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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  December 9, 2019 7:15pm-7:31pm CET

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you're watching new day with you still to come. it causes poverty paralyzes public services and undermines governments we're talking corruption and today is the un's world anti corruption day and carousel for his is up next with a look at how corruption affects south african nations all that and a whole lot more coming up in that business africa update on the rock n roll and on behalf of the entire new studio thank you for spending this part of your day with us i'll see you again tomorrow same time. you know that 77 percent of poppy country are younger than 65. that's me and me and you. and you know what it's time no voice is part. of the 77 percent be told. this is where.
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the 77 percent this weekend on d w. any person is held up i don't know it's not easy to go to another country and know nothing about africa i don't do this because we can't stay in venezuela. that. closely global news that matters d.w. made for mines. it's the un's international anti corruption day we'll have a look at how and why corruption is consistently named by international investors as the number one obstacle preventing them to invest in the african economy. acts to illegal logging the fight against the lawful destruction from mania.
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this is business african the w n l 1st welcome corruption undermines trust in government and paralyzes economic growth the u.n. has marked today as international anticorruption day so let's have a look at the worst culprits in this sector this map here is from the end of corruption organization transparency international it shows that the problem of corruption is still greatest in africa there it is. particularly in those countries colored in dark red for years somalia has called worst for how corrupt its citizens believe it to be but there are positive developments as well in botswana for example here is the government has energetically prosecutor bribery and that works with a corruption index of $44.00 why does better than some european countries such as
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hungary or romania an obvious feature of all this is that the country is perceived to be least corrupt and o.e.c.d. members they have apart from a high standard of living a functioning administration hard hitting justice systems and political stability so botswana is good news for africa but the broad picture is different one in 4 african citizens are forced to pay paying bribes to officials for basic services like passports or driving licenses or for getting health care transparency international found out let's bring in our correspondent joins are in there are from nairobi joy why sports one are more successful in the fight against corruption than other countries. you know i had bullets when i said to have one of the highest anticorruption or one of the best and corruption profiles on the african continent and also what's going to happen as to how one of the highest conviction rates. on the african continent too and that means that when it comes to dealing
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with issues to do with corruption or economic crime but tonight he said to have most of the conviction convictions successful convictions and prosecutions on the african continent that could explain why it is one of the least corrupt countries in africa. it seems to work there but measures are in place for one i think they have the economic crime that is implemented to the letter through the directorate of economic crime and it was established in 1904 since it was established over 1000 pieces have been prosecuted successfully and this is sent a message i guess to the citizens of the country about public trust and they don't want the trust of most of the citizens so there is just a do it protection of whistleblowers that the act does have and protect all those
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who report these corruption cases that are prosecuted investigation rates are also quite very successful in botswana if we look at the somalia which features on the very top of the list of the corruption index is it unique. one would say yes' so leah is a unique case because of the dictates of conflicts that have resulted in broken systems and these broken systems have also resulted in many of the officials jewelry illegal activity in return for bribes and that has increased the corruption rates in somalia as well but the fact that there is nearly normal legal framework to govern the last of the country while can actually say that yes the lazy unique case until they can have an anti corruption strategy in place there and really not
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much is going to change over the next few years but the president of somalia has signed be anti corruption bill and that is also meant to come up with the anticorruption strategy and soon we could see an uptick corruption commission is amalia toward remember i thank you very much the government of kenya as capital nairobi has pleaded not guilty to charges of money laundering receiving bribes and conflict of interest mike and bouvier sancho was arrested last friday he's accused of benefiting from irregular payments totaling over 3000000 euros 44 year old is seen as a flamboyant figure who is known for his flashy clothes and chunky gold jewellery. south africa's transport minister says he has placed the state owned railways under administration with immediate effect the site of mismanagement and irregular and wasteful expenditure it follows
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a decision last week to place south african airways on the rescue matters measure as well the government says it has resolved to turn around all state on their part besides essay and have a power utility eskom is also undergoing reconstruction of companies needed massive government bailouts after a lapsed mismanagement and corruption nearly bankrupted them. in the democratic republic of the congo charcoal is the go to fuel for up to 90 percent of households mainly due to a lack of electricity but deforestation for charcoal production is eating into the forests of the congo basin which is vital in the fight against global warming too many profit from the destruction from the poor the need charcoal for fuel to the senior officials who profit from illegal logging that's also oil it's exploration and industrial agriculture in the area now on the hillsides around the capital scarcely any trees left congress trying to increase hydroelectric energy production
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to tackle the problem. illegal logging is a problem all over the world even here in the european union romania is home to more than half of europe's remaining untouched forests thus protect him them has become a dangerous business this year as seen a number of rangers killed trying to rid the country of illegal logging romania's primeval forest are legendary for their beauty and their under threat illegal logging here is bound up with corruption political intrigue and murder just get that just look at what's been felled here the mafia took it all away. georg ablest new york should know he worked for the criminal lumber syndicates for 10 years and he knows how it works that this trip was cut down the illegally or
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they got that one over there legally you get a license to fell 10 trees and you take a 100 corrupt far as strangers mark the trees or you documents are forged he says the police look the other way and everyone profits each tree is worth hundreds of euros but it is the one far as 3 workers living in fear they get threatened if you speak out you'll be fired and the order comes from the top from the mafia. the right to cougar cio was a forest ranger for 25 years earlier this year he was killed with an axe. someone called him and told him to go in the woods because they were making stumps they were cutting his trees we wanted their son is one of 7 romanian rangers slain in recent years so far those behind the attacks have not been determined. i want justice my son was not able to defend himself you know but justice is difficult to obtain here in many of romania's woodland regions such as most of its everyone
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lives from and with the timber mafia. but one man here is trying to resist by documenting and checking every lumber truck that passes through to bury a botia tar reports each illegal transport he discovers and how did the police react. so brutal well whenever i stop an illegal transport or when i call the police they slap a fine on me. well most of it is romania in miniature. and it's like this in the entire forest sector. to be everywhere is one of many who say the woods are disappearing because officials work hand in hand with the timber mafia. last month thousands marched on the streets of bucharest to protest against illegal logging in romania as far as and against the attacks on forest workers. announces some of the other global business stories making headlines today siemens lower elements beeping are among businesses backing in the e.u.
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plan to make the bloc climate neutral by 2050 e.u. leaders are set to sign the pledge later this week business support for it is crucial as it's likely to lead to legislation that will impact every major industry . online retailer in germany is headed for record turnover this year german e-commerce and mail order association says it expects the sector to pass the 70000000000 euro mark for the 1st time in germany online shopping has a market share of 13 percent. all time exports rose unexpectedly in october despite ongoing trade conflicts and a slowdown in the global economy goods sold abroad went up 1.2 percent to almost 120000000000 euros cars and machines made in germany were among the top sellers worldwide. these cars produced in germany will soon be sold at dealerships in the united states. despite falling out of favor with u.s.
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president donald trump. b.m.w. mercedes and fox bargain automobiles are selling well across the atlantic. since 2017 germany's trade surplus with the u.s. has actually widened. exports to china have also risen all of which means germany exported goods worth almost $120000000000.00 euros in october that's an increase of 1.2 percent month on month imports on the other hand decreased slightly to 98000000000 euros that means that goods sold abroad weighed imports by more than 20000000000 euros but all is not rosy exports to the united kingdom for example fell in october companies on both sides of the channel are concerned about the potential effects of bragg's it on business nonetheless analysts say these latest figures are the 1st positive results for the final quarter of the year with disappointing domestic consumption but encouraging trade
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data europe's largest economy looks set to continue meandering between contraction stagnation and meager growth. he advise us leaders from richard nixon to barack obama. former federal. or former chairman of the federal reserve has died aged 92 folke attack over american inflation in the 170 s. and eighty's and ledger lent his name to landmark wall street reforms or added the u.s. central bank 979 to 987. of german immigrants was born in 1027 in cape may new jersey is told says he died from complications related to prostate cancer. on the other.
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save the planet not mine. we quarter davi dontcha and says it's strange we have to do something. the climate crisis is threatening very existence. many germans would agree but are they prepared to change their habits.
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so 60 minutes. every journey be. ends with the 1st step and every language with the 1st word published in the can. is in germany to learn german why not simple online on your mobile and free apps d w z e learning course nikos free german made easy. this. coming up on the program. pirate. radius of the coast of west africa. piracy. on the devastation in uganda also villages and again by floods flops. killing thousands.


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