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i'm sure that of those. in support of. what's a bit. over. to the real world. you speak this language. this music theory. and
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does this secure. right place. drive. this is news africa coming up on the program and african leader is recognized if you're just prime minister collects the nobel peace prize for resolving the long running conflict with every tree also coming out. the life changing experiences of benefiting from peace between the retreat. on the historic moments for. the scientists from beneath who is on trial for corruption. what does it mean for the country.
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i mean michael jr your welcome to the program prime minister has received the nobel peace prize at the ceremony in norway the nobel committee priest before his efforts to end 2 decades of conflict with its neighbor and longtime enemy every tree here in his acceptance speech said he had also stepped up as the mediator in political crisis in eastern africa warning that many times groups continue to pose a threat to peace in the horn of africa the whole of africa today is that as you know started its significance the global military superpower those are expanding their military presence in the area terrorist and extremist groups also seek to establish a foothold with weirdo one the whole need to be
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a battleground for superpowers nor a hideout for the merchants of terror and brokers of despair in misery we want the horn of africa to become a target of peace and progress. at home has led radical reforms but he still faces enormous challenges following iraq is in the ethnic violence within the g.o.p. . july 16th 2018 the unthinkable ethiopia's prime minister on eritrean soil. the move shocked even his own officials. on the left reached across the divide and soon signed a peace deal with eritrea as president he says of worki restoring ties between both countries. and eritrea are like a strange siblings they used to be one nation before eritrea's independence in 1903
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. between 982000 they fought over the shared border. it's estimated 80000 people were killed the war was followed by a standoff that lasted 2 decades. suddenly those barriers were broken with abby calling for unity. your. dear people of ethiopia and eritrea. and i would like to bow down and humbly thank you. because you chose compassion cruelty. peace not conflict love. forgiveness after fighting embracing and not pushing each other all. the way around with. the division had gone beyond geopolitics families had been separated against their
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will and only reunited after the peace agreement was signed. abby ahmed extended the message of reconciliation to sudan during a power struggle between the military and the opposition there. at home he attempted to overturn the. promoting free speech pardoning thousands of political prisoners and decriminalizing dissident organizations his nobel peace prize award has not surprised many. one of the important things he did is to reconcile us with our brothers the people of every tree that even if some people argue that he doesn't deserve the price i don't agree. to. this country as an ethiopian and as an african i feel happy that you won the prize . but he seems passive about the uprisings in some parts of the country they
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have not been controlled as quickly as one would expect that's where his problem lies if you are the leader of a country you need to make sure the rule of law is respected. it's clear that despite the fanfare around the man not everyone has welcomed his reforms that ethiopia has been. through no. agree need attack during a rally in the capital added in june 28th. the prime minister escaped unhurt. he still faces the huge task of keeping the country united and peaceful even as its ethnic regions seek greater autonomy there is still a long journey ahead for the field but under abbey ahmed the nation is charting a different course from the past. so it. was peaceful uniting his country with a retreat that made it possible for people to cross borders including every tree an
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artist drawn to the boughs of if you're just capital they are profiting from the new found freedom. peace between his country every tree and they bring it was life changing a year ago the artist crossed the border to. there you met up with painters he was already friends with an facebook they helped him to find spaces to exhibit his collage in portraits and this became his warm fire from. the every trim capitol where i brought her says he had little hope of selling his works. so. there's no peace nobody can work then your work would be to protect the country but if there is peace anyone can work in their country and run working here because there is peace and if there were no peace between the 2 countries then i wouldn't
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have this opportunity. no moon but then also visited last here but then decided to stay drawn by the buzz in art seen in. the eritrean artist just held its 1st solo shal actually paintings some of them street scenes others abstract works built around concepts like hall he believes art is a powerful tool for building peace. in the piece. so we can. get to. the people. and to reunite people know our wants to organize an exhibit that would feature every trim and its european artists side by side.
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supreme court has started here in the case of. the son of a former president is on trial for embezzlement is the most high profile case yet another. corruption dr was a filipino is accused of spirit thing $500000000.00. to do in the time he ran it his father was a had a lot of the route on for nearly 40 years critics accuse him of mismanaging a wealth and pillaging the country to line the pockets of his family. but the voting in of a new president in $27.00 has since ushered in it we've change now added to africa wanted to focus on politics the economy and fine and across the continent joins us now for more on this thanks for your time so how big a deal is it that former president is now on trial.
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hello mika thank you for having me so obviously it's not every day that you have. a former president. sitting here on trial in specially if you're talking about a president who. a country one of one of. africa's major economies in a major role producer for 40 years how long just if you will be able father has a lot of. power. of course this is this is historic in a way but. i would i would advise you know again. you know conclude your conclusion good about. this day because i think the bottom line will be the day the trial and and the way the day we can say that the trial was effective and that justice was served. for that's what we
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will have to wait and there will be my 1st question in the 2nd question is that. of course when. i was the head of the covered wealth fund of course busy the family of a former president who was involved busy in you know very. very deals with the government very profitable for themselves for the family in general but indians you have to keep in mind that. corruption in them go. is involved the presidential family but involved and you know it's dealing with all the whole n.p.l. a regime that let's. you know thought there because that really takes us straight into my next question where the new president al gore and so it's on the same party from our president to some to so how seriously should we take him in his fight
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against corruption. well you have to take him seriously i think we have good. people who care about human rights. in the case of angola. there is going to boom in your view of human rights than. that so so much a lack basic basic needs and you creation help the country going through very very very recession so of course you have to think everyone especially at the higher level when they say that they want tackle corruption that always a positive development we ought to be demanding about about result you have who we are prepared to who president would almost halfway. and you know from the moment he took power and. look at the result that mean we
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have one former minister who was obviously someone who took orders and he is the major figure right now you know that that's actually been convicted so you have a lot of fault we have a lot of each thing the right but ok where is the action. clearly more action is needed in tackling corruption i was talking to pollack and it's africa money and use that to focus on politics and finance across the continent well that's it for now from d.w. news africa you can catch all our stories on our website and facebook page so we leave you now with one of the song stockholders of the prestigious us magazine rolling stone to find 20191 of the few africans who made it onto this yes list as nigerian sing got him out he nailed it with. enjoy this new choose by finale.
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no. no no. consumers around the world are in a shopping frenzy. online sales are looming in the run up to christmas. retailers changing times and our culture. how will this affect businesses beaner protection m.d.m. car. made in germany 66.
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coach of it is going to. join me to scream africa the world tour link to exceptional stories and discussions phone use and v.z. and why when safety deputed comes next freakout join us on facebook. for. a global trade emergency the biggest prices of the history of the world trade organization b w t o's arbitration system collapses in disarray after u.s. pressure falls i'll talk course also on the program while the field gets president there to collect his nobel peace prize and.


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