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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  December 9, 2019 3:45pm-4:01pm CET

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against the unlawful destruction of romania's. business business. these 43 people were killed in india's capital new delhi on sunday when a fire swept through a 6 story factory where labor as was sleeping the factory was making handbags and raw materials was stored inside the building which the fire spread quickly deadly i was like that's all too common in india where safety regulations in factories and residential buildings are routinely ignored. thick smoke billows from the 6 storey building in india's capital delhi the fire which killed 43 people on sunday has flared up again waiting outside the hospital friends and relatives struggle to comprehend what happened the building house the factory making handbags school rucksacks and the victims died in their sleep neighbors to a horrifying. i don't know how those poor people were living in that building there
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was a factory in the residential area and that's not allowed the government and the administration must look at this problem it's only when things like this happen that they finally decide to do something about it. there were more than 100 people living in the factory it was full of inflammable material there were no emergency exits the building management apparently ignored all fire protection requirements the building was in an old part of the city with lots of narrow streets which made it difficult for firefighters to access many of the victims came from so hostile in bihar india's poorest state it's more than a 1000 kilometers away from delhi. all we know is that there was a fire in a delhi factory. pretty much the owner of the factory used to recruit men from our village to work there. we haven't been able to contact anyone nobody is answering
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our phone calls this is all we know is what we hear on the news the 43 people. have died. but when you break them. this fire is dead is worst in 2 decades police have arrested the owner of the factory it's believed that the fire was caused by secretary problems. china has ordered all its government offices and public institutions to remove foreign computer equipment and software within 3 years it's the 1st time beijing has given by a specific instructions to switch to domestic tech companies it comes in the midst of the trump administration's global campaign to curb the use of huawei outside of china the move is likely to have a big impact on u.s. tech companies such as microsoft h.p. and. other news comes along that a warning from amazon c.e.o. jeff bezos that china's technological rise is a major challenge to u.s.
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interests speaking as an annual gathering of u.s. military leaders and defense contractors that china's increasing ability to compete with the u.s. on technology was a threat to u.s. military supremacy a source told the gathering quote this is not a sporting competition you don't want to fight. jamey the world's 4th largest maker of smartphones is entering the japanese market for the 1st time the chinese company hopes to muscle in on japan smartphone market which has long been dominated by apple's i phone since its founding in 2010 dromi has been known for producing cheaper phones than its main rivals currently only some other sell more smartphones worldwide. and good news for japan the country's economy continues to expand the 3rd quarter saw annual growth of 1.8 percent beating analyst expectations by more than
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a 4 point japan's the world's 3rd largest economy these latest figures for a present for 4th straight quarter of expansion strong consumer demand and higher capital investment are powering the development the nikkei index in tokyo gained 0.3 percent on the. german exports rose unexpectedly in october despite ongoing trade conflicts and a slowdown in the global economy goods sold abroad went up 1.2 percent to almost $120000000000.00 euros carson machines made in germany were among the top sellers worldwide. these cars produced in germany will soon be sold to dealerships in the united states. despite falling out of favor with u.s. president donald trump b.m.w. mercedes and folks bargain automobiles are selling well across the atlantic. since
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2017 germany's change surplus with the u.s. has actually widened. exports to china have also risen all of which means germany exported goods worth almost $120000000000.00 euros in october that's an increase of 1.2 percent month on month. imports on the other hand decreased slightly to 98000000000 euros that means that goods sold abroad weighed imports by more than 20000000000 euros. but all is not rosy exports to the united kingdom for example fell in october companies on both sides of the channel are concerned about the potential effects of brigs it on business nonetheless analysts say these latest figures are the 1st positive results for the final quarter of the year with disappointing domestic consumption but encouraging trade data europe's largest economy looks set to continue meandering between contraction stagnation and meager growth. to talk us
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through these figures that stated chelsea delaney and frankfurt. that's an unexpected increase 1.2 percent. why were we not expecting this. so the consensus expectation was for a slight decline about 0.3 percent decline in october. and that's largely because you know there's been a big impact on on trade on german business from from these trade tensions from changes in the auto sector from brac so there's been that's sort of been weighing on and german businesses for a while now but german exports have every li sort of emerged as a bright spot for germany and they were also a lot stronger than expected in september this report if you look into the details a lot of this demand is coming from the united states
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a little bit surprisingly over a year over year period it was out exports were up about 10 percent france is also seeing a lot of a lot more of german exports so there are definitely bright spots in this report but this is the 2nd surprise after last week's unexpected. because it's determined as you call me becoming too difficult to try there's actually a lot of confusion among german economy watchers that as you said last 3 weeks industrial production report was the worst in about 10 years that really revived all these concerns about a potential recession in germany and now this week we have a different conversation but i think you know going forward this really doesn't change the entire narrative for germany even if even if exports are rising germany is still facing stagnation for the most part so it's
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a good i mean fine thank you. to romania which is home to more than hall full fury remaining arched forests but protecting has become a dangerous business this year has seen a number of ranges killed trying to rid the country of illegal logging. romania's primeval forests are legendary for their beauty and their under threat illegal logging here is bound up with corruption political intrigue and murder. just look at what's been felt here the mafia took it all away off georg ablest new york should know he worked for the criminal lumber syndicates for 10 years and he knows how it works. this trip was cut down the illegally whether they got that one over there legally you get a license to fell 10 trees and you take a 100 corrupt far as strangers mark the trees or you documents are forged he says
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the police look the other way and everyone profits each tree is worth hundreds of euros but it is the one far astray workers live in a fear they get threatened if you speak out you'll be fired and the order comes from the top from the mafia. because there are 2 cougar chio was a forest ranger for 25 years earlier this year he was killed with an axe. someone called him and told him to go in the woods because they were making stumps they were cutting his trees were their son is one of 7 romanian rangers slain in recent years so far those behind the attacks have not been determined. i want justice my son was not able to defend himself you know but justice is difficult to obtain here in many of romania's woodland regions such as most of its everyone lives from and with the timber mafia. but one man here is trying to resist by documenting and
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checking every lumber truck that passes through to bury a bushel tar reports each illegal transport he discovers and how did the police react. well whenever i stop an illegal transport or when i call the police they slap a fine on me. lol good motivator is romania in miniature. and it's like this in the entire forest sector. she behavior is one of many who say the woods are disappearing because officials work hand in hand with the timber mafia. last month thousands marched on the streets of bucharest to protest against illegal logging in romania scaurus pts and against the attacks on forest workers. denmark based professionalise sports team trial is launched an i.p.o. on the copenhagen stock exchange that makes the team the first 'd ever in the fossil growing electronics sports industry to do so chess have been process of the
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law and one year or 20 each the company which competes professionally in titles such as counter-strike and fifa opes to raise around $17000000.00 euros from this i.p.o. the global sports market is estimated to be worth around a 1000000000 dollars. and that's it from me of the business team here and if you want more check out our website which of course is done with slash business on facebook and twitter if you don't already know your news is up next but also quick update on.
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he's quite as simple as that 6. understand the world better we need to take a closer. experience not. just. with him how to be going to do goes on because when the highest high you know if i had known that the boat would be that small i never would have gone on the trip to be i would not have put myself and my parents so much danger to the bottom of the theme of the book give us leave for it. one funky little bit one little bit to give
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them i had serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live there much i'm going to. i want to know their story and for my parents terrifying and promotable information for margaret's. to know that 77 percent clapping are younger than 6. that's me and me. and you know a lot of time all voices 100. 77 percent talk about the issues. from politics to flash from housing boom boom time this is where you are. welcome to the 77 percent. this weekend on t w. this
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is you know we news live from berlin breaking the deadlock russia and ukraine hope peace talks in paris to find a way to end the war in eastern ukraine all the conflict has so far killed 13000 people and displaced over a 1000000 from their homes our correspondent goes to the combat zone as the russian and ukrainian leaders sit down for the 1st time also coming up a volcano or worse in new zealand at a popular tourist destination at least 5 people are dead and authorities fear more casualties are likely plus as.


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