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an intriguing novel about a musical genius with a supernatural sense of hearing. but fust nominations for the golden globes have been revealed and this basically signals the beginning of the awards season in hollywood as always they are seen as hot tips for the oscars although we must forget the globes t.v. as well before i talk to my colleague scott let's have a look at the top runners in film and t.v. starting with martin scorsese's the latest star studded movie the r. is for. what you did with a gangster drama starring robert de niro as a mafia hit man like picked up 5 golden globe nominations including best film and best director. both joe pesci has a deadly mafia boss and chino as union leader jimmy hoffa receives supporting acting norms the 3 and a half hour epic story of decades of american history is
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a clear golden globe favorite but ahead of it with 6 nominations is no bomb box divorce drama marriage story starring globe nominees adam driver and scarlett johansson. on the t.v. side pomp and pageantry is on display in the crown which picked up for globe nominations including best t.v. drama and acting nominations for a living a coleman as queen elizabeth the 2nd to be as menzi as prince philip and helena bonham carter as princess margaret oh this is a younger sister. i'm a big fan of that well scott. is joining me now from the culture desk the obvious question about all those 3 all those a whole favorites and then produced by netflix yeah you know it's a really amazing this year they completely dominates the globes they got 70 nominations in film 70 nominations for t.v. that's ahead of everybody else. both categories and i think it's really for to me
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main reasons one is money to speed spending a lot of money just alone cost at least out of $50000000.00 they've been spending a lot of i just to get awards credibility so that's that's that's one reason but i think another reason is that netflix are making movies in particular that the big hollywood studios are making i mean marriage story is a great example of this is a very sort of delicate drama it's the divorce drama remind me a lot of crime of 1st kramer if you remember that movie and this is the kind of movies that maybe 2030 years ago would have been a big studio film but but the studios are making you know superhero movies are making big blockbusters they're going away from these sort of adult dramas and leaving that space open for netflix and exactly those type of films the films that tend to do well at awards so we'll netflix is. a success it's successful ready with unorganized doesn't want to force the big hollywood studios to change do you think i think about all of the actually happening i mean one of
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the big nominations successes from the studio side at the globes this year was joker which received 4 nominations and i think it's got a shoo in for the best actor category for joaquin phoenix who plays this superhero a villain as a sort of mentally disturbed ansel and now this is a film that was made by a studio but has the feel actually of a martin scorsese film so maybe the studios are starting to realize that they can't leave all the grown up movies to to netflix maybe have to go back out and it's interesting to see as well that the studios are starting their own streaming services now so they're looking to compete online with netflix and amazon as well as of course awards he's already mentioned the globes are often seen as a sort of good indicator of what's going to happen of the oscars do you think that's the case this year as well it could be i mean the globes last the last time predicted every single the big categories the oscars the big question this time will be netflix really because the sort of film industry in hollywood doesn't really like netflix. that's the strategy of not releasing their films in theaters
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because they only show them for a couple of days and then they put them on my they've always opposed that last oscars we saw robo which was the big netflix film not win in the in the top category a movie interesting to see this year if the film industry continues to stop or if they say no the irish and mary story these are the best films the year we have to give it for the moment scott thank you stay with this is i want to talk to you about the nobel prize for literature. the ceremonies on choose day now juju was there was no prize awarded in 2018 said this shit. one. find out more about both writers starting with dishes with. born in 1942. has been a perennial favorite for the nobel prize the swedish academy with typical literary flora credit him with creating an influential work that with linguistic ingenuity
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has explored the periphery and the specificity of human experience among his best known novels is the goalie's anxiety at the penalty kick from 1970 which was turned to a film by german director them vendors. with then there's also co-wrote the script to german film classic wings of desire. is a controversial choice he supported serbia during the yugoslav war and even spoke at the funeral of former serb leader slobodan milosevic a man accused of genocide. the winner of the $28.00 team nobel prize for literature is polish author. her best known work is primeval and other times from 1906 the story 80 years in the. fictional town of primeval exemplifies the qualities the
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jury praised in the 57 year old author her powerful imagination a literary style full of wit and cunning and her focus on themes of migration and cultural transitions. before becoming a writer for car truck worked as a therapist for challenge. these wrong to have 2 very different literary style as you can say but there is something that connects them yeah i mean there are quite different people as well i mean. is a feminist vegetarian 57 year old terry and 177 year old sort of sharp tongue curmudgeon and they they definitely have different approaches to literature but what i find interesting is that they both are quite interested in language and how it shapes society and how it shapes our view of history in particular and is quite open about saying that she sees
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a lot of her writing as really writing the history in finding people who've been written out of history and putting them back in a lot of historical novels look at. depict the europe that's the sort of open pluralistic multicultural as a sort of contrast to this view that nationalism is sort of natural and europe and that type of approach has gotten in trouble with the right wing in poland who are selling a very different view of history of europe in her talk before receiving the nobel for chuck made of pick a point saying that she thinks that fiction faces particular challenges in the current world where the phenomenon of fake news has turned a law is in her opinion into weapons of mass destruction. you have her on one side and on the other side. who. is sort of depicted a bit as in the media as almost a cliche version of some sort of right wing nationalist but that's definitely not what is. is about in his writing he's much more interested in how he thinks sort of
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cliched language is is sort of killing society from from the inside and sort of alienating ourselves from the real world i mean his approach in his novels is to use a really hyper realistic style to show how the individuals in modern society are being distance from from the natural world around them and he thinks that using literature and using a more lyrical approach to the world will allow us to better connect and create a world that's worth living i mean do you think the controversy over him because being a bit of a blown well it's interesting is after he was at the announcement was made that he was going to win the nobel i went back and re read the article he wrote 1900 start of the controversy where he defended the serbs and and so forth and. the piece itself i think was more of a attempt to correct what he saw as the media depiction of the service because if you remember back to the time during the yugoslav war the serbs were depicted as the as the bad evil force and the croats and the boston muslims were depicted as
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innocent almost saintly victims and i think. he was trying to say it's not that easy it's not that simple but. i think you haven't done self any favors by his by his attitude because he never apologizes you never explains the need at his press conference before the before the nobel he made a point of almost insulting the journalists saying saying like these are empty and ignore questions i'm not going to answer them and i hope he doesn't suffer any favors scott thanks very much as always. staying with the literary fame our continuing series 100 must reads of the best novels chosen diligent in a bio team of resident date of the book today a strange novel called a brother sleep by rule but schneider it's about a musical genius born in a village in the austrian mountains in the early 19th century who struggles with love life and extraordinary hearing. can you
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hear the blood flowing through my veins. what about my bones rubbing together and the stretching in the gurgling of my guts. what about the whistling in my nose can you hear that do you really want to. brother of sleep by hole but it is about a young man named sue grows up in the austrian alps in the 19th century with a supernatural sense of hearing he doesn't just hear people's hearts beating he can hear stones and water speaking actually he can hear the whole you know. his parents don't realize their son is a musical genius ok they might have an inkling but if anything they're creeped out by it. selfe doesn't understand his talent here but what he does know is that he
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has a deep affinity for the organ at the village church. as a child when he had been condemned to sit in the back most pew he had already studied the 5 stops he had noticed that when sundays were hot and close the registers sounded fuller or at least deeper than they did on winter days for example when they sounded thin and brittle that made him suspect that the organ must possess something like a soul brother of sleep is the story of how elite secretly learns the organ how he wins the acceptance of his bigoted village church and how he meets the love of his life who is not destined to be his. all that told in strange old fashioned language full of powerful imagery and rustic characters. the book was translated into almost 40 languages and turned into a movie it will have you wondering what if the world's greatest musical. talent was
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a beethoven or one of the beatles what if it's someone we've never even heard of. a. whole meal was 99 books out g.w. dot com slash culture and just click on books also lots of other stories that some cultural bubble on. the phone. to go off.
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another blockbuster weekend one is likely. going to go slower than the 1st place. like to be called the 2nd. blog by korn in injury time to take all 3 points against byron munich and a top of the table. to. save the planet not mine john. we porter davi don't she says it strange we have to do something. the climate crisis is threatening our very existence. many germans would agree but are they prepared to change their habits. humanity the same. close up 90 minutes.
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see. christmas time on.
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this is news coming to you live from berlin trying to end the conflict in eastern ukraine after talks the leaders of russia and ukraine agreed to implement a cease fire and exchange prisoners for their 1st face to face encounter also exposes deep divisions. also coming up a criminal investigation is still open into the deaths of at least 5 tourists kaino in new zealand hopes have faded the funny anymore survivors at the who carry. taking to the streets to fight.


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