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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 9, 2019 3:30pm-3:46pm CET

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christmas cards double. digits. you're watching d.w. news asia coming up supporting the troops in hong kong how a team of volunteers keep the supplies flowing for protesters who hit the streets month after month. and a heated debate in india's parliament as politicians began discussion over a new citizenship amendment bill that would exclude muslims.
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i'm melissa chan welcome to news asia thank you for joining us turnout continues to trump expectations in hong kong as hundreds of thousands of people showed up for a largely peaceful protest 6 months into the movement the past couple of weeks had been relatively quiet in the territory and some pro democrats themselves even wondered if momentum had slowed but the message those who took to the streets sent is that they are not going away now a lot of those out there on the front lines are young teenagers or college students some have gone out week after week despite parental disapproval others have done so only to lose their jobs g.w. shot tells until takes a look at how these frontline years receive support behind the scenes faces hidden location concealed only then with these hong kong entrepreneurs agreed to be filmed. they set up an online shopping service which supports the
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pro-democracy movement. it employs protesters who've been arrested or kicked out of their homes for their part in the demonstrations. we want to provide for the teenagers and everyone that is involved in this movement they should be proud of what they are doing we are proud of them and we will support them with their career despite being a world away from the front lines initiatives like this can feel the founders or volunteers say being identified could jeopardize their careers perhaps even less safety starts with a new born son logistics manager caleb says getting caught up in violent protests isn't an option passionately i don't have the courage to go on the front lines and fight with them so i fell into this role and started this company and let them know that they are not left behind and the hong kong people are supporting them with this scheme caleb's among the growing ranks of hong kong is finding inventive ways
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to support the pro-democracy cause. when you picture the hong kong protests warehouses like this one won't be the 1st thing that springs to mind but it's far from the front lines behind the scenes initiatives like this one that are quietly and collectively sustaining this movement caleb says he hopes one day he and his team won't have to hide their identities and will feel safe to proudly admit the role they have played. we have glacier kwan joining us in the studio she's a member of the hong kong activist a group keyboard frontline glacier with that do you report we just saw you have these volunteers not on the front lines because they feel like they can't necessarily participate in the protests all the time is there still a danger to the work they're doing yes of course there are dangers for not being very involved in the front line as well because if they are found or their identities being revealed they will get themselves into trouble i have friends who
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do similar work in hong kong and he was targeted in his personal particulars of being put online in his shop was being harassed and people are saying that they were blocking him and really gave him a hard time so a so somebody you know got docks to central you know because of the work that he's trying to do on his shop to support the movement so if you're saying you're going to hire people from their front line then you actually exposing yourself to troubles in that sense i think it's very interesting that you have people of different ages contributing in different ways and people with different skills whether some of the musicians performing music. each person has a role tell me about your role and your organization my role because i'm now basing a base in germany so i do a bit of lobbying trying to get the narrative about the hong kong move been out there to for the ad there's and my group actually focuses on technology and internet related things so we try to give advice to activists on how do you encrypt your device how do you keep your information safe and terms of
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a digital sense and we are still trying to formulate a report talking about the surveillance the time of china and hong kong china and even the world do you think activists are improving in terms of their digital hygiene and protecting themselves is of course we see a improving trend in general when comparing like 5 years ago in them belo revolution people don't really know if they need to use and to encryption and they contact about sensitive things openly online but now we see that people are more aware of ok certain things we cannot say and open. an area on the internet but we can do it and to an encryption and sometimes people will come to ask how do i keep my information safe so soon we see him increase awareness in this sense now i want to step back a little bit and talk about short term versus long term short term beijing strategy or rather the hong kong police force the strategy is to lob as much tear gas as possible it doesn't seem to be working based on the a turnout this weekend for example but long term beijing has said that it wants to
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increase and roll out patriotic education in the school system and to also decrease teaching of critical thinking skills in classrooms and do you think they will prevail that the next generation is going to be more nationalistic i think actually it will work because we can see from the past experience in 2012 the government tried to launch a national and national education in hong kong and they failed but then they separated the whole curriculum and the implemented part by part in hong kong but still the whole generation of youngsters are actually very against the rule of the chinese regime so we can see that doesn't work and i think as long as we keep talking about these kind of so-called critical thinking a criticism about the hong kong the chinese government i don't think they will succeed in terms of brainwashing the next generation because we have one solid generation that is so against a rule of china and hong kong government in this sense and i think this is the question that everybody must ask you all the time but how do you think this is all
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going to end i have no idea to be honest i don't see the congo regime or the chinese regime going to fall in like a tip of the finger but i think in the long term dictatorship will eventually fall and we're counting on that so even though we don't see any actual hope of succeeding at this mill when we know what we're doing to right thing we're going to continue. thank you. china has responded to investigations by the new york times and the international consortium of investigative journalists on its mass detention of weekers a muslim ethnic minority group in its far west and media organizations had obtained elite government documents confirming a system of detention camps which the u.n. has estimated impacts some 1000000 people here's what chinese officials and she had to say. and there are nurse so-called detention camps and she junk. the so-called reports issued by foreign media and organizations such as the new
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york times and the international union of interests of journalists are all malicious and distorted to smear soon jones education and training centers as well as its anti terrorism anti reticuli zation work on. china says these centers provide work training to improve employment opportunities among other things the few who've been held and managed to escape the country say torture death and the forced sterilization of women are just some of the human rights violations taking place in the camps. india's legislature introduces a controversial bill today called the citizenship amendment bill it would allow religious minorities facing persecution in neighboring muslim countries to apply for citizenship it explicitly excludes muslims and some say the anybody but muslims
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application of the bill is discriminatory let's bring in our delhi correspondent initiate gys well michelle what triggered this bill have persecuted people applied for asylum in india. well melissa this bill was actually a part of the party's election manifesto back in 2014 been fined minister narendra modi for a scheme to bar the election manifesto had stated the prosecuted minorities in need bring countries would be supported and would be given citizenship in india and this is exactly what this bill sets out to do and of course there is migration from countries like afghanistan and pakistan into india however this bit has been criticized that if this was truly about supporting religious persecuted mind all of these what about the thomason sri lanka what about the rohingya muslims and myanmar also neighboring countries this is why the focus on only muslim countries and only non muslim minorities from those countries is seen as being detrimental to india
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secular fabric and this isn't the 1st citizenship related policy this administrator has ruled out this year correct that's correct melissa we have the national register for citizens which was pulled out which was drawn out of this this was explicitly implemented in the state of assam where the locals from that state had demanded the doors who had migrated in from bangladesh should be left out as it affects the demography of that state how this relates to the current bill is that this bill is being heavily criticized in assam because the assamese are seeing that those hindus you may have left off because they came in from bangladesh will now be included and will continue to affect the demography office sam and this is also why the n.r.c. exercise in conjunction with this bill is seen as once again targeting muslims. none of the show put this in more context how does this fit into prime minister
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narendra modi's hindu nationalist agenda. well melissa just spoke about the national register for citizens which is seen as dog muslims but this as well as the citizen chevelle are not the only things that support the b j p s and to nationalise agenda just earlier this year all good just the special status of the state of push me was shoved down and that is the only muslim majority states in this country also the be shipping has strongly pushed the construction of a massive rahman there in the city of you with this is actually something that's been a big election agenda for the b j p and is and has actually been a big flashpoint between hindus and muslims in the country over the term of prime scenario in the movie we have also seen a rise in lynchings related to beef consumption which are raising more and more concerns that muslims and minorities in this country are increasingly being targeted and india is having more and more trouble as each of these new policies
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implemented to continue claiming that it's a secular country. as well thank you. that's it for now head over to our website d.w. dot com forward slash asia to view this show online and for other stories from the region and you can check us out on facebook and twitter as well we leave you with pictures from this weekend's big march in hong kong organizers said 800000 people turned out although officials provided a lower number regardless it was significant because of its largely peaceful nature thank you for watching see you next time and goodbye.
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literature invites us to see people in particular. as the 5. books on youtube. market.
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morning more. if your business magazine made germany on d w. more than 40 workers die in a fire in. the tragedy occurred in a handcart factory shining a spotlight on the lack of low safety standards in the indian textile industry. china's government agencies to get rid of foreign made computers beijing is more reliant on its own technology now retaliating for westfall still it's the towards its was. illegal logging fight against the
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destructions of romania's. business business. of these 43 people were killed in india's capital new delhi on sunday when a fire swept through a 6 story factory where laborers were sleeping the factory was making handbags and raw materials was stored inside the building which helped the fire spread quickly deadly fires like that are all too common in india where safety regulations in factories and residential buildings are routinely ignored. thick smoke billows from the 6 story building in india's capital delhi the fire which killed 43 people on sunday has flared up again waiting outside the hospital friends and relatives struggle to comprehend what happened the building house the factory making handbags school rucksacks and the victims died in their sleep neighbors to the horror.


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