polluted is out fishing on his wooden raft lake turkana is full of fish but today he only manages to catch one he'll be able to sell it for $0.90 at most
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not enough to pay for a meal for his wife and 6 children. he can only dream of owning a real boat like one of these. the village where he lives is tranquil far away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. but the comforts of modern life are also missing such as electricity. fresh fish would sell well in the town close by but the fish would need to be collected and kept cool that's difficult to do without electricity. and dried fish doesn't fetch as good a price. at all for you know we only get a delivery of ice once a week with which we can cool the fish if we had electricity we could sell more fish and then we'd have more money for the education of our children or for when they get sick. one might think that this would be the solution the nearby lake turkana wind power project built at
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a cost of $600000000.00 euros by a public private sector consortium. the hundreds of turbines have a joint capacity of 310 megawatts that's a lot of electricity and local people hoped to benefit. but in fact they still rely on fossil fuel power generators often old and unreliable the villages and towns here are not yet connected to the national power grid. for condoms much kunda it's very annoying. to the sound of. the same welding something for a few minutes and then the generator shuts down i'm fed up with always having to run over to turn it on again if i had electricity from the grid i could work faster and more effectively used. the conditions here are excellent for a wind farm daily temperature fluctuations generates strong predictable when
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strings between the lake where the temperature is relatively constant and the desert hinterland where it fluctuates a lot the wind farm was built on land held by local authorities in trust for the area's inhabitants so it's all the more dismaying that they don't have access to the power generated terran liberal says that has to change. we have a right to finally be connected to the electrical grid. villages and towns all the tribes. and also the white people who live here. we won't allow ourselves to be divided on this issue we demand electricity for every one of. the wind farm provides around 15 percent of kenya's electricity. so what's the problem. in kenya and the regulations in kenya for the provision of electricity lake to provide
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power to the communities they took on a must only so like in company which is the offtake and the only licensed and regulated off ticket to be able to take. the wind farm is only responsible for generating electricity its distribution is in the hands of kenya power in which the government has a controlling stake we contacted the kenyan ministry of energy it told us that there are plans to connect the communities around the lake to the grid but it's not clear when. only a few people in this village have solar collectors. and there's just one t.v. for the whole community. many here are angry and feel the wind farm is to blame. if i were i would cuss it. would stop working. but that wouldn't help. or his fellow villagers either they'll just have to wait
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for the day when electricity reaches their community. that's all from us this time but we love hearing from you so drop us a line global 3000. and check us out on facebook. by phone now.
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india. point 3. and they all made electricity. where does it come from and how do you co-conscious is the energy supply in the country. india and its prospects for a new book in which. w. .
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was the speech of his life perhaps his best certainly his most difficult. the speech by calling dresden on december 19th 1809. shortly after the fall of the of the chancellor addresses the people of east germany. the mid east tense the crown clamors for the german unity journalist peter limbo because at the same. 30 years later he looks back on the time interest and. starts december 19th. d.w. . read the real talent resides. i come from dirt lots of people in fact more than a 1000000000 if you there was not just democracy please that's one reason why i'm
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passionate about people and aspirations and they can send. the troops in the mission the pork is fried chicken bone and talk in the form of the bullet in one eye and remember thinking at the time if the blood in will can fill with anything can happen if people come together and unite for a cold sometimes. but i do the news and often confronted difficult situations for conflict between disaster and i see just bought my child to confront floods lidia's on policies and event a plan to put the spotlight on issues that matter most to the congo food security question national nicely should. not has been achieved the so much more needs to be job and i feel people have to be accountable solutions my name is on the top sheet and i work at details.
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only goal. play. play play play. this is due to the news live from berlin russia is banned from all global sports events for 4 years it means no russian team at the next olympic games the world anti-doping agency says moscow trying to stop drug cheats from being exposed. also coming up a volcano erupts in new zealand at a popular tourist destination at least 5 people are dead and authorities fear more casualties are likely. more than 13000 dead and a 1000000 displaced our correspondent goes to the frontlines of the conflict in ukraine.


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