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the 350th anniversary have his death. this year a well known documentary film festival in moscow kolby our festival is playing. nick animated satirical show the pokes fun of russia's leaders amongst others and is co-produced by d w the organizers say they are taking a risk by showing the film but with censorship on the rise in russia that is a risk they feel they have to take our correspondent emily show him how small. thank you. but it wasn't us they saying to world leaders including live here putin and ironic theme song from russian politics sung by foreign ministry and kremlin representatives we must tell you nothing and no one in current affairs scape the mocking gaze of some i think. the animated
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satire is being shown in moscow as part of the biggest documentary film festival in russia the art don't test the program includes $167.00 russian language films the festival's director says it's a perfect fit especially in russia's current political reality show. the 1st dog exists in order to implant freedom by force so to speak the want to give the audience the right to laugh at the king. of yet neck is a good example of that. and a rare one would. need to keep reading need. in russia there are more and more restrictions on artistic freedom russian lawmakers are emphasizing conservative values laws like the one against extremism are being broadly applied to censor any art that doesn't fit the government mold. the art doc
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fest is feeling the pressure to 2 years ago the organizers moved to festivals competition to read. many of the films cover political topics like the war in syria and in ukraine 15 films that screened in latvia are not being shown in russia this year but the festival's director is determined to keep our dog festa live from moscow audiences to yes or. with him good i want to show every audience member here that the real life exists that their doubts about what is happening in the country are just their crazy imagination at the i want to speak. people to meet and sit next to each other to be shoulder to shoulder to physically feel each other's presence and them so they can feel they are not alone i mean you didn't like you. want them to make me created an hour long version of their show especially for the festival it's one of the ways the our dog fest and its viewers are standing up to mainstream political culture in russia so i knew. this film and its way of
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presenting the material cathartic if you let you let off steam build up anger or dissatisfaction with what is happening. in you that was for the. everything we see is true what can i say it's really sad and i think with. other films the arts talk fest and its viewers are determined to fight for artistic and political freedoms one film at a time was. the book crazy rich asians was a huge hit for all for kevin kwan the film also a box office success despite a lot of skepticism from hollywood that a film only with asians in the lead roles would not do well the story is by an asian american who falls in love with a super rich chinese man whose family then rejects because she's pole we met the book's author in los angeles. we meet u.s. author kevin kwan in beverly hills at
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a super exclusive asian restaurant the chef greets him personally at the door one of self comes from a wealthy singapore family but in his books he doesn't use the term super rich but china rich. china rich is a whole new level of crazy rich i mean these are people with fleets of private jets not just what the top 1020 families really they own all the banks they own all the different factories and companies these are the people behind the scenes who are influencing policy last year best seller crazy rich asians was turned to a blockbuster film despite initial objections from hollywood one of the very 1st ones was a very important reducer that suggested that we turn the heroine rachel true into a white girl for the movie and i told them. you absolutely missed the point and no thank you because now you know we were able to make this movie which was the
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1st 1st full all asian cost movie and 25 you're. crazy rich asians was the most successful man to comedy the last decade earning $240000000.00 worldwide and turning kevin kwan into a celebrity who gets stopped by fans on the streets of l.a. area there really enjoy it is the rightful place a family at home called one a banana. and i don't worry that it's your yellow on the outside but your whites on the inside why doesn't sort of americanised all westernized. with his novel and its 2 sequels crazy rich girlfriend and crazy rich problems one has introduced asian american culture to a broad audience in north america and beyond. and. scott writes for the joins as no. now kevin. mentioned hollywood wanted
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a white actress in the lead role he resisted as he said in the film was made with all asian actors so has this i mean it was phenomenal success wasn't it has it changed things in hollywood do you think i really think it has i mean this was yeah but almost access 240000000 worldwide i think it's really opened the doors for asian american talent i mean of course the asian american community is huge and it's been around for a long long time it's been part of america for a long long time but it's been sort of written out of american households or into a very very recently but now you're seeing asian talent asian american actors writers comedians getting getting their chance i think a great example is a film that just got nominated for a couple of golden globes the farewell which stars up with you know who had a small role in crazy rich asians and that film is about american family who find out their chinese grandmother is dying so intel sort of telling her they. plan
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a wedding a fake wedding to get everybody to get together so they can say goodbye to their grandmother one last time it's a very cynical tragicomic tale i'm really really great film and it's an incredibly well in the united states despite being almost entirely in chinese you can see things really changes in chinese almost entirely in chinese a bit of english but almost all of that. impressive not why is this new on screen diversity so in poll. well i think 2 things one is it reflects reality i mean the asian american beauty is a very big community it deserves to be seen on screen but i think also what's interesting about it is that it expands the idea of what stories we think are important to tell what we think is is funny or sexy or interesting another great example for me is the asian american comedian allie wong big star in the states and she's just recently made a film for netflix which is another romantic comedy i got to. seen that set up for us here she's in the film she's single she's having dinner with
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a couple of her friends who don't really believe she has a new boyfriend says oh no no he's come he's coming right now and as he walks inch both other areas let's take a look. yeah . it's you know very tough i know what i'm fighting about this is also ridiculous think it's just the idea of having an asian american as the romantic lead in american movie that's something we would have seen even just a couple of years ago but you see things really have changed the idea of who sexy who's funny who's interesting. change is great to see that so if this is no flash in the past no no i don't think so at all i mean these are american communities been recognized they sort of stepped up and there's an old saying that the only color that really matters in hollywood is green as long as people are making money these things will happen so i think the asian american community the town committee
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is definitely here to stay strong i was always a mine of information thank you very much for. coming to the end of rembrandt year celebrating 350 years since the passing of one of the greatest visual artists who ever lived like most of his contemporaries in the art world of the 17th century neverland's we have a he had a wide range of styles let's find out more about this great genius of the baroque. remember unfun ryan as a national hero and then that the lance. using just a few color pigments he made his canvases shine like almost nobody before him. now 350 years after his death his fame lives on. his most famous painting the night watch henson amsterdam strikes museum and is now undergoing restoration. at
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25 he left his hometown leyden and moved to amsterdam at the time a floor shing center of trade citizens used their new found wealth to commission portraits of themselves and rembrandt was in huge demand he lived in this house for nearly 20 years today around $280000.00 visitors pass through the museum each year . so this is rembrandt studio this is actually the place where many of his masterpieces were in may and here we see a lovely corner where we can see how he worked with light and here he has a cloth hanging in this cloth softens light so it filters a light coming in rembrandt's genius extended to printmaking as well he generally made his at some self using the method demonstrated to visitors of the rembrandt house museum good money could be made from print series in those days even so at
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the end of his life rembrandt was destitute you lived in a grand style and he also did not always pay his debts so part in part this collection was a part of his bankruptcy and had to be sold during his lifetime his house and possessions were also sold off he moved to a poor neighborhood and continued painting rembrandt. lift for art as shown by the masterpieces and amsterdam's rights museum that fascinate generations of visitors to this day. finally all for a long battle with cancer the pop world has lost the beautiful voice of money frederick sun single with swedish rock sat i leave you with a song that is a great example of how fabulous voice it must have been laugh.
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. play . play. this is you know when he was live from berlin that historic day on capitol hill u.s. house democrats unveil impeachment charges against president donald trump democrats accuse the president of abuse of power and obstruction they say trump used his office to put pressure on ukraine to investigate a political rival and then try to obstruct the congressional investigation where in washington for you. also coming up on mars on some some she was once hailed as a defender of human rights and won the nobel peace prize.


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