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this is do to reduce life for berlin breaking the deadlock russia and ukraine hold peace talks in paris to find a way to end the war in eastern ukraine the conflict to so far killed 13000 people in displaced over a 1000000 from their homes our correspondent goes to the combat zone as the russian and ukrainian leaders sit down with each other for the 1st time also coming up to a vote kino here were ups in new zealand at a popular tourist destination at least 5 people are dead and authorities fear more casualties are likely plus
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a setback for russia south least the country is facing and from all global sports events for 4 years including the upcoming 2020 olympics all the world anti-doping agency says moscow tried to stop drug cheats from being exposed and the hollywood award season kicks off with the announcement of next year's golden globe nominee we'll tell you who might be destined for glory. on my heart thank you so much for your company everyone the leaders of ukraine and russia are in paris for a meeting about the conflict in eastern ukraine it's the 1st time in 3 years that talks focusing on ending the war there have been healthy and this is the 1st meeting between vladimir putin and volodymyr zelinsky french president and many amoco and german chancellor angela merkel are brokering this meeting. the conflict
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started in 2014 and has killed more than 13000 people and displaced more than 1000000 the worst fighting has been in the donbass region our correspondent nick kali traveled there and filed this report. close enough to see what the other side having for lunch that's how these ukrainian troops have spent the last few years just 300 meters from the russian backed separatists facing them the whole night without a single shot i don't remember a day like maybe on the 1st night of the cease fire it's a strange and there's no fi at all you get all nervous we're used to the shooting let's assume. the conflict may have fallen out of the headlines but the shooting and the death continues less than a 10 minute drive away a young woman out walking with a child was severely wounded by a stray bullet just last week our guide through the trenches on xander was in his 2nd year cadet school when the conflict recount where he rolled he could hardly
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have imagined that he would soon find himself a 1000 kilometers from home fighting a trench war. everyone is tied of the war has parents wives wore it about them back home but if the politicians can sort this out by talking why not if we withdraw from here it's not a disaster as long as no opponent just the same but then it does with. but off camera many soldiers are more skeptical they don't want to give up territory regain from the separatists and the cost of many lives. president selenski government is convinced that only if a zone between the front lines can bring peace. it's a short drive from the trenches to one of the region's biggest crossing points between government and separatist held territory thousands make the journey every day spending hours out in the cold. we're hoping for peace after all this time we need to resolve this war it's been 6 years since it all began i'm convinced on
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buses part of ukraine. i don't understand what madeleine mccann want to do selenski and putin should sit down together drink some vodka together and put all this behind them if you put me to the pub with 3 he and i ok then we need a united ukraine and we need an end to all this which is about a bullet so people don't have to suffer in these queues anymore at the polls which implore. don't yes but if you cranes biggest cities is less than half an hour's drive down the road behind me we can't go there the pro russian separatists in control of the city aware e of the foreign press presence lenski was elected earlier this year on a promise to bring down yet back to ukrainian government control that's what this meeting in paris is all about. back in the front line it's quiet at least during daylight hours silence allows time to think about the future. but i'm not interested in this
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normandy summit what will happen will happen. this war needs to and i've lost so many comrades already but we're giving the other side making peace and that's going to be to the. repercussions of this war will be felt for years to come it's not just about the mines and grenades the litter this landscape it's about the war in people's heads nikolay reporting there for you from the don bassett region and he's now in the french capital where the talks are taking place at the venue the palace at nic this is very much an exactly neglected conflict but still very much of a combat zone as you portrayed what are the chances of a t. enjoyable breakthrough happening at this meeting what are the expectations basically well a lot of the expectations riding on this are sky high not least because of present
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selenski comments in the run up to all this he's put in a lot of legwork to make this happen has given the impression that he thinks that personal chemistry between him and virginia putin the 2 meeting face to face for the 1st time later on today that that can really change the political gravity of this conflict and create progress that hasn't been possible through traditional negotiations. analysts though are a little more skeptical they don't think that some big bang will be immediately possible but we could see coming out of this is some kind of road map some kind of clear plan of what the next steps are to end this deadlock the really has kept this conflict going for the last 5 years who holds the cards. well this is not just as if president zelinsky is the only one looking to get some kind of solution is sure he was elected on a promise to bring peace to donbass and that is crucial to his domestic agenda but russia also has things that need to achieve the sanctions regime is really having impact now 5 years on the russian economy stagnating and russia is in need of
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investment and some kind of rapprochement with western europe in economic terms because of political terms there is a desire to make some progress there to get to the table with european partners i think the real crucial question here will be international support for ukraine the americans obviously are occupied with their own ukraine a fair trump ukraine affair so they're not really in a position to put much diplomatic weight behind the ukrainians here and the real question will now be how medical corps and medical the 2 leaders here who are with president putin and zelinsky what they bring to the table and how much support they give us ukraine or the hand put pressure on ukraine to make concessions made and as you alluded to the americans the big absentia party let's talk about mr selenski for a 2nd because he is walking a tightrope for one of the reasons that you mentioned in your reporting how much backing is there in ukraine for mr selenski sitting one on one with mr putin. well exactly i mean this is the $1000000.00 question can the political knew we who
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this time last year wasn't even in politics can he really match putin who's been in charge of russia for almost 20 years when it comes to diplomatic godall in terms of the fact that they're meeting well i think that is not the big problem but there is a big worry in ukraine that some kind of over. big compromise could be made that would threaten ukraine's positions and represent some way of capitulation or betrayal of the lives of ukrainian servicemen who have been fighting for the country's survival of the past 5 years there have been protests in ukraine in past weeks and pressure really is being brought to bear on him to make sure that he doesn't come back with a deal that looks like some kind of capitulation before russia do we expect a joint press conference after having said all of that. we do expect them to speak to us later on this evening as always is not an exact science so how this all happens we can't be sure it's doubtless that will have some delays and to
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keep people waiting as we know but they are expected to press late today and we will be here following the story to keep you updated on what happens here in paris thank you so much nic ali. we're turning our attention now to new zealand where at least 5 people have been killed in a volcano eruption off the coast of new zealand's north island are more than 2 dozen are feared missing the volcano also known as white island erupted suddenly shortly after 2 pm local time spewing plumes of ash into the air around 50 people are thought to have been on the island at the time of the eruption. panicked tourists watch as a wall of volcanic ash threatens to envelop them. 5. minutes the. age. they bore witness to its might.
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survivors scrambled on to boats 50 people were on the island emergency services ferried the injured some in critical condition to the mainland it continues to be evolving situation we know already that a number of tourists on or around the island at the time both new zealanders and visit is from the ses i know there will be a huge amount of consuming and anxiety for those who have loved ones on or around the island at the time and i can assure them police are doing everything they can in the day visitors filmed themselves walking on what the maoris call for carry the dramatic volcano little idea what was rumbling beneath their feet although act of fatal eruptions are rare. it's not
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a particularly big eruption is is seed it was kind of. almost like a throat clearing kind. eruption and that's why material probably won't of made it to a new zealand what mike it mainly in new zealand. through clearing exercise and for those involved an unforgettable reminded that nature and sometimes awful bain's to its own will. here's a round up now of the other stories making news around the world. police in india have arrested the owner and manager of a factory destroyed in a fire that killed 43 people the blaze in the capital delhi broke out early on sunday as workers were sleeping inside it's believed it was caused by an electrical fault the. calls are growing for miles as prime minister to quit immediately of artists or staged
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a sit in inside the building where jews have muscat has his office they insist he shouldn't wait until january to leave office as he promised oscar faces pressure over alleged links to the murder of a prominent journalist. in finland is set to get its youngest ever prime minister 34 year old santa maria has been nominated by the social democrats who leads the 5 party coalition government all 5 parties now have women at the helm are in support and is expected to be approved by parliament this week that would also make her the world's youngest serving prime minister. nationwide protests in france over president and many are not cause pension reform policy have entered their 5th day well bus and train services have been scaled down to cope with the strike in paris only 2 metro lines are running and many decided to drive to work instead by 9 am traffic jams around the capital stretched to 600 kilometers
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. the world anti doping agency wada has banned a russia from taking part in international sporting competitions for 4 years a water rule that russia should be punished for manipulating laboratory data planting fake evidence and deleting files linked to positive doping tests that could have helped identify drug cheats in the banned rules russia out of the upcoming tokyo olympics next year. tokyo 20 twentieth's was supposed to be the final highlight of anastasiya as he called us korea but now she's in a gray zone after the world anti-doping agency bent russia from the upcoming summit games you look at the samea guy it's one thing not to qualify because you're not well prepared you've made mistakes but it's quite another thing when it's because you are punished for other people's mistakes things will certainly not be easy for . the word anti doping agency wada has approved the recommendations of its
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compliance panel that means pending appeal russia is now banned from international sporting events for the next 4 years including the olympics if there is a decision being issued according to the. tour of the world anti-doping code. it's a mandatory for the i.o.c. but there is some light at the end of the tunnel for russian athletes who can show they are clean and without ties to the state sponsored doping system they'll be allowed to compete in the olympics and in other venues and a neutral ban. on and we shall win is standing by in a moscow good to have you with us emily what has been the official response from the russian anti-doping agency. well from the russian anti-doping agency we have heard that this was not an unexpected decision for them
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they have course said that they were sad about it but actually the director general of bruce sada admitted a while back that there had been manipulations in that database he called today for a detailed investigation into what happened for the databases to be handed over to be checked again and he called for a clean up for clean sports in russia he even went so far as to call on the russian president to take decisive action he didn't specify what that meant but presumably keith that may be him essentially calling for resignations in the sports ministry right now emily this is a wide ranging a decision although it also affects the soccer world cup in qatar in 2022 at the waca press conference a journalist asked about the consequences let's take let's take a listen and then i'll pick up from after that. just to clarify can you say whether this means that russia will who will not be able to play at the 2022 world cup in
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qatar. assuming they qualify but i don't know if they're going to qualify. if they qualify. representing russia cannot participate but it seems most neutral mechanism put in place neutral they can apply to support people on a neutral basis not as representatives of russia so amalie we've got no russian team at the olympic games and no russian team at the world cup i mean this is a major blow. absolutely and i think that's exactly how the russian public at least and also many politicians here are perceiving it you may remember that russia was also forced to compete under a neutral flag in the 2018 winter olympics and that time that was perceived as a huge blow to national pride and we've been speaking to days to some people on the
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streets of moscow who are also saying that it's a huge blow that it's such a shame for the athletes some were blaming the government and also a lot of people here perceive this as sort of an anti russian campaign of some sort they say you know other countries dope as well and we're the only ones who see the consequences of that and we've seen that mirrored in the response from russian sports officials as well the sports minister here in opposition to what reside is saying has called this visit this decision political and we show in reporting from moscow russia thank you. last week pirates kidnapped a crew of an oil tanker off the coast of nigeria it was the latest incident in a growing piracy problem there well according to the international maritime bureau most maritime kidnappings now take place off the coast of nigeria our correspondent funny for shark went to the niger delta to find out the scale of the problem and how it's affecting local residents. from the outside the
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beautiful wetlands of nigeria inside a problematic history we argued in the vast creeks of the niger delta. this region is already struggling for theft with trafficking kidnapping and in recent years a number of business has begun to florrie the jewish coastline has become a hot spot for maritime piracy and. see. and this is repliers operate from a labyrinth of waterways but it's not only home to criminals lives near by the river the source of income transports goods and people he's careful since he was attacked by pirates. creeps like misplacing is when they. drive down to the creeks there is deep in the forest the armed man wanted to take the engine of his boat when they realized it wasn't
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good enough they let him go they took his money in stat from then on the parrot been stopped working after sunset we are very scared. when driving on the sea or in the river because you don't know when exactly the comps so sometimes if they are on the with the king it will with all your money so piracy. is a very big problem attacks by pirates is a problem worldwide but especially in the gulf of guinea they are on the rise along the coastline of west africa. because. they want to be there before pirates strike members of the nigerian navy are headed out of the lake was headquarters to money toward the sea they are given rare access
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to accompany them on their daily patrol. we are about politics not to call him out on the cost of legace and this is a legit training differently it is not anything it. was a long. good thing. because i was kuala is responsible for navigation and training on board there is only one vessel that my. tours hundreds of not to call miles a day but the navy doesn't have enough vessels and personnel to prevent piracy attacks fall is near for more train in a position of more platform a collision of minutes commit space for the vessels keeping the business off what is always us it's always very difficult is indispensible another challenge west african countries have different policies to protect their waters in movies of the
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order of eros. countries in the gulf of the need to come together to effectively morning to you don't because even though there is india it's called the piracy and it never was a mode endeavor they'll find a loophole and they do this navy vessel is monitoring one part of the gulf of guinea and attack is reported on the same day a few 100 miles down self an oil tanker similar to this one passing by us has been targeted the nigerian navy is not there. maritime security should start here in the niger delta before an attack happens tell us they want to authorities to deploy more security to stop lawlessness and creeks and to eradicate piracy altogether. next up the golden globe nominations are out for next year's awards and netflix conquer at the top categories suggesting a new dominance by streaming services marriage story let the way with 6 nominations
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including best drama the stars of his depth of this divorce portrait scarlett johansen and adam driver are among the nominees there were 5 knots for the gangster epic the irishman and scorsese set work since then nominated for best director. was like the army. orders no easy feat because there is a really large they already know it's here and i still haven't finished watching it so great to have you here with this whole 4th season has kicked off let's talk about next netflix oh my goodness yeah commenting on domination i mean 3 of the 5 best films is the 1st time actually a marriage story and 2 pope's 1st time the netflix those have been nominated for the best film for the golden globes and they completely dominate not just the film categories also t.v. the crown got a bunch of nominations the other netflix series yeah it really seems that whole the money the billions of netflix is thrown out and our content is is paying off at least when it comes to awards now any surprises so far well i thought was interesting guardsman got 5 nominations but robert de niro who's the star of the
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irishman didn't get nominated for best actor and he has made. a great to see the joe pesci who came back 20 year retirement to play the irishman got a nomination he's my pick i loved him in this in this film what i also was surprising though on the t.v. side was a netflix series that didn't get nominated when they see us which is a dramatization of the central park 5 and the miscarriage of justice there i really thought i would be a front runner it didn't get any nominations at all. all right doesn't give us any every detail these phrases to give is any indication of who might be up for the oscars coming up at the beginning of the i mean that's always what we look at the golden globes and they've been they've not been pretty good at making the picks last year basically globe winners went on to win in all the major categories and the oscars the globes sort of put the thumb on the scales a bit though because they have categories for drama and comedy so they sort of spread their bets a bit but if you look at the nominations and then the winners there's usually
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a good match up thing i think to look at this year though is because netflix has been is so dominant here at the nominations the film industry hollywood the pick the oscars they really don't like that flicks because of their policy of not having their films shown in theaters and just haven't shown on the streaming services so that could be an interesting conflict to see if the oscars are going to fall the globes and say all right says the marriage story and obama back this is such great films we're going to nominate them even though they are on streaming services and are in theaters where we'd like to see or talk to us a little bit about marriage story i haven't really heard that much about oh yeah great if you watch it it's on netflix streaming as we speak it's premier in venice it's interesting because it's almost a throwback to like kramer vs kramer it's a divorce story very sort of intimate tale of been a wife played by scott hanson adam driver a bit of their love story but the mainly the story of their of their very painful break up wonderfully don i mean i haven't seen a film like this really since the seventy's it was interesting it's interesting though that it was done by streaming service because you know this is amazingly well and still the kind of film that would have been dominant at the oscars you
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know 2030 years ago those of the movies are almost not being made anymore by the studios so maybe it took a streaming service like netflix to pony up and say we're going to put money on this film we're going to make a movie like this that maybe doesn't have the sort of track record in the theaters that are of a movie or something similar with any conclusions about do you think that the studios might want to rethink regroup and see how they going to deal with the likes of netflix amazon prime i think they're going to have to i mean they're being forced to see already that the studios are. in their own streaming services and on and sing their own series and films i think that's going to be the dominant bit of conversation that we're going to having the next couple of years and we're going to see what has the reaction lead to the nominations today and to the future oscars predicting now that i think netflix is going to be pretty strong at the oscars as well and then it's going to force hollywood to move along yeah or stay right there these are a lot of you know i mean it's got rock star thank you as always pleasure to have you on. now it's taken
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a $100.00 days but the berlin zoo has finally revealed that 20 pound us born in august are always well the cubs have named been named name is yang and name one that has lent their parents to the zoo for 15 years the pamela bird sparked a debate about germany's stance towards human rights in china and even a campaign to name the cubs hung and kong is supportive of the pro-democracy protests. arthur mine and of the top stories that we're tracking for you this hour the leaders of russia and ukraine are in paris for peace talks regarding the conflict in eastern ukraine it's the 1st time in 3 years that tops focusing on ending and ending the war there have been held and police in new zealand say 5 people have died in a volcano eruption at a popular tourist destination a number of people have been injured service and see they do not believe there are any more survivors on the island. you're watching news coming up next in news asia
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after 6 months of mass protests in hong kong we'll see how volunteers keep the supplies flowing for activists and a huge a debate in india as lawmakers begin discussing a controversial citizen ship bill all that a whole lot more coming up with my colleague melissa chan on the daily news asia in just a moment and i'll see you again the top of the hour thank you for spending part of you david.
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discovered. the i. subscribe to the documentary. you're watching d.w. news asia coming up supporting the troops in hong kong how a team of volunteers keep the supplies flowing for protesters who hit the streets month after month. and a heated debate in india's parliament as politicians began discussions over a new citizenship amendment bill that would exclude muslim most. players.


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