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airport city managed by from. this is d. w. news one from berlin a bid to break the deadlock over the conflict in ukraine the leaders of russia and ukraine have agreed to implement a cease fire in eastern ukraine by the end of the year fighting has been ranging there since 2014. also coming up new zealand's most active volcano romps killing at least 5 people hopes have faded to finding any more survivors now questions are
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mounting over wind chill risks were allowed on the island in the 1st. plus we will be hearing the russian national anthem of the upcoming olympics russia is now banned from all global sporting events for years the gold anti-doping agency says moscow tried to stop drug cheats from being exposed. to m caernarfon welcome to the program we start with a major meeting in paris ukrainian president flawed amir's olinsky and his russian counterpart vladimir putin face to face for the 1st time with eastern ukraine on the agenda after 6 hours of negotiations the 2 leaders have agreed to implement a quote full and comprehensive cease fire in eastern ukraine it's the 1st time in 3 years the talks focusing on. ending the war there have been held the pair sat down
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with french president emmanuel mccall and german chancellor angela merkel who brokered the meeting the conflict started in 2014 it has killed more than 13000 people and displaced more than 1000000. these 2 leaders made separate announcements after those closed door negotiations. in which the parties have reached an agreement on liberation all the prisoners before the 31st of december following the principle of hold by all. it has been agreed to verify the list of prisoners and provide access by the red cross to all prisoners. this is certainly an important step towards deescalating the situation in eastern ukraine as well as easing tensions. with our correspondent masses is in paris he is covering those talks for us and he says in the paris 1st meeting coots
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and selenski were able to find some common ground. well the french president put it in a nutshell and said they haven't found a magic formula there's no silver bullet coming out of this cold night here outside the palace but what they have found is a mutual conclusion that is basically split into 2 parts on the one hand you have very concrete proposals what can happen on the ground a stabilizing the cease fire until the end of the year is one concrete results and another concrete result is a small part of all prisoners that is what president selenski announced until the end of the year the other part is a bit more loose a bit less concrete but it involves the commitment to see the minster peace accord to be fulfilled so the intention to resolve this conflict and that is what german chancellor angela merkel in the press conference just now said
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there is a lot of goodwill here on the table that is what she can see. eric massa's there in paris for us let's have a check now of some of the other stories making news around the world saudi arabia says restaurants no longer need to segregate customers by sex previously they were required to have separate entrances and eating areas for men and women it's the latest in a series of sweeping social reforms in the conservative islamic kingdom. thousands of people have been made homeless in madagascar after cycling delano unleashed heavy flooding when it made landfall on the island the national disaster agency says the full extent of the damage is not get clear but so far no loss of life has been reported. finland is set to get its youngest ever prime minister 34 year old son amar and has been nominated by the social democrats who lead the 540 coalition government all 5 parties now have women at the helm of point is
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expected to be approved by parliament this week that would also make her the world's youngest serving prime minister. in sydney australia as iconic opera house and harbor bridge are shrouded in smoke from wildfires weather conditions and worse and across the state of new south wales and fanned the flames weather forecasters say temperatures are set to rise above 40 degrees. a least 5 people have been killed in a volcanic eruption off the coast of new zealand's north island 8 others are now known to be missing the folk already volcano also known as wind island erupted suddenly shortly after 2 pm local time on monday stealing plumes of ash into the air. panicked tourists watch as a wall of volcanic ash threatens to envelope them. minutes earlier they'd stood on the volcanoes edge now they bore witness to its might. 47 people
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were in for carry island at the time of the eruption some managed a narrow escape. when rain look we've just witnessed the craziest thing ever. to tour in the volcano for about an hour but just 10 minutes after we left and got on the boat the volcano started erupting in the boat turned around and went back to the island to try to help the people who were still there. i'm not sure if everyone the town to live in the. number of those on the island were too close to the eruption emergency crews and lifted the injured some in critical condition. this cruise ship could not leave on shuttle a group of its passengers were on the island. to go through him
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missing family and friends we should ensure that they can it will be free at this moment and indeed it was. your loved one stood alongside kerry's who were hosting you here and we grieve with you we grieve that the. scientists have noted an uptick in volcanic activity on the island in recent weeks now questions about why people were allowed so close to a disaster waiting to happen. are for more now i'm joined by our meters she is a journalist in auckland new zealand. a people we hear still missing but we're also hearing that there are no signs of wife on the island what more can you tell us do we know if a recovery team is expected to go there anytime soon. yes carol unfortunately it is now officially a recovery operation instead of a rescue mission police believe that anyone who could have been taken from the
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island alive was rescued at the time of the evacuation yesterday about an hour ago images taken from helicopters emerge showing the extent of the volcanic eruption the whole island is the much covered in ash and at this point new zealand police is still waiting for the all clear to recover bodies. a decision will be made based on images taken of our viewers today. what more do we know about the people who managed to make it off the island i mean we know there were dozens of people there and only 5 were killed perhaps luckily what more do we know about the people who met measure make it all. $31.00 people currently being treated at 7 hospitals around the country with a range of injuries 8 of them are in critical condition some have burns to 90 percent of their body so there is a possibility that they may not survive this interest a few for a few plastic surgeons with private practice as often had been called in to help
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with the burn victims and disfiguration cost by not force trauma so far 3 patients have been discharged among the injured are missing are 24 us travel between the ages of 17 and 72 there are also americans chinese british and malaysians as well as new zealanders. course we're hearing that there were warnings about increased volcanic activity before this russian do we know then why were people allowed to visit the island. well it is ultimately up to tour operators to decide whether to take visitors to the privately owned island with the necessary permits. company wide island or stated on their website that it operates through a variety alert levels but added that passengers should be aware that there is always a risk erupt effectivity regardless of the alert level and alert levels change on
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a relatively frequent basis and one folk analogise pointed out that an announcement of eruptions from volcanoes such as fuck ati or white island could be expected at any time despite that around $10000.00 tourists visit the volcano most active each year sounds like now 13 people suspected dead after the other option on white island course a paramita in new zealand for us thank you very much. the world and i and i don't think agency or wanda has banned russia from taking part in international sporting competitions for 4 years water will that russia should be punished for manipulating laboratory data planting fake evidence and deleting files linked to positive doping tests that could have helped identify drug cheats the banned rules that russia is out of the upcoming tokyo olympics next year and the
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football world cup in 2022 it was water who persuaded russia to turn over data from their testing labs as part of the terms of the deal to rejoin the international fray after and banned for state sponsored doping offenses 4 years ago. russia has afforded every opportunity to get its house in order and to rejoin the global anti doping community for the good of its seats and for the integrity of the sport but it shows in state 50 different route one a says the data he received from russian doping or thirty's in january was compromised its response unanimous. the consequences include russia from the olympics but. championships are run by all coach signatories so for years. the russian the host of russia hosting any of these major events which
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is. free the news of the olympic and world cup bans landed heavily but the director of russia's anti doping authority. you know. everyone says that i'm a scaremonger that i'm a traitor or an enemy but i tell you as a professional there is no hope of getting a positive decision at the court of arbitration for sport the decision has been made with the databases changed yes in january and december and that's a factor but far far. at government level the response was more defiant. you could almost say that there is anti russian hysteria that has taken on chronic forms and i think the organizations that are involved and i mean the russian organizations in question should definitely come up with an appeal against this decision. who are the russian authorities now have $21.00 days to consider an appeal at which point the years long saga would return to the court of arbitration
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for sport. german journalist i was the belt has investigated allegations of russian government sanctioned doping he says that although the ban is a severe penalty it may not have the effect of preventing more cheating in russia some people would say is it's not enough. should have been imposed total ban for russia as a nation because i think this case scenario doping of cheating of corruption sports most terrible consequential issues on the same level but i would say this is a real hitting and says a russian so russian sports soul because it's leads from that country no not allowed for for. years to know where their own. jerseys to and to see their own russian track and to listen to or national anthem so that means it is really. meant and also a strict conditions will apply for. from russia they have
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to undergo a very strict and unto doping regime so i don't see very many a flight computer be cubans i would say only a few but also not very many which means it is a punishment for russia but what i don't know if they will draw the right conclusions and change the culture of cheating in that country all the 2020 golden globe nominations have been announced and netflix has left the camp the competition far behind the streaming services marriage story led the way with 6 nominations including for best drama stars of this portrait of divorce hanson and adam driver were among the nominees and there were also 5 nonce for the gangster epic the irishman or say z's work also has him nominated for best director and he was like the army. of forget you can always get the news on the go just download our app
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from google play it from the app store and that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the d.w.p. app to send us your photos and your videos. you're watching the news live from berlin state sundar documentary featuring featuring soul ladies commuting between africa and europe that's up next in the meantime all the latest news available on our website that's d w dot com i'm called aspen thanks for watching. and it is time to take one step further and face the possible. time to search the know and fight for the troops. time to over cope outrageous and connect the world it's time.


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