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local dream not. a good week w. . the back. to. the backlash. this is deja vu news live from berlin questions mount after new zealand's volcanic eruption with the death toll rising to 68 missing and dozens severely injured people are asking why tourists were allowed to visit the site in the 1st place also coming up near mars on songs that she was once hailed as the defender of human rights and won the nobel peace prize but today she's defending her country in court
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against accusations of genocide. after a landmark talks in paris the leaders of russia and ukraine agreed to implement a cease fire and exchange prisoners but their 1st face to face encounter also exposes divisions and welcome to sydney australia as big a city is shrouded in smoke as forest fires burn out of control residents say there's never been anything like. i'm serious almost gone to welcome to the show police in new zealand are investigating the deaths of tourists and monday's volcanic eruption the death toll has now risen to 6 volcanic activity caused the threat level to be raised last week so questions are being asked about whether tour groups should have been allowed to visit the destination also snoozy. north island people are still missing presumed
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dead and dozens have suffered severe burns. after disaster struck for caare island russell clark was one of the 1st responder the paramedics flew in on a helicopter from all clint what he saw when he arrived it was shocking it was just it was just plain to the nation it was it was quite. an eyeful welding response there was a helicopter on the wall and it did it all sleeping there at the time. was that's right of lights were off it. it was monday afternoon local time when the volcano erupted at 47 people were on the island at the time some made a narrow escape but other some missing with little hope of finding them alive. the scale of this tragedy is devastating police and defense force personnel have undertaken a number of aerial reconnaissance flights over the island since the eruption however no signs of life have been detected. scientists have noted an uptick in
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volcanic activity on the island in recent weeks now the new zealand police have set their loans and investigation into the matter. if there's anyone criminally responsible for the deaths and injuries. so we're just going to have to work through the evidence talk to people and conduct the investigation. the question to beyond sort why were people allowed to so close to a disaster apparently waiting to happen. earlier we spoke to congress a paramita a journalist in auckland we asked her what she knows about the people who had been on or white island when the eruption began police already here also mentioned that the surveillance photos of the island showed what it's believed to be 6 bodies which were covered in ash. based on the effects of the eruption on the bodies they
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mentioned the recovery operation will need to me and told with experts and care it was confirmed that there were $47.00 people in total on friday when the eruption happened. 38 of them were from the roofs ovation of the c. s. 2 are from the u.k. or from germany 24 from australia and others from new zealand china malaysia and united states currently 31 victims are in the hospital and all burn units across the country currently are in full capacity let's get a round up now of some of the other stories making news around the world in madrid the un climate conference is expected to step up a gear as high level delegates begin to arrive nations are locked in crunch negotiations on how to bring about a dress to production in global emissions of greenhouse gases. there's been protests by both pro and anti-government demonstrators in algeria ahead of a controversial presidential election on thursday the anti-government protesters
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say the election will not be fair algeria has experienced months of on grass since the last president was ousted from power in february. in the u.s. house democrats will unveil 2 articles of impeachment against president donald trump abuse of power and obstruction of congress the democrats are pushing ahead with formal charges saying the president put u.s. elections and national security at risk by asking ukraine to investigate his rival democratic presidential hopeful joe biden. to the czech republic now where 6 people have been shot dead at a hospital the shooting happened in the northeastern city of travel at the university hospital the gunman reportedly shot people at close range as they were sitting awaiting on the trauma ward czech prime minister angie babis has described the incident as an immense tragedy. and earlier we spoke to journalist tom mcenroe in prague he told us what was known about the shooting and the suspect who
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we know that he was a construction technician he shot 6 people he escapes the shooting in a car that was involved in a chase with the police for quite a long time but eventually he stopped short of itself in the head it's what we know is that he believed he was sick he went to the hospital repeatedly it wasn't treated. he was a silent shooter we just know that he suddenly opened fire in a minute the heads of chests of people around the city will strive for is located in the far north east of the country it is a cold blooded city this shooting took place at the trouble to logical emergency departments of the faculty hospital of ostrava. rapid action police was said to pretty soon after the shooting happened i believe that $724.00. hours or escaped quite soon afterwards this is the 2nd most tragic shoes you the country's history
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the most tragic load took place 4 years back where 8 people were shot the shooter shot himself in the end as well in a restaurant but it's very rare to have shootings like this we know that there are about 300000 license in the country as an e.u. directive which is making it harder to own firearms so people like to have guns but shootings are extremely rare. now to the international court of justice in the hague where hearing into accusations of genocide and nian maher is underway the country's de facto leader aung san suu kyi arrived to defend the myanmar military campaign against their will hinge on minority that campaign has been called ethnic cleansing vaulting mass rapes and killings so she is due to speak on wednesday now in france that she was not obliged to appear at the hague in person but chose to do so critics say her aim is to raise her profile ahead of elections and maher in the past few days her supporters have held large rallies many see her as
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a defender of the embattled country on the global stage by 400 refugees paint a different picture. and the refugee camps of cox's bazaar a woman who once represented hope is now a pariah the consensus here on sunset she must answer for what happened to the rohingya. the little bit of our how was it all that we point to a law that we will get justice. she is not a good person but we want pride sincerely to go for her who supported her when she came to power she did no good for us she's a lawyer we hate so she did nothing for us she's responsible for the genocide she talks does she really does it. from one doorstep to the next march testimonies of ruthless violence at the hands of myanmar's military. you know there's another way out of the 2 soldiers help me down while one of them raped me
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in front of my mother and 4 children was a job i started out by so all. my daughter was crying so they hit her on the head with a weapon out of their go to the time honored by so hug. i lost 8 of my sons and grandsons they were all but shot by the military. really thinking. the military burnt our homes. we were a family of 18 and they killed 12 by burning them alive. there were more than 2000 people in our village and all their homes were burned in monaco. and some suchi has long defended me and mars 27000 crackdown on their him saying a target militants and she'll do so again at the hague. and buddhists majority myanmar the scrutiny of the un's top court has stoked indignation. over there not just accusing one
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person and me and mark they're accusing the whole country we absolutely believe everything that unsettle suchi does or will be ok. a decision from the hague over me on mars treatment of the ranger could take years a long and uncertain wait for justice for people that have already lost so much. the leaders of russia and ukraine have agreed to implement a cease fire in eastern ukraine russian president vladimir putin and ukrainian president followed a missile then ski were meeting for the 1st time to discuss the conflict which is centered on the donbass region in ukraine this is a region that is a currently held by russian backed separatists at the talks in paris the 2 sides agreed to steps aimed at easing tensions there 1st they've agreed to release in exchange all detainees by the end of the year they've also agreed to disengage military forces in the 3 of the regions in eastern ukraine and also to hold more
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talks and for months a check in on progress on that cease fire the leaders made separate announcements at the end of the talks. a little this was a meeting was long and difficult but the mood was rather positive that's the truth and i really want to emphasize that point. we will continue the discussions in 4 months and see the results of what we've achieved at the. some of them this is certainly an important step towards deescalating the situation in eastern ukraine as well as easing tensions you know our correspondent nick connelly is in paris he was following the talks for instance and joins us for more hi nick so these 2 leaders have agreed to a prisoner swap and also to implement a cease fire how significant are these developments. well sue me this is not the big bang so maybe we're expecting this is i think in reality as much as could be expected these are measures that will create goodwill bring
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prisoners back for the new year's holidays trying to aim for a stable ceasefire something that hasn't been achieved in years dozens of attempts the real sticking point is the same as it has been since the beginning because conflict who makes the 1st step who has to compromise 1st is a ukraine the compromise 1st by giving an autonomous status to those regions and allowing elections to take place before it regains control of those territories which effectively would turn the separatists into ukrainian politicians or does russia step back and allow ukraine to recurring control of its eastern border with russia and make sure that those elections happen according to ukrainian laws that is the question that remains unresolved here but the fact that they were able to meet 3 years and effectively agree to disagree and talk about things where some progress is possible that in itself is an achievement and this was the 1st time as well the leaders had met do you think that chemistry between russia and ukraine could have proven to the new ukrainian president. well this definitely was the
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$1000000.00 question everyone expecting looking expectantly how this would pan out polygamous alinsky the man who this time last year was a showman a comedian up against vladimir putin who's been in charge of russia for almost 20 years. they were scrupulously polite to each other but there was no overlooking the tension the speculation about whether they shook hands or not no confirmation of that at the press conference you had selenski opposite ends of the table with merkel and mccall between them and very different accounts from the 2 presidents of what they saw to be the conclusion of this meeting so lots of space between them there but as i said an agreement to disagree and to keep talking and if that is something that we didn't see and the previous administration make one of the big takeaways going forward can we expect to see more momentum in this drive to bring peace to eastern ukraine. well the leaders have put pressure on they say they
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will meet in the next 4 months at the level of the president and again that puts pressure on everyone further down the hierarchy to really deliver on these promises to deliver on the ceasefire. and i think that will really and they will some progress of all this time the bigger issue of russia and its relations with its neighborhood with ukraine which it sees as part of its backyard and somewhere where it has a right to influence that is not going away that problem has effectively been parked for the medium term at least now but what this is what this meeting and what these agreements allow israel very real tangible improvements for the people on the ground we talk about this conflict as a frozen conflict it is that in geographical sense the front lines haven't moved in years but this is very definitely a war people soldiers in trenches and civilians are being wounded and killed on a daily basis so if it is possible to really bring in a cease fire that really holds and ends the shooting troop withdrawals that means the troops are no longer a couple 100 meters apart but the part that really will have
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a huge impact on 100000 about millions of people and allow people in eastern ukraine across the country to get back to some kind of normalcy. nic early reporting for us there in paris thank you nic now lawmakers in india's lower house have approved controversial legislation that could grant citizenship to religious minorities from neighboring countries but not muslims the law if approved by the senate on wednesday would grant citizenship to non muslims who arrived from bangladesh pakistan and afghanistan before 2015. this is the latest flashpoint for india's culture wars protesters in the northeast border region fear the government's new citizenship bill will beckon an influx of migrants by day time the anger hard boiled into rage. were blocked for hours at an effigy of the prime minister hung in the streets. if you did the led government is spending
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and cost it isn't there andy a summer call there and the security we had to take and the lower house of parliament there were arrived the scenes as the government finally got their bill through. but for this muslim lawmaker no cause for celebration the politics is past and not minor part of most part though here in the congo. ground crews discriminated in your own are not i mean who's discriminating on the one hand you stand up and accuse me of singling out the minority what are we doing you know we are giving the minority their rights just that the orders are from bangladesh pakistan and afghanistan. manu are. following the vote student groups from the border regions to their voices to the capital critics here say the bell is part of the ruling parties agenda
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7. he had a buddies in on he just 947 and this stunning 200-1000 b. are not built on another body should we stand with the muslim community of this country the minute citizens of a moment boards meet us saying that it wants to see if the prosecutor we have a simple question i answer the. white house on my muddy. yes about. for some opposition to the bill is about demography as much as decency is dished out constant to leave and with the maximum number of influx from the neighboring countries it will make a drastic geographical demographic linguistic change. whatever the motivation and what ever the change the bell already threatens to ignite ethnic tensions in india once more. and our correspondent michelle was at the demonstration in delhi. she gave us this assessment. thought that making no need
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to abandon if it had been sure but my mind there behind me you can see some of them are you. know that i based out of boredom with me and putting them on that beach for the rest of the migraine from there won't be any good good effect and i'm almost free all better yet in addition that of the rules that are challenging the fact that i phone will go on for a little trip on the basis of religion and born again secular principle this country was founded on an a list so all the new thing that came with it and move the sample bottom line we will have to look to the supreme court of india will ensure that india secular fabric its results. now in australia authorities have issued warnings of dangerous fire conditions as temperatures rise across large swaths of the country already ravaged by bushfires in sydney australia is largest city usually unmistakeable
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structures like the harbor bridge and the opera house are blanketed in a cloud of thick smoke weather forecasters expect the situation will get worse the temperatures predicted to soar above 40 degrees celsius environmental officials say the conditions in sydney over the last month have been unprecedented the hot weather combined with gusty winds are making every day life a struggle for people across the state of new south wales. in a. desperate and helpless we stand before the ruins of their lives 4 weeks ago a bushfire barnes' through few want to leave the crews home taking everything the couple see they knew it was a risk zone but this is far from normal they're angry at their government for not teaching climate change seriously it just makes me bloody angry because. they were saying this is going to happen this is going to happen it's going to happen. it's happened. and politicians that it's the scientists have been talking about it for
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bloody about. climate change are not. deeply divided just a few miles farther north from property smaller fires are blazing in the forest fires are normal for australia but large parts of the country have been suffering from drought for years so fires can spread in no time. burning back through forests it's 2 weeks before something that is not really being seen in the . food this is an unexpected thing that the doing now which is making a lot of people nervous people and creatures like australia's national. they've become the unintended symbol of these bushfires at this hospital help is on hand since the pictures of paul's went viral the hospital has received nearly 1000000
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euros indignations. are particularly vulnerable in the flames says the clinical director. koala strategy was always to go in the trillions and bear in mind before humans came along the trees were huge when when europeans 1st came here there was messy mess of trees everywhere there will go so it could go right up the top of the sky if lines never catch. the headquarters of the largest volunteer fire fighting group in the world in new south wales inspector ben shepherd shows us the many fires in the region is hot season has only just begun. and already. on an average season we would tend to say probably right about 252300000 hectare is . not a real prospect and we're going far as the landscape is going to be attractive so
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is. christmas is coming but for some this year will not be one to cheer. now today the nobel prizes are being awarded in a series of ceremonies throughout the day let's take you now to offload norway aware of the nobel peace prize is about to be awarded to ethiopia's prime minister abi ahmed and this is the chair of the norwegian nobel committee eric reece understand speaking right now i made was selected to receive this prize for his quote decisive initiative to resolve the border conflict with neighboring eritrea and his efforts 1st she says and international cooperation meant a seated there or you'll see i'm just a moment about to be awarded the nobel peace prize quinn express the vision of the peace prize in his acceptance speech here in the oslo on 10
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december 1961 speaking as a minister of the church shortly before the christmas holidays he said made the day come to when the people of the world will rouse themselves and together effectively stamp out in this threat to peace in the lost of a quarter of the world it may be found when that day comes there shall be peace on earth and goodwill amongst men as was and by the angels of uprising as we said about to be awarded to man he's being recognized for his efforts to reconcile his country with its neighbor and longtime enemy eritrea he stepped up as a mediator in political crises in eastern africa and at home has also led radical reforms but his country still faces challenges following
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a rise in ethnic violence. july 16th 2018 the unthinkable ethiopia's prime minister on every trend soil. the move shocked even his own officials. on the left reached across the divide and soon signed a peace deal with eritrea as president he says of worki restoring ties between both countries if you and eritrea are like estranged siblings they used to be one nation before eritrea's independence in 1903. between 10082000 before it over their shared border. it's estimated 80000 people were killed the war was followed by a standoff that lasted 2 decades. suddenly those barriers were broken with abby calling for unity. your.
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dear people of ethiopia and eritrea. i would like to bow down and humbly thank you . because you chose compassion not cruelty. peace not conflict love. forgiveness after fighting embracing and not pushing each other away. the division had gone beyond geopolitics families had been separated against their will and only reunited after the peace agreement was signed. abby ahmed extended the message of reconciliation to sudan during a past drug between the military and the opposition there. at home he attempted to overturn the old order promoting free speech pardoning thousands of political prisoners and decriminalizing dissident organizations his nobel peace prize award
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has not surprised many. one of the important things he did is to reconcile us with the people of eritrea even if some people argue that he doesn't deserve the price i don't agree with going out of. this country as an ethiopian and as an african i feel happy that he won the prize. but he seems passive about the uprisings in some parts of the country they have not been controlled as quickly as one would expect that's where his problem lies if you are the leader of a country you need to make sure the rule of law is respected. it's clear that despite the fanfare around the man not everyone has welcomed his reforms that ethiopia has become. a grenade
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attack during a rally in the capital at this hour in june 28th. the prime minister escaped unhurt . he still faces the huge task of keeping the country united and peaceful even as its ethnic regions seek greater autonomy there is still a long journey ahead for you but under abbey ahmed the nation is charting a different course from the past. thank you for watching due to the news we're back at the top of the hour.
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save the planet not my job. reporter david von shen says it's strange we have to do something. and the climate crisis is threatening our very existence. many germans would agree but are they prepared to change their habits. and humanity
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be saved. up next on. board. the null look a little section of it which was affectionately as you can. flatty mayor putin in the middle of his election campaign in the year 2000 a documentary was filmed for russian television but director vitali months asian culture and much more of the determination of the baton should be no of course. the film secretly chronicled a power grab actually everything was precisely planned and structured. featuring top supporting roles. kudos to the precipice and sure to the freedom of
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russia. and featuring a lead role like you've never seen before and i'm going to let me be clear with you i have to act in ways that i feel necessary and people who simply understand that. you can flame me or send a message to the ends justify the means. to terms with mrs starts december 13th on t.w. . people it's serious. it's the 11th hour our planet is threatening to burn up. and yes a 100 years or gross gone except for decades scientists have been warning of the dangers of climate change with very little response to the west case scenario has
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come to pass through we're burning fossil fuels at an alarming pace of it was a cultural thing you feel of a scale of 0 to $10.00.


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