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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 10, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm CET

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black. player. play. this is due to every news line from berlin and the story day on capitol hill u.s. house democrats unveiled impeachment charges against president donald trump the democrats accuse the president of busa of power and obstruction they say trump used his office to pressure ukraine chavez to get a political rival and then try to obstruct the congressional investigation where in washington also coming up questions mount after new zealand's volcanic eruption
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with the death toll rising to 6 missing and there's a severely injured people are asking why tourists were allowed to visit the site in the 1st place and welcome to sydney australia's biggest city is shrouded in smoke as forest fires burn out of control the residents say they've never seen anything like it plus. i am. this farewell to one of the most recognizable voices of the 19 eighties and nineties marie fredrickson of swedish pop duo rock set dies at the age of 61. while the haka is great to have you along every. i'm always start this broadcast
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would breaking news from the us we're in a meant to smooth democrats in washington after included that president donald trump should be impeached for abusing his powers and for obstructing congress while the speaker of the house nancy pelosi and the heads of investigating committees and else 2 articles of impeachment the democrats accuse president trump of soliciting foreign interference in next year's presidential election and of attempting to conceal from congress evidence of his efforts here's how the chairman of the house intelligence committee adam schiff described the president's actions president solicited a foreign nation ukraine to publicly announce investigations into his opponent and a baseless conspiracy theory promoted by russia to help his reelection campaign. president trump abused the power of his office by conditioning to official acts to get ukraine to help israel lection the release of hundreds of millions of dollars
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in military aid that nation desperately needed and a white house meeting with an ally trying to fend off russian aggression in so doing he undermined our national security and jeopardized the integrity of our next election and he does so still aren't adam schiff speaking there are moments before let's take you now to washington to the w.'s a correspondent all over south who has been closely following events there for you over a very solemn day out where you are let's start with the basics just 2 articles announced there by adam schiff why. well he tried to articles let me 1st line i'll lay out a little bit while these articles are involved you just heard adam schiff the chairman of the intelligence committee speak number one and that is the most important one perhaps is abuse of power and that is at the heart of the impeachment
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inquiry that goes back to that infamous you ukraine phone call between president trump and the ukrainian president the lenski the allegation that democrats are making here is that trump pressured ukraine to interfere in the 2020 election campaign by withholding military aid and then pushing for investigations against joe biden of course president from full tensional political rival in the elections and then number 2 with the 2nd article of impeachment is obstruction of congress interesting lee that was. a geisha goes back to right after the impeachment inquiry began essentially president trump decided to not cooperate he instructed the white house to withhold documents and even prohibited some of his aides to testify on capitol hill now there could have been more there was another article of impeachment discussed and that goes back to the malo report the investigation on russian interference in the 2016 election and that article would have been
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obstruction of justice as president trump was trying to fire the special counsel robert. but then critics within the democratic party said let's rather focus on the recent allegations. widening those articles would weaken their own he's right and they seem to be in a rush as well take us through their reactions is so far are the republicans still keeping up a united front. they are until now the republicans have been very very much united when it comes to the impeachment inquiry so their line of defense has been to discredit the in career to sort of like argue that the democrats are simply afraid to lose the 2020 election and therefore the they see their only way in moving forward in impeaching president trump trump has also reacted this morning on twitter of course calling the allegations made against him pushing ukraine
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ridiculous that's what he wrote and he also said the ukrainian side confirmed there was no pressure that by the way is the republican line of defense that we've been witnessing here in countless hearings on capitol hill in recent days and weeks now interesting lee he doesn't deny that he will seeking help from ukraine and it is also proven that he withheld military aid to ukraine urgently needed all over in conclusion what will happen next will the president take the stand and present his side well that's likely the case ironically he is meeting the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov later in the wide halls and as you know president trump has been very vocal defending himself fiercely 3 in this impeachment increase so we can expect him to take a stance later today over salat reporting from washington thank you.
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want to say you know what about some of the other stories making news around the world. i mean mars leader on sun suchi has arrived at the international court of justice in the hague to defend me and maher against accusations of genocide well the case over the military campaign against the regional minority was brought by the african state of the cumbia sochi is due to speak on wednesday. leaders of russia and ukraine have agreed to implement a cease fire in eastern ukraine russian president vladimir putin and ukrainian president the lot of resilience he met for the 1st time to discuss the conflict centered on the don bass region it's currently held by russia backed separatists. france is into a 6th day of strikes on public transport and in schools all the industrial action is in protest against the government's proposed pension reform which would force workers to either retire later or face cuts to their pension funds.
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want to turn our attention now to new zealand authorities there have raised the number of people killed in monday's tannic eruption 6 people are still missing presumed dead and dozens are injured many with severe burns as search teams are unable to return to the volcanic island they fear it would erupt again now many are asking why tour groups were allowed to visit the site in the 1st place after the threat level was raised just last week. it is a search operation because rescue is considered unlikely 1st responders are flying over for caare island after the volcano erupted on monday afternoon local time 47 people were on the island during the eruption most of them had a narrow escape but a few are still missing with little hope of finding them alive. the sky of this tragedy is stupid starting police and defense force personnel have undertaken
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a number of aerial reconnaissance flights over the island since the eruption however no signs of life have been detected russell clark was one of the 1st on the scene after the catastrophe hit the paramedic flew in by helicopter what he saw when he arrived was shocking. there was just it was just plain to the nation it was it was quite quite a. bit overwhelming response there was a helicopter on the wall and it did it all sleeping there at the time. was to try to whites were offered. authorities believe the bodies of the missing people remain on the island but they say it's too dangerous to recover them if you're the volcano crew up to get and some people still wait to hear from their loved ones. were all. said this morning. he was on the. well one.
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i didn't come out. so. i might be most intellectual the new zealand police have set to launch an investigation scientists have noted an uptick in volcanic activity in recent weeks the question to be answered why were people allowed so close to a disaster apparently waiting to happen. exactly a lot of questions that still require an answer and to help us understand what about this a volcanic eruption dr eleanor of alta she works with the german research center for geosciences in pasta and she's with me here in the studio so good to have you here with us dr now obviously there were warnings about increased activity your tour operators still took tourists visitors to the island i'm just wondering do you think that the warning obviously was not taken seriously enough because they would have taken those people there. well i'm not sure how both. whether the
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warning was taken seriously or not but certainly. things don't happen very frequently and these kids very little you know the probability of an event is real people to take our chance and to take in the people because the decided to have better thoughts they have their families to feed so actually there should be maybe a better regulation of these things from above the chances are that not a lot happens but when it does happen that's true it is catastrophic all right now help us understand us the expert how can we can we accurately predict the activity of a volcano nowadays. and now it is a civil candles that are at least a bit easier than earthquakes we are very far from predicting earthquakes but we have close there or often we've managed to predict the volcanic activity. it's easier when the option that is gonna happen is big because you will have
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a very big pressure and deep in the volcano so that the 2nd as would be seen at wide the distance of from the volcano so if you have your money today not to work in place are underfoot cannot this money 30 not that it will pick up earthquakes will pick up the formation and then you will have a few hours maybe a few days time to actually watch. they'll thought it is then this is what the vulcanologist do right and then the civil defense needs to take decisions generally they have not taken by bible cannot exist then you have other events like in this case it's a steamer optional most probably a steamer optional course because maybe the mark when sitting quite shallow in the in the fitting system and then you have a ground war 30 or maybe a rain water or a anyway you know if the table what if they both come into contact with the smog and then you have steam developing very fast maybe in minutes of such an optional course maybe you have only minutes time and even if it is small. comparatively very
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small foot or for a very kind of corruption because to be very dangerous because this steam is of that high temperature that and this is very difficult to predict because it's still called very vital i think to strong really it was amazing go see a volcano we should people be allowed to go visit these sites i mean it is dangerous. if he stands at a stand the invalid at the canvas thinks can always thought then and he thought i'm repeatedly so should we start offering people to them i will stop just before these because i'm more vocal not exist and i can you know comment on the science but this is like i'm this is the one that is influencing the life of people even people who live with it and need to have a job. dr eleanora revolved works for the german research center for geosciences physics of earthquakes and volcanoes and possibly and you for explaining all of that for us we greatly appreciate it. and in australia authorities have issued
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warnings of dangerous fire conditions as temperatures rise across large swathes of the country already ravaged by brush fires in sydney australia the largest city usually unmistakeable structures such as the harbor bridge and the opera house are under a blanket of cloud of thanks smoke weather forecasters expect the situation will get worse with temperatures predicted to soar above 40 degrees celsius now what environmental officials say the conditions in sydney over the last months have been unprecedented the hot weather combined with gusty winds are making every day life a struggle for people across the state of new south wales. in a. desperate and helpless the stand before the ruins of their lives 4 weeks ago a bushfire barne through if you want to leave and are in cruise home taking everything the couple see the new it was a risk zone but this is far from normal they're angry at their government for not
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taking climate change seriously it just makes me bloody angry because. but they were saying this is going to happen this is going to happen it's going to happen here and now that it's happened like the last day and politicians are told about this the scientists have been talking about for bloody about. climate change are not a stray winds are deeply divided just a few miles farther north from our property smaller fires are blazing in the forest bushfires are normal for australia but large parts of the country have been suffering from drought for years so fires can spread in no time these fires burning back through forests it's 2 weeks before something that is not really been seen in the past for this is an unexpected thing that the fires are doing now which is making
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a lot of people nervous people and creatures like australia's national animal. they've become the unintended symbol of these bushfires at this koala hospital help is on hand since the pictures of paws went viral the hospital has received nearly 1000000 euros in donations. are particularly vulnerable in the flames says the clinical director. koala strategy was in the trees and bear in mind before humans came along the trees were huge when when europeans 1st came here there was the messy mess of trees everywhere there were. at the top and the sky if lives never kept. the headquarters of the largest volunteer fire fighting group in the world in new south wales inspector ben sheppard shows us the many
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fires in the region. hot season has only just begun. and. on an average that easily. tend to say probably right about 252300000 take is. not a real prospect and we only go in fall as the landscape he's going to be along the track to say that. christmas is coming but for some. not to be one to cheer. and we're going to see on the topic of climate because in the past year is 16 year old sweden has become the most recognizable face in the fight against global warming but gratitude not the only youngster calling for urgent action at the un's climate summit in madrid well earlier today an 8 year old from india address global leaders at the event and shared a heartfelt message after overcoming one of the obstacles that comes with being a child in an adult's world. yet the serious.
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and funny for my future will. moving my future is more like proving action a few points on the stock market. and we'll just be from latin greece all the generations to come until just before the ban how focused our children are on the will rise angle i heard. very impressed the very young girl here to give us some background on this young fire read as you give me a report i'm going to see if a very impressive young girl there are and how did she end up on that stage well surprisingly she's been involved in kind of activism for over a year and a half already this wasn't her 1st time giving a speech and actually gave her 1st speech when she was 6 years old to a comic conference in mongolia and after she got involved in the scene through her father who's also involved in activism she started attending the school protests in
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delhi that were called for internationally by gratitude and derek so there was that inspiration there and the media picked up her story in delhi and she kind of rose to prominence through that but of course behind every world traveler who's 8 years old there's an adult usually and that's are probably like i said he was he's the chairman of international youth committee for young activists so he definitely helped get her where she's yellers and you talk to him as well and she has been very creative in her protests explain those are one of the things that kind of went a little bit viral on social media was this contraption that she made she calls it the soup keefe who have to look it up as it's it's her little word that she called it it's stands for survival kit for the future and it's basically you can see it here at the gas mask oxygen oxygen mask connected to a plant and she made this often trash she calls an invention i maybe would refer to it as an art work but whatever it is this definitely poignant to see
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a young girl in delhi which is one of the most polluted cities in the world struggling to get oxygen exactly very very poignant now children and teenagers have really come at the forefront of this climate change movement what's behind that gritty tumor has a lot to do with this because when she put out a call for young people to skip school and protest for climate change that resonated around the world you saw this also especially in india there was a lot of kids in india who went out to. for climate change and this is kind of how how john got involved in it too. but of course the u.n. and other big organizations have picked this up and they're now encouraging young people to get involved or facilitating their involvement and some adults like this some adults don't of course there's a criticism that they're being used as props by adult activists to brings in path those to the situation but i actually spoke to a kind of john's father and he's an activist himself but he told me that he never said that she had to do this that she picked it up on her own that she is driven by
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real passion to save the world as she calls it and he hasn't been able to stop her as the way he kind of put it so she believes that this is this passion comes from within her and all it has to do is to see the news reports what scientists are saying about how the world may be in 5100 years and you can see why this would inspire young kids to get involved and she's living at obviously if she's in india that's true a huge problem all right on the n.s.a. thank you very much thank you the. ethiopia's prime minister abi ahmed has received the nobel peace prize at a ceremony in norway the nobel committee praised for his efforts and 2 decades of conflict with ethiopia's long time enemy eritrea also has come into power 22 whose mates are reaping political reforms in his acceptance speech abi warrant that militant groups continue to pose a threat to peace in the horn of africa. well
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i'm a day has also stepped up as a mediator in the political crises in eastern africa and at home he's let radical reforms but his country still faces challenges following a rise in ethnic violence. july 16th 2018 the unthinkable ethiopia's prime minister on eritrea and soil the move shocked even his own officials. abbi i meant on the left reached across the divide and soon signed a peace deal with eritrea as president he says of worki restoring ties between both countries if you pia and eritrea are like estranged siblings they used to be one nation before eritrea's independence in 1903. between 982000 they fought over their shared border. it's estimated 80000 people were killed the war was followed by a standoff that lasted 2 decades. suddenly those
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barriers were broken with abby calling for unity. your. dear people of ethiopia and eritrea. and i would like to bow down and humbly thank you. because you chose compassion not cruelty. peace not conflict love. forgiveness after fighting embracing and not pushing each other all. the way around. the division had gone beyond geopolitics families have been separated against their will and only reunited after the peace agreement was signed. abby ahmed extended the message of reconciliation to sudan during a pass trouble between the military and the opposition there. at home he attempted
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to overturn the old order promoting free speech pardoning thousands of political prisoners and decriminalizing dissident organizations his nobel peace prize award has not surprised many. one of the important things he did is to reconcile us with our brother us the people of every tree that even if some people argue that he doesn't deserve the price i don't agree do not again. as a citizen of this country as an ethiopian and as an african i feel happy that he won the prize. but he seems passive about the uprisings in some parts of the country they have not been controlled as quickly as one would expect that's where his problem lies if you are the leader of a country you need to make sure the rule of law is respected. it's clear that despite the fanfare around the man not everyone has welcomed his reforms that
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ethiopia has become. a grenade attack during a rally in the capital added in june 28th. the prime minister escaped unhurt. he still faces the huge task of keeping the country united and peaceful even as its ethnic regions seek greater autonomy there is still a long journey ahead. but under abbey ahmed the nation is charting a different course from the past. this is you know news these are top stories democrats in the u.s. house of representatives have presented 2 articles of impeachment against president donald trump they accuse trump of pressuring ukraine to influence next year's presidential election and of concealing from congress evidence of his actions the house could vote on the articles before christmas taken over. 6
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people have been shot dead in ostrava in the czech republic the shooting happened at the university hospital the suspected gunman has now killed himself according to the czech interior minister the prime minister has said the incident was an immense tragedy tragedy. new zealand police said have launched an investigation into what led to the deaths of 6 people in monday's volcano a volcanic eruption 8 others still unaccounted for and are presumed dead medics say some of the injured are not expected to survive. all syria's biggest city sydney is again shrouded in smoke from bush fires after conditions worsen across the state of new south wales weather forecasters say temperatures are likely to rise above 40 degrees celsius. this is due to be news from berlin for follow us on twitter at the w. news or visit our website you. want to leave you now with some sad news rocks that
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singer marie fredrickson has died at the age of 61 that's according to her manager the swedish pop star died on monday after a long battle with cancer her band rocks that sold more than 70000000 records worldwide hear some of her music. the big . play.
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was the speech of his life perhaps his best certainly his most difficult. the speech but clearly interesting on december 19th 1809. the chancellor addresses the people of east germany. the mid east tense the crowd
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clamors for germany unity journalist peter lim borg was at the scene. 30 years later looks back on the. interest of. starts to simmer 90 days. w. my parents taught me to take place live. in europe just such the place and the funding for the translator. took over. and cut the lead time for work. to do to every news coming up ahead. barnes.
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led. live. you're watching news a shot coming up the case against myanmar the un's top court begins hearing genocide charges over the mass killing of a hinge of muslims on his chief had to defend her country we'll hear from refugees who say she betrayed them. and protests across india as a controversial citizenship bill makes its way through parliament we'll get reaction from delhi. plus the problem of teen pregnancies in the
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