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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 11, 2019 12:00am-12:16am CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin u.s. president donald trump could be impeached before christmas and we now know the charges against him u.s. congressional democrats and baling 2 articles of impeachment accusing the president of abuse of power and obstruction they say trump used his office to pressure ukraine to investigate a political rival and he then tried to obstruct the resulting investigation we'll go live to washington also coming up the death toll is climbing and questions are
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mounting after new zealand's volcanic eruption 6 people now dead 8 are missing and dozens severely injured people are asking why to worse were allowed there in the 1st place plus fresh tensions between moscow and berlin for comments by vladimir putin over the killing of a former chechen rebel in berlin anger german lawmakers. m called last minute welcome to the program in new zealand the death toll in monday's volcanic eruption has risen to 68 people are still missing and presumed dead dozens more are injured many with severe burns and some are not expected to survive search teams have still not made it to the island because they fear it could erupt again last week the threat level on the island was raised raising the question why were
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to wrestle out to get so close to a volcano that was ready to erupt. it is a search operation because rescues considered unlikely 1st responders are flying over for kerry island after the volcano erupted on monday afternoon local time 47 people were on the island during the eruption most of them had a narrow escape but a few are still missing with little hope of finding them alive. the scale of this tragedy it's devastating police and defense force personnel have undertaken a number of aerial reconnaissance flights over the island since the eruption however no signs of life have been detected. clark was one of the 1st on the scene after the catastrophe hit the paramedic flew in by helicopter what he saw when he arrived was shocking. there was just it was just plain couldn't a shit was it was quite quite a. bit overwhelming response there was
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a helicopter on the wall and it did it all sleeping there at the time. was that's right a quite rough it. half hour to believe the bodies of the missing people remain on the island but they say it's too dangerous to recover them if you're the volcano crew up to get some people still wait to hear from their loved ones. were all they all. said this morning. he was on they had. i didn't come up here so. we think i might be with. the new zealand police have said they launched an investigation scientists that noted an uptick in volcanic activity in recent weeks the question to be answered why were people allowed so close to a disaster apparently waiting to happen. to the u.s.
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now where democrats on capitol hill have officially laid out their case for impeaching president donald trump accusing him of quote high crimes and misdemeanors the speaker of the house nancy pelosi and the heads of investigating committees releasing a shorts 9 page document within those pages are 2 articles of impeachment charging the president with abusing his powers and obstructing congress both charges come from the president's alleged efforts to solicit foreign interference in next year's presidential election and hide any evidence from congress. here's how the chairman of the house intelligence committee adam schiff describes the president's actions a person to solicit a foreign currency to publicly announce an. end to this. and a baseless conspiracy theory promoted by russia to help his reelection campaign
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president trump abuse the power of his office by conditioning 2 official acts to get ukraine to help his reelection the release of hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid that nation desperately needed and a white house meeting with an ally trying to fend off russian aggression. in so doing he undermined our national security and jeopardized the integrity of our next election and he does so still i let's get more now from washington d.c. joining us is correspondent pablo foley elliot's as we heard sue articles of impeachment against president trump in a short document only 9 pages walk us through this what exactly do those pages say . well i mean what's actually being alleged you know against president trump a are high crimes and misdemeanors and that comes straight out of the u.s.
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constitution and i think it's had the effect of reminding many americans of the gravity of this situation let's not forget of course that the impeachment inquiry began back in september and what the democrats have done is basically narrative down to 2 articles of impeachment 2 articles which are pretty easily understood the 1st is of course you know abuse of power and that relates to president trumps putting pressure on ukraine to interfere in the 2020 presidential election now the other is obstruction of congress which is the base of the president made it very difficult for as democrats to investigate those allegations which were made against him with regards to ukraine as you mentioned this investigation going on for some months now so no surprise that have we heard reaction from the president himself or from the republican party. well as you can imagine karl as you know anybody who
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follows president trump will know that his 1st go to method is of course on twitter he took to before even the articles of impeachment todd being announced and then of course afterwards he called it a witch hunt he said it was ridiculous and he also reiterated that there was no pressure put on that ukraine to investigate the former vice president joe biden with regards to republicans they said that the articles were you know basically on the allegations were baseless that they were partisan and many republicans came out to say that you know in fact it was the democrats who were abusing power and were in fact in obstructing congress but i think what we need to do actually is hear from the house minority leader kevin mccarthy the speaker is more concerned about tearing the president down instead of building the country and this is the day that center hamilton feared and warned would come this is the day the nation is weaker
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because the sheerly can put their animosity or their fear of losing an election in the future in front of all the other things that the american people want a problem in despite yeah. sorry karl of is going to say just there i mean what the house minority leader kevin mccarthy said it's you know a quite telling it there's been many republicans basically coming out saying you know that the democrats are sort of very focused on winning this election next year and the only way that they can do it is essentially by removing president trump i mean well we heard there from republicans but no matter what they say i mean right now they don't have control the process this timeline is moving fast in fact as we hear president could be impeached before christmas. yeah you're absolutely right of
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course now what happens next is we've got the house judiciary committee they'll be sort of basically finalizing everything this week they'll finalize all these articles of impeachment they'll vote on them which will then pass on to the house of representatives we could see a vote there next week so basically what the democrats want is that everything is sort of tied up to pass on to the senate before christmas and what will happen is the trial will then take place early next year in january of course as we know a large majority been needed in congress for these articles of beach meant to be passed of pablo in d.c. for us thanks very much. all right here's a check now of some of the other stories making news around the world prime minister abi ahmed has received the nobel peace prize at a ceremony in norway the nobel committee praised abhi for his efforts to end 2 decades of conflict with ethiopia's longtime anomie eritrea abi warned that
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militant groups continue to pose a threat to peace in the region. and the other nobel prizes were given out at a gala ceremony in stockholm sweden they included the literature prizes for both years 2018 and 2902. of poland and p. $200.00 of austria last year's literature prize was postponed due to a sex abuse scandal involving the selection committee. and as has been sworn in as president of argentina it's up to the presidential sash from his predecessor mockery in his inaugural speech the center left politician down to put the people's needs ahead of repaying argentina's foreign debts his vice president is former president cristina fernandez cares. well the murder of a former chechen rebel in berlin last august continues to strain relations between germany and russia the man was shot dead in
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a public park and german authorities suspect that he may have been killed at the order of the kremlin now german lawmakers are angry at russian president vladimir putin's comments on the killing monday at a press conference with german chancellor angela merkel he said the man who was shot dead got what he deserved and the german lawmakers should be happy about that . mogul and putin both still have something to clarify the meeting in paris should actually have been about ukraine but merkel was concerned about something else. really was shot twice in the head at close range in broad daylight at the end of august in central berlin a targeted assassination. the suspect a russian citizen was later arrested gradually investigators gathered evidence indicating russian intelligence may have been involved in the killing. as a result berlin expelled 2 russian diplomats from germany the reason russia did not
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cooperate in the investigation of the case. at the joint press conference in paris the russian president shot back he said the georgian who was killed it was a killer himself. that. he was a bandit a bloodthirsty brutal person which among other things he was involved in planning an attack on the moscow subway i don't know what happened to him but if someone associates with such criminals anything can happen. german politicians were outraged by those comments. if indeed developed far from being president putin's choice of words was inappropriate you know we've all. i'm appalled that he was trying to justify your murder by implying the victim was a terrorist the reason. that's for the courts to decide what will tie and it was
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insofar as it's a very cynical what the russian president has done for us germans it's intolerable that what was apparently a contract killing took place on german soil. putin has complained that expelling the 2 diplomats was unjust he said german diplomats would be expelled in retaliation the german chancellor appealed to russia to cooperate because he did also. get off on a lie think the russian side will share information with us in any event that would be a good thing. the circumstances of his death are still being determined federal prosecutors have taken over the investigation zelin khan congo shmuley had long been afraid of being attacked and had already reported his fears to german authorities and 2017. are in sports now and in the champions league title holders of liverpool as secured their place in the knockout stage of this season's
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tournaments liverpool won 2 nothing against rebels they go through as the winners of group eat with the 2nd place italian side napoli also qualify. you're watching the news live from berlin stay tuned up next d.w. africa with my colleague eddie micah jr don't forget in the meantime all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's d w dot com i'm called aspen thanks for watching before we go we'd like to pay tribute the woman with a voice that made rock said famous all over the world has passed away singer marie fredrickson passed on monday at the age of 61 the swedish pop star died after a long battle with cancer we leave you now with the voice of rock sets and the songs that many of us now know by heart. this is.
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a. groove to. ensure that it was. the most insecure. degree of work. you speak this language.
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