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it's just a private means. to those witnesses starts december 13th on d. w. . this is due to be a news live from berlin the questions mount after new zealand's volcanic eruption but the death toll rising to 68 are missing and doesn't severely injured people are asking why the government allow tourists to visit the site in the 1st place. also coming up after a landmark talks in paris the leaders of russia and ukraine agree to implement a cease fire and exchange prisoners but their 1st face to face encounter also
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exposes divisions and the weather extremes are increasing months of drought suddenly followed by terentia rain they've destroyed our pastures and never used to be like this. how climate change is impacting the lives of farmers in the remote region of bolivia. plus baby pandas make their debut here in berlin everyone can agree their child but not everyone could agree on their names will have more on china's so-called panda the funnest. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us police in new zealand are investigating the deaths of tourists in monday's volcanic eruption the death toll has now risen to 6 volcanic activity caused the threat level to be raised last.
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weeks so questions are being asked about whether tour groups should have been allowed to visit the destination off new zealand's north island 8 people are still missing presumed dead and dozens have suffered severe burns. after disaster struck for caare island russell clark was one of the 1st responders the paramedic flew in on the helicopter from what he saw when he arrived was shocking it was just it was just blanketed the nation it was it was quite quite a. response there was a helicopter on the wall and it did it all sleeping there at the time. was that's right of lights were off it. it was monday afternoon local time when the volcano erupted at 47 people were on the island at the time some made a narrow escape but some missing with little hope of finding them alive. the scale of this tragedy is devastating police and defense force personnel have undertaken
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a number of aerial reconnaissance flights over the island since the eruption however no signs of life have been detected. scientists have noted an uptick in volcanic activity on the island in recent weeks now the new zealand police have set their loans and investigation into the matter. if there's anyone criminally responsible for the deaths and injuries. so we're just going to have to work through the evidence talk to people and conduct the investigation the question to be answered why were people allowed to so close to a disaster apparently waiting to happen. and we can speak now to journalist peter mckenzie he's in wellington new zealand hi pete can you bring us up to date on the latest on rescue efforts. absolutely so 6 did not run 8 missing and presumed dead on the island 30 are in the hospital around 3 but most
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of them critical the island is currently under a state of shock which was a place a state of restricted access place by elders of the local indigenous 5 not the hour but placed under secure access while the government comes times with what kind of rescue operation and they're increasingly calling it a recovery operation will be because the bodies on the island can be on the types of drones and pilots have gone out of sea over about the islands and no signs of life. what details have we found out about the people who were on the island at the time of the eruption there were $47.00 people on the island the tongue the russian putting tourists from australia china germany malaysia u.k. and u.s. side most of those tourists were able to get off the island through the black hole that i see at the tour operators and all the locals and the area outlets across and still on the islands there more cation is not clear. there was an emergency
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shelter of lights on the island the shipping price place the 3 years ago that it was all 160 the crisis by most of the people still on the island because into it being at the top of the rocks and so it's unclear whether or not they would have been able to get to that and i was in time for to a bit of stick with. it there are questions mounting about why it tourists were permitted to go to the island when there had been recent volcanic activity at this point can a finger really be pointed at who might be responsible. yes of the main whole government agency a museum has issued. warnings for a quality watch problems while this little warning the highest level wire to iraq so that is leads to a back to iraq there are questions being asked about were lost he told companies were because he was on service that increase that will sit by the minute you got
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the latest by canceling tours the government as stands. by will i see that some parts of the house mandate those. will go up or i choose as i say that's one of the things which will be under increasing scrutiny in the coming weeks and months police are already busy getting on behalf of carnival and would say museums and help sites the body has become a what safety investigation as well i want to please while i'm still come to talk and if it's possible this tragic event was my safest place was by what it was if health and safety associations say 365 and 20 i said ok journalist peter mckenzie speaking to us from new zealand thank you very much for that update . to the czech republic now where 6 people have been shot dead at
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a hospital the shooting happened in the northeastern city of ostrava at the university hospital the gunman reportedly shot people at close range as they were sitting awaiting on the trauma ward czech prime minister bass has described the incident as an immense tragedy. for the latest on this story we can speak to tom mcenroe he's a reporter for radio prague in the czech capital hi tom i understand there's been some developments on the shooter on what can you tell us. about the shooter exactly so we know that he was a construction technician he shot 6 people to be operated on as we speak he escapes the shooting in a car that was involved in a chase with the police for quite a long time but eventually he stopped short of itself in the head it seems that he isn't dead and what we know is that he believed he was sick he went to the hospital repeatedly but wasn't treated. it was
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a silent shoot so we just know that he suddenly opened fire a view the heads of chests of people around the dramatic incident there what are check authorities saying about what happened so the health minister has called the crisis team of the prime minister both on their way to be a beds the president has offered his condolences and is currently talking to the tyrian biggest everyone is shops politicians of expressing their condolences on twitter but of course the information is rolling it on as we speak so that there's more information to come there's also been some opinion that people who should carry more weapons on them that i think the head of the security council the chamber of deputies actually said up to the shooting that if people had carried guns in the hospital bed this could have prevented the event tom what more can you
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tell us about where this happened the city of us travel. so the city will strive or is located in the far north east of the country it is a cold blooded city this shooting took place at the trouble to logic or emergency department of the faculty hospital of ostrava. rapid action police were said to pretty soon after the shooting happened i believe at $724.00. yeah the shooter escaped quite soon afterwards in time you know he said there's a discussion now already taking place about the use of weapons i mean how rare is an incident like this in the czech republic. it is very rare and this is the 2nd most tragic shoe see the country's history the most tragic road took place 4 years back where 8 people were shot at the shooter shot himself in the end as well in a restaurant but it's very rare to have shootings like this we know that there are
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about 300000 licensed in the country a lot of the mahanta as. we know that generally people are against. i don't know if you know but there's an e.u. directive which is making it harder to own firearms so people like to have guns but shootings are extremely rare are a tameka reporter for radio prague with us thank you thanks for. let's check in on some of the stories making headlines around the world mean mars' leader aung san suu kyi has arrived at the international court of justice in the hague to defend me and margan speculations of genocide the case over the military campaign against her will hinge on minority was brought by the african states of the gambia is due to speak on wednesday. lawmakers in india's lower house have approved controversial legislation that could grant citizenship to religious minorities from neighboring countries but not muslims the law if approved by the
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senate on wednesday would grant citizenship to non muslims who arrived from bangladesh pakistan and afghanistan before 2015. in the u.s. house democrats will unveil 2 articles of impeachment against president onil trump abuse of power and obstruction of congress the democrats are pushing ahead with formal charges saying the president put u.s. elections and national security at risk by asking ukraine to investigate his rival democrat presidential hopeful joe biden now the leaders of russia and ukraine have agreed to implement a cease fire in eastern ukraine russian president vladimir putin and ukrainian president vladimir selenski were meeting for the 1st time to discuss the conflict centered on the donbass region in ukraine this region is currently held by russian backed separatists now at the talks in paris the 2 sides agreed to take steps to aimed at easing tensions they've agreed to release in exchange all detainees by the end of this year also to disengage military forces in eastern ukraine who are
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currently in that region and also to hold more talks and for many months to check in on progress made now the leaders made separate announcements at the end of the talks. the meeting was long and difficult but the mood was rather positive that's the truth and i really want to emphasize that point. we will continue the discussions in 4 months and see the results of what we've achieved. this is certainly an important step towards deescalating the situation in eastern ukraine as well as easing tensions. you know our correspondent nick connelly is in paris he was following the talks for insight and joins us for more hi nick so these 2 leaders have agreed to a prisoner swap and also to implement a cease fire how significant are these developments well sumi this is not the big bang so maybe we're expecting this is i think in reality
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as much as could be expected these are measures that will create goodwill bring prisoners back for the new years holidays trying to aim for a stable ceasefire something that hasn't been achieved in years after dozens of attempts the real sticking point is the same as it has been since the beginning of this conflict who makes the 1st step who has to compromise 1st is a ukraine the compromise 1st by giving an autonomous status to those regions and allowing elections to take place before it regains control of those territories which effectively would turn those separatists into ukrainian politicians or does russia step back and allow ukraine to recurring control of its eastern border with russia and make sure that those elections happen according to ukrainian laws that is the question that remains unresolved here but the fact that they were able to meet after the 3 years and effectively agree to disagree and talk about things where some progress is possible that in itself is an achievement and this was the 1st time as well that these 2 leaders had met do you think that chemistry between
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russia and ukraine could have proven or the new ukrainian president. well this definitely was the $1000000.00 question everyone expecting looking expectantly how this would pan out alina zelinsky the man who this time last year was a showman a comedian up against vladimir putin who's been in charge of russia for almost 20 years. they were scrupulously polite to each other but there was no overlooking the tension the speculation about whether they shook hands or not no confirmation of that at the press conference you had selenski and putin opposite end of the table with merkel and mccall between them and very different accounts from the 2 presidents of what they saw to be the conclusion of this meeting so lots of space between them there but as i said an agreement to disagree and to keep talking and of that is something that we didn't see on the previous administration q one of the big takeaways going forward can we expect to see more momentum in the strike to
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bring peace to eastern ukraine. well the leaders have put pressure on they say they will meet in the next 4 months at the level of the president and again that puts pressure on everyone further down the hierarchy to really deliver on these promises to deliver on the ceasefire and i think that will really enabled some progress of all this time the bigger issue of russia and its relations with its neighborhood with ukraine which it sees as part of its backyard and somewhere where it has a right to influence that is not going away that problem has effectively been part for the medium term at least now but what this is what this meeting and what these agreements allow israel very real tangible improvements for the people on the ground we talk about this conflict as a frozen conflicts it is that in geographical sense the front lines haven't moved in years but is very definitely a war people soldiers in trenches and civilians are being wounded and killed on a daily basis so if it is possible to really bring in a cease fire that really holds and ends the shooting troop withdrawals that means
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the troops are no longer a couple 100 metres apart but the part that really will have a huge impact on 100000 about millions of people and allow people in eastern ukraine across the country to get back to some kind of normalcy. only reporting for us there in paris thank you nick. the u.n. climate talks in madrid are expected to ramp up a notch as high level delegates begin to arrive nations are locked in the crunch negotiations on how to drastically reduce global emissions we'll take you now to the front line of climate change and one of south america oldest indigenous peoples that you buy in bolivia say extreme weather patterns are threatening a way of life that is that existed for 4000 years. every time a farmer document money visits his fields he gets a sharp reminder of the extreme weather of recent months are you stuck here is $1.00 of the 2 parts of people who have subsisted on the rough only in the
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highlands of bolivia for more than 4000 years territory is more than 3000 metres above sea level yet even in this remote region extreme weather patterns are becoming more common. is that everyone suddenly there was this danger from above my thunder and lightning in the way sheep were even killed in the storms. but you never used to happen that we never had such heavy rain and thunder in the past. the farmer lost his entire harvest mainly because of flooding and he's not alone everyone here is feeling the effects of the changing climate. sometimes we think about moving away. the weather extremes or increasing months of drought suddenly followed by torrential rain they've destroyed our pastures it never used to be like this. several and then glaciers lie within the tree pyar
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territory global warming has caused them to retreat less glacial water means longer periods of drought soils and rivers are gradually drying out. the tree pyre have survived on this barren and in plateau for thousands of years but now they're up against it. only one crop can cope with the dry salty ground here can while this is weather in ound protein rich superfood hails from. up to now the high demand for kin was provided many cheap hire with a stable income but this year the extreme weather has taken its toll. sudden storms flooded vast swathes of japon learned smartphone footage like this shows how once dried up rivers have burst their banks.
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is takio like most others in the village lost his kin one harvest. he's convinced the seasons are somehow mixed up bill bill it's getting worse the weather is becoming more extreme even more the dam was built around the village to protect it from flooding you know you know without that the water would just destroy the houses although even. with. around 2000 to par live in the village where the last descendents of one of south america's oldest peoples they have their own language and culture. destroyed. meanwhile in australia have issued warnings of dangerous fire conditions as temperatures rise
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across large swaths of the country already ravaged by bushfires in sydney australia largest usually unmistakeable structures like the harbor bridge and the opera house are blanketed in a cloud of smoke weather forecasters expect the situation will get worse with temperatures predicted to soar above 40 degrees celsius environmental officials say the conditions in sydney over the last month have been unprecedented the hot weather combined with gusty winds are making everyday life a struggle for people across the state of new south wales. desperate helpless before the ruins of their lives 4 weeks ago a bushfire barden through. taking everything they knew it was a risk zone. is far from normal they're angry at their government for not teaching climate change seriously. but they were
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saying this is going to happen this is going to happen it's going to happen here and now that it's happened like the last day and politicians are told about this as scientists have been talking about for bloody about. climate change are not a deeply divided just a few miles farther north from our property smaller fires are blazing in the forest bushfires are normal for australia but large parts of the country have been suffering from drought for years so fires can spread in no time the fire burning back through forests it's 2 weeks before something that is not really been seen in the past for this is an unexpected thing that the fires are doing now which is making a lot of people nervous people and creatures like australia's national animal.
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they've become the unintended symbol of these bushfires this koala hospital help is on hand since the pictures of paws went viral the hospital has received nearly 1000000 euros in donations. are particularly vulnerable in the flames says the clinical director. koala strategy was. bearing in mind before humans came along the trees were huge when when europeans 1st came here there was massive massive trees everywhere there were. at the top and the sky if lives never catch. the headquarters of the largest volunteer fire fighting group in the world in new south wales inspector ben sheppard shows us the many fires in the region. hot season has only just begun. and.
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on an average day. tend to say probably right about 252300000 picked is. not a real prospect and we've only got one fall as the landscape he's going to be along the track to. christmas is coming but for some us trillions this year will not be one to cheer. and we've got more coverage of the australian bush fires and the ongoing climate summit in madrid on our website dot com. now or things are getting cuter and cuter at the berlin zoo right now twin baby pandas born in august made their long awaited public debut on monday with our keepers revealing the little bundles of fur our boys they're the result of what's dubbed china's panda diplomacy beijing allowed their parents to come to germany and 2017 but the zoo was keeping politics out of the little one's name. it's
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a rare sight media professionals in raptures. they were invited to meet these 2 baby giant pandas $100.00 days after they were born. according to chinese tradition that's when babies should be named. the 2 boys who are the property of the chinese state. which means fulfill the dream and desire dream. like china pursues panda diplomacy to deepen trusting bonds with other countries and perhaps and hans its own image. some wags in berlin suggested the baby should be named hong kong to draw attention to the struggle for democracy in the semi autonomous region. of the i suppose it's amazing idea to hold out a with another democracy movement see i think would be a good idea. that would be funny but obviously the chinese would never accept that
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. the chinese ambassador to germany was not amused by the suggestion is talk. of servitude. to the little fellows of the 1st to be born in the set to meet the public early next year. this is news these are our top stories new zealand police have launched an investigation into what led to the deaths of 6 people in monday's volcanic eruption there are still account unaccounted for and are presumed dead medics say some of the injured are not expected to survive. 6 people have been shot dead in the czech republic the shooting happened at the university hospital the suspected gunman has now killed himself according to the czech interior minister
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the prime minister has said the incident was an immense tragedy. the leaders of ukraine and russia have agreed to implement a cease fire by the end of this year in eastern ukraine the conflict there started in 2014 and has caused the deaths of more than 13000 people so. australia's biggest city sydney is again shrouded in smoke from bushfires after conditions worsen across the state of new south wales weather forecasters say temperatures are likely to rise above 40 degrees celsius. this is news from berlin for more follow us on twitter at news or visit our website. now the 2020 golden globe nominations have been announced and netflix has left the competition far behind the streaming services marriage a story led the way with us 6 nominations including best drama the stars of this portrait of divorce scarlett johansson and adam driver were among the nominees and
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there were also 5 nonce for the gangster epic the irishman which are about to see martin scorsese's work here also has nominated as best director me. coming up next the w t o's top court is on the verge of collapse rob what's we'll have more in depth your business stay tuned.
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another blockbuster weekend in the bundesliga good one goes on north to move into 3rd place. like to be hoffenheim on the 2nd. glove box scored in injury time to take all 3 points against by in munich and
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a top of the table. 16. double. the literature invites us to see people in particular that i like to see myself as the kids find instruments grown up her. my objective is to share work and find beautiful. books on you tube. about this issue when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room very similar. it was hard i was fair. i even got white hairs that. the men in the gym language have not faced gives me and much mikki to entrust with the site you want to know their story in blood spur fighting and reliable information for margaret. was the speech of his life perhaps
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his best certainly his most difficult chancellor helmut kohl addresses the people of east germany shortly after the fall of the wall. the crowd clamors for term unity journalist peter lim borg was at the scene. 30 years later and he looks back on the title of president. starts december 19th w. . in. a crisis moment for global trade to u.s. pressure has finally hollowed out the deal we caught now is just hours away from collapse. georgia bank is making more cost cutting plans will look at its latest scheme to save a $100000000.00 euros a year. and this year's nobel prize winners are about to get their medals to take
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you inside the factory where they're forged. faces d.w. business.


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