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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  December 10, 2019 3:45pm-4:01pm CET

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this is the end of your business on the office and the welcome it's a watershed moment for the global trading system the world trade organizations appeals court is about to collapse after successive u.s. administrations blocked to the appointment of new judges global trade looks set to lose its ultimate pile without it it will be impossible to reach final resolutions of trade disputes between countries the world trade organization without having to worry about possible sanctions countries could use tariffs or be tempted to implement protectionist measures critics fear world trade is facing the law of the jungle. the man is not for budging and unless there's an 11th hour breakthrough the face of the world trade organization top of course has been sealed u.s. ambassador to the w t o dennis chase says he'll continue to block the appointment of new judges whose job it is to rule on trade disputes here is what that means the applet body is made up
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of 7 judges 4 whose terms have expired have not been replaced because the united states has blocked the naming of their replacements 2 of the remaining 3 are due to leave on wednesday with only one member remaining the court would no longer be able to function and the director general said that he will be now holding intensive consultations of a political nature i'll get to his statement in a minute but what he said was that he thinks we need to dig deeper and we need to have a broader look at what we might be able to do in order to get a permanent solution to this problem involving the appellate body many of washington's objections center on rulings related to trade with china. without a court the 164 member w t o would no longer have a binding dispute settlement system in a global trade environment that is a ready highly volatile that prospect has many feeling highly alarmed.
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let's check in with our tonics both clifford coonan who is in hong kong at the moment clifford are they really that difficult the us that is. this is it just because of china i think it's largely about china i think one of the things we're learning is that the truth doesn't like multilateralism it doesn't like dealing with a lot of people that wants you prefers dealing one on one. with you know he's been destructive the nation he's been destructive with the climate climate change summers and now he's taking aim at the cio and i think the focus of this is our of his approach is basically on china and he's looking for a trade deal with china that will suit the us and he doesn't want the job he owes any kind of destruction to the us but also the rules of the w t o have been set up when china still was an emerging power an emerging economy now
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it's the 2nd biggest economy in the world do the u.s. have a point. i think there is a sense that that china has been having it all its own way for too long and certainly us what the u.s. would argue and they've been saying to us and china has been able to take advantage of jockey cio rules it's been able to get any kind of complaints bogged down and there's all kinds of issues with the jockey cio structurally that the u.s. doesn't like and it's not just drunk but this is successive u.s. presidents of be complaining about this and which suited china so i think it is possible that the u.s. does have a point the problem with the u.s. approach is of course is it blowing everything up so you're ruling out any kind of possibility for debate or discussion about trade issues and by getting rid of these senior judges would indicate you know structure so as you have a point the approach is again something that some people would have issues with but if they do have a point other try knees ready to compromise what's what's their point of view i
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don't think the chinese are ready to compromise i think and the chinese are focusing very much on the developing world whereas the u.s. is sort of looking for make america great focusing on putting america 1st. and so it's difficult to see where you could compromise and i think what's more likely is that we're going to focus now on the deals aspect of this and if you look also the u.s. has been talking to mexico it's going to find it one on one deal with mexico about trade and i think that could be the model as well for what happens with china so i think that for now and the chinese whether or not they're ready to compromise i think the focus is going to shift more to the bilateral talks between the u.s. and china and i think that's the direction we're going to be going now clifford cohen and that joining us from hong kong thank you very much for this analysis. the former chairman of the group kim chong has died of pneumonia following
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a long illness he was 82 years old the group was once south korea's 2nd largest in 999 under kim's leadership it's a club bankruptcy of the tales cola skim fled the country and lived in hiding for years to avoid criminal investigations into fraud allegations back in south korea he was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2006 but health issues led to him being released after just a few months. the european commission is imposing a temporary tariffs on bio diesel from indonesia it says heavy subsidies gave indonesian produces an unfair advantage tariffs of between 8 and 18 percent and aim to restore a level playing field for european produces indonesia mainly produces its bio diesel from palm oil currently the exports around $400000000.00 euros worth of it
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yeah the total european bio diesel market is worth an estimated $9000000000.00 euros. the cost of living rising in china as the national bureau of statistics clocks inflation rising at the fosters rate in years one of the key reasons is the country's outbreak of african swine fever the country's picked her it has been hauled by the epidemic higher prices for pork in china are driving up the costs of other food as well as consumers search for other sources of protein the price of pork has jumped by 110 percent compared to a year ago increasing the overall cost of food by nearly 20 percent. this means china's already high inflation rate of 3.8 percent in october shot up to 4.5 percent in november compared to the year before that's more than analysts were
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expecting and the highest jump in china's consumer price index in almost 8 years china now says it will begin releasing frozen pork from its state reserves this week to boost flagging stocks as people prepare for lunar new year holidays next month and also some of the other global business stories making headlines today greece has introduced incentives for the world's richest in an effort to track foreign investment wealthy foreigners who move the tax registry to the country will be given special treatment critics say that would help the rich avoid paying taxes raise finished in the e.u. bailout program last year and is still recovering from the financial crisis. the e.u. has approved a 3200000000 euros in subsidies for the battery industry in a challenge to asian dominance of the sector funds will come from 7 member
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countries and will be matched with investments by 17 companies that's comes as europe gears up for electric cars to replace the petrol driven variety in the coming decades. though it looked like germany's biggest lender is planning to bring its separate german retail banking unit back into its main corporate structure it could save up to 100000000 euros you see xavi is expected to announce details of the streamlining to investors later on tuesday it's part of a why the plan by the bank to downsize significantly reduce its dependence on the struggling investment banking operations. the turns of the december is the anniversary of alfred nobel's death the day when each year's nobel prize winners. it happens in a lavish event in stockholm with lectures fine food other presentation by the king
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of sweden the winners receive money a diploma lifelong recognition and a medal made its we. the 2019 nobel prize medals this year there are 14 of them because this is more than one winner each award. each medal is engraved with its winners name it's the highlight of nicklaus funch to c.n.n. . yes i am i am the only one who was doing this job. and why i think it's it's because of. that i have been doing it for 7 years and i know exactly how how to do it it all begins with a thick 18 karat gold plate which has to cut so that it can go through the punch press. the punch goes through the metal as if it were chocolates.
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the gold coin alone even without the engraving is worth more than most swedes and in a month's. i don't know exactly what it cost what. his suite is crowns i think it's around 70007000 euros. and the coins value increases once the head of the prize is found alfred nobel's is imprinted on it then packs it in a fine jewelry box that will be ceremoniously handed over by the swedish king is the most famous metal in the world. the company has apologized for allowing a number of christmas sweaters to be sold on his website. marketed as ugly
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christmas fashion and featured santa claus appearing to engage in drug use as well as in various sexually suggestive poses. the items were from a 3rd party and been removed from that website's. merry christmas. if you want to check out our website.
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kick off. another blockbuster weekend in the bonus leg. on google earth to move in the 1st place. likely to be hoffenheim obama's 2nd. blog box corn in injury time to take all 3 points against byron munich and a top of the table. in the height of climate change. for christmas eve. what's in store. for the future to. come we're going to go city to the mall to get inside.
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the something tyson brentano's cream truck drivers are dealing with any minute and i killed many civilians i mean the ash coming cutting my father says i was a student because i wanted to build a life for myself. but suddenly life became now much kind of. providing insights global news that matters d. w. made for mines. i don't think. i just sometimes i am but i stand up in that. thinks deep into german culture of looking at the stereotypes clades but if you think the future of the country i. need. to take this drama down. it's all about a new i'm rachel join me to meet the gentleman from d.w. . post.
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this is day that we can use live from berlin a historic day on capitol hill u.s. house democrats unveil impeachment charges against president donald trump democrats accuse the president of abuse of power and obstruction they say president reviews his office to put pressure on ukraine to investigate a political rival and then try to obstruct a congressional investigation for a live in washington also coming up questions mount after new zealand's volcanic eruption with the death toll now rising to 68 missing a dozen.


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