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tv   Eco India  Deutsche Welle  December 10, 2019 5:30am-6:00am CET

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the people of east germany in. the mideast turned around clamors for german unity. journalist peter limbo because at the same. 30 years later he looks back on the. interest and starts december 19th d w. this is all would be wonderful landscapes forests and animals to think that all this is threatened by climate change is distressing we have to change our ways if we want to see the planet many discussions take place at different levels of society to address exactly this high level meetings an international climate conferences are
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held every year with representatives from most countries this week let's dive deeper to examine the impact they have you're watching eco india and i'm somewhat of a coming to you from mumbai the indian government has signed the paris climate of regime and and plans to change its energy mix 50 percent renewable energy by 2022 is the and solar power plays a big role in achieving this. donny hamlet of one was and is barely 100 kilometers away from india's business capital in mumbai but until just a few years ago it had no concept of electricity. its residents relied on far as their main source of power like an energy.
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things changed for one wasi in the summer of 2016. so let out an island and that's where dad was once darkness now there is light everywhere and this village we could have never imagined this. in the nearby villages the government. comes and goes. that they've been laid here as we have access to electricity thank you for saving. money so that you have this is quite unbelievable but it always does anybody want a light on a 2nd these i mean it's out. today one of aussies able to address the daily energy needs of its to 65 residents with an uninterrupted supply of power generated through its ready solar micro-grid. which new ensures it's
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a smooth operation to its daily maintenance and also troubleshooting. and if we were not sure if this sort of thing in the past a lot of cities have made. but once they left home none of them where. that got up guys and i. owing to its extremely small population when wasi does not fit into the government's calculations of what constitutes a real good. and if it is of good oculus together with discounted gloucester for their hamlets in the district of maharashtra. this means that despite the indian government's ambitious 100 person electrification programme electricity to the new. national public grid has never
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properly reached such remote communities. to close this gap semyonovna co-founded. in 2008 in these kind of images a problem is the cost of taking the grid to these areas for a small load and this is a small number of households it becomes a bit of a challenge there are a large number of such hamlets an electrified while off figures suggest india is inching closer to 100 percent household electrification the challenge to bring clean and affordability of extremely remote households remains largely unaddressed the social enterprise provides access to a crisp even through renewable energy models. and only if they want to actually install this but i think having seen it and i'm willing to put their initial money willing to you know create a bank account will it electrification going to get an energy from the local one of the end of a coming the solar power is the storage in the battery bank while overhead
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transmission lines make sure that electricity is brought to every household and. the total cost of this installation was $3000000.00 rupees or 37000 years. is. that graham who just has successfully set up solar micro-grid in 65 remote religious. these decentralized micro grids unknown and dolly owned and operated by local communities with each household being judged according to you since. you. can he's part of one was the stan member village and as you can mitty it and shows that the grid runs effectively and is responsible for invoicing the house rules.
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i'm able to work out in the last week of every month a committee holds an editing them discussing the bill and the status of us even as a sailor captain as sometimes a customer is unable to bring up a little one monday late and we allow them to meet again within the next month but if it's still paid off to keep in mind we would demand the binding place and tell them if they don't have them if they like to see the supply to the house bill will be cut off in a sense and i do but this is not how i'm going to bed will set up the economy i don't care a little. apart from electrifying householders the micro-grid also delivers. the solo paula has had a lot of the distress for the film and the boss. ok about me to do it by now i. want to have to walk all the way to the red barn and
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getting that no one was taking care of the kids but at that it took us a lot of time. off and i didn't have time to even make food any human. body again i'd have gone it. not a solar powered bomb supplies water were done to help. that life that. when there was no electricity under the dam like a farmer had a family but now we can start cooking early and mom and i got there before sitting around a little bit and then he calmly leaves a warlock and i used to purchase my like those of kerosene every month which was very expensive and he said what if we had electricity or a little knife that would have been there so you tell us what. the micro-grid has made a substantial change to life in. as the new power and light bring in money for new
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opportunities for its residents and though. it would be safe to see that there are many many problems to sort of when it comes to climate change india could biggest economy of asia for example is great not as fast as the last decade but it is growing rapidly and this means the country needs a lot of fuel and energy. india is one of the top energy consumers in the world and its energy demand is only likely to spiral the country has been drawing considerable attention towards how it is going to increase energy access while maintaining its commitment made of the battles climate summit towards reducing emissions from the perspective primary energy mix of the country you will see that though energy so you know the country is predominantly dominated by coal and then the emerging star in the you know do you see you know as
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up goes the is making major disruptions in energy because it's the awful country sure renewable at the moment so when you combine hydro while it's summer it's going to be shown as back to the fuel not somewhere around 7 percent. in keeping with its commitment india has set itself a target of increasing its power generation capacity to renewables up to 40 percent by 2030 invest. months of 300000000000 euros will be needed over the next decade. while there are concerns over the country being able to meet its targets the government of india has declared assurances of being on track. currently wind energy has the largest share of installed capacity within the new able energy mix however the coming years will see some considerable strides in the
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solar energy sector but the transition to have clean energy does not inevitably suggest a simultaneous phasing out of the country's dependence on fossil fuels. now it's very difficult for you know the government or even for the private. very dependence on fossil fuels in dark regard what we have to do is we have to take over the graduated approach wherein we bring the renewables in in a more manner and we freeze out fossil fuels in a manner where you know your economic targets and the lord know in our expectations of the industry are also you know taken care of but at the same time you are not kind of. disrupting the energy markets. today india is producing the world's cheapest solar power since 2010 set of course fell by 80 percent the most
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prestigious decline of any country but continuing to meet the rising energy hunger of the population will require serious investment. we can all agree that fossil fuel based energy is one of the biggest causes of climate change but is valuable energy really a feasible alternative is one of the most common questions that comes up what if there isn't enough sun. particular day of the wind isn't strong enough a community in the south of germany didn't just ask these questions they tested it out hands with success. this is the night train from berlin to the far south of germany it's going to be a 12 hour journey to. a village in the foothills of the alps that's famous for pioneering the transition to green energy. none of its energy comes from fossil fuels all of it comes from renewables.
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it's all there in nature we don't need to take any energy from fossil sources underground plenty is given to us every day we just have to make use of it. produces 8 times as much electricity as its 2600 residents can use all that electricity isn't produced in one big plant paternity centralized fashion and it's then made available to others via the grid. delegations from the places around the world marked by flags who have come to inspect this revolutionary village. they usually. he's been married for 23 years and has been involved in the shift to renewables from the start.
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in 1909 we asked everybody here how things should be in 2021 wind energy was just one of the many different issues 92 percent said they were in favor which was a sensational result. people here are very proud of what's been developed. basically they've done it themselves. we can quote. become thinking and thinking us over. the villagers have invested 50000000 euros over the past 2 decades 300 photovoltaics systems 9 wind turbines as well as several hydro electric and combined heat and power plants. we want to show that it is possible to create a regional circular economy for energy production and energy use this. of course it has to make economic sense so if it erodes
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a profit and we save money and we're doing something positive for the environment that's doubly good. but i don't know if that's not really stop and go to. another father the green revolution of poultry it is fun to learn. he's a farmer who started experimenting with renewable energy in the 1990 s. . he soon won over his fellow villagers and set up a wind farm co-operative. anyone who lives in the community where a windmill is located can invest the more people join the lower the amount each may invest it's currently 5000 euros and no more any higher amount and we have too much money everybody keeps asking when are we going to build another wind turbine.
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i know has set up for bio gas plants on his farm they now heat the entire village. he designed some of the components himself the energy sources are all local animal waste from 20 nearby farms. they replace 700000 liters of heating oil a year. less that's generating energy from biomass alone point enough to complete the transition to renewables at the national level sun wind and hydro power are also needed. mixed in with the right mix it won't be hard to attain 100 percent renewables and many people don't believe that but it's true the amount of clean energy we produce in a village politics lead could also be generated in other communities districts and states. are going to be the number one cause of the.
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energy generation is one key factor to others are energy storage and developing an intelligent grid so power can be moved to where it's needed. energy reservoirs are needed for days when the wind drops or the sun doesn't shine. or when demand is higher than usual. there's no known company and addresses both these issues it makes lithium ion phosphate batteries which in combination with solar panels enables households to become largely energy independent. it also manages an electricity sharing system so on and community. for the 4th. year but they say it's cloudy here but the sun is shining in hamburg. when our customers in hamburg have energy in abundance. their batteries are fully charged and they feed the excess into the grid which can then be used by our
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customers here their link to via our zone and community that was the 1st step the 2nd was to approach the grid operators and offer to help them stabilize the grid. private power sharing could perhaps one day make the large utility companies and the huge power plants redundant if hundreds of thousands of communities went the way if it puts fade and set up autonomous energy generation and sharing systems. one small village in bavaria could inspire other people across germany and in other countries. the global temperature rise needs to be limited to $1.00 to $2.00 big at a maximum that's what was agreed in the paris climate agreement in 2016 but countries around the globe how much has happened since then let's take
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a closer look at the status report. which countries are doing the most to protect the climate and who's not pulling their weight the analyst network climate action tracker has compiled a ranking. the only countries on course to meet the $1.00 degree celsius limit the goal of the paris agreement or gambia morocco. in 2018 morocco completed one of the world's biggest solar power plants. the north african country plans to produce over 40 percent of its energy from renewables. if everyone followed india's example global warming could at least be held to 2 degrees it's massive tree planting programs are having
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a positive effect india has committed itself to ensuring that over one 3rd of its areas forested to help absorb c o 2. custer rica is also in the 2 degree club the small central american country em's to be climate neutral by 2021 part of that drive involves. ding emissions of the greenhouse gas nitric oxide from its coffee bean production fertilizers are responsible for most of those emissions the country hopes to cut their use by training farmers to use the chemicals more efficiently. and. if the whole world behaved like the e.u. temperatures would rise by 3 degrees the german government is now planning to introduce carbon pricing on gasoline heating oil and gas. but critics say a price of $10.00 euros per tonne is far too low and they say that across the e.u.
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the switch from coal to renewable should be happening a lot faster. if every country followed in china's footsteps we'd be looking at a 4 degree increase china is also the earth's biggest greenhouse gas in measure responsible for about a 3rd of all emissions despite a shift to solar power china's economy remains heavily dependent on coal. and according to climate action tracker global warming would exceed 4 degrees if everyone were to follow the example of the u.s. it has announced that it's pulling out of the paris climate treaty though many u.s. cities and states are keen to do their bit to fight the climate crisis. but all in all the effort to curb global warming has to happen on
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a global level. scientists see goal being the world's huge and increasing appetite for it is essential oh boy the devastating effects of climate change but is that an option to. that we could just stop consumption worldwide are this the scene of a alternatives in place in barcelona in spain hobble pheno vision we found a startup developing a substitute for meat produced by a 3 d. printer. varies away off from energy and resource upon a planet which is not sustainable. there is a big changes when the food industry is impacted very much so for example it's china as a me the positive ones more meat consumption and we want to provide even their governments of china and india we don't they're not use for their cooperation. to
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engineer giuseppi shante wants to spark a food revolution with plant based protein and a 3 d. printer. to start up nova meters working on technology to replicate the sensory properties of meat. this process creates special michael filaments and these micro filaments try to mimic henri sam but what is actually in moscow's in story because. they're the tissue of phenomena is very complex is created in a year's very organized way and so. in our case with mozilla simplifications so we found this. but theirs was able to order these micro fibers as if they were muscular fibers and when the technologies are aiding and when the scale is ready we will provide a proper food that there's that that sure the appearance that they see itself and is better for about. the right to the code for the program
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and it's just designed his 1st steak well design it is quite easy enough and we have to make it real which is the hard part to created sure the instructor. is quite easy but the. it's perhaps. so why go to all the trouble when we think about the way we are producing me it that it's quite complex now how we have to go of the crop that will feed the car window then the car out how we have to manage to convert the protein from the crop so the cow that's for me that's complex. that's not that complex because we are taking natural ingredients. from vegetables and we are just combining the right ones and putting that together with the printer. the printer uses a mix from rice and pizza which require
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a fraction of the water needed to produce speech and this we can state as without all the lent and the added costs of raising and slaughtering livestock which will serve if everyone in the world starts eating meat regularly. it's not real meat but it's designed to taste just like it. ultimately affordability will be the key to its success once you really have a different start ups are different companies bring in these 2 supermarkets you will lead a price which we can go lower than actually. still there are the energy costs to think about. we do something with room temperature now we've got much pressure we don't control and the unit you see in the machine is quite simple and we believe would be more efficient also in terms of energy costs should be around 95 percent more efficient in terms of both the less than the acquired less water required and
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less greenhouse gas emissions. present we're tearing down forests to plant the crops to feed the animals that end up on our plates. fine. a way to feed people and protect the planet is one of the great challenges about time. at the end of the b. it comes down to people like you when not to mimic some noise about the safety of our planet the people of climate conferences after all are our representatives attempting to solve possibly the biggest crisis of the next 100 years i hope you will make your voice heard too we'll be back next week once again until then the back.
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of the. hour.
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take me there in this mess in this worst. world music business through and through. free women with african rooms until e.p. jonas. told and make contact most of the source of their inspiration at last not. soul mate he's. getting 15 minutes on g.w. .
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is going to now be affectionate legend but as affectionately as you can. hear from tim in the middle of his election campaign in the year 2000 a documentary was filmed for russian television. to turn the camera back on of course the film secretly chronicled a power grab actually everything was precisely planned instruction. featuring a top supporting role. to the freedom of russia. and featuring a lead role like you've never seen before. the other mere 7 year itch do the ends justify the means. to tim's witnesses starts december 13th on g.w. . the big bang that created today's world story than to simply.
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to come forward in politics business and knowledge. in iraq the upheaval of the islamic revolution under a total. aiden's up making its initial flirtation with capitalism. strike some state of emergency or it sinks into chaos margaret thatcher remarks in college them to work harder and they will was it the start of neo liberalism. coach john close against business coalition against the captain steve the old order good. luck card suspended. for starters an era that defines overmanaged to play 1970 but the big clue to today's starts december 23rd w place. blame
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. blame . this is d.w. news live from berlin a bid to break the deadlock over the conflict in ukraine the leaders of russia and ukraine have agreed to implement a cease fire in eastern ukraine by the end of the year fighting has been raging there since 2014 also coming up police open a criminal investigation after at least 5. by.


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