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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  December 10, 2019 4:30pm-5:01pm CET

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8 crunch time to put this week in. time to separate the wheat from the chaff and see who really has what it takes for the tight race. on match day 14 clad back take on by on every centimeter. would come out on top. of the record champions who have little to show from their plethora of chances recently. slim countrymen's has. got back really strong enough. so he lets me because when the time to let someone else. will place like say chop the last. drop back to when they can go. goes man's man take on his former club.
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it was about. can they find their flow again do they still have a shot. first they'll have to take just a. back by a welcome to kick off on match day 40. it's not exactly been a whole thumbs up for buy and this season. on the country where things are definitely looking up for glass but the stage was set at the borough park as the league leaders hosted the reigning champions. the previous weekend by and had suffered their 1st defeat on the hands a flick while bloodbath began the weekend 4 points ahead of bias. but with the
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hosts prevail against truly top class opposition with various world cup winners in their ranks and indeed outclassed a lot back in the 1st half was thomas miller and robert levin dusty missing a series of golden opportunities. to the dismay of the top brass. would look continue to elude by an as was the case against leave accusing. instict and end of the day we were very poor at taking our chances there's no point playing nice football if you don't score is on the top and. they seen in the 27th minute summed up by ends current fortunes music image with a fine effort to beat zama. except he didn't those 2 centimeters might well come back to haunt by in towards the end of the season he said in just nations when it wasn't a great shot by. i didn't see it and the bull crept under me and i was when i saw
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it on the line i thought you're not going in and luckily i managed to make it's been a guy and continue to create a glut of chances but the fans had to wait until early in the 2nd half to celebrate was a lovely strike from even parritch relief for the record champions and apparent resignation from class back when the comet is getting to him conceding the goal was a wake up call feeling says now it was time for us to get going properly and calmly it's also a militia and for my that meant bringing on brazil and below to boost their attacking options. the swiss striker and needs at least made his presence felt as got by took the game to buy a my then up leapt defender rami benz about any gods and level the schools on the album mock was game on was the old syrian left
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back newly signed this summer was left over from the on mocked was brian's defensive frailties where again laid back of my on the pace front jerome boa tang was left showing his age against the likes of mock used to have. both things replacement how the martinez looked no more comfortable dealing with the frenchman was penalty for glatt both in injury time plus a 2nd yellow for martinez was not the fine mess they've got the will neuer. benza viney the man with the equaliser looking to score the winner above was on the home fans when visiting was they often say football is that game of 2 hobs. well here it truly was the home side winning thanks to
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a 2nd tough turnaround led by their left back bends it by name. and while good luck but the dream of a return to the glory days by a m l left languishing in 7 spots. yet it's a really bad period consciousness will buy and be able to pick themselves up now 7 points off the top there are a number of teams in the way such as like 6. when like teach work out they mean business even a flat backswing meant they couldn't wrestle the top spot. for you yet not as man posting hoffenheim was also a reunion. to see old friends again. and of my special game today it's only about 3 points at the end 3 points that lights
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a certain new one seed regardless of the opposition to them just 10 minutes to make their mark on the game after some trade moxley passing and a familiar face doing the school team over now we've gone number 14 in match number 40. again typically it was the strikeout himself who initiated the move to liquid football from the lights. not those man sides had won their previous 5 mi games scoring 25 goals in the process and the trends might well have continued against hoffenheim given t.-mo venice chances another. to get a chance because of speed because of his position because of its well this is score goals but like they had plenty of other potential score is true such as di open macondo and any o. force bank. frustrating to see those chauncey's go begging but at least now
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goes man has no shortage of goal scoring options scene of his players have already schooled the season including 6 defenders was a real headache for the team. contrived to pass up opportunities in front of goal they're still the league's top scorers. the right now it seems they only have themselves to be seen just before half time. a sloppy pull out by peter kalash gifted hoffenheim a chance that denis guy got failed to capitalize i but like this one slacking soon after the restart vanno drew a foul and a penalty from stefan pass i then i managed to get himself up and double the hosts. by lights are also becoming
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a force to be feared in europe they've now made it out of the champions league group stage for the 1st time be afraid. against hoffenheim they conjure up some 25 attempts on goal and one of them eventually found its way into the night by myself habits charging in to smashing a rebound with 7 minutes left his 6th go of the season. and that was back. i mean be chucked it did manage to shoulder in a consolation. that was just the 16th go that like to have a seat. joint best with the back 6 points before. that because it's the best team in the business lee and i think they will come back strong as we all know by going time unix say it again but lights are a pretty strong form themselves at the moment and have won 6 on the trot. out of
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a 2 hour comeback 6. new coach you're going klinsmann was looking to end hatter's 5 game losing streak away at struggling frank but. the guests resisted early pressure and made an unexpected breakthrough on the half hour mark presidency of joe de luca back here. frankfurt suffered a 2nd sucker punch 63 minutes in when liverpool loney marco brewing it's half his coach tasting his 1st win. of the 2 minutes later the klinsmann's men reverting to old mistakes knocking him headed in had his 11th goal conceded from a set piece. and with only 5 minutes to go frank put back on level terms. sebastiaan the border took advantage of the ample space he was allowed and drove home the equaliser. while both teams put an end to their losing runs klinsmann's
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wait for his 1st 3 pointer continues. ok smites outspoken got off to a ferocious start even if not the fruitful. proven fact the post twice in the 1st 10 minutes. the hosts spectacularly squandered charms after shots. could be forgiven for missing here but not for what he's already a leading candidate for miss of the season. minds finally made them pay for their preferred to see. levin as to not be how much home his 3rd of the season from outside the pubs but in the 41st minute division to redeem himself with a simple tap in. never going to school. after
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the break out spurred maintained control and was relieved to see the referee award them a penalty despite mine says protests. need elation as picture perfect penalty grabs the winner for the home side. after a slow start to the season house book extended day on the beach in round 2 for much i think. the last time both school came to flight ended in a hair raising draw saturday's match was not quite as thrilling apart from a sensational like free kick goal from the unit on shmeat. edge as honestly are almost never practiced and. yet no other current player in the league has schooled more goals of free kicks than the frenchman. while for fans were getting in the
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holiday spirit the wolves failed to break the deadlock both by a holes have to close his chance 7 minutes from time. by minutes to go shmeat the free kick specialist police guided the bull inside the post. taking all 3 points for the home side. looking like they're here to stay off the 300 wins in a row they welcome to marcus just another promoted team currently 2nd from bottom. got off to a decent start but their 1st got as free kick was kicked out by raft alkie kiddish . half an hour in christopher to move for not found sebastian anderson to give the hosts the. pick but when you're defending an impressive we have a. anderson 2nd secured their latest home victory 51 minutes. anderson
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has scored 8 of his team's 18 goals so far this season and even if they better make it over the line that you or i don't. believe you'll defends it i'll just post a guy fortress once more but they still walk a. window and i miss if you take your foot off the gas and think you're safe in the league you'll stop some of these games when this comes so in that sense we haven't accomplished anything yet. still that 4th home we did of road puts on you would take him on that sets in the eighty's and accomplished. thanks to v.a. all possible took the 1st win away from home. raymond meanwhile now having one at home since matched a 3. 40 minutes in lieu not a bit in quotes then j.t. clawson had the chance to pull ahead of time out of them took this week's time
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getting into the game sebastian best liao the stung gives you public his gloves just before the half hour mark 95 minutes of him finally saw the bull hit the targets initially the goal was disallowed for offside but after an intervention by the video assistant spend michelle strike was crowned the winner. kind of holmes 1st away win of the season takes them all bottom spots. kind of lead slowly and cool folks in serious trouble. parsing drama competition rivalry marketing numbers happens here powered by at sac intuition hate money cash millionaire fans crimes but as amps and fans old.
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dortmund haven't had back to back wins since the start of the season no christmas presents for. this guy but the away fans seemed optimistic. have put in some good performances this season but only some. and voice have not been consistent nor have you in bonds and jayden sanchez it's not been an easy patch for the catch . and. be a permanent lee in top form. sometimes you see
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a lot but that's normal. but on saturday there was no lull in the action from dortmund thanks primarily to skip maku voice dismissed as invisible by some fans in recent weeks here he was invincible. i moved team effort to buy guns and blue custis check the hosts were still wary knowing they'd thrown away too many leaps this season. up against they were clearly not going to slouch and again and again it was usually unplanned pulling the strings and the midfield apart fortunately for the visitors a voice was offside before setting up sanchez for a potential 2nd. fret not to miss you 5 the end to the 58 minutes. that's true bull from some
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show and as i was away this time don't mean when i'm not going to lose their focus and falter in the 2nd tough to me. it was once again brown to set the don't mend machine broke but sanchez also fitting in very nicely. the goal so as i've become belgium's top scorer ever in the bundesliga. says of this place he's made some really nice football and scored a few goals and we enjoyed it like a lot of our lists today we did everything that we've been planning to do in the past few games been on a train for set up. a few games in which jade and sam show seemed to go a while. there have been rumors of a dispute with father and a transfer request but on the pitch he seems perfectly at home especially when in tandem with royce. obviously we've got a good connection as you can see me and mark owen there we just keep working on the
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training pitch and yeah i love playing with him and you know it was fine and i always find him and the entire team with finding each other perhaps due to a different set up. a week earlier 5 the had already switched to a 3 man back line while freeing up rafael guerrero and ashraf a kimi to bolster the attack. and it was the kimi at the heart of the move that finished indorsements full. in case you missed him the invisible goal still was ross. images tempo festivals and then everything on both distribution they have an all life of finding caps their talk only team from top form on. and they're also a team known for being. selfless another prime example of kimi waiting patiently
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for century to arrive make it 5. that was the young englishman's fit in 4 games with a change of system and a reinvigorated attack everybody's happy not least of that. goldman will run away when his and finally managed to string 2 wins together again. it's no secret that we're going to have to have a good run which can do a some good come in 6 or 7 games in a row but that builds up a lot of momentum now has to be i was in swindon cation muslims of his own. building up momentum would come in handy. and seek to build up the pressure on their rivals at the top. of the. shy guy has recently crept up into the top 3 on
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a run of 5 games without defeat although it has only been smaller sides that they've managed to swat a sight. meanwhile leyva queues in had beaten by in a week now had the chance to leapfrog him in the saturday evening game. so wish i came in 3rd playing above themselves later couzin would provide a decent test. under the chance for david viking to see his team's true caliber. the visitors certainly got stuck in from the off jonjo kenny with a statement of intent just 45 2nd scene. but top teams are careful in possession unlike in the 3rd minute. interception from leon bailey delicate chip over the top from kyle habits and. a
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miss from kareem better robbie that meant a big let off for the royal blue jays teams with ambitions of great things to meet sound organization with quarter of an hour played his defense in a shop. 23 year old goalie alexander nubile lost in space as newcastle ario headed in the early on ballycloran time fisheye gets a bounce back as top teams do when under pressure but their response was underwhelming just before half time you did well to block this last from better rugby but later couzin were definitely the superior side. let's be honest it's one of the top team in the bully a little in which we played specially offensively their threat cheika did eventually get around to posing a threat themselves in the 26th minute only for benito remand to be denied by lucas for that city in the late eighty's and goal. but scoring hasn't exactly been shy chris forte with 24 goals they have the tell you mr fans of the top 5 football
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a game of 2 halfs well shall get did quadruple the efforts on goal after the break to a total of 5 but that's not enough when you have plans to compete with the best and especially in direct encounters cheika were always 2nd best in nature to use. their hosts managed 19 chances and one of the last ended up on and its target choice i guess pulling the ball back. to round off a top class move. to have. that was the 81st minute so surely it also meant game over. but no i'm this time shy kid did manage to find a response and somehow coupled together a neat attack. but he's
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a robot just one minute later showing that they eat some xo in this show sawyer. oh you know it's enough to prevent eventual defeat against us. we lost the game and i think we were able to take the good things out of the game even if we know that we have to. i'm just walking weak from the sky. on just another mediocre table team but there is plenty of room for improvement as played and so. the highlights of the match day was of course the $21.00 class back when over by in that match even overshadowed dorman's 5 mil demolition of just but now we have to go on any buy in fans out there for the next image contains content some may find distressing. in 7th place not to be
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understandable off to maybe the 1st or 2nd match day back in december on the huddle this title shows signs of a new era approaching as the bundesliga becomes more and more suspenseful every much time in the bottom hopped on your own but lin are in safe mid table territory while possible is last minute when braman hoist them out of last place where cologne now sits instead. it hasn't been the best of seasons for byron munich star goal for the squad but now they've been beaten by a defeat. is a by any score on the rise of. r.c.m. and single statements out. seems. like the least
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last. guy has suffered all right that this is a suit what can you do to make. a phone call or by answering some calls so i'm going to think i'm going to hang around for the clock they might not be so funny about exactly what the fuck to remain so that increase that gets a $5.00 to $7.00 follow up when will the glad back policy come to an end and. churning next week last.
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1000000. to 10 days since december 23rd w. this
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is due to the news line from berlin is the story day on capitol hill u.s. house democrats unveiled impeachment charges against president donald trump the democrats accuse the president of busa of power and obstruction they say trump used his office to pressure you create a political rival and then try to obstruct the congressional investigation where in
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washington also coming up questions mount after new zealand's volcanic eruption with the death toll rising to 6 missing and businesses.


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